Explosion, fire hospitalizes two Marshfield workers
Marshfield, Mo. -- (1/22/2018) Two workers were sent to the hospital on Monday after an explosion at a warehouse in Marshfield.

The workers were placing spray-in insulation into the warehouse when the explosion occurred.

Authorities say chemicals used in the insulation caught a nearby truck on fire which then spread to the warehouse. A hazmat team was also called to the scene.
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14 hours ago
Officials extinguish Quinton gas well fire; search continues for missing workers
QUINTON, Okla. (KTUL) -- Towering flames could be seen for miles as dark smoke billowed from the gas well in Quinton, Okla.
Flames shot into the air when a gas well exploded in Quinton, just before nine this morning.
"I could see the flames about 200 feet in the air," local Chris Ohls said.
Ohls was two miles away when he saw the sky turn from blue to red.
"About two minutes after that I watched the rig collapse," Ohls said.
Authorities say 22 workers were out on the rig when the explosion happened.
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14 hours ago
Truck damages gas pump, causes large fuel spill at Rogersville station
Rogersville, TN (WJHL) — Police and hazmat crews blocked off access to a Rogersville gas station after an accident Monday night.

That caused as much as 40 gallons of gas to spill into the parking lot and surrounding area.

There was no fire. No one was hurt. But Hawkins County Hazmat was called to the scene, and the decision was made to bring a private clean-up company to help remove spilled fuel and contaminated soil.

Monday night, gasoline sales were halted at the Murphy’s USA station. Police and Hazmat crews expected to remain at the scene for several hours.
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14 hours ago
UPDATE: Fuel truck hits train in Port Coquitlam, causing massive fire
A semi-trailer truck carrying ethanol struck a train at the rail yard in Port Coquitlam on Monday, causing a massive explosion and fire around 6:30 p.m., according to the city.

Flames could be seen from far away, including bordering cities.

As of 10 p.m., the fire was under control.

“We can report the driver and CP Rail crew are all safe,” said the City of Port Coquitlam.


Coquitlam RCMP evacuated an 800 metre radius of the area. Lougheed Highway has been closed in botyh directions from Shaughnessy Street to the Oxford Connector.
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14 hours ago
Chemical leakage: UNIOSUN students discharged from hospital
The last batch of students of the Osun State University, who collapsed and were hospitalised after inhaling poisonous leakage from a fire extinguisher inside a crowded lecture room, has been discharged from the hospital.

A student of the university told our correspondent on Monday, on condition of anonymity, that the last batch of students injured during the accident was discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

The student, however, appealed to the university authorities to ensure that lecture rooms were spacious enough to accommodate a large number of undergraduates.

The student said, “All the students that were admitted to the hospital because of the fire extinguisher accident have been discharged as of Sunday.

“I thank God that none of them died, but the university authorities have to make sure that students are no longer taught in crowded classrooms just to prevent this kind of incident. They should ensure that there are lecture rooms which can accommodate a large number of students conveniently in the interest of students and the lecturers.”

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Prof. Clement Adebooye, in a telephone interview with our correspondent, confirmed that the students were all discharged from the hospital.

Adebooye said, “All of them have been discharged. We thank God that nothing bad happened to any of them. They are all in a good condition now. The university acted promptly and we are happy that they are all alive and well.”

It would be recalled that students of the Anatomy/ Physiology Department were receiving a lecture inside a crowded lecture room when the fire extinguisher inside the classroom started to leak.

One of the students was said to have sat on the fire extinguisher and the safety valve was accidentally released when he stood up causing the leakage.

The leaked poisonous gas inhaled by the students caused many of them to slump and over 20 of the students, who became unconscious as a result of the leakage, were rushed to a hospital where they were treated and eventually discharged.
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Carbon dioxide leak prompts building evacuation
PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Phoenix, Goodyear and Tolleson Fire Departments were at the scene near 70th Avenue and Buckeye Road on Monday for a carbon dioxide leak. Personnel were evacuated from the commercial building and they were all accounted for, according to officials.

"The building is equipped with a CO2 tank. The initial HazMat units on scene are reporting that they have detected CO2 on their meters. CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas that can decrease the oxygen levels in an area. Human bodies exhale CO2 as the byproduct of respiration so the chemical itself is not hazardous unless it displaces Oxygen," stated Phoenix Fire Department Captain Larry Subervi.

The crews later secured two leaking CO2 lines and continued to monitor the air. Subervi says the CO2 levels are decreasing.

First responders said there is no threat to the environment or surrounding communities.
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14 hours ago
Jefferson County teen dies after stoking fire with gasoline
A Jefferson County teenager who was burned while trying to start a fire has died.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said in a release that it was notified by a hospital social worker that the teenager suffered severe burns and would be taken off life support.

The teen was taken to a hospital, where he died Thursday. Family and friends have identified the victim as 14-year-old Sam Gean.

Authorities say an investigation found that Gean and other juveniles were trying to ignite some type of paper near a deck of a home.

Authorities say Gean picked up a five gallon can of gasoline and dumped it on the small fire when the paper didn't burn rapidly enough. The gasoline exploded and showered Gean with flames.
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14 hours ago
Bawana unit where fire killed 17 was registered as a plastic factory
The three-storey building, where 17 people were killed after it caught fire on Saturday, in northwest Delhi’s Bawana industrial area was registered as a plastic factory but was used illegally as a unit to package and store firecrackers, police said on Sunday.

The fate of the victims was sealed 21 days ago when businessman Manoj Jain started stocking firecrackers in the rented building that had no fire evacuation plan, only two fire extinguishers, and a lone exit that was allegedly locked when the blaze broke out.

Jain had allegedly hired workers to put in packages firecrackers bought from manufacturers and keep the highly inflammable material on different floors of the building.

Police said at least 30 people worked in the unit in different shifts, but did not specify how many were inside when the fire started.
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Vadodara: 4 killed, 12 injured in blast at chemical plant
Four workers died and twelve others were injured in a blast that took place in a chemical plant of GSP Crop Science Pvt Ltd on the outskirts of Vadodara, Gujarat.
A huge fire occurred as a result of the blast at the chemical plant, a police official said.
The blast occurred around 5:30am in the filter plant of the company, located in the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) area at Nandesari.
"Four of the firm's employees were killed in the mishap," Vadodara district collector P Bharthi said.
There was a malfunction in the acetate lubricant filter which led to an explosion. There were 25 labourers at the plant when the fire took place. Four people died, four fell unconscious and 12 were injured
The injured persons were admitted to different hospitals, she said, adding that two of them were reported to be serious. "We have ordered an inquiry into the mishap," she said.
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EU to lower limit for bisphenol A migration from food packaging
A draft European Commission regulation that lowers the amount of bisphenol A (BPA) allowed to migrate into or onto food from packaging materials is expected to be finalized in the coming months.
Members of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health, & Food Safety Committee voted on Jan. 11 to reject a proposal to ban BPA in food packaging. The committee instead endorsed the Commission’s proposal to lower the migration limit from 0.6 mg of BPA per kg of food to 0.05 mg/kg.
BPA is used to manufacture polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins found in coatings that line food cans. Concerns about BPA’s estrogenic activity have prompted regulators around the world to evaluate the substance’s risks in materials that contact food. The Commission’s proposal cites “potential health effects of BPA on the mammary gland, reproductive, metabolic, neurobehavioral, and immune systems.”
The draft regulation prohibits any BPA from migrating into infant formula and baby food, essentially banning use of the chemical in materials used for those products.
Environmental and public health activists say the regulation does not go far enough to protect consumers. “The adverse health effects of bisphenol A, even at low doses, are so well documented that it should already have been banned from all consumer products a long time ago,” says Natacha Cingotti, policy officer on health and chemicals at the Health & Environment Alliance, an environmental group.
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Foul-smelling 'slurry' closes Fife road and sparks hazmat probe
Officers from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) are currently looking into the incident at Goathill Quarry near Cowdenbeath after motorists who drove their vehicles through it reported a foul stench coming from their cars.

