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Facebook Needs A Facelift At The Top Of The Company
Like Uber, Facebook is having trouble attracting talent because it's a shitpit.
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7 weeks ago by dsalo
Strava, Contracts, and Our Data Stockholm Syndrome | Digital Impact
"Data Stockholm Syndrome is the idea that we irrationally celebrate companies who capture lots of data about us – and then seem eager to blame everyone involved when we realize what that data can do."
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february 2018 by dsalo
Engine Failure
On search engines and social media, their distortions of society, and what we can do about them.
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december 2017 by dsalo
Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
Disturbing knockoff kids' videos get as much algorithmic love as anything else.
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november 2017 by dsalo
A contextual approach to privacy online
"Contextual integrity" privacy model, 5 parts: sender, attribute, subject, recipient, transmission principle
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july 2017 by dsalo
Your Social Media Fingerprint
Checks whether you're logged into a lot of social media sites.
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october 2016 by dsalo

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