Options of the Best Infographic Tools for Beginners and Pro
The 2017 best infographic tools such as Piktochart are helpful in creating image-based infographics with attractive look and informative contents
2017  best  infographic  tools  infographics 
8 hours ago
Google Chrome Will Block Intrusive Ads; Is It A Blessing in Disguise?
If you are a Google Chrome user, you will rejoice in the latest announcement made by the tech giant. Yes, Google has spent a period of time to survey and learn about the current advertising landscape. As the trend shows a spike in video advertising, Google is determined to side with their loyal users and supporters by taking the matters seriously into their own hands and enforcing a significant change that will end the intrusive nature of this type of advertisement once and for all.
google  chrome  starting  January  2018  takes  on  the  irritating  trend  will  block  autoplay  video 
Nokia 8 with the Dual Rear Cameras to Compete with the Other Recent Smartphone Competitors
There are also some points of Nokia 8 pros and cons which may be good to know especially as the considerations of this product. For the pros of this device, this offers the attractive design which looks so luxurious. It also has the dual camera with the dual sensor as its main cameras. The display of this phone is also really great with its QHD.
Android  phone  smartphone  Nokia  8  pros  and  cons  review  smartphones 
The Great Updates of Arena of Valor which Make Gamers are Curious about It
Garena recently inform the new updates for the Arena of Valor game and check also the heroes updates here.
Arena  of  Valor  heroes  updates  recent 
2 days ago
Three Processes of How Face ID Works on Apple’s iPhone X
How Face ID works on Apple’s iPhone X depends upon three processes, namely image capture, face recognition, and calculation of authentication accuracy
Apple’s  iPhone  X  how  Face  ID  works  to  use  smartphones 
2 days ago
Most Recommended Free Antivirus with Latest Features 2017
Antivirus software is an essential part of your PC that one must install it. It gives top quality protection to your system which is completely free. To have protection for your personal information, there are a large number of free security updates in Antivirus that offer you great privacy from the threats. The following are some of the latest updates in antivirus that you must know for your PC.
360  Security  Avast  Avira  BitDefender  Free  Antivirus  2017  most  recommended  Norton 
3 days ago
Latest and Upcoming Features of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram
Check the latest and upcoming features of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp 2017.
Facebook  latest  features  Instagram  Whatsapp  upcoming  2017 
3 days ago
Much awaited launch of Jaybird is finally released in Sydney
People often prefer to listen to the music through the headphones and earphones. Don’t you? The craze is among the youngsters who search day and night for the branded headphones. They feel as if the headphones are fashionable and enhance their look. It is quite true according to the new trends of the markets. Finally, the solution has come to the market. From a long time, people have been waiting for the launch event of the Jaybird.
Jaybird  earbuds  best  buy  charging  for  sale  freedom 
4 days ago
10 Best Trackers for car you should know in 2017
Due to various safety reasons, it becomes obvious for an individual to know the exact location as well as well versed with the traveling settings which are installed in their vehicle. It includes a clear record for the maintenance which can use to improve a performance of the vehicle which would avoid major breakdowns. If in case there are theft issues in your locality where you usually park your car is high, it is better to install a security system in your car.
best  trackers  for  car  GPS  tracker  live  trac  pt  10  professional  pt-10  reviews 
4 days ago
Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Predictions for Benefits and Lacks
Recently, the giant company from South Korea, Samsung announces that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released. Before starting to pre-order it, it is much better if you know this Smartphone more specifically including the pros and cons. Well, it is basically to avoid being disappointed after the product is already on your hands for sure.
Samsung  Galaxy  Note  8  operation  system  Pros  and  Cons  specifications  smartphones 
5 days ago
Finally ios 11 in the market with best features and new version
The much-awaited release of the Apple new version ios 11 was announced in the official gathering months ago. The final version of the software has finally released in the recent meeting which has the new download work-in-progress version of the ios 11 software. The curiosity of the people has been raised to a great height which will finally come down on September 19 of this year.
ios  11  release  date  beta  review  features 
5 days ago
Fujifilm X-E3, A New Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera with the Great Technology in the Classic Body Design
The camera of Fujifilm X-E3 becomes another new mirror-less camera from Fujifilm and of course many of us have been waiting for such the great new camera. That is a good thing to know much closer about this camera since it has been officially launched some days ago. This new mirrorless camera by Fujifilm has been launched in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday September 7, 2017. The launching is held in the event of Fujikina.
