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Public In/Formation
Why were no librarians involved in New York's sidewalk Internet-access kiosks?
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november 2016 by dsalo
Updates from the field
Pete Binfield on OA, Carly Strasser on open data, Nicole Allen on OER in 2014.
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october 2014 by dsalo
How Old Industries Become Young Again
"Dematurity" as alternative to being disrupted: responding to lots of little changes.
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august 2014 by dsalo
Continuations : It is OK to Worry about Work (& Doesn't Make you a Luddite or Socialist)
the "Turkey fallacy," and why "it hasn't happened so it won't happen" is wrong
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august 2014 by dsalo
Statistical Trends | Association of Research Libraries® | ARL®
Includes materials-cost trends, Big Deal trends. Updated over time.
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january 2014 by dsalo
The Humbling of a Would-Be Disruptor - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education
You can't bring tech-mediated education to people on the wrong side of digital divides. WHOODATHUNKIT.
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november 2013 by dsalo
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