Will An Institutional Repository Hurt My SSRN Ranking?
Answer is "no." Multiple OA outlets draws extra readers, rather than siphoning readers away from SSRN. Donovan and Watson, 2012, AALL Spectrum.
irs  openaccess 
april 2012
Courses and Tutorials | Tetherless World Constellation
Outline of a data-science curriculum. Should talk to 855 students about what "data scientists" are learning.
dataliteracy  datacuration 
march 2012
SEAD | seaddata
Multi-institution data-curation collaborative effort. Uses existing IR infrastructure (especially human) to move forward.
sustainability  dataservices  datacuration 
march 2012
The Chronicle | Duke University's Daily Independent Newspaper
“What we’re really looking for is an [information technology] solution that will allow one to determine that the data that are being used to eventually lead to clinical trials are in fact the data obtained at the time of collection and that there haven’t been changes that people are not aware of,” she said.
horrorstories  dataquality  excel  datacuration 
march 2012
Put your Head up to the Meta – A Peer Reviews Post-Post Publication Peer Review – A Bargh full of links | Cedar's Digest
A rundown on the Bargh case: Bargh reacts idiotically to failed replication of his study; Internet pwns him.
peerreview  658  socialmedia 
march 2012
ISO Publishes the ISNI Standard - Press Release - Digital Journal
ISO standard for uniquely identifying people and organizations, including fictional ones.
551  identifiers  authoritycontrol  datacuration 
march 2012
» Action Analytics ACRL Tech Connect
Interesting take on the "personalized library services" discussion.
644  privacy 
march 2012
We are RRCHNM | Lot 49
Among other excellences, a thoughtful examination of DH credit pages and how they're a departure from traditional modes of credit-granting in the humanities.
bibliometrics  658 
march 2012
Natural Collections Descriptions Group - NCD
RDF-based. "Natural Collections Descriptions (NCD) covers all types of collections of natural history material; specimens, original artwork, photographs, archives, published material or a mixture."
metadata  biology  ecology  standards  datacuration 
march 2012
Binding of Isaac creator: Nintendo rejection shows internal divisions over company's image
So Nintendo will can a game because it's "religious," but not because it's a steaming pile of misogynist shit. ALL-RIGHTY THEN.
march 2012
Chasing clinical trial data « Dryad news and views
The embedded video is a WONDERFUL look into skewed and missing clinical-trial data and why it matters.
341  horrorstories  fraudprevention  datacuration 
march 2012
What do the scientists think about the impact factor?
"The results show that the opinion is slightly above the median which could be understood as “neither positive nor negative”. Surprisingly, there is a negative correlation between the number of articles published by the respondents and their opinion on the impact factor."
bibliometrics  658 
march 2012
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