The board that greets students at The West Seattle Karate Academy.
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june 2018
I must take over the roots. cannot change Father is Father, Son is Son.
Shorinji ryu is original style of Karatedo.
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may 2016
is about making more leaders, not having more followers.
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january 2016
FastMail Links in OmniFocus
An awesome reason to use the Fastmail web app for iOS8 in place of Apple's Mail app
iOS8  Fastmail 
september 2014
WD My Passport Wireless SD-Equipped Hard Drive
I must admit to be being very interested in this new device…
photography  ipad 
september 2014
Designer Marc Newson Joining Apple →
When you see all the designers who have joined Apple, 'hmmm' is right
Apple  iWatch  Wearable  desigb  tech 
september 2014
Creating a Comprehensive Backup Strategy
KatieFloyd nails it as far as a backup strategy is concerned
august 2014
Smile Announces TextExpander Custom Keyboard for iOS 8, Public Beta Program
iOS 8 definitely has the makings to be the most productive version to date
iOS8  TextExpander  productivity 
august 2014
Just picked up the Let.ter app after a this reminder from @MacSparky — I had previously read about it, but was pleased to see it released.

Let.ter is a minimalist email sending (only) app for OSX that is built on Markdown.

Loving it
osx  email  productivity  markdown 
august 2014
Keanu Reeves John Rain Television Series
I enjoy Barry Eisler's series of thrillers based on the character John Rain, and look forward to a potential TV series with Keanue Reeves in the lead role
Budo  MartialArts  Publishing  JohnRain 
august 2014
Little Snitch to Keep LTE Costs Down
A worthwhile reason for looking into the use of Little Snitch
july 2014
A Candid Look at Unread’s First Year
The upfront pricing model is a scary proposition for devs, especially if a 'successful' app like Unread only generates a moderate income in its first year. Where is the incentive to keep developing. This is a concern not just for devs but also for users who won't get updated apps if the money isn't there for the devs.
iOS  iOS8  apps  AppStore 
july 2014
App Rot
A compelling take on the viability of the App Store model to sustain development, especially given the up front pricing model. Worth a read.
iOS  iOS8  iPad  apps  AppStore  iPhone 
july 2014
Trey Ratcliff & his GoPro Quadcopter - DigiDIRECT TV Ep 078
Blunty of DigiDirect TV presents a video of Trey Ratcliff showing off his Phantom Quadrocopter at the recent Game of Thrones photo walk I attended in Sydney. Good fun.
drone  quadrocopter  GoPro  GoT  TreyRatliff  photo 
july 2014
Floating Above Bora Bora
Trey Ratcliff discusses his quadrocopter setup and shows some choice shots from his recent visit to Tahiti.
GoPro  hdr  photography 
july 2014
Want Better Photos? Turn OFF Auto White Balance (AWB)!
Good advice. I am always wary with auto anything on cameras
photography  m43  mirrorless 
july 2014
Presentations — MacSparky
David Sparks (@macsparky) has announced the next in the series of MacSparky Field Guides—Presentations. I am looking forward to this one since it will undoubtedly be a good overview of the state of presentations in the Mac / iOS world
Presentations  MacSparky 
july 2014
The Gmail API
I'm very glad I moved my email accounts to a paid service whose income streams are based on providing good email services to users
google  gmail  privacy  email  security 
june 2014
A HUGE HBO Game of Thrones and Google+ PhotoWalk in Sydney | Stuck in Customs
I am certainly going to be going to this photowalk with Trey Ratcliff. Super fortunate timing that I have a day off!
june 2014
New Lightroom iBook from the Photofocus—Free until 1 August
The release of a new iBook on Lightroom could not be better timed, given Apple announcing the discontinuation of Aperture today. And the iBook is free until 1 August.
lightroom  photography  aperture  photoshop 
june 2014
Gruber on Withings Activité
John Griber sums up why the Withings Activite is the first 'smart watch' that has really got my attention—style, simplicity and long battery life
withings  qs 
june 2014
10 Great Uses for Alfred’s Hotkeys
Alfred is a wonderful productivity app. Having been a PowerPack user since the option first came out, I am a pretty adept user. Most of these 10 I am across, but I really like the 'paste as plain text' and 'Contextual hotkey' ideas.
alfred  osx  workflow 
june 2014
20 Years Ago, Apple and Kodak Launched the Digital Camera Revolution
Mashable looks back at the 20 years since the launch of the digital revolution
june 2014
Announcing Alfred Remote for iOS
I'm intrigued. And interested.
iOS  Alfred  OSX 
june 2014
Withings Activité brings refined simplicity to connected fitness watch design
This watch to go on sale by Withings lines up with what I personally want in a smart watch—a device that collects information from sensors, and provides a very basic view supplemented by SmartPhone integration.
QS  SmartWatch  Withings  iWatch 
june 2014
The Future of Two-Factor Authentication
Authy brings the power of 2 factor authentication to the desktop via the iPhone through Bluetooth LE sharing.
Authy  security  2-factor  OSX  iOS 
june 2014
Chrome Web Store - Authy
Authy has become my go-to 2-factor authentication app for iPhone and iPad, and now it comes to the desktop via a Chrome app
security  Authy  2-factor 
june 2014
Search Pinboard with Alfred — 512 Pixels
Stephen Hackett (ismh) shares a brilliant Alfred workflow for searching your Pinboard bookmarks
Alfred  workflow  Pinboard 
june 2014
New South Wales -
Another great resource for photographers wanting to research potential locations around Sydney, NSW and the world!
photo  photography  photo-walking 
june 2014
Australian Photography Locations - Photography Hot Spots
An amazing resource for Australian photographers looking for inspiration and ideas on where to shoot.
photo  photo-walking 
june 2014
Beijing From Above, aka The Story of How I Was Detained by the Police because of my DJI Quadcopter
I love this story from Trey Ratcliff about being detained in Beijing. And I love this quote: "So, deciding to fly a drone over China is kind of like Luke Skywalker deciding to ride his landspeeder on the Death Star."
photography  China  TreyRatcliff 
june 2014
Manual camera controls in iOS 8
iPhone 5s has a great camera. Making the controls available to apps will make it even more awesome.
Photography  photo  iOS8 
june 2014
Is HDR a Fad?
A good overview from Nicolesy on why HDR is far more than a fad, and is in fact a tool or process that can help to make better images for the right situations.
photo  photography  HDR 
june 2014
Eating a Little Crow with iWork Collaboration
Good update from MacSparky on the promising progress of iCloud based collaboration
iWork  iCloud  OSX  iOS 
june 2014
Thoughts on the WWDC Keynote
I think David Sparks has provided the perfect summary of thoughts from the WWDC Keynote today. Exciting times
Apple  iOS  iOS8  mac  OSX  Yosemite 
june 2014
Apple bringing HealthKit to iOS 8
I wonder if companies like Withings and FitBit will jump on board, or keep going it alone. A tough choice.
Withings  health  apps  iOS8  iOS  FitBit 
june 2014
Apple unveils new Photos app for Mac
I am planning to dig into finding out the implications for photography from the iOS and OSX announcements at WWDC today. My initial thoughts that this is an incredible step forward for casual/hobbyist photography (iPhone), but I wonder where it leaves Aperture.
photography  workflow  OSX  Yosemite  photo  Aperture  Adobe  Lightroom 
june 2014
Touch ID authentication coming to third-party apps
A great new feature. I bet the 1Password guys have started work on this already!
iOS8  iPhone  1Password  apps 
june 2014
Apple opens up manual camera controls & cross-app photo editing in iOS 8
Liking the look of the improvements to photography workflows coming in iOS8 and OSX Yosemite
photography  iOS  iOS8 
june 2014
Link: Apple announces OS X Yosemite
"Apple’s platform is taking it up a notch." — Understatement of the year?
OSX  Yosemite  iOS  iOS8 
june 2014
Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone Update Brings New Repair Tool, 16-Bits per Channel Support, and More
Pixelmator is a classy app and is my photo editing app of choice, working in conjunction with Aperture. I love the approach it takes to user experience, and enjoy the ongoing development. A great app.
photo  photography  pixelmator  mac  osx 
may 2014
FAQs – Can I use your images for free?
I generally make my images available on a Creative Commons non-commercial, attribution, no derivatives license.
photography  photo  copyright  creative  commons 
may 2014
1Password button 4.2: The Greatly Improved Edition is out!
Big improvements to the 1Password browser integration
1Password  security  Mac  OSX 
may 2014
Reeder 2.2
Good to see ongoing development of my favourite iPhone rss app, especially while the Mac OSX version is in beta
iOS  iPad  iPhone  rss 
may 2014
eBay Gets Hacked, Encrypted Passwords Accessed
There's a reason I use 1Password to generate strong and unique passwords
eBay  1Password  security 
may 2014
Darkrume — Flickr App for iPad
I'll be giving this a try. A good Flickr app for iPad is needed.
Flickr  iPad  photo  photography  iOS 
may 2014
Mac keyboard shortcuts
Matt Gemmell has written a great post about keyboard shortcuts for OSX
may 2014
I'm reading this, and I'm on a train. Sitting next to a guy also reading this on his iPad.
may 2014
Alfred v2.3 Released: Context-sensitive hotkeys, external triggers and more
Alfred is a great automation tool, and with each release it becomes even more awesome!
alfred  workflow  osx  mac 
may 2014
The Markdown Payoff
Ticci sums up the big benefits of markdown.
may 2014
Link: Microsoft Office applications barely used
I dislike MS Office, and use it only when I have to. It was once a great suite of applications, but became bloated, IMHO. I use Markdown for writing (and more recently presenting with @deckset) backed up by iWork apps.
microsoft  office  plain  text  MS  iWork 
may 2014
Engaging your audience: slides vs. Prezi
I love Prezi. I'd love to use it more but haven't truly fitted it into my presenting workflow yet.
presentations  Prezi  workflow 
april 2014
Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to Launch Center Pro
Great guide to using Launch Center Pro. Great app - even if "centre" is misspelt.
iOS  iPhone  iPad 
april 2014
The iPad’s Curse
Great question posed by Ben Bajarin via Shawn Blanc: "The iPad’s curse may be it can do many things well but does it do anything better?"
iPad  iOS 
april 2014
Critique is Misunderstood
Varina Patel on why critiquing (specifically in photography, but really in any field) is a give and take thing, and why its a valuable development tool for the one giving the critique as well as the one receiving it.
april 2014
Gerry Conway: The ComiXology Outrage |
"Amazon knows chap prices but it doesn't know a thing about great experiences". It is the experience that counts for reading, particularly comics. Amazon may have misread this market.
comics  Amazon  iPad  iOS 
april 2014
→ Why Newsstand needs to go away
There are some Newsstand magazines I like, but to be honest I generally prefer the experience in standalone apps or Zinio
Newsstand  iOS  Apple 
april 2014
→ The ComiXology Outrage
Marco Arment provides an interesting perspective on the ongoing discussion about Amazon's changes to Comixology
Comics  Amazon  iPad  iOS 
april 2014
Amazon Ruined Comixology
I'm sure the business model was working when Amazon bought Comixology so the change does seem motivated
comics  Amazon  Apple  AppStore  iOS 
april 2014
New Interactive Map from Project AWARE is the First to Visualize Underwater Trash
An interactive map launched this week by Project AWARE, a global nonprofit organization, visualizes nearly three years of ongoing reporting by an international network of volunteer scuba divers who remove trash they find underwater through the Dive Against Debris program.
diving  environment 
april 2014
∞ Apple opens OS X betas to the public
Great to see Apple opening up the OSX beta program. Good to get broad input, not just from developers.
Apple  osx  mac 
april 2014
Withings Pulse O2 keeps tabs on your oxygen levels
I have a Withings Pulse and hope the new bands will fit the existing unit. Great tracker.
QS  Withings 
april 2014
Mr. Reader v3.1 available on the App Store
An update to the best RSS reader app for iPad
rss  MrReader  FeedWrangler  feeds 
april 2014
First person view of Blue Angels practice
Awesome first person perspective on the US Navy's Blue Angel's in flight.
Video  Navy  BlueAngels  USN 
april 2014
Unread Version 1.2 Available Now
Announcement on the release of version 1.2 of Unread for iPhone. The au got, Jared Sinclair has a cool blog, btw.
rss  Unread  iOS  iPhone 
april 2014
Introducing Flickr 3.0 for iPhone and Android
Flickr is working hard to re establish itself as the leader in online photo sharing and more
image  iOS  iPhone  photography  Flickr 
april 2014
Two New Powerful Features For teamfocus
A couple of great new options for TeamFocus. The secure text fields is a big thing, especially for individuals/organisations that require high level security coupled with the ease of collaboration in their workflows.
april 2014
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