Jak skutecznie wyłączyć telemetrię w Firefoksie? Jedno kliknięcie to za mało - dobreprogramy
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january 2018
Complete list of Texas_Ace LED tests with user adjustable comparison chart | BudgetLightForum.com
XP-L2 V5 - Nichia 219C 90+ CRI - Latticebright "XM-L" - XHP35 & PWM efficiency - XHP50 - XP-L V5 - XM-L2 U2 - XP-G3 S5 - XP-L HI V2 - Oslon Square & direct comparison to Djozz tests - Nichia 319A - Nichia 219B 9080 CRI - Nichia 219C D320 - Nichia 229AT - XHP70.2 P2 - XHP50.2 J4 - Samsung LH351D
january 2018
ATTiny Fuse Reset - Wayne's Tinkering Page
ATTiny Fuse Reset


Ok, now I know why in-circuit programming doesn’t work with this driver:
Pin 5 – which is required for SPI – is connected to ground. Facepalm

So you will not be able to re-program the mcu on this driver without PCB modification.
I cut through the trace from mcu pin5 to gnd, now I’m able to program the mcu.
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december 2017
Astrolux S41 or Convoy S2+ triple build? | BudgetLightForum.com
Nichia 219B with Sony VTC6

Stock – 11A
Driver spring bypassed – 13A
october 2017
JT Moto Center
Międzyleska 2-6 50-514 Wroclaw
auto  mechanik 
july 2017
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