Police Scotland said it too received a number of complaints about the mystery substance at the road junction at the A909 and B925, not far from Mossmorran, and the road eventually had to be blocked off in both directions to allow emergency services access.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said the discovery of the liquid, which covered a sizeable area of the road, sparked a full hazmat response, with appliances from Burntisland and Kirkcaldy called to the scene to assist.

Firefighters were involved in the clean-up operation and washed down the road before handing the scene over to a representative from Collier Haulage, which has a recycling centre at the quarry site.

The spokesperson suggested the material appears to have been what was described as “low hazard vegetable distillery waste”, and posed no danger to the public.
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Police, School Mgt Debunk UNIOSUN Gas Explosion Report
The Osun State Police Command and Management of Osun State University had denied the reported explosion which occurred on the Osogbo campus of the university on Wednesday.

Speaking at the command headquarters in Osogbo on Thursday, the State Commissioner of Police, Fimihan Adeoye and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (academics) Professor Odunayo Adegboyega, debunked the report that true was an explosion in a science laboratory of the university claiming the lives of some students.

According to the CP Adeoye “what happened was not an explosion, one of the students carelessly released the safety pin of the fire extinguisher in one of the classes thereby releasing the carbon dioxide causing panic and some students who inhaled the substance got unconscious and were attended to.

“We deployed our anti-bomb squad to the scene after my personal visit and their findings corroborated what I just said.

The school management appealed to students, parents and all relevant stakeholders not to exercise any panic saying all the 27 students who sustained several degrees of injury have been treated and some of them with lesser injury discharged.
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17 killed as fire breaks out at firecracker unit in Delhi’s Bawana, Kejriwal govt orders probe
At least 10 women and seven men were charred to death in a fire that broke out in a firecracker unit in outer Delhi’s Bawana industrial area on Saturday evening, firefighters said.

Two people were injured in the blaze, one of the Capital’s deadliest industrial tragedies since 57 people were killed in a fire in the Lal Kuan chemical market complex in May 1999.

Delhi fire department officials said about 30 people working in the unit were trapped when the fire broke out around 6.20pm in the building that had a lone exit door in the front. The building’s three floors and the basement were used to pack and store firecrackers.

“One body was found in the basement and three on the ground floor. Thirteen bodies were found on the first floor. Some of the victims were sitting or lying on the floor close to each other,” chief fire officer Atul Garg said.
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2 days ago
Building on AU campus declared safe after chemical spill into a sink
A building on Auburn University's campus has been declared safe and reopened following a chemical situation.

The Auburn Fire Division was called to Funchess Hall on Saturday afternoon after a foul odor was reported from the lab.

A graduate student found the odor coming from what appeared to be a sink where it is believed a small amount of a chemical was possibly poured down a sink accidentally by another student, according to information provided by Chance Corbett, interim executive director of campus safety and security.

The spill was contained within the sink and rendered safe by the Auburn Fire Division, Corbett said. Campus Safety and Security along with risk management and safety responded to ensure the building was safe.

The student who reported the odor was checked by emergency services but refused treatment and transport, Corbett said.
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Feds dock LANL $2.6M for big lapses in 2017
Plutonium shipping errors in June and a potentially deadly worker safety lapse in September cost the operators of Los Alamos National Laboratory at least $2.6 million in performance award fees, according to an annual federal lab review released Friday.

Still, the lab earned about $47 million in bonuses for fiscal year 2017, 70 percent of its possible performance award from the National Nuclear Security Administration.

The award rate was 15 percent lower than the laboratory earned the previous fiscal year and the most significant deduction since 2014, when a transuranic waste drum from the lab ruptured inside the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, releasing radiation and causing a three-year shutdown of the storage site. That costly mishap contributed to a more than $18 million loss in award fees for Los Alamos National Security LLC, a private consortium that runs the lab.

Several safety lapses and worker injuries were reported at the lab last year, including a small fire that burned one worker, two radiation releases and the discovery of an excess amount of plutonium in one location, a violation of a safety program meant to prevent a runaway nuclear reaction. A damning report from an independent federal safety board in the fall also said the lab was not prepared to respond to an emergency.
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Indian army soldiers fight fire from highly polluted lake
Thousands of Indian troops battled for hours a huge fire emanating from a highly polluted lake, causing panic among thousands of people in the southern city of Bangalore, the army said Saturday.

Nearly 5,000 soldiers swung into action on Friday after the fire threatened a military area with huge clouds of smoke billowing from the lake filled with sewage, chemical effluents and construction debris and choked with water hyacinth, an army statement said.

The army said the efforts prevented the fire from engulfing civilian areas of Banagalore, one of India's key information technology hubs.

Fire engines and water bowsers from nearby civilian areas also assisted in controlling the fire. A huge smoke was still rising from the area on Saturday morning with firefighters trying to douse it completely.
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3 days ago
Audio: Air regulators propose stricter controls but not ban on toxic refinery chemical
Air quality regulators rolled out a new proposal this week to keep a toxic chemical used at refineries in Torrance and Wilmington from escaping and harming the public. They will explain the steps and take public testimony at a hearing in Torrance on Saturday.

South Coast Air Quality Management District staffers will present their plan to the governing board's five-member Refinery Committee. The plan stops well short of a phase-out or ban, which is a change from earlier discussions about the chemical known as hydrofluoric acid.

The Torrance Refinery operated by PBF Energy and the Valero refinery in Wilmington both use the substance in the process of turning crude oil into gasoline. Experts say hydrofluoric acid, if released, can form a deadly fog that can drift into neighborhoods and harm, or even kill, residents. 

The AQMD's rule-making process regarding the chemical began in April, when discussions had centered on phasing out or  banning the chemical.

AQMD scientists are now calling instead for new safeguards in handling the substance that would take eight years and up to $266 million dollars to put in place. Alternatively, they say the two refineries could also switch to a different chemical. But that could cost up to $330 million, according to two studies quoted by the AQMD. PBF Energy commissioned its own study that concluded the cost to use an alternative process would be twice to three times that amount.
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4 hospitalized following hazmat scare in Buttonwillow
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Four people were transported to hospitals as a precaution following a hazmat scare Thursday afternoon in Buttonwillow.

Hazmat crews responded to a field near Rowlee Road and Dresser Avenue at around 12:30 p.m.

County officials said four field workers felt ill after smelling herbicides being sprayed in an adjacent field.

Kern County Public Health officials identified the herbicides as the products: Goal, Alion and Round Up.

Michelle Corson with the Kern County Public Health Department said the herbicides were ground applied to a pistachio field and workers in an adjacent almond field complained of a strong odor.
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West Memphis crews respond to leak at former chemical plant
WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A chemical leak forced West Memphis fire officials to evacuate several businesses shortly after noon Thursday.

West Memphis Fire Department responded to a possible bromine leak at the former Diaz Chemical Company on Wyanoke Road off Port Road.

Hazardous Materials crews say they saw a brownish-red colored cloud at the back of the property when they arrived. They sent a drone up to investigate.

Diaz Chemical Company has been out of business since approximately 2008, fire officials said, but a private chemical disposal company was at the site attempting to remove old tanks.

Bromine is a toxic chemical used in agricultural chemicals, dyes, insecticides and pharmaceuticals.
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4 days ago
No injuries reported in chemical fire at Chartiers plant
No injuries have been reported in a chemical fire that broke out at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Dynamet Incorporated in Chartiers Township, Washington County.

But a Washington County 911 dispatcher said a plant employee reported not feeling well and was being checked out.

