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The UVa Case as Higher Education's Mount Tabor | Inside Higher Ed
Who and how decisions about "technology" are made within an institution are more critical today than ever. An institution that ignores that reality and marginalizes or technology leadership from strategic direction does so at its peril. Next come budget models. The best well laid plans will go the way of mice and men if support does not follow. Politics within the power structure of the institution quickly follows. The pattern whereby inspired technology leadership gets scapegoated because he or she did not pull a rabbit out of a hat when deans and department heads failed to provide enough funds for either the rabbit or the hat is legendary in the CIO community in this country. And it is not always money, but a voice to technology leadership that allows it to exercise influence authority that matters. Technology leaders worth their salt are not just about network connections, but the skill they should exercise in helping the administration -- including, if not especially, deans -- understand the stakes of inaction and the opportunities that await their schools on the other side change. Stuffed down the power structure and silenced by the protocols of hierarchical relations means never learning or understanding those opportunities.
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june 2012 by dsalo
Reese when one ir isn’t enough
Why IRs and research data don't necessarily mix. Good insight!
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april 2011 by dsalo

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