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SJPL_AppPrivacy - Google Drive
Results of a vendor privacy audit performed at SJPL.
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may 2018 by dsalo
The Problem with Hoopla's Pay-Per-Loan Model | The Digital Reader
Pay-per-loan business model puts libraries on the unpredictable-cost hook.
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june 2017 by dsalo
Humanities Open Book Program -- Cornell University
Final grant report, including access information.
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april 2017 by dsalo
Will digital books ever replace print? – Craig Mod – Aeon
"New technologies are easily dismissible. And so an optimism and faith are critical to using emergent products. You must believe in what the thing might be moving toward, not what it is."
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october 2015 by dsalo
The Rise of Phone Reading - WSJ
Chalk another one up to "things Some People thought would never happen."
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august 2015 by dsalo
What Code Is Revealing About Readers | Digital Book World
GOD DAMN IT PUBLISHERS... (later note: apparently this is opt-in, though the article makes NO mention of that)
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july 2015 by dsalo
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