Chartiers Township firefighters said residents in the area along Museum Road initially were told to shelter in place because of concern about thick smoke created by the blaze, but that advisory was lifted at about 10:30 p.m. Firefighters remained at the scene at midnight but said the fire was under control.

About a half dozen firefighting units were called to the scene, along with a hazardous materials response team.
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4 days ago
Inhaling nano-titanium dioxide could have epigenetic effects in foetus
If pregnant women inhale engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) over a prolonged period it may cause "significant" epigenetic changes in the foetus, according to a US rodent study.

Epigenetics describes molecular changes that alter gene expression without changing DNA sequence.

Researchers from West Virginia University School of Medicine exposed pregnant rats to nano-sized titanium dioxide aerosols. They then found significant epigenetic changes in the heart tissue of the offspring. The changes also appear to lead to a "propensity" for liver and kidney disease, they add.

The researchers estimate that a human could have a similar lung burden to that used in the study after almost 1.5 working years. They made the estimate after referring to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's recommended exposure limit and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha) permissible exposure limit.

"Because the human gestational period is nine months, we consider our exposure paradigm highly relevant to the worker population," write the researchers in the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology.
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4 days ago
Lynn Garden house fire was accidental
The fire began in an area of the home near a heater. Two nearby aerosol cans and a five-gallon can of gasoline on the front porch are thought to have contributed to the accelerated progress of the fire, the release states.

“Modern furnishing in homes hit flashover eight times faster than in homes with older furnishings from decades ago,” said Kingsport Fire Marshal Robert Sluss. “Underwriters Laboratory has determined through live fire testing that fires today are more dangerous and pose more risks than in the past.”
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4 days ago
Labs warn of dangerous, contaminated pot at dispensaries
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Recreational cannabis is legal in California, but is it safe? There are just a handful of labs testing millions of pounds of marijuana and they can't test it all yet.

That means some of the pot on shelves now may not meet state standards that go into effect in the next couple months.

RELATED: Marijuana dispensaries celebrate legalization, increased sales

At the Harborside cannabis dispensary in Oakland...sales are brisk. All of the products on these shelves are laboratory tested for safety and potency.

"We test because, while cannabis itself is very safe, it can be contaminated with things that are not safe," said Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo.

According to the cannabis industry association, just 5-percent of cannabis products for sale in the state are tested for safety. And some experts believe as much as half the pot being grown is contaminated with potentially dangerous chemicals or bacteria.
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4 days ago
Sunken oil tanker threatens fisheries and marine life in East China Sea
More than 100,000 metric tons of oil carried by an Iranian tanker that sunk on Jan. 14 in the East China Sea could endanger nearby fisheries and marine life immediately and for years to come, researchers say. But with many details of the wreck still unknown, it is too early to predict the effects with any certainty.
The tanker Sanchi was carrying 136,000 metric tons of ultralight crude oil called condensate when it collided with a Chinese cargo ship on Jan. 6. The Sanchi burned until it sank eight days later in 115 meters of water. All 32 crew members of the tanker are presumed dead.
Condensate is a volatile type of oil similar to gasoline that is used to make jet fuel and other products. It is highly toxic to marine life. To transport the condensate payload, the Sanchi was likely running on bunker fuel: a heavy, tarlike, viscous substance that is less toxic than condensate but much more persistent in the environment.
Authorities don’t know how much of the ship’s cargo and fuel burned up in the fire or evaporated or how much is now leaking into surrounding waters.
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4 days ago
China Builds "World's Biggest Air Purifier" (and Didn't Bother to Tell Anyone)
When today's news reported that China is home to the "world's tallest air purifier," we immediately thought of the 798 art installation exhibit that, even though it has been panned as ineffectual, remains Beijing's local symbol of defiance against the gray skies that oppress us.

Proud as we were of our seven meters, Beijingers can no longer claim this title.

In the Shaanxi capital of Xi'an stands a 100-meter-tall device able to reduce smog over an area of 10 square kilometers, reported the South China Morning Post this morning. Even more incredibly, the device is credited with reducing local PM2.5 levels by 15 percent during times of severe air pollution.

The uncompleted Xi'an air purifying tower, as seen by its most recent photograph taken in 2016

Cao Junji, head of research and director of the Earth Environment center at the Academy of Sciences, said the anti-smog tower can produce 10 million cubic square meters of fresh air every day.

"The tower has no peer in terms of size ... the results are quite encouraging," said Cao.

Size matters: those are indeed incredible statistics. And yet, as surprised as Western observers may be at this news, the highest eyebrows belong to Chinese news readers. That's because the Xi'an air purifying tower isn't news in China. Not this year, nor last.
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5 days ago
14 students hospitalized after eating possibly laced candy
Emergency workers had to take 14 teenage students to hospitals after they got sick at a Chicago school.

Police said candy laced with an unknown substance may be to blame.

Authorities called the incident a level one hazmat situation.

Fire officials secured the school and classes resumed as normal.

Some parents are angry that the school initially told them it was all just a drill.

"It's very upsetting. I live on the next block. So, I mean, my kid's school on the news and they're not telling me nothing. 'Everything's OK.' The security guard and the principal. Like, what's going on? It can't be OK when it's two ambulances and the fire department out here, rushing into the school like that,” said mother Veronica Elem.
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5 days ago
Utah man who runs popular YouTube science channel is charged with possessing explosives during backyard experiments
The man behind the popular science-focused YouTube channel King of Random has been charged with two counts of second-degree felony possession of an explosive device for allegedly conducting incendiary experiments in his backyard.
Jonathan Grant Thompson, of South Jordan, was charged Tuesday for two separate events involving an explosive. He was not arrested.
An initial court appearance has been set for Feb. 21 in West Jordan’s 3rd District Court, according to the court docket, which says a summons will be issued.
When reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Thompson said he had heard about the charges from media and fans on Twitter. He was upset and confused about the allegations.
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5 days ago
Toxic fumes wafting over Murray Bridge after chemical leak
THE threat posed by a chemical leak at a food processing plant in Murray Bridge has reduced.

The leak caused ammonia fumes to waft over the town on Wednesday afternoon.

Four MFS and multiple CFS crews were dispatched to the facility, at the intersection of Eleanor Tce and Maurice Rd, after leaking ammonia tripped a fire alarm just before 5pm.

Specialist MFS hazmat units from Adelaide attended to help isolate and ventilate the building.

The MFS urged residents to close their doors and windows until the leak was isolated.
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6 days ago
Apple supplier accused of chemical safety and overtime violations
Apple is still struggling to improve working conditions at its suppliers. Both China Labor Watch and Bloomberg report that Catcher, a key supplier for iPhone and MacBook casings, makes workers endure harsh safety conditions and unfair work terms in a factory in Suqian. According to observers and discussions with workers, the machines are not only loud, but spray fluid and metallic particles that frequently hit workers' faces (only some of which have access to safety goggles and gloves). Workers suffer health issues such as vision problems, irritation and discoloration. Beyond this, the facility reportedly pumps out wastewater that violates local safety levels, and workers return to cold dorms with no hot water or built-in showers.

CLW adds that the work requirements run afoul of local laws. Factory staff are legally supposed to work 40-hour weeks, but they're actually made to work 10 hours a day for 6 days each week. The scheduling approach also conveniently lets Catcher avoid paying double for overtime, as the law demands. Training frequently stopped at 4 hours when it's supposed to last 24 hours. Even quitting is difficult, according to the report. Contract workers may have to wait weeks to receive their expected wages, and the contracting company frequently refuses to accept resignations.

