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Crowdsourcing failures. It's not a slam dunk!
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february 2016 by dsalo
What is the New Power Infrastructure? And how can it help our economy? | Martin Prosperity Institute
Without addressing the blind spots bias raises in all people, it would have left out some of the contributions, perhaps even the crucial ones.
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may 2015 by dsalo
The BBC World Service Archive Prototype
We have built a system
to automatically annotate programmes within this archive with Linked
Data web identi ers. The resulting interlinks are used to bootstrap search
and navigation within this archive and expose it to users. Automated
data will never be entirely accurate so we built crowdsourcing mech-
anisms for users to correct and add data.
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october 2013 by dsalo
World Service Radio Archive Prototype
BBC Research & Development is running an experiment with the BBC's World Service radio archive to demonstrate how to put large media archives online using a combination of algorithms and people. With your help we aim to comprehensively and accurately tag this collection of BBC programmes.
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june 2013 by dsalo
Transcription tool. Web-based. Can be embedded into Omeka, WordPress, Drupal.
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november 2012 by dsalo
Home - Map Warper
"Welcome to WorldMap WARP, a tool based on the MapWarper platform being developed by Entropy Free. The tool is for digitally aligning (geo-rectifying) scanned historical maps to match today’s precise maps. Visitors can browse maps others have geo-rectified or upload their own to rectify."
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may 2012 by dsalo
Welcome to SciStarter
Website trying to match crowdsourcing projects with volunteers.
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january 2012 by dsalo
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