Fujifilm  Mirrorless  Camera  X-E3  review 
6 days ago
2017 Ford Fusion Energi Comes with Alexa as Killing Feature
2017 Ford Fusion Energi comes with a number of sophisticated features, which combine the simplicity of automobile apps and great design
tech  cars  2017  Ford  Fusion  Energi  energy  review 
6 days ago
The most awaited Operating system: Android O
Google is now heading towards with the launching of the new operating system, being viral as Android O. The release date is coming near and every Android user is in the exciting mode to enjoy all the new features. Android O will be the successor of Android Nougat and will bring amazing functionality to its Smartphone’s and tablets.
Android  O  operating  system 
6 days ago
The Latest Update Makes the Google’s Pixel C Tablet Look Similar to Its Pixel Smartphones
It seems as the Google’s latest update of android 7.1.2 has be moved to some of the Pixel C tablet users just after a few weeks of the beta version was introduced to the examiners. The updated version of the Pixel C looks quite similar to its Smartphones. The C tablets now have the same buttons, multitasking menu, from which the users can now select from and switch between any of the eight apps, all at a time.
android  7.1.2  Google  Pixel  C  review  Tablet  Google’s 
6 days ago
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 as the Big Xiaomi Mi 6
The existence of the smart phone product by Xiaomi named Mi Note 3 is completely interesting to be known. Many people are interested in knowing much about this product since it is said as the jumbo size of Mi 6.
Mi  Note  3  Design  Launching  Specs  Xiaomi  128  GB  64 
7 days ago
Apple all set to launch its much awaited iPhone 8
There are few companies that provide better tea-leaf reading pleasure than Apple, especially before the annual launch of the product. The new version of the Apple iphone8 has several advanced and modified systems which are increasing the demand in the market. The Apple Company is celebrating the 10th anniversary on September 12.
Apple  September  event  date  highlights  rumors  iPhone  8  smartphone 
7 days ago
What You Can Expect from Nintendo SNES Classic Mini
Are you becoming the fans of Nintendo? Do you want to get your memory back when playing games from this console? Nintendo is launched their latest product known as Nintendo SNES Classic Mini. So, what you can expect from this product? Read the detail below and decide it by yourself.
classic  gaming  console  Nintendo  SNES  Mini 
7 days ago
Extraordinary Body Material from Xiaomi Mi MIX 2
Xiaomi is coming with its latest product. They are introducing Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 to the public. So, what makes this latest Xiaomi generation with its previous generations? This is great information for Xiaomi lovers.
mobile  phones  premium  smartphone  Xiaomi  Mi  MIX  2 
8 days ago
YouTube to Launch YouTube HDR; Does It Really Matter?
Latest technologies in video industry see the rapid growth of HDR popularity. YouTube, the biggest video sharing website on the internet, respond to it by launching its HDR channel. People with HDR-capable devices can now enjoy HDR videos on YouTube HDR. If you are curious about that, you may begin asking whether YouTube’s newest channel and the shift to HDR technology matter.
4K  HDR  videoHigh  Dynamic  Range  YouTube 
8 days ago
Should You Love or Hate Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
Samsung has always kept a tradition to release a Galaxy Note variant for every flagship model it releases. Not long after the release of its Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, Samsung announces the release of their Note counterpart.
samsung  galaxy  note  8 
8 days ago
Verizon Wireless Dilemma; Should You Switch to It or Switch Away from It
The dilemma of whether to stick with a mobile carrier or to move away from it returns to one basic argument: whether the said mobile carrier offers reasonably priced data plans or not. Verizon is one of the biggest mobile carriers out there.
