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How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
Shadow profiles, data brokers, and how Facebook connects dots.
351  644  facebook  bigdata  privacy  surveillance 
april 2018 by dsalo
Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism - Columbia Journalism Review
A nice, even-handed discussion of tech critique as well as technomessianism.
644  trithemius  technomessianism 
april 2018 by dsalo
Contains Henriette Avram's scathing rebuttal of Ellsworth "computerators" Mason.
644  trithemius 
march 2018 by dsalo
Strava, Contracts, and Our Data Stockholm Syndrome | Digital Impact
"Data Stockholm Syndrome is the idea that we irrationally celebrate companies who capture lots of data about us – and then seem eager to blame everyone involved when we realize what that data can do."
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february 2018 by dsalo
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