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Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem — Medium
I got a bogus takedown for a public domain sound recording. That reflects a much larger problem I write about here:
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january 2015 by driscoll
After $20,000 Is Raised, Spotify Rips Down the 'Sleepify' Album... | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News
After Paying $20 Grand For Silent Tracks, Spotify Removes the 'Sleepify' Album: Band (Vulfpeck) Responds:
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april 2014 by driscoll
Revealed: Proposed new powers over search results | Open Rights Group
Content ind. proposes "best practices" 4 search engines . Where r best practices 4 content cos?
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january 2012 by driscoll
Political JavaScript: progress.js - Gun.io
HTML5 and Flash components enable modern websites to do some pretty remarkable things right in the browser. Things like detecting a user's location, making phone calls and sending faxes.

Instead of just blacking out a website and writing about SOPA, our tools should inform visitors about the issue and give them an instant, convenient way to make a phone call to their representative, right on the site of the owner who embedded our script.
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january 2012 by driscoll
The pirates of YouTube | Technology | guardian.co.uk
I dont agree with blatant piracy but I fully expect it is within "fair usage" or "reasonable use" that I could take a snippet or a clip of something I saw in a programme and upload it ?

I'm not entirely against this statement... but I can see a problem with it from a legal point of view...
words such as "blatant", "snippet", "clip", "saw in a programme", "upload" are very easy to stretch to breaking point
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january 2012 by driscoll
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