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Publishers' new anti-counterfeiting measures include certification seals on books
"Our books are too expensive!" "I know what'll fix it, DRM!" said nobody ever.
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june 2017 by dsalo
Windows 10 won’t run games with SecuROM DRM, says Microsoft | Ars Technica
An example of legally-purchased content disappearing as systems stop supporting it.
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august 2015 by dsalo
Current Liblicense Archive - DRM follies
Google DRMed books disappear off iPad because owner crossed national borders.
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august 2013 by dsalo
E-Book Collections Access and Licensing Agreements - E-books - Research Guides at University of Denver
Explains what hoops users need to jump through for various (mostly academic) ebook providers.
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april 2013 by dsalo
Here’s Why Digital Rights Management Is Stupid And Anti-Consumer – The Consumerist
B&N forbids redownload of an already-purchased ebook because a credit card on file expired.
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november 2012 by dsalo
Outlawed by Amazon DRM « Martin Bekkelund
Kindle user has account abruptly closed and ebooks deleted, can't get explanation.
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october 2012 by dsalo
Doubling Down on DRM
Hachette tries to tell author not to allow Tor to provide un-DRMed ebooks.
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august 2012 by dsalo

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