Caret - Markdown Editor for Mac / Windows / Linux
Caret is a Markdown editor for Mac, Windows and Linux.
It stands out with its clean interface, productivity features and obsessive attention to detail.
software  mac  editor  markdown 
3 days ago
Spotify and iTunes in your macOS menu bar
itunes  software  mac  music 
3 days ago
Remote Starter Kit by Hanno - the global digital health designers!
Tools & processes that’ll help power your team’s virtual collaboration and happiness, recommended by your friends at Hanno.
bookmarks  work  tool  web  office 
3 days ago
Hustl - Create time-lapse videos of your Mac screen.
The Mac app that lets you create time-lapse videos of your screen without the need for editing or speeding up the video.
screen  desktop  software  mac  image  video 
3 days ago
PHP Extension leading your ACHIEVEMENT. provides a general-purpose class library: array manipulation, datetime management, dynamically markup, data encode/decode API, etc.
php  library  web  development  from pocket
12 days ago
Photo management script.
Photo management script. This script will copy photos from "~/Pictures/iPhone Incoming" into a tree the script creates, with folders representing month and years, and photo names timestamped. Completely based on the work of the amazing Dr. Drang; see here: http://www.leancrew.com/all-this/2013/10/photo-management-via-the-finder/ You can see more…
python  photo  script  backup  from pocket
17 days ago
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