Trump’s over-the-top, boastful AP interview, annotated - The Washington Post
This man is a clear and present danger to the civilised world. He's clearly suffering from some form of delusional dementia.
22 hours ago
The fish shell is awesome - Julia Evans
Oh yes, I agree with almost everything here. Other than the posix issue, fish is just such an incredibly sensible shell, after just a few months i can't imagine going back to zsh or bash.
Darcus Howe: ‘He translated the anger of street protests into political action’
Lovely tribute to Darcus Howe, who died suddenly at the weekend. Ave Atque Vale.
21 days ago
Trump’s plutocracy doesn’t come cheap - The Washington Post
Great article on the hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted on the thin-skinned narcissist pretending to the Presidency of the United States.
4 weeks ago
The One Direction-Donald Trump Feud We’re Not Ready For
If true, this is incredibly troubling. The sheer unalloyed hubris it displays in terrifying. Imagine someone like this dealing with the vicissitudes of international diplomacy...
5 weeks ago
Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why - The Washington Post
Brilliant. That the Clown Show occupying the White House linked to this story is the icing on the cake.
5 weeks ago
The Cavendish Banana will soon be gone.
Great article on the Banana that we all think we know and love - one of the world's few extant monocultures.
5 weeks ago
John Deasy: ‘Pretty twisted stuff. It’s almost Kafkaesque’
Hugely important speech to read. This needs to result in prosecutions and institutional reform.
6 weeks ago
A Python tool to export annotations and highlights from a Kobo SQLite file.
Now here's a nice little thing - exports in kindle highlight format too
8 weeks ago
Indivisible Guide
Sane guide to resisting the Trump Agenda. Vital in these concerning times.
8 weeks ago
How to Be a Stoic - The New Yorker
Nice article on a subject dear to my heart.
8 weeks ago
GitHub: Splitting a subfolder out into a new repository
Something I've found very useful these past few days.
9 weeks ago
Hindenburg | World Radio Day 2017
This really is a great offer - Hindenburg's Audio App 'Journalist' for €2
10 weeks ago
Convert your CSV files into Markdown tables.
Invaluable little script for much of my work.
december 2016
I Rebel
Powerful writing from Kameron Hurley, bringing her personal and family experience to bear on how she plans to react to the election.
november 2016
No Reconciliation. No Empathy. No Kindness.
A well written article from Veronica Schanoes on what this election of a bigoted antisemite means to people he has targeted.
november 2016
Autocracy: Rules for Survival
Notes on how people should act in the type of twisted state promised by the Orange Bigot and his supporters.
november 2016
Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump Will Have Terrifying Powers.
Thanks to inaction by President Obama, when Donald Trump  becomes commander in chief in January, he will take on presidential powers that have never been more expansive and unchecked. This is why people need to start acting, fast.
november 2016
Welcome to the pyramid at the end of the world
Strange, almost wistful, article about one of the stranger legacies of Mutually Assured Destruction, North Dakota's Pyramid on the Prairie
november 2016
This looks exceedingly interesting. Fully decentralised but federated
october 2016
The Secret Jews of The Hobbit | commentary
Fascinating. Had always read the Dwarves as Jews, never realised Tolkien actually intended them that way.
october 2016
ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}
This is actually awfully good - fast, yes, but the outputs are sane by default, and the regex it uses is more familiar to me that the convoluted regex I've often found myself using in gnu grep. Naturally, it far outshines the dreadful grep that comes from Apple.
september 2016
Trump's plan to seize Iraq's oil
Devastating critique of Trump's absolutely batshit insane idea to march into Iraq and 'take back' the oil fields 'from ISIS' - a plan which is as ignorant of military reality as it is divorced from any semblance of legality.
september 2016
A Brexit post-mortem
A simply superb open letter to Dave Hameron, the idiot who has, it appears, destroyed his own country to settle scores in the English Tory Party. Written by the outgoing Canadian Ambassador (I refuse to use the idiotic term) this is a dispassionate filleting of both the mendacious Leave campaign and the wretched ineffective Remainers. A pox on all their houses.
september 2016
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