Both Apple and Catcher say they've investigated CLW's claims, but found no evidence to suggest that the working conditions had violated Apple's code of conduct. It's not clear why that's the case, though, given the multiple reports of illegal activity and Catcher's history of labor violations.
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6 days ago
An Essential Guide to Safety Evaluation for Grid-Connected Energy Storage in North America
The arrival of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is helping solve a long-standing problem in the power sector—decoupling generation from consumption of electricity. System operators need the flexibility to store energy and dispatch it when required, and ESS can enable that. ESS also helps communities reap the benefits of clean power and make the grid more resilient by providing reliable back-up power during outages. These advantages are why ESS are among the fastest growing electrical power system products, but as a relatively new technology, it is critical that steps be taken to ensure safety is embedded into the design, testing, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of these systems.


While battery-based ESS is a proven and attractive technology, it can present safety hazards by itself or in association with other complex electrical systems. These include fire, explosion, leakage of electrolytes, venting of combustible and toxic gasses, burns from excessive temperature, as well as the potential for electrical shock and arc flash. Pressure, noise, moving parts, and sharp edges can pose mechanical risks. Toxic or hazardous substances are sources of risks related to chemical exposure, and unsafe chemical concentrations can present physical injury, explosion, and fire hazards.

A thorough understanding of ESS safety requirements and proper application is essential to help ensure risks are effectively identified and addressed to meet safety requirements.
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6 days ago
A proposal to ban a potentially lethal chemical might change – or close – 2 oil refineries in Southern California – Daily Breeze
A potentially lethal chemical used at two Southern California oil refineries could be banned by regulators, a policy that refinery operators say could shutter their plants, cost hundreds of jobs and cause a spike in local gas and airfare prices.

In what could be one of the last public meetings on the issue, representatives from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the Torrance and Wilmington refineries and the public are expected to meet Saturday to discuss the proposed change. The two refineries are believed to be the only petroleum processing plants in the state that use the chemical in question, modified hydrofluoric acid (MHF).

“This is a milestone…. There’s some likelihood that the AQMD’s direction will come out of this meeting,” said Mike Karlovich, a spokesman for PBF Energy which owns the Torrance refinery.

Modified hydrofluoric acid is a chemical compound used in the oil refining process to help meet air quality standards that call for blended forms of gasoline. The acid must be kept under high pressure to keep it in liquid form, as it boils at 67 degrees. When released, the acid can create a low hanging, pervasive toxic aerosol cloud that does not dissipate. Contact with the vapor can be fatal.

While the likelihood of a leak and gas plume are low, the results could be catastrophic.
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6 days ago
Police: Explosion led to Oneida city meth bust
ONEIDA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Oneida City Police say a report of an explosion on Monday led them first to a smoldering fire, and then to a meth lab on Madison Street.

Police arrested two people within the apartment building, and evacuated the other tenants while they investigated the scene.

Investigators say they found equipment and chemical used in manufacturing methamphetamine, as well a quantity of the finished product.
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6 days ago
More Settlements Reached in West, Texas, Plant Explosion
The town of West, Texas, and several other plaintiffs have reached settlements and partial settlements of claims stemming from a deadly explosion in the central Texas town.
Waco-based state District Judge Jim Meyer canceled a trial set to begin today. The settlements are the latest among more than 200 claims filed in the aftermath of the West Fertilizer Co. blast that killed 15 people and left dozens injured. As the fire raged, the building’s roof collapsed and an explosion rocked the city of approximately 2800 people. The blast killed 10 firefighters and five civilians. Several firefighters suffered serious injuries.

Destroyed buildings included three schools, a West EMS building, a nursing home, an apartment complex and several single family homes. Three West Volunteer Fire Department fire trucks were also destroyed by the fire and explosion.

Insured losses as a result of the fire and explosion were estimated to be $100 million.

Plaintiffs’ spokesman and Waco attorney Steve Harrison tells the Waco Tribune-Herald the city and a nursing home reached settlements with CF Industries but have unresolved claims against the other major defendant in the case, El Dorado Chemical Co.

Harrison says settlement terms are confidential.

Defendants either manufactured or sold fertilizer that caught fire and exploded. They’ve denied any wrongdoing.
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6 days ago
Firefighters respond to mercury spill pharmacy
Part of an Invercargill street was shut down on Tuesday after emergency services responded to mercury spill a pharmacy.

A fire communications spokesman said firefighters and a hazmat truck were called to a small mercury spill at the Windsor Pharmacy on Windsor St after 2.30pm.

The spill was caused by a broken thermometer.

John Hawkins/Stuff
Firefighters and a hazmat truck were called to the Windsor Pharmacy on Tuesday after a thermometer was broken spilling mercury.

Firefighters in chemical suits were seen entering the pharmacy.

The hazmat truck was called because the mercury was a toxic substance that need to be disposed of properly, the spokesman said.
New_Zealand  public  release  response  mercury 
7 days ago
Hazmat crews respond to southeast business in Foothills Industrial following ammonia leak
No injuries have been reports following an ammonia leak in a southeast industrial park on Monday night.
Emergency crews were called to Sysco Canada in the 4600 block of 72 Avenue S.E at approximately 9:00 p.m. following reports of an ammonia leak.
EMS officials confirm that no one who was inside the building at the time of the leak required transport to hospital.
The cause of the leak has not been confirmed.
Canada  industrial  release  response  ammonia 
7 days ago
Crews respond to chemical fire in Essex
ESSEX, Conn. (WTNH) — Firefighters responded to a chemical fire on Westbrook Road in Essex on Monday afternoon.

Just after 1:30 p.m., firefighters confirmed to News 8 that a chemical fire took place at Nalas Engineering, located at 85 Westbrook Road. According to Connecticut State Police, the fire was contained inside of a chemical mixing area at the plant. The fire never reached the building or outside of the building; and no one was injured.
us_CT  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
7 days ago
Panel blames operational errors
Jan 16, 2018-Operational errors by officials of Super Gas Udyog and ill-trained firefighters led to the massive explosion at the gas plant at Sukhachaina, Birgunj which claimed the lives of three firefighters last month, a fact-finding committee said in its report. The panel has ruled out technical errors.

The report submitted to the Department of Supplies Management (DoSM) said that the incident took place due to the negligence of the company’s workers when they were unloading the gas. On December 20, a massive fire broke out at Super Gas due to a leakage. It took firefighters almost nine hours to put out the inferno.

The next day, the Ministry of Supplies formed a probe committee led by DoSM Director General Kumar Prasad Dahal and consisting of representatives from the ministry, Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) and Nepal Oil Corporation to investigate the incident.

Dahal said human error more than technical error had caused the disaster. “The workers lack safety knowledge,” he said, adding that the massive explosion was caused after the fire spread to the large number of gas cylinders scattered all over the premises.

The report said that it was a managerial fault. Super Gas had received a shipment of cooking gas in gas bullets from Paradeep Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation on the day before the accident.
Nepal  industrial  follow-up  death  gas_cylinders 
7 days ago
Adapting the Adverse Outcome Pathway concept to biomedical research
JRC scientists have explored the application of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) to improve mechanistic understanding of human disease pathophysiology in order to advance biomedical research and inform the development of new drugs.

The AOP concept was originally developed to facilitate better use of mechanistic understanding in determining the toxicological properties of chemicals. 

In particular, the goal has been to deliver reliable, animal-free methodologies for the hazard and risk assessment of chemicals, making greater use of in vitro and in silico methods.

In this context the AOP framework offers an efficient and effective means for capturing mechanistic knowledge, to link a molecular initiating event triggered by a chemical, through a sequence of key biological events, to an adverse health effect relevant for regulatory decisions.

In a recent publication JRC scientists suggest that the AOP concept could also have great value for biological research and drug discovery.

By giving examples of Parkinson's disease and impairment of learning and memory abilities in children, it is shown that the AOP concept can be applied to understanding human disease pathophysiology. Based on these two examples it is proposed to move towards mechanistically based taxonomies of human disease using the AOP concept.
Europe  laboratory  discovery  environmental 
8 days ago
Hazmat alert as petrol tanker rolls over bank, spills 'large volumes' of fuel onto SH2 in Tararua
A petrol tanker has rolled over a bank on State Highway 2 in the Tararua district and is leaking large volumes of fuel over the road.

