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Broadcasters Must Wise Up About Smart TV |
At last month's CES, three technologies showed significant progress: connected TV, smart TV and TV Everywhere. It's likely the three will converge. If so, they’ll arrive in one massive wave that could completely disrupt the way people watch TV — and threaten the way broadcasters do business. Broadcasters must figure out how to catch the wave.
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february 2012 by dougferguson294
content for digital subchannels
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january 2012 by dougferguson294
Stations Amp Up Viewing With OTT Apps
Over the past year or so, dozens of TV stations have begun quietly experimenting with technology that can deliver content to Internet-connected TV sets and conventional TVs linked to the Net through Blu-ray players, game consoles, DVRs and specially designed set-top boxes from Roku, Western Digital and others. These over-the-top (OTT) apps promise to extend their brands and drive revenue.
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october 2011 by dougferguson294
Another News Operation Bites The Dust |
With Fisher Communication's recent announcement that its KIDK Idaho Falls would be turning over operations to competitor News-Press & Gazette's KIFI under a shared services and sales agreement, 27 people will be out of work and there will be one less news voice in DMA 162. The official line is the move was made to take advantage of "operating synergies and expense savings," but executives of both companies wouldn't say any more or take questions.
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january 2011 by dougferguson294
Warning to local TV: unbundled distribution is upon you
Observations on the media and culture by new media expert, Terry Heaton, author of the book Reinventing Local Media and of the acclaimed essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World.
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december 2010 by dougferguson294
Eyes on Local TV as Marketers Look for Way to Connect
Local advertising is getting more attention, particularly as smaller marketers -- and national advertisers seeking to spend more heavily in specific regions and in smaller communities -- have grown more sophisticated.
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november 2010 by dougferguson294
Location-Based Web Services Will Devastate Local Media Scene
Location-Based Web Services Will Devastate Local Media Scene - 08/05/2010
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august 2010 by dougferguson294
TV Survival Means Hyper-Local Online Video 11/27/2009
Sagan: TV Survival Means Hyper-Local Online Video - 11/27/2009
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march 2010 by dougferguson294
Retransmission money should be shared
CBS chief says NBC may do better than expected with Olympics
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march 2010 by dougferguson294
Mobile DTV Brings TV to New Devices and Smartphones -
Broadcasters that have been losing viewers are betting that TV on mobile devices can win back an audience and lead to new revenue.
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february 2010 by dougferguson294

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