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Fixed Length Iterations vs. Continuous Flow – Hacker Noon
Take away the sprint goal and the rationale for using scrum disappears with it. You might as well operate on the basis of continuous flow. Without a sprint goal to meet, sprint backlogs can serve no useful purpose.
agile  planning  scrum  kanban  flow 
6 weeks ago by dewe
Class-responsibility-collaboration card - Wikipedia
Martin Fowler has described CRC cards as a viable alternative to UML sequence diagram to design the dynamics of object interaction and collaboration.
agile  design  tool  diagrams  diagram  architecture 
8 weeks ago by dewe
Documenting Architecture Decisions
Context Architecture for agile projects has to be described and defined differently. Not all decisions will be made at once, nor will all of them be done whe...
architecture  programming  agile  softwarearchitecture  documentation 
august 2018 by dewe
40+ Lies PMs Tell Themselves
I figured I’d start the ball rolling here. I’d love if you could contribute in the comments. No judgement (I’ve fallen victim to many of these). 44. There’s nothing else we can do until we get a…
agile  pm  debt 
june 2018 by dewe
Starting Without A Solution – John Cutler – Medium
Q: How can we prioritize something if we don’t know the solution? How can we estimate it?
A: That is like asking whether we can prioritize going to the grocery store without a shopping list. Sometimes the list helps — sometimes recipes help, even — but I have confidence in your ability to figure it out. If I am super hungry (high cost of delay), I’ll be even less concerned with a list.
april 2018 by dewe
The Hard Thing About (Not So) Hard Things – John Cutler – Medium
Why is it so “hard” for some teams to learn and try relatively basic patterns? Am I biased? Am I missing something? What is difficult? Limiting work in progress is “easy”. You just do it. Only work…
agile  team  process  wip 
april 2018 by dewe
Introduction · Pact
Consumer driven contracts
api  agile  testing 
march 2018 by dewe
Focus Your Retrospective on the Wildly Important - Highlight
Probably the defining element in Modern Business Management is frequently pausing to reflect on events, and using insights gained to set the next direction. Whether…
retrospective  retro  agile  star  wig 
march 2018 by dewe
Our Intuition Says… Instead, Try… – John Cutler – Medium
When you’ve seen something work, you tend to view it as more “intuitive”. It’s easy to forget how counterintuitive it might have felt initially. Below is a quick brainstorm on areas where our…
december 2017 by dewe
Modern Agile | Agile Alliance
Agile2016 Wednesday Keynote by Josh Kerievsky. In this talk, he explains what he means by modern agility, and shares real-world modern agile stories.
agile  ModernAgile 
september 2017 by dewe
What are Liberating Structures? – Lisa Gill – Medium
Liberating Structures are a selection of 33 alternative structures for facilitating meetings and conversations, curated by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. The problem with these is they are…
agile  meeting  collaboration  methodology 
april 2017 by dewe
Agile Project Forecasting – The Monte Carlo Method | Scrumage
Oh no. Another guy who hates estimates? No way! But look back through the history of this blog and you
estimates  estimating  agile  analysis  noestimation  estimation  noestimates  project  statistics 
november 2016 by dewe
Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment
Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment
management  youtube  organization  agile  video 
october 2016 by dewe
Self-selection one pager
team  agile  organizations 
october 2016 by dewe
Catalog All {{}} Motivation Retrospectives
retrospective  agile  team 
september 2016 by dewe
Agile Retrospective Resources - Jake Calabrese
August 20, 2014 | by: Jake Calabrese There is a lot of information out there are agile retrospectives.
team  agile  retrospective 
september 2016 by dewe
Margaret Heffernan: Forget the pecking order at work | TED Talk |
Watch TED Talks Browse the library of TED talks and speakers Playlists 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds
culture  star  people  management  agile  video 
june 2016 by dewe
Vilken konflikthanteringsstil brukar du använda och vilka skulle du vilja använda?
Är du en struts som drar dig undan konflikter? En drake som driver igenom din vilja med makt eller en uggla som lyssnar på alla?
people  methodology  culture  agile 
june 2016 by dewe
Zen och konsten att öva
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agile  video 
june 2016 by dewe
12 seemingly normal things Agile people do
Last week, I got this great question from Faraz (a manager for an energetic customer support crew) who is experimenting a lot with getting more Agile.
coaching  culture  agile  team 
april 2016 by dewe
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