Fire crews were called to the scene around 6.40pm upon receiving reports the vehicle had struck a bank and rolled on State Highway 2.

Police also rushed to the scene near Anzac Park, around 3km north of Norsewood, around 7pm.

A spokeswoman said the driver wasn't suffering any major injuries.

Fire and Emergency NZ spokesman Mike Wanoa said it appeared there were large volumes of petrol leaking from the vehicle.

"We've got crews from Norsewood, Dannevirke and Hastings attending, with water tankers and the Hazmat unit."
New_Zealand  transportation  release  response  gasoline 
8 days ago
Prescott Fire finds high levels of carbon monoxide in local home
Feeling dizzy and nauseous, a Prescott woman decided to call the Prescott Fire Department Saturday morning, Jan. 13, to see if they could check her home for any sort of noxious chemical leaks.
Sure enough, after some testing, firemen found the home, located on the 1700 block of Oaklawn Drive, had above recommended levels of carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless byproduct of combustion.
“We were able to isolate it to an old furnace that we shut off,” said Prescott Fire Battalion Chief Ralph Lucas. “When you have old utility equipment, like old furnaces or old water heaters, they can sometimes break and release CO into your home.”

To reduce her exposure, the Prescott woman made arrangements to stay with her daughter until a repair man could come and fix the furnace, Lucas said.

Earlier this month, four people – a married couple and their two children – are believed to have died in a northern Arizona cabin near Flagstaff because of excessive carbon monoxide exposure (http://bit.ly/2EENWwM).

“That’s why it’s so important to have CO monitors in your home,” Lucas said.

Such monitors can be purchased for under $50 at many department or hardware stores
us_AZ  public  release  response  carbon_monoxide 
8 days ago
Nine Wayne Responders Decontaminated After Exposure To Hazardous Chemical
WAYNE, N.J. -- Six Wayne firefighters, two EMTs, a police officer and a factory employee were hospitalized before dawn Sunday after they were exposed to a chemical used to make Teflon.

Police Officer Corey Deak was among the responders to the 5:40 a.m. smoke-condition call at Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation on Dey Road, Detective Capt. Lawrence Martin said.

Deak, an employee and the other responders were exposed to the chemical Polutetrafluroethylene (PTFE) and were taken to Chilton Memorial Hospital for decontamintation, Martin said.

All were released "and advised to be monitored for at least 48 hours for adverse reactions that may occur," the captain said.
us_NJ  industrial  release  injury  plastics 
8 days ago
UPDATE: Investigation continues in natural gas leak in Ascension
An investigation into a natural gas leak, causing a fire along Hwy. 75 near the International-Matex Tank Terminals facility in Geismar today, is ongoing, The Advocate reports.

A board operator at tank facility says the fire started shortly after 1 p.m. 

No one was injured, and no chemicals were released, according to a spokesman with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office.

Rick Webre, director of homeland security and emergency preparedness for the parish, said natural gas leaked from an industrial pipeline that transports products to the chemical storage facility, the Baton Rouge media outlet reports. The natural gas then ignited into flames.

Webre believes the leak resulted from a rupture to the pipeline, but officials are still investigating the exact cause.

The supply to the pipeline had been turned off, and the fire was contained by 2 p.m.
us_LA  transportation  fire  response  natural_gas 
8 days ago
Seven new substances added to the Candidate List, entry for bisphenol-A updated
The Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) for authorisation now contains 181 substances.
Helsinki, 15 January 2018 - ECHA has added seven new substances of very high concern (SVHC) to the Candidate List and updated the entry for bisphenol A (BPA) following the SVHC identification process with the involvement of the Member State Committee (MSC).

The BPA entry was updated to reflect an additional reason for inclusion due to its endocrine disrupting properties causing adverse effects to the environment.
Europe  public  discovery  environmental 
8 days ago
Smoking trash bags lead to meth lab in Memphis
A pair of smoking trash bags retrieved at the curb of a home on Main Street in Memphis led to the discovery of a meth lab and the arrest of two women Thursday afternoon.

Memphis Police Chief Dan Kolke said he was on routine patrol at noon Thursday when he was flagged down by a pair of employees from Emterra Environmental USA, the city’s trash hauler.

The Emterra employee told Kolke he had just picked up two smoking bags of garbage from a home on Main Street.

“He said he put the bags on the tail board of the truck because they couldn’t be placed inside the vehicle in case of a fire,” Kolke said.

Looking inside of the bags, the chief found two 20-ounce plastic pop containers filled with a white substance.

Kolke went to the residence where the garbage collector said he picked up the bags. A woman who answered the door said she did not live at the residence and was just putting out the trash for the man who did.
us_TN  public  fire  response  drugs 
9 days ago
Mom, daughter arrested in meth lab explosion at Arlington apartment
A mother and daughter duo are in custody after a meth lab explosion rocked an Arlington apartment complex near AT&T Stadium late Friday night.

Police seized over 21 pounds of methamphetamine from an apartment unit in the Plantation Apartments located in the 700 block of East Randol Mill Road, which is just west of the stadium.

While no injuries were reported in the explosion – which occurred around 11:09 p.m. -- responding officers did find a drug lab inside the suspect location.

Nancy Cruz-Rodriguez, 39, and Odalys Corrales, 18, were arrested and charged with several offenses. Police confirmed for the Arlington Voice that the two are related as mother and daughter.
us_TX  public  explosion  response  clandestine_lab 
9 days ago
Two more bodies retrieved from Iranian ship aflame in East China Sea
Salvage workers have managed to board the Iranian oil tanker still burning a week after it collided with a Chinese freighter in the East China Sea. A team of Iranian commandos is joining the operation aboard the Sanchi. CGTN’s Wei Lynn Tang reports.

Two more bodies were found on board the Sanchi oil tanker Saturday morning, bringing the current body count to three.

There were 32 sailors on board the Iranian managed vessel before the collision occurred. 30 from Iran and 2 from Bangladesh. The ship’s data recorder, similar to a plane’s “black box,” was also retrieved.

“The condensate oil is still burning, and the emitted gas is surely harmful,” said Vice Manager of Cosmo Shipping Xue Zhou.

“But due to wind directions and the cold air, coastal areas in our country will not be very much affected. In addition, from my perspective, oil burning is less polluting than an oil spill. In general, the rescue measures that we have taken so far are effective. It’s very much likely that the explosion will be controlled.”
Chile  transportation  follow-up  response  oils 
9 days ago
Call for ban on food packaging chemical
European parliamentarians’ decision to lower a chemical found in food packaging is a step towards the banning of this potentially hazardous material, according to MEP Miriam Dalli.
But for health groups, this week’s approval by MEPS to further limit, and not ban Bisphenol-A (BPA) in food packaging was a failure to protect citizens’ health and benefitted the chemicals industry.
On the day, the European Commission’s proposal to limit BPA in varnishes and coatings intended to come into contact with food was given the green light by the European Parliament Environment Committee, which rejected a motion for objection by cross-party members.
When contacted, Maltese committee member Miriam Dalli said that the Socialists and Democrats were concerned about the dangerous effects that BPA could have due to its endocrine disrupting abilities and they were working for a total ban.
“The committee’s vote lowers by a tenth the currently allowed BPA migration from packaging to food, and does not allow it in products that come into contact with baby food. The issue of total ban was not on the table today,” she told this newspaper.
Europe  public  discovery  environmental 
9 days ago
West Oso students prepping for industry careers get a hand with
Students at West Oso High School received a big donation today to help them out in the classroom and it's all about safety.

LyondellBasell's Corpus Christi complex donated safety equipment to West Oso's Early College High School, including hard hats, gloves, safety goggles and other safety tools.

