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CE Labs QuickSign : Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software
Editor: web app (subscription) or download (Windows)
Players: proprietary
digitalsignage  proprietary  webApps  subscriptions  windows 
december 2017 by drewmark
ScreenHub - Free cloud-based Digital Display Content Management Software
$708/yr for 2 screens
Editor: webapp
Players: Windows or Linux, so Intel stick
digitalsignage  windows  linux  free 
december 2017 by drewmark
Digital Recall
The non-cloud version appears to be free.
Editor: Windows software
Player: Windows software on Windows computer
digitalsignage  windows  free 
december 2017 by drewmark
- Rise Vision Digital Signage Content Management
$0 basic presentation
$120/yr for storage of media
Editor: web app
Player: Linux, Windows
Options: Intel Stick, or Amazon Fire using Scott's Digital My Rise Player
- The editor is good, but media hosting is a deal breaker for us, and the price for media hosting causes us to look at other options.
digitalsignage  linux  windows  amazonFire  webApps 
december 2017 by drewmark
Media Jukebox, Music Manager, CD Ripper & Converter. Can sync with most Apple devices.
iUseThis  management  music  mediamonkey  media  windows  mp3  app 
october 2012 by drewmark
free CD ripper, mp3 encoder and audio recorder for Windows
freeware  windows  mp3  cds  iUseThis  app 
october 2012 by drewmark
Purchased CollageIt last year and find I'm using it all the time for promos
photography  windows  mac  iUseThis  collage  app 
july 2012 by drewmark
Bible Study on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android - Olive Tree Bible Software
My favorite way of opening the Bible on my various mobile devices: Olive Tree Bible Software
mac  windows  iOS  android  church  iUseThis  app  from twitter
march 2012 by drewmark
I don't think this is truly virtualization, but I could work on a similar level.
mac  windows  linux  virtualization  app 
february 2012 by drewmark
Recommended in TechSoup forum as best free antivirus. Editions: Free, Advanced, InternetSecurityPro
antivirus  windows  security  free  app 
february 2012 by drewmark
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