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2 days ago
Hard Drive Temperature - Does It Matter?
How much does operating temperature affect the failure rates of disk drives? Not much.

The unlimited online backup service provided by Backblaze requires a lot of storage. In fact, we recently passed the 100-petabyte mark in our data center. This means we use disk drives. A lot of disk drives.

The Backblaze Storage Pod is designed to provide good airflow over the disk drives, so they don’t get too hot. Still, different locations inside a pod, and different locations within a data center will have different temperatures, and we wondered whether that was a problem for the drives.
technology  science  data 
19 days ago
DataTables | Table plug-in for jQuery
DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, build upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, that adds all of these advanced features to any HTML table.
javascript  plugin  software  development 
25 days ago
The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained
Every byte explained and reproduced
A revised edition in which we dissect the new manner of secure and authenticated data exchange, the TLS 1.3 cryptographic protocol.
reference  security  howto  software 
4 weeks ago
Write Freely
Write Freely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community.
software  tool  foss  writing 
4 weeks ago
Static CMS for Hugo & Jekyll | is a Git-backed CMS (content management system) for websites and web products built using static site generators. Forestry bridges the gap between developers and their teams, by making development fun and easy, while providing powerful content management for their teams.
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4 weeks ago
Learn Git Branching
Interested in learning Git? Well you've come to the right place! "Learn Git Branching" is the most visual and interactive way to learn Git on the web; you'll be challenged with exciting levels, given step-by-step demonstrations of powerful features, and maybe even have a bit of fun along the way.
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5 weeks ago
HF Ham Radio on a Budget: QRP Labs, QRPGuys, CW Academy - KE6MT
When I started my amateur radio life as KK6VSI in August of 2015, I wish I could have had the information I’m about to lay out here. Of course, most of the equipment didn’t yet exist. So another way of looking at it is that my entry into amateur radio was perfectly timed for a modern Golden Age of Ham Radio. Part of this Golden Age means you can get a QRP Labs QCX or BITX40, and a QRPGuys Antenna, plus a few other components, and you’re on the air!
tech  hobby 
5 weeks ago
Automatic Offline File Backups with Bash and Rsync — Nick Janetakis
Not backing up your files could lead to data loss in the future. Here's how to do offline backups with a few lines of Bash.
howto  tech  linux 
8 weeks ago
Pocket: pirate/bookmark-archiver
Save an archived copy of the websites you visit (the actual content of each site, not just the list of links). Can import links from many services. For each site, it outputs (configurable): Browsable static HTML archive (wget), PDF, Screenshot, DOM dump, Favicon, Submits URL to, Index summary pages: index.html & index.json.

The archiving is additive, so you can schedule ./archive to run regularly and pull new links into the index. All the saved content is static and indexed with json files, so it lives forever & is easily parseable, it requires no always-running backend.
software  datahoarder 
9 weeks ago
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