Now in the hands of students, those tools will be used to teach process operating procedures and safety. For anyone entering industrial, scientific, or chemical fields, safety equipment is not an option, it's a requirement. That includes the folks over at LyondellBasell, who hope the safe practices learned in school will carry over for those that choose to pursue local industrial careers.

"For us, it's a win-win situation," explained Peggy Felchak, human resource manager with LyondellBasell. "Not only are we able to give back, but then there is the potential that there will be employment opportunities that we hopefully will be able to provide for the local area."

The new process technology program that the donations are on the way to prepares juniors, and seniors for careers in the refining and manufacturing industries, both of which are on the rise in the Coastal Bend.
us_TX  education  discovery  environmental 
9 days ago
Two Clovis Unified Schools closed after student brings mercury to
CLOVIS, Calif. - Two schools in Clovis shut down Friday after a student brought mercury onto Reyburn Intermediate School's campus. Both campuses of Reyburn and Clovis East High School, which share the same block, are being cleaned and inspected by hazmat teams. They are scheduled to reopen on Tuesday after the MLK holiday. 

Clovis Unified School District said all students are okay and a precautionary cleanup is underway.

"I came and then there were no cars in the parking lot. I just walked to school and there was nobody there," said Reyburn Intermediate Student Kyosqke.

The District said a Reyburn student brought mercury to school and shared it with friends on Thursday.

"I am shocked that school is closed because of that," said Kyosqke.

"That's terrible. Oh my goodness what were their intentions?," Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East Parent Teresa Marshall.

Kelly Avants with Clovis Unified School District said the student was playing with the mercury after finding it in a rural area.

"Very fortunately we don't have anyone who is reporting adverse symptoms but we recognizing it does have risk. The issue today is just the clean up to make sure there is no residue of this on our campus," she said.
us_CA  education  discovery  response  mercury 
10 days ago
MEPs back down from EU bisphenol ban – EURACTIV.com
The European Parliament has shied away from demanding a full ban on bisphenol A, instead approving measures that will lower the amount of the chemical that can be part of food packaging.

On Wednesday (11 January), MEPs on the Environment, Food and Public Health committee defeated a cross-party proposal by four deputies, which argued that “only a full ban can provide certainty for both consumers and industry”, by 42 votes to 17.

It added that the Commission should “urgently assess whether BPA is present in other FCM [food contact materials], and if so, to put measures in place to also ban these uses”.

Instead, the committee endorsed a European Commission proposal which lowers the Specific Migration Limit (SML), applicable to plastics, coatings, and varnishes for metals and other food contact sources of BPA, from 0.06 mg/kg to 0.05 mg/kg.

It also imposes a ban on bisphenol in plastic bottles and packaging containing food for babies and children under three years old.
Europe  public  discovery  environmental  plastics 
10 days ago
Companies set to miss EU acrylamide targets – EURACTIV.com
Food manufacturers risk falling well short of meeting new EU rules aimed at limiting levels of cancer-causing acrylamide, according to a series of new tests released on Thursday (11 January).

Acrylamide should account for no more than 750 microgrammes per kilogram under a new regulation adopted last September by government ministers and the European Parliament. However, presence of the chemical was well above the limit in seven out of the 18 samples of crisps sold in Italy subjected to laboratory tests by consumer magazine il Salvagente.

The regulation, which comes into force on 11 April, was supported by both the food industry and consumer groups.

For his part, Belgium’s farm minister Willy Borsus expressed relief that the regulation had spared the nation’s “friteries” and one of its favourite dishes from having to change traditional preparation methods.
Belgium  public  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
10 days ago
Common Household Items Could Contain Harmful Chemicals
A growing number of scientists, parents and pet owners, advocates, and public officials are becoming more and more concerned about common household chemicals that can prove to be highly toxic.  Their research is geared toward eliminating toxins from homes rather than continuing to allow manufacturers to simply swap out one harmful ingredient for another once the original is banned, which has long been an industry standard.

As an example, in recent history, parents became especially concerned about a popular chemical, bisphenol A, also known as BPA.  Once knowledge of its harmful properties became public, the chemical was widely replaced with a close cousin, bisphenol S.  This means, baby bottles, utensils, and pacifiers labeled BPA-free could be just as dangerous as they were with BPA present, and recent research has shown this is the case.

And then there are the flame retardants in furniture called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, that have been proven toxic.  When scientists deemed those toxic, the industry switched to Tris, the same chemical prohibited in children’s pajamas.  Tris, PBDEs and related fire retardants belong to a class called organohalogens.  Just this past September, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to take steps to ban the entire group after scientists testified before the commission to the breadth of evidence linking organohalogens to brain damage, immune disorders, reproductive issues, and even cancer.  Dr. Courtney Carignan, who was involved in a study linking one such related group of flame retardants to reproductive issues specifically concluded, “These findings suggest that exposure to PFRs may be one of many risk factors for lower reproductive success.”

Image Courtesy of Azul Aziz
In a separate vote, the CPSC banned five types of phthalates from childcare toys and other products.  The chemicals were present in common play items such as rubber ducks.  Research has shown they can inhibit hormone production and negatively affect the male reproductive system.
public  discovery  response  toxics 
10 days ago
Trial of West explosion suits postponed after some issues settled
WEST, Texas (KWTX) A trial set in 170th District Court next week involving lawsuits over the West fertilizer explosion has been canceled after several issues in the case were settled.

Waco attorney Steve Harrison, who has spearheaded the group of lawyers involved in the more than 200 lawsuits filed over the April 17, 2013 catastrophe that left 15 dead and scores injured, said several issues that would have been decided in trial were worked out, forcing the judge to re-set the trial date after it’s determined which plaintiffs and which defendants would be involved.

“Some plaintiffs have settled with some defendants in the trial group and those settlements have forced the judge to re-set trial,” Harrison said.

Harrison said Judge Jim Meyer will re-set the lawsuit for April, sometime within 90 days.

Harrison said his clients, the City of West and West Resthaven Nursing Home, arrived at partial settlements, but still have active unsettled issues to present in trial.

The settlements also involved several individuals, Harrison said.
us_TX  public  follow-up  death  ag_chems 
10 days ago
Incidents reported at 3 Chemical Valley sites
Weather is believed to have been a factor in a release of hydrocarbons traced to a pipeline in an industrial incident reported Friday morning at the Imperial Oil manufacturing site in Sarnia.

Sirens at the site sounded at approximately 8 a.m., the company said in a news release.

The Arlanxeo production site in Sarnia also reported an incident Friday morning, and Nova Chemicals said it is investigating a benzene release Thursday evening at its Corunna site where weather was also believed to be a factor.

Imperial Oil said its staff responded to the release involving the pipeline located on the company’s production site.

Air monitoring was initiated and Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change notified, the company said.

“An initial analysis indicates this release and others we have had at our site recently are related to the extreme cold weather conditions,” company spokesperson Kristina Zimmer said in an e-mail.
Canada  industrial  release  response  benzene 
10 days ago
20 families evacuated from homes after gas main bursts
Families had to be evacuated from their homes after a gas main burst and ruptured.

The rupture happened when a vehicle reversed into a high pressure gas main in Thaxted Road, Wimbish at 8.20pm last night (January 12).

Firefighters from across Essex in Saffron Walden, Thaxted, Braintree and South Woodham Ferrers rushed to the scene, including a hazmat unit.

They evacuated 20 families to a local pub while urgent repairs were made and the road was shut.
United_Kingdom  public  release  response  natural_gas 
11 days ago
Santa Fe boom came from Los Alamos lab
SANTA FE — A loud explosion that shook the ground and rattled windows in the Santa Fe area about 3 p.m. Wednesday came from Los Alamos National Laboratory, which confirmed it had set off explosives about that time.
A LANL statement said it was unusual for its blasts to be heard off-site, but this one was heard all over Santa Fe — about 25 miles away as the crow flies — and as far east as Eldorado and as far south as La Cienega.

