This seems to have stopped working, but the write up is good.
sms  politics  civic 
february 2017
Syllabus: Learning Bit by Bit
Students will learn the concepts behind common machine learning techniques and apply these ideas to projects of their own design. By Heather Dewey-Hagborg.
syllabus  itp 
november 2016
Syllabus: Computer Utopias
A studio workgroup for urgent concerns in computers & representation. By Chris Novello.
syllabus  risd 
november 2016
Before the police killed Korryn Gaines, Facebook deactivated her account
Officers arrived at Gaines's home to serve her with a warrant for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation. When they entered her apartment, Gaines was allegedly aiming a shotgun at them and threatened to shoot. She was apparently recording the incident as it unfolded, posting the footage to Facebook and Instagram. Officers told the Associated Press that people were commenting on the videos and encouraging her to not comply with orders to stand down.
august 2016
Why two artists surveyed the U.S.-Mexico border ... the one from 1821
For their project, “DeLIMITations,” the artists placed 47 steel obelisks along the route of the 1821 border, from the coast of Oregon to the Gulf of Mexico, stopping in Medicine Bow, Wyo.; Dodge City, Kan.; Waurika, Okla.; and many other towns. Before this undertaking, the 1821 border had never been formally surveyed in its entirety.
borders  art 
july 2016
Google deletes artist's blog
“So the removal of Cooper’s blog doesn’t necessarily feel like a surprise so much as it does part of a quiet trend. As Baio puts it, ‘We can’t expect for-profit corporations to care about the past.’ It’s a trend that suggests a conclusion that’s at once obvious and sad: if the internet is your archive, your archive isn’t safe.”
smalldata  google 
july 2016
Collective Courage
A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice, by Jessica Gordon Nembhard
smalldata  cooperatives 
july 2016
osm-p2p is a decentralized peer-to-peer database for storing and editing OpenStreetMap nodes, ways, and relations. It includes a node.js server that implements the core functionality of the OSM API, or it can be used completely in the browser using IndexedDB for persistent storage.
maps  smalldata 
june 2016
Making Sense of Social Data
ITP course taught by danah & Gilad
june 2016
Which U.S. State Performs Best in the New Yorker Caption Contest?
As you might expect, New York and California have the highest number of total Cartoon Caption Contest wins with 87 and 76, respectively. But they also have the most losing entries.
alaska  cartoon-caption-contest  maps  new-yorker 
october 2015
What shape is the Internet?
Basically any answer to this question is correct. According to patent drawings, it’s a cloud, or a bean, or a web, or an explosion, or a highway, or maybe a weird lump.
drawing  funny  internet  noah-veltman  patents 
october 2015
Contents Magazine
"at the intersection of content strategy, online publishing, and new-school editorial work."
responsive  design  simple 
july 2012
Chrome Experiments
Mostly for Three.js. Haven't looked into it yet.
web  technology  html5  javascript 
november 2011
What’s Next for Delicious?
"No, we are not shutting down Delicious. While we have determined that there is not a strategic fit at Yahoo!, we believe there is a ideal home for Delicious outside of the company where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive."
yahoo  delicious  cloudfail 
december 2010
Nice write-up on Avital's Academy of Math
“I like the way that artists do art no matter what,” Oliver said. “For them it is not a science or a discipline, but a way of life, and they will do whatever they have to do in order to be able to be artists. I feel the same way about math. I want to do math the way that artists do art.”
avitaloliver  maths  art  brooklyn  nyc 
january 2009
Cory Arcangel and Dexter Sinister explain the JPEG compression algorithm
Haven't read the actual article yet, but I think the concept is interesting. Published in Frieze, which (unsurprisingly) only credits Cory.
art  technology  algorithm  jpeg  compression  maths  culture 
january 2009
Immersion by Robbie Cooper
A head-on video of kids playing video games.
video  nytimes  games  culture  via:waxy 
december 2008
Star Wars: A New Heap - Triple Canopy
Interesting article and interface. I'd never seen Triple Canopy before.
design  scifi  art  magazine  via:kottke 
december 2008
I Made This. You Play This. We Are Enemies.
A net arty Flash game where you explore levels based on websites.
netart  flash  game  strange  via:waxy 
december 2008
The Grid System
Resources for design based on the typographic grid.
design  reference  typography  via:khoivinh 
december 2008
The Hubble Space Telescope advent calendar
A new space picture posted today until December 25th.
photography  astronomy  space  awesome 
december 2008
A great poet needs to leave open the door between the conscious and unconscious; Sarah Palin has removed her door from its hinges
"And the relevance to me /With that issue, /As we spoke /About Africa and some /Of the countries /There that were /Kind of the people succumbing /To the dictators /And the corruption /Of some collapsed governments /On the /Continent, /The relevance /Was Alaska’s."
politics  poetry  funny  sarahpalin  via:themorningnews 
november 2008
Linus Pauling and Vitamin C
"Even the literally smartest people in the world can be stubbornly, incredibly, famously wrong. Rationality is not the default mode of the brain, and anyone can be seduced by the fallacy of 'I guess it works since it worked for me.'"
health  linuspauling  science  mrneutron 
november 2008
An atheist has a conversation with God
Interesting read, although it could use some editing.
philosophy  religion  deism  atheism  story  via:fipilele 
november 2008
The worst bug ever
The ticket for Google's stunning "execute every keystroke in the background as root" bug in Android phone software. Discovered when a user sent the word "reboot" in an SMS to his girlfriend and his phone promptly rebooted.
software  geeky  google  zomg  via:waxy 
november 2008
Obama on Net Neutrality in 2006
"It is because the Internet is a neutral platform that I can put out this podcast and transmit it over the Internet without having to go through any corporate media middleman. I can say what I want without censorship or without having to pay a special charge."
politics  netneutrality  podcast  obama 
november 2008
Tracking the origins of "Rosa sat..."
Ben Brown did some research on the origins of a phrase spread around Twitter after being mentioned on NPR: "Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked, so Obama could run. Obama is running so our children can fly."
language  meme  race  via:matthaughey 
november 2008
Paul Neave
The Television section is all kinds of awesome. Haven't explored too much beyond that.
flash  portfolio  zomg  inspiration  via:defectiveyeti 
november 2008
User submitted audio pronunciations of words in multiple languages.
laungage  pronunciation  socialsoftware 
november 2008
An explanation for the "socialist" charge against Obama
"McCain and Sarah Palin's attack against Obama for advocating 'spreading the wealth' and for 'socialism' and for pronouncing the civil rights revolution a 'tragedy' because it didn't deal with the distribution of wealth is aimed ultimately at white working class undecided voters who would construe 'spreading the wealth' as giving their money to blacks."
politics  race  socialism  economics  via:jayrosen 
october 2008
A Condo Escape Clause for New York Liberals
"The agents said there were a number of people who wanted to wait for Mr. Obama to win the presidency before committing to buy, in part because of their concern of the state of the economy. 'Maybe we should consider an Obama contingency clause,' Mr. Ekstein said. 'I said it lightheartedly. They loved it.' And the Obama contingency clause was born."
nyc  politics  realestate 
october 2008
The Three Ashleys
Comparing the closing arguments of the two presidential campaigns and that of Bush in 2004.
politics  narrative  538 
october 2008
Ira Glass on being a beginner
How to get past the frustration of knowing what you like but being unable to create it.
video  iraglass  creativity 
october 2008
Miranda July and Carrie Brownstein made a website supporting Obama
"I've thought about giving money to barackobama.com, but the fear of living in a neo-conservative hell isn't enough incentive for me. I want some kind of fun reward for giving, like, for example, a video of Carrie Brownstein and Miranda July wrestling when they were younger."
politics  art  video  mirandajuly  via:jasonbrush 
september 2008
Random surveillance cameras (Google search)
Search results for URLs that match those of Axis brand webcams. Kind of creepy.
search  surveillance  webcam  privacy 
september 2008
Slavoj Zizek: Kung Fu Panda, The Dark Knight are ideologically dangerous, GTA is okay
The message of The Dark Knight is "for ideological reasons we have to falsify the truth. I’m not a naïve man who thinks we always have to tell the truth, but this kind of message is patronizing and dangerous ... I don’t buy the theory that, ‘You think you are playing, but you are generating violence ... ’If anything, playing Grand Theft Auto is more of a superstition. In order not to do something in reality, you play it virtually. I think it functions much more on that level. You know it is a very complex topic; psychoanalysis can learn something here.”
theory  slovojzizek  violence  film  gaming  via:themorningnews 
september 2008
"AAAARG was created with the intention of developing critical discourse outside of an institutional framework. But rather than thinking of it like a new building, imagine scaffolding that attaches onto existing buildings and creates new architectures between them."
toread  culture  art  media  criticism  via:joemo 
september 2008
Charles Krauthammer: Charlie Gibson's Gaffe
"I know something about the subject because, as the Wikipedia entry on the Bush doctrine notes, I was the first to use the term. It's not [a doctrine of preemptive war]. That's the third in a series and was superseded by the fourth and current definition of the Bush doctrine, the most sweeping formulation of the Bush approach to foreign policy and the one that most clearly and distinctively defines the Bush years: the idea that the fundamental mission of American foreign policy is to spread democracy throughout the world."
politics  foreignpolicy  democracy  charleskrauthammer  bushdoctrine  via:jayrosen 
september 2008
James Fallows: The Palin interview
"Sarah Palin did not know this issue, or any part of it. The view she actually expressed -- an endorsement of 'preemptive' action -- was fine on its own merits. But it is not the stated doctrine of the Bush Administration, it is not the policy her running mate has endorsed, and it is not the concept under which her own son is going off to Iraq. How could she not know this? For the same reason I don't know anything about European football/soccer standings, player trades, or intrigue. I am not interested enough. And she evidently has not been interested enough even to follow the news of foreign affairs during the Bush era."
politics  iraq  foreignpolicy  jamesfallows  bushdoctrine  via:jayrosen 
september 2008
From a to the
My box grid interface lives on! Very nice, although I cringe at how slow my hand-made animation library runs.
me  javascript  interface  links 
september 2008
Broadcast Your Podcast
D.I.Y. instructions for building micro radio transmitters.
radio  diy  howto  media  hardware 
september 2008
Merlin Mann on scaling back high volume, low quality blogspew
"I want to, if you like, start eating better. But, I also want to start growing a tastier tomato — regardless of how easy it is to pick, package, ship, or vend. The tomato is the story, my friend. I want to become an evangelist for hard work and editing, and I want to get to a place where it shows in everything that I do, make, and share. Yes, even if it makes me sound like a fancy guy who just doesn’t get it. Fuck it."
quality  merlinmann  blogging  netculture 
september 2008
Yankees will drag you out of the stadium if you try to go to the bathroom during "God Bless America"
Cory Doctorow: "A man was dragged out of the stadium for daring to stand up and move around instead of singing a patriotic, religious song. I really like Tommy Smothers's formulation of the principle at work here: 'America, where you're free to say anything you want, and you'd better not say what you're not supposed to!'"
nationalism  religion  freedom  civlib 
august 2008
5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode
"There are generally two types of science: first, there’s the type that makes computers work, allows us to ride around in metal boxes propelled by continuous explosion, and makes it so that milk doesn’t taste all gross. Then there’s the fringe science, the stuff that shoots up your nose like mathematical horseradish and dances a jig on your brain."
science  funny  physics  quantum  via:defectiveyeti 
august 2008
Truth Commission
"Are we going to need a South Africa-style truth commission to find the facts and clear the air after Bush-era war crimes? I'm basically pessimistic that anyone will be held accountable for anything at all."
politics  torture  ruleoflaw  trc  via:jayrosen 
july 2008
Transparent end-to-end encryption for the internets
A proposal from the creators of the Pirate Bay to encrypt the entire Internet(s).
encryption  privacy  security  speech 
july 2008
Last Breath in Alaska
A found netart work by Pascual Sisto.
netart  googlemaps  awesome  via:fipilele 
july 2008
Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno
Lo-tech demonstrations of bug sex (safe for work).
video  awesome  nature  funny  education  sundancechannel 
july 2008
Patton Oswalt's high school commencement speech
"Do not judge, and get outside yourself, and realize that everyone and everything has its own story, and something to teach you, and that they’re also trying to learn and grow from you and everything else around them ... There Is No Them."
