How to read self-help
But I think we read a lot of self-help because we need to. As I’ve already mentioned, we need lots of examples to drive this wisdom home. We should be more forgiving of self-help (the genre) and more forgiving of ourselves. Putting wisdom into practice takes requires reading, reflection, and practice—but it’s worth it.
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14 days ago
Bill Kent's Document List
Index of Bill Kent's writings. Recommended by Hillel Wayne.
5 weeks ago
A Brief History of John Baldessari
Delightful video about artist John Baldessari, narrated by Tom Waits.

h/t @austinkleon.
6 weeks ago
Wardley's Doctrine assessment tool
This is an interactive interface to assess one's own organization against Simon Wardley's doctrines.
6 weeks ago
How to Take Smart Notes
@tasshinfogleman's distillation of How to Take Smart Notes, which both demonstrates an example of how to use Roam as a "smart notes" implementation and discusses the synthesis of zettelkasten method with Building a Second Brain.
basb  zettelkasten 
6 weeks ago
lunarbaboon - Comics - Tools
"I think it will start poorly. But who knows how it will end?"

This comic captures perfectly an approach to fatherhood that I aspire to. Make space for the children's mistakes, knowing that you are giving them room to grow.
6 weeks ago
Flux Standard Action
Specification for how events should be structured in React state management.
react  redux  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Please Build
Another directed graph, multi-lingual build tool. Looks nice.
11 weeks ago
Professional Development – Chelsea Troy
This blog has some really great resources related to personal development.
november 2019
Interface to 'Python' • reticulate
Library to call into Python from RMarkdown files.
python  r  rstats 
october 2019
Pragmatic Imagination
Not quite sure what this is, but I love how it looks.
october 2019
Exiobase - Home
Database of figures on how carbon intensive, etc. various economic sectors are.
economics  environment 
september 2019
The Best Career Articles | Scott H Young
Index post on career strategy articles.
career  strategy 
june 2019
Monte Carlo spreadsheet — this is rad.
spreadsheet  simulation  data  statistics 
june 2019
Meditation and Design at Facebook – Facebook Design – Medium
Claims to demonstrate how Facebook promotes "meditation" in their office design and culture, but confuses meditation with flow states throughout.
meditation  mcmindfulness 
may 2019
Complexity Explorables | Complexity Explorables
Excellent interactive explorations of the dynamics of complex systems.
complexity  learning  visualization 
march 2019
Sacha Chua's Emacs configuration
Literate programming style emacs configuration, using org-mode.
march 2019
Rule Thinkers In, Not Out | Slate Star Codex
The personality traits that make someone an original thinker also make them prone to having ideas that are outrageous and wrong. Don't throw out someone's insight because they have one bad idea elsewhere!
february 2019
evolve: Wardley Mapping tool
Ben (@benmosior) and Tasshin (@tasshinfogleman) built this site to assist in working through a Wardley Mapping exercise.
wardley  mapping  strategy 
february 2019
statement on event-stream compromise
The creator of the recently compromised event-stream module explains the cost-benefit structure of building and sharing an open-source module. This is an important thing to keep in mind when depending on open-source libraries. Be circumspect about what you depend on, because only some modules actually have a reasonable and sustainable maintenance model.
opensource  security  software 
december 2018
New? Start here. : ludobots
Online course from UVM on evolutionary robotics. Recommended by several friends.
november 2018
Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
AI agents that developed behavior that gamed the objective function.
funny  ml 
november 2018
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