Burton High Maintenance Accessory Kit | Burton.com Fall 2019
2つの取外し可能なラミネートメッシュポーチ、ハンガーフック ¥ 6,000 (税込 ¥ 6,480)
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7 days ago
Burton Haversack Small | Burton.com Fall 2019
5L、ロールトップ、外側メッシュポケット、bluesign®認証300Dポリエステル ¥ 4,400 (税込 ¥ 4,752)
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7 days ago
Burton Antifreeze Phone Case | Burton.com Fall 2019
インサレーション入りフォンケース ¥ 4,000 (税込 ¥ 4,320)
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7 days ago
Burton JPN Haversack | Burton.com Spring/Summer 2018
5L、ロールトップ、止水ジップ、1682Dバリスティックナイロン ¥ 4,480 (税込 ¥ 4,838)
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7 days ago
Burton JPN Haversack | Burton.com Fall 2019
5L、ロールトップ、止水ジップ、1682Dバリスティックナイロン ¥ 6,400 (税込 ¥ 6,912)
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7 days ago
Webpack 3 quickstarter: Configure webpack from scratch
WEBPACK! Simply, it’s a module bundler, means — you can create as many modules(not only JS, but also HTML & CSS too!) while developing an app. Webpack handles the responsibility to bundle your…
webdesign  css  javascript  development 
9 days ago
Type Detail -- Wenting Zhang's 100 days project
フォントの細かすぎるこだわりをマニアックに紹介する『TYPE DETAIL』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2015/05/type_detail.html
font  @check  webdesign 
10 days ago
CodeHalf - Write Code Every Day
毎日30分、コードを書こうぜ!と提唱している『Code Half』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2016/01/code_half.html
memo  web  programming  calendar 
11 days ago
Kite - The smart copilot for programmers
Python. via あなただけのプログラミングパートナー、『kite』がなんかすごい | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2016/04/kite.html
python  programming  development  editor 
11 days ago
Context Tours for the Intellectually Curious
Private Guides and (Very) Small Group Tours for the Intellectually Curious Traveler
web  travel  map 
11 days ago
Jasper - A flexible and powerful issue reader for GitHub
You will be able to read, track and discover many active issues very flexibly by using Jasper in GitHub.
software  mac  github 
13 days ago
via なんとなくリラックスしちゃう動画を眺められる『Moodica』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2017/04/moodica.html
17 days ago
Trailer Nite | Find something to watch tonight.
via 映画の予告編をだらだら流してくれるだけの『Trailer Nite』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2018/02/trailer_nite.html
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18 days ago
via いまやるべきタスクと残り時間をタスクバーに表示『Effortless』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2018/04/effortless.html
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18 days ago
ScreenFocus – work on multiple monitors productively | Apptorium
via 自分がどのディスプレイにいるかわかりやすくなる『ScreenFocus』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2018/05/screenfocus.html
software  desktop  mac 
18 days ago
Feature Audit
via この機能がどれぐらい使われているか?を図で示してくれる『Feature Audit』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2018/06/feature_audit.html
SEO  web  service 
18 days ago
via ワードとエクセルを組み合わせたような『Reactivepad』 | 100SHIKI https://www.100shiki.com/archives/2018/07/reactivepad.html
office  browser  web  excel  service  editor 
18 days ago
The Case for Doing Less – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Or do we pause and look back at the people our relentless forward motion is leaving behind?
work  life  mental  social  philosophy  article 
18 days ago
身に着けた技術をいかに捨てられるか。エンジニア歴39年、今でもエンジニアで居続ける理由。 | CyberAgent
engineer  development  work  life  interview  @clip 
18 days ago
NameChanger - MRR Software
Rename a list of files quickly and easily. See how the names will change as you type.
utility  mac  software 
4 weeks ago
Email archiving made simple
Email Archiver Pro makes email archiving simple. Turn all your emails (or just the folders you select) into searchable PDF’s including attachments.
pdf  software  mac  mail 
4 weeks ago
Latest Homescreens & Office Setups topics - MPU Talk
What is your home screen setup like? Make a post here and show us! Why is it set up like this? Which device is this on?
desktop  forum  interior  office 
4 weeks ago
When Self-Care Turns into Self-Sabotage – Great Escape – Medium
It’s safe to say that self-care is having a moment. More and more, it seems like everyone is espousing the importance of sleep, saying no, and “treating yo’self” as much as possible. As a social…
mental  health  life 
4 weeks ago
Write with your team | Slite
Get your team to write things down. Slite is where modern teams write and organize their content: meeting notes, processes, how-tos, collaborative docs and more.
document  work  web  service  markdown 
4 weeks ago
What are some extremely simple products that you use everyday? - Product Hunt
Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about.
product  software  web  service 
4 weeks ago
Grandoozy - Sept. 14-16, 2018 | Overland Park | Denver, CO
The co-creators of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands unveil Grandoozy, a new music and arts festival for Denver, CO on September 14-16, 2018.
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4 weeks ago
Good Programmer vs Average Programmer – Hacker Noon
When it comes to interviewing programmers, goal is to find the most suitable developer for the job but its easier said than done. In practice, it’s very difficult to judge someone’s calibre…
programming  engineer  work  job 
5 weeks ago
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5 weeks ago
Best Best List®
Best Best List saves you time and effort by summarizing other websites' rankings of the best products. We automatically scan dozens of other sites so you don't have to, and we rank the products that get the most recommendations.
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5 weeks ago
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