bigpicture  speech  advice  via:waxy 
july 2008
Rebuttal to "Facebook is the new AOL"
Jason Kottke: "Facebook is a proprietary walled garden." Facebook employee Yishan Wong: "No it's not!" Unfortunately Wong's rebuttal is on Facebook and is not accessible to the Internet public.
webservice  platform  openness  irony 
july 2008
Bill Gates and the Greatest Tech Hack Ever
"Imagine if someone had defined an explicit goal of a 'cure AIDS tax' for corporations, and then tried to get that enacted. The fact that, effectively, this has happened is remarkable."
billgates  bigpicture  success  altruism  hacking  via:waxy 
july 2008
Genetically engineered bugs eat agricultural waste and poop crude oil
The process is described as "carbon negative," meaning it outputs less carbon than its inputs. But my understanding is those inputs were going into the ground, not into the atmosphere. Is this another dangerous, short-sighted approach to energy?
environment  technology  energy  poop  creatures  gmo 
june 2008
The board that regulates rents for one million rent-stabilized apartments approved its highest rent increases in years
"'Tenants have hellholes!' shouted Barry Soltz, the legal coordinator for a rent-stabilized building in the Bronx. 'Get your own place if you don’t like it!' a Brooklyn landlord named Frank, who did not want to give his last name, screamed in his face."
politics  property  renters  ageofaccess  via:michaeldonohoe 
june 2008
The Truth About Barack Obama
"Barack Obama has the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE tattooed on his stomach. It's upside-down, so he can read it while doing sit-ups. Barack Obama says that Americans cling to GUNS and RELIGION because they are AWESOME."
politics  humor  satire  obama  rumors  via:fipilele 
june 2008
Evolution observed for the first time in a lab setting
"The experiment stands as proof that evolution does not always lead to the best possible outcome. Instead, a chance event can sometimes open evolutionary doors for one population that remain forever closed to other populations with different histories."
science  biology  zomg  bacteria  evolution 
june 2008
A petition against DRM-encumbered Audible downloads at Amazon
I signed because I find DRM to be slightly insulting (the customer can't be trusted) and because it depends on DRM-issuers to remain solvent perpetually. Apparently Amazon has said they will discontinue its use if there is a public showing of support.
petition  drm  culture  freedom  amazon  via:boingboing 
june 2008
Do we really need a few billion locavores?
From the Freakonomics blog: "To eat locally grown food or, even better, food that you’ve grown yourself, seems as if it should be 1) more delicious; 2) more nutritious; 3) cheaper; and 4) better for the environment. But is it?"
sustainability  environment  food  economics  via:jrm246 
june 2008
A longish, surprisingly positive, article on China's environmental challenge
"Promising as some trends might be, bright as is the potential for efficient, money-making green investments, does China’s scale and ambition, plus its reliance on coal, simply doom the world’s effort to control greenhouse-gas emissions?"
china  environment  energy  mustread 
june 2008
Anil Dash on Hillary's off-key almost-concession moment
"Hillary had only prepared what was basically a standard stump speech/victory speech. When it became clear Obama had a lock, whomever (if anyone!) is in charge of communication said, 'just preface your comments with a nod to his success'."
politics  infoscarcity  media  awareness 
june 2008
Michael Pollan on the seminal question: Why Bother?
"Have you looked into the eyes of a climate scientist recently? They look really scared. So do you still want to talk about planting gardens? I do." The big picture is that laws and technology won't be enough. We also need personal lifestyle changes.
globalwarming  environment  food  responsibility 
may 2008
Aaron Swartz on Bloggingheads.tv
On the context-sensitivity of privacy, the objectivist roots of Wikipedia, the potential threat of rogue Google employees and on the psychology of motivation.
video  interview  aaronswartz  privacy  wikipedia  psychology  motivation  bloggingheads 
may 2008
FeynTube replaces YouTube comments with Richard Feynman quotes
"I wrote it because I actually like watching videos on YouTube, but, despite better knowledge, sometimes just couldn't restrain myself from scrolling down and reading some of the comments--with horrible consequences."
greasemonkey  youtube  quotes  richardfeynman  funny  awesome  via:jamiew 
may 2008
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