Social media exploded — figuratively, of course — after the boom, as people around the area who heard and felt the blast wondered about its source.

Social media exploded — figuratively, of course — after the boom, as people fwho heard and felt the blast wondered about its source.

“Does anyone know what’s up with the explosions/shock-waves today?” a man wrote on the Santa Fe Bulletin Board, a Facebook page where people can post announcements, get recommendations about good restaurants or ask where they can buy firewood. “I’ve felt two so far off Jaguar and (N.M.) 599 and confirmed with a friend on St. Michaels that he felt it too. Are any testing ranges close enough to do this?”
us_NM  laboratory  explosion  response  explosives 
11 days ago
Fire Breaks Out At Scrap Metal Factory
DES PLAINES, IL - The more than 50-year-old Maine Scrap Metal building in Des Plaines caught fire Wednesday night. No one was hurt, but extensive damage was done to the scrap metal processing and recycling center in the 1200 block of Rand Road, according to an ABC-7 Chicago report. Part of the building was destroyed.

Firefighters found flames coming from the roof of the factory around 11 p.m. The owner was in the building at the time, but called for help and got out safely. Most of the damage was found toward the back of the building.

The report from ABC says chemical reaction inside the building led to the fire spreading quickly.

Maine Scrap Metal has been in operation for more than 50 years.
us_IL  industrial  fire  response  metals  waste 
11 days ago
Official: Truck was carrying 5 different hazardous materials
As an orange fog began billowing from the front of a wrecked semitrailer carrying hazardous materials Wednesday on Interstate 65 south of Seymour, those involved in the cleanup knew the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

An hour after reporting that one of the southbound lanes of the interstate had reopened near the 43-mile marker, Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheeles said complications from the cleanup forced the re-closure of both lanes.

Thirty minutes later, police closed the northbound lanes until 4 p.m. as some of the five different hazardous chemicals being hauled in the trailer from Chicago to Jacksonville, Florida, caught fire. Two other semitrailers involved in the wreck already had been hauled away.

A mixture of the chemicals being hauled, including medical cleaning supplies, printer ink, weed killer, pool chemicals and other acids, is thought to be the cause of the fire, Senior Trooper Seth Davidson said. Indiana Spill Response of Anderson and Midwest Environmental Services of Brownstown were called to clean up the chemicals.

Davidson said crews discontinued unloading when the orange fog appeared.
us_IN  transportation  fire  injury  acids  pesticides  pool_chemicals 
11 days ago
Environmental Group Appeals EPA’s Decision-Making Framework
On January 5, 2017, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a Petition for Review in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (Second Circuit) of what is characterized as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “final rule” issued November 7, 2017, entitled “New Chemicals Decision-Making Framework:  Working Approach to Making Determinations under Section 5 of TSCA.”  The Framework Document, as it has come to be called, is the “final rule” at issue and was posted in EPA’s docket opened for comments related to its two Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) public meetings that took place in December. It is reasonable to assume that the Framework Document is not referred to by EPA as a final rule and was not published in the Federal Register as a final rule because EPA believes it is a document that outlines a conceptual approach to how EPA may go about making decisions on new chemicals.  EPA specifically states the document, referred to as a “draft” in the Federal Register notice that announced the two public meetings, “outlines EPA’s approach to making decisions on new chemical notices submitted to EPA under TSCA section 5, as amended by the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act,” and includes EPA’s “general decision framework for new chemicals” and a breakdown of how EPA “intends to approach each of the five types of new-chemical determinations required under the statute.” 

The citizen action petition raises novel and interesting legal questions, and is quite different from the other petitions for review, one for each framework final rule, that are  pending. Whether the newest legal challenge will survive procedural motions that EPA can be expected to file to dismiss the action remains to be seen.
public  discovery  environmental 
11 days ago
Iranian oil tanker burns after collision off China coast
An Iranian tanker carrying nearly 1 million barrels of oil partially exploded and has been on fire since Jan. 6 in the East China Sea, following a collision with a cargo ship about 160 nautical miles (300 km) east of Shanghai.
“We are worried about the potential environmental impact that could be caused by leakage from the vessel,” says Rashid Kang, campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia. No large-scale oil spill had been detected by C&EN’s deadline.
The tanker, a Panama-flagged vessel owned and operated by National Iranian Tanker, was ferrying approximately 150 million L of highly-flammable condensate, a type of ultra-light crude oil, to South Korea’s Hanwha Total Petrochemical.
By comparison, the Exxon Valdez was carrying 200 million L of crude oil when it spilled 41 million L into Prince William Sound off Alaska in 1989, contaminating 2,000 km of coastline.
The term condensate describes a range of light crude oils that occur primarily as a byproduct of natural gas production. They are usually composed of propane, butane, and pentane, and also have high concentrations of benzene and hydrogen sulfide.
China  transportation  explosion  response  petroleum 
11 days ago
Fire contained at New Bern chemical facility
NEW BERN, Craven County — An early morning fire at a New Bern chemical company was contained to an outbuilding as nearly three dozen firefighters worked from keeping the fire from spreading, fire officials tell NewsChannel 12.
Township No. 7 Assistant Fire Chief Travis Blalock says the fire was reported at 3:24 a.m. at the Amerochem Corporation Facility off of Old Airport Road. The fire spread through carbon-based slurry in an old outbuilding but thanks to a lack of wind and quick response, did not spread to other portions of the facility.
Blalock said Cherry Point sent a hazmat unit, which tested the water and air quality after the blaze was extinguished and found no hazards to the public. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will conduct further testing later in the day on Thursday to confirm those results.
us_NC  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
12 days ago
Oil Tanker Catches On Fire
MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It was a busy morning for fire crews in Monroe County after a large fire broke out at an oil company.

The fire happened just before 8 a.m., January 10, at the Metano Energy Company.

Monroe County Fire Coordinator Terry Tucker says a tire from a piece of equipment nearby blew out and went into an open top tanker that was storing crude oil.

Firefighters battled the fire for approximately three hours.
us_MS  industrial  fire  response  petroleum 
12 days ago
Hazmat unit responds to report of gas smell at Park City Marriott
A bear spray release triggered an evacuation of the Park City Marriott Wednesday evening, according to the Park City Fire District.

The Fire District's hazardous materials unit responded to the scene after dispatchers received a report just before 4 p.m. of a chemical odor so offensive people could not enter the room it originated from, the hotel's cleaning room, said Tricia Hurd Hazelrigg, a Fire District spokesperson. 

Emergency services cordoned off the hotel and surrounding streets to give responders room to work.

No injuries were reported.

Bear spray causes a similar reaction in humans to that of pepper spray.

Natasha Levitt, a guest at the hotel, said she was sitting in the lobby when hotel staff told her she "might want to leave" the building. She saw people running by coughing and covering their mouths.
us_UT  public  release  response  repellent 
12 days ago
All lanes of I-65 reopened after chemical fire prompts evacuation in Jackson County
JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. – Indiana State Police say all lanes of I-65 have reopened in Jackson County after a semi crash and chemical fire.

The crash happened around 4:30 a.m. on I-65 southbound near mile marker 43. Traffic was diverted off I-65 at exit 50. Around 11:30 a.m., state police said the northbound lanes were also being closed at exit 41. All houses within half a mile of the crash scene were evacuated, according to Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with Indiana State Police.

A passenger inside Okpeh’s truck was injured in the crash and was taken to an area hospital. His injuries aren’t believed to be life-threatening.

Okpeh’s vehicle was hauling hazardous chemicals, including a non-flammable gas, a corrosive liquid (weed killer), a caustic acid, an oxidizing solid (dantobrom), and a corrosive liquid (glutaradehyde). Some of the containers inside Okpeh’s tank ruptured after the collision and then spilled onto the road. Hazardous materials crews were called to the scene for cleanup.

