The Living Component Library | Clearleft
A description of how Clearleft combines fractal and craft to load component css
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june 2017
10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know — JavaScript Scene — Medium
10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

#startup #JavaScript
october 2015
Prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing | CSS-Tricks
Favorited tweet:

Prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing https://t.co/5OYAhHK752

— CSS-Tricks (@Real_CSS_Tricks) September 2, 2015
september 2015
Google Web Fonts Typographic Project
I contributed to an awesome collaborative Web #typography project conceived by the mighty @femmebot.
november 2014
Pocket Guide to Writing SVG
Read Pocket Guide to Writing #SVG here: or GitHub:
november 2014
BlinkyTape: The LED Strip Reinvented
Hi, we're Blinkiverse... and we make LEDs awesome! DomeStar Prototype at NYC Resistor We've done a lot of work with LEDs for events all over the US. Our most popular project is probably the DomeStar…
may 2013
Ze Frank: That Makes Me Think Of... Black and White
I wonder if zefrank is doing all the writing in these because he is killing it.
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july 2009
Ze Frank: That Makes Me Think of... Showdowns
The theme intertwining that zefrank did in the show works great in a news setting as well. I am glad Time is doing stuff like this.
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july 2009
matthewgood.org » Archive » So Goes The Scarecrow
One of the more honest assessments I have heard about Michael Jackson.
june 2009
Grumpy Gamer Stuff and Things and Monkey Island
Great news I will absolutely buy this, even if it means finally setting up windows on my laptop.
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june 2009
Hulu - Dave Matthews Band
An interesting idea for Hulu to get out of the type cast of being a place for TV shows. I can start to think of a lot more possibilities that I don't know why I didn't think of before.
music  video 
june 2009
Rands In Repose: A Deep Breath
Even for individual work, I like the idea of a repetitious schedule of the boring to make room for the creative.
june 2009
Obama ASU Speech: FULL TEXT
My roommate was so lucky to be at this.
may 2009
Designing for Big Data, by Jeffrey Veen
People will look back on Jeff Veen with the same respect that he has for the greats in his presentation. [via](http://waxy.org/links/)
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april 2009
Ze Frank: Executing > Theoretical Perfection
I saw [zefrank](http://www.zefrank.com/) at a restaurant in Los Angeles on friday night, and awkwardly stared at him as I tried to describe to my friends who he was and what he does. Sorry [zefrank](http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2006/07/071106.html). A positive to the creepiness though is that seeing him reminded me how great these two videos are.
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march 2009
The Polaroid approach
I feel like Matt and I would get along really well if we hung out. Equal parts Music nerd and Tech nerd. Plus I have been on a Quincy Jones obsession as of late after hearing an interview he did, where he said something like 7 heads of state called him on election day, including Hugo Chavez. The guy is almost too cool for his own good.
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february 2009
Great Performers - The New York Times
I have often come up with ideas and imagined designing a really well done interactive piece like this. After actually trying to implement it, I soon realized how hard it is to do, let alone well. If there is anyone that can pull it off it is the [the New York Times](http://nymag.com/news/features/all-new/53344/)
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february 2009
YouTube - David Letterman Last Show on NBC Part 3
Tom Hanks is the definition of a movie star. You don't see that anymore. Parts 4 and 5 are equally as amazing.
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february 2009
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