Web Production Process - Webinopoly
Below is a diagram that outlines the web site design process. (The process may change according to client requirements)…
7 days ago
Alan W. Pollack's Notes on "We Can Work It Out"
No. 1.2 in Alan W. Pollack's Notes on ... Series, a musicological analysis of all Beatles' songs.
11 weeks ago
King Pac Video by hifiUFO on Vimeo
King Pac by Sid Wallace & Friends. Thriller of Minds. Master of Machines Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made…
september 2018
xmplaylist - XM and Sirius radio recently played
SiriusXM does great curation, and someone is connecting their recently playeds to the web and to Spotify
siriusxm  playlists  spotify 
september 2018
My Discover Weekly from August 28 2017
For one amazing week, I had a perfect Discover Weekly. It turned me on to five or six great music stories, and I thought it went away. I saved it, thanks to last.fm and the scrobbling I did at the time. Now you can listen to it.
spotify  playlists  music  last.fm  linklog 
august 2018
dnordquist’s Library | Last.fm
This is important I’ll tell you why later
august 2018
Colour Contrast Check - snook.ca
For people with impaired vision, we are required to ensure that there is a minimum amount of contrast between our foreground and background colors. formulas for determining optimum color contrast. W3C's specification on color contrast... hp color palette. style sheet text colors. style sheet text colors.
august 2018
Free Online Website Screenshot Tool - Snapito by ShrinkTheWeb
Screenshot any web page & embed, download, convert to PDF, or share.
august 2017
Nielsen Norman Group: UX Training, Consulting, & Research
A leader in the user experience field, NN/g conducts groundbreaking research, trains and certifies UX practitioners, and provides UX consulting to clients.
june 2017
markround/tiller: A dynamic configuration file generation tool, particularly useful with Docker containers
tiller - A dynamic configuration file generation tool, particularly useful with Docker containers
march 2016
Azure Resource Manager DevOps Jump Start
Free, on-demand MVA course: Azure Resource Manager DevOps: Get faster/repeatable app deployments across Azure environments.
february 2016
Betreff: ivyishere is no longer working - The Spotify Community
Does directly copying & pasting from an open CSV file to Ivy's related tab work maybe, so you don't have to upload a CSV file? And Spotify sort of
january 2016
Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.
Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.
january 2016
The Art of DevOps - DevOps.comDevOps.com
Sanjeev Sharma talks about the Art of DevOps
january 2016
Minneapolis Grand River Tour - Nicollet Island Inn Departure | The Hitching Company
Minneapolis Grand River Tour - Nicollet Island Inn Departure. Select date and book tickets now. Tours starting at $115.0
january 2016
Contribute to VSTS-Tasks development by creating an account on GitHub.
january 2016
U-Turn Audio
We build the Orbit turntable. It's simple, affordable & sounds great.
december 2015
Duplicate mount point in /Volumes after unexpected restart - Apple Support
If Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server is restarted unexpectedly, the current mount point listed in /Volumes may not be deleted and a new (
december 2015
Holidays and observances in Argentina in 2015
Overview of holidays and many observances in Argentina during the year 2015
november 2015
Performance is a Feature! by Matt Warren on Vimeo
Starting with the premise that "Performance is a Feature", this session will look at how to measure, what to measure and how get the best performance from…
november 2015
The Time I Tried to Deploy a Windows Service using TFS and MSBuild | George Stocker
Over the course of the past week(!), I've been attempting to deploy and install a Windows Service using MSBuild (Specifically as driven by TFS, but it's all MSBuild under the covers). This blog post details what I've tried, what didn't work, and what the problem is (and how I solved it). It also details all…
november 2015
Installing and Configuring Web Deploy on IIS 7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
Installing and Configuring Web Deploy for Administrator and non-administrator Deployments Summary In this walkthrough, we will show steps for installing and configuring Web Deploy for administrator...
november 2015
I keep seeing obituaries of this kind of longevity: The modern work place owes you nothing! All relationships are just fleeting and temporary. There’s prestige in jumping around as much as possible. And I think, really? I don’t recognize that, I don’t accept that, there’s no natural law making this inevitable.
november 2015
Who Pays Conference Speakers?
Speaking at a tech conference can be costly. Discussions about money are sometimes taboo because we often pretend that passion and exposure should pay the way. While some conferences have 'no budget', many offer to cover travel and accommodations or pay honorarium.
october 2015
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