State police briefly reopened the left lane around 10:30 a.m. and said the right lane was expected to reopen Wednesday afternoon. However, just before 11 a.m., ISP said both southbound lanes were closed again due to “complications from the cleanup.” Crews removing containers from Okpeh’s truck noticed smoke and a “volatile reaction” taking place inside the trailer, leading to the closure of the northbound lanes and the evacuation.
us_IN  transportation  fire  injury  corrosives  flammables  pesticides 
12 days ago
Chemical leak at Derry gas well spreads odor for miles
A chemical leak at a Derry natural gas well has been stopped, according to Westmoreland County 911, but it created an odor that can be smelled for miles.

A mercaptan tank operated by Canonsburg-based XPR Resources began leaking at around 2 a.m. Wednesday at a well near Bergman Road, dispatchers said.

Mercaptan is a pungent-smelling chemical. Tiny amounts of it are added to natural gas so that it can be smelled easily in case of a leak. No gas leaked Tuesday morning, only mercaptan, according to dispatchers.

Emergency radio broadcasts described a natural-gas odor that spread miles from the leak, toward Latrobe.

The chemical is harmless, but it will take some time for the smell to dissipate, according to the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety.
us_PA  public  release  response  thiols 
12 days ago
At Trump’s EPA, once-public chemical safety reviews go dark
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appears to no longer be releasing preliminary assessments of potentially hazardous new chemicals or new uses of existing chemicals, according to documents reviewed by E&E News.

The development means the public has no way to know whether the agency has initial concerns or has granted companies preliminary authorization to begin manufacturing new chemicals or using them in novel ways.

During the Obama administration, EPA would note whether new chemicals or new chemical uses were "not likely to present an unreasonable risk" to human health or the environment.
public  discovery  environmental 
12 days ago
Local News, Local fire departments, officials mourn death of fellow firefighter
MOSES LAKE — Dan Dishon, a highly regarded local firefighter, lost his life on Monday as a result of an industrial incident in late December in Moses Lake.

Dishon, 39, received chemical burns on Dec. 27 following an incident at Moses Lake Industries. He was initially transported to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake, but was later transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and remained at the hospital until his death on Monday.

Dishon was a battalion chief/training officer for Grant County Fire District No. 13, which serves the greater Ephrata area, and volunteered for the district since 2011. He was also a paid captain for Grant County Fire District No. 5, which serves the greater Moses Lake area, and volunteered for the district for 15 years.

The loss of Dishon has prompted an outpouring of support from fire departments, officials and locals alike.
us_WA  industrial  follow-up  death  unknown_chemical 
13 days ago
Fire closes Fostoria school
FOSTORIA — Fostoria Junior/Senior High School was closed Tuesday and is to remain closed the rest of the week due to a fire in the boiler room early Tuesday morning.

At 4:45 a.m., a woman reported to Fostoria Police Department that she had looked out her window and noticed all of the lights at the school were out.

About 15 minutes later, a crew noticed a smell of an electrical fire, and officers noticed a door on the east side of the building and a room were full of smoke and requested the fire department to respond, a Fostoria Police Department report states.

Fostoria Fire Division, Tiffin Fire Rescue Division, Bascom EMS and American Electric Power crews responded to the school at 1001 Park Ave.

Brian Herbert, interim chief of Fostoria Fire Division, said he believed the fire started on a shelf with chemical supplies. Firefighters could not rule out an electrical issue, he said.

“We don’t know (the) exact cause,” he said.

Herbert estimated the fire was extinguished in 10 minutes, and it was contained to the boiler room.
us_OH  education  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
13 days ago
Drug lab squad raid Rushworth property; shed ablaze
Victoria police’s drug lab squad arrived to shed on fire during a raid on a Rushworth property on Wednesday afternoon.

A 33-year-old Cornella man was taken to hospital with burns.

The Clandestine Laboratory Squad raided two properties in the region, including one in Cornella, as part of an ongoing drug investigation. 

Emergency services, including a Country Fire Authority hazardous material response unit, are at the Rushworth property following the incident.
Australia  public  fire  injury  clandestine_lab 
13 days ago
Butane leak forces evacuation in east Saint John on Monday
A section of Bayside Drive in east Saint John was shut down and businesses were been evacuated after a butane line ruptured on Monday morning.

The evacuation area was expanded shortly before 6 p.m., to include all homes on River Avenue.

Due to a projected shift in wind direction the evacuation area was expanded at approximately 7:45 to include all residents on First Street East, Second Street East and 66-72 Spruce Avenue.

So far, 30 homes have been evacuated.
Canada  public  release  response  butane 
14 days ago
BREAKING: Chlorine Leak Near Jasper, AR, Schools, Homes Evacuated
UPDATE (5:56 p.m.): The tanker truck causing the leak tipped while ascending a hill on Highway 7.

The truck spilled 3,600 gallons of ferric chloride at about 10 gallons per minute.

Hazmat teams are on the scene to clean up the spill.
us_AR  transportation  release  response  ferric_chloride 
14 days ago
Mifflinburg firefighters learn how to handle explosive meth labs
A forensic scientist who works full time for the state police spent about three hours Monday night explaining to more than 75 first responders in Mifflinburg about the indicators and the hazards associated with meth labs.

"The idea here, " said Rebecca Patrick, "is if a fire department would walk in on something suspicious, it would set up some red flags and they can make sure the police department gets there and understands what they could potentially be exposed to."

On Oct. 19, a fire in a second-floor apartment on Thompson Street followed an explosion caused by what police described as a methamphetamine lab mishap. It was this incident and others, that convinced Mifflinburg Hose Company Fire Chief Steve Walters to bring in police experts and now, forensic scientist Patrick, to teach a class called "Clandestine Lab Awareness."
us_PA  public  discovery  environmental  clandestine_lab 
14 days ago
Jackson Lab facility will pose unique challenges for area fire departments
ELLSWORTH — Fire safety is always serious business, but the new Jackson Lab facility, set to open sometime between April and June, will pose unique challenges for area fire departments.

Security, keeping the mouse rooms sterile and having enough hose line and personnel to navigate the inner recesses of the building are among the challenges posed by such a highly specialized facility, said Ellsworth Fire Chief Richard Tupper.

Numerous safeguards have been put in place at the new facility — which is still under construction — to mitigate fire risk, said the lab’s Senior Director of Facilities John Fitzpatrick, including the use of as little combustible material as possible in construction. This means steel studs and concrete boards and cameras and sprinklers in every room, along with smoke and fire barriers that the lab added on its own.

Like other equipment in the facility, the sprinklers are highly specialized, incorporating an inert gas rather than water to prevent leaks that would compromise the sterile environment.

“Just in my career there’s 30 years worth of lessons incorporated into this facility,” Fitzpatrick said. “In Jackson Lab history, there’s 90 years worth of lessons being incorporated. It really is state-of-the-art.”
us_ME  laboratory  discovery  environmental 
14 days ago
Hotel clerk may lose sight after toilet bowl cleaner attack – Las Vegas Review-Journal
A Las Vegas extended-stay hotel desk clerk may have been blinded after a tenant allegedly threw toilet bowl cleaner in his face last month.
Christopher King, 60, faces charges of mayhem and battery in connection with the attack at the Town and Country Manor, 4311 Boulder Highway. He was arrested Dec. 30, the same day Kenneth O’Brien landed in the intensive care unit at University Medical Center with chemical burns.
At 5:40 p.m. on Dec. 30, Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the complex after several 911 callers reported hearing O’Brien yelling for help inside the complex’s front office.
When officers arrived, the 61-year-old victim, who police said was bleeding from the mouth, identified King as the man who had attