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Inquirer Editorial: Choose Hughes and LoBiondo - Philly.com
Hughes' opponent is Internet entrepreneur David Cole, a former senior adviser for technology to President Obama. Cole says additional jobs can be created by investing in repairing and expanding America's infrastructure, meaning not just bridges, roads, and schools, but also the Internet.

It's been more than a decade since the Second District had two quality Democratic candidates running for Congress, perhaps signaling a regional revival of the party.
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august 2014 by dhcole
This Open Source Coder Wants to be a Congressman | Enterprise | WIRED
The patent system. Online privacy law. Bitcoin regulations. Net neutrality rules. In the coming years, policy makers may have as much influence on technology as the world’s hackers do — if not more. So it should come as little surprise that a hacker is running for Congress.
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may 2014 by dhcole
Hacker Opens His Congressional Platform for Editing on GitHub | Enterprise | WIRED
egardless of the technology used, the Cole campaign feels like a glimpse into the future of politics
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may 2014 by dhcole

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