verizon  wireless  dilemma 
8 days ago
Changes the way you drive- Nissan new Leaf 2018
With its new electric car model Leaf 2018, Nissan has proved itself once again in its commitment to bring a change in the driving experience. The carmaker company Nissan has introduced its new Leaf car with the feature of driverless technology.
nissan  new  leaf  2018  electric  Car 
9 days ago
The Latest Business and Tech Updates
The latest Business update on the Equifax cyber attack has been the center of public attention since the news was initially unearthed despite the more apparent alarming danger from the rampage of hurricane Irma. Yes, cyber attack may not be a new phenomenon in this day and age, but even the most average person would think that a major agency such as Equifax would have taken extra security measures in order to avoid the event from happening.
business  tech  technology  update 
10 days ago
Snapdeal is Featuring Amazing Offers on Google Pixel and Pix
As per the technology updates, this Monday, Snapdeal partnered with Google Pixel, for the online retail sale of its Pixel series Smartphones.
snapdeal  google  pixel  pix  amazing 
10 days ago
People will experience a stunning feature in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8
The fever to use Apple’s iPhone is increasing day by day with its new phones coming on the market every year. However, to prove itself as one of the best phone manufacturers, Apple is soon going to launch it’s another iPhone, i.e., iPhone 8. It seems like the phone has been equipped with all modern technology.
iphone  8  specs  cost  battery  release  date  2017 
10 days ago
Corporate Policies is endangering the American Manufacturing Council
The American Manufacturing Council is basically the group of powerful peoples. They are responsible for providing the necessary advice to the current US president about the American manufacturing. But these days in the reign of the recently elected US President, John Donald Trump the league of powerful businessmen seem to be breaking day by day.
coporate  policies  american  manufacturing  council 
11 days ago
The Long Awaited High End Radeon RX Vega Is Finally Launched
The day we have been waiting for is finally here. After two years of waiting, the highly anticipated new graphics card lineup from AMD, Radeon RX Vega, is officially launched. This is a good news for all gamers and AMD GPU enthusiasts because the hype about this new graphics card is real.
Radeon  RX  Vega  Graphic  card  launched 
11 days ago
How to Download Paid Apps & Games for Free on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak]
The official Apple app store has some amazing paid applications for users with lots of amazing features though users have to pay some bucks. But, now you don’t need to worry as I am sharing a tutorial with you guys where I am telling you that how to download Paid apps and games for free on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak.
Download  Apps  Games  Free 
11 days ago
Programmed BIOS Chips and How to Update Them
What is BIOS? BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System. In a system of computer IBM PC or it is compatible with the family of Intel x86, it refers to a group of software that is capable to do certain things.
BIOS  Chips  how  to  update 
11 days ago
Bentley Continental GT now comes fitted with the latest technology under a classic look
The Bentley Continental GT is one of the most popular and lavish grand tourer produced by the British automaker called as the Bentley motors in the year 2003. It the first car released by the Bentley under the company of the Volkswagen AG management team. In the year 1998, the Bentley has employed a mass production manufacturing techniques. It shares a platform with the Volkswagen Phaeton.
Bentley  Continental  GT  Car  Volkswagen  AG  management  team 
11 days ago
Uber is subjected to the probes of DoJ for breaking the US bribery laws
Within, a very short span of time, a lot of things have changed for the Uber. And now Uber is heading towards some new issues. On Tuesday, the company confirmed that Department of Justice is probing whether the officials of Uber broke the US laws, by bribing the officials in different foreign countries.
Uber  DoJ  US  bribery  laws 
11 days ago
The latest entrant of Samsung’s J series is going to hit the market with dual rear camera setup on September 15th
Recently, Samsung has added another smartphone, Galaxy J7 Plus, to its J series variants. This news has been confirmed on the official Thailand website of Samsung. But there is no news regarding the launch of this latest entrant in other markets. So, for now it is confirmed that, Galaxy J7 plus is ready for the launch in the Thailand market.
Galaxy  J7  Plus  smartphone  Samsung  price  features  of  specifications 
11 days ago
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Technology & Business news and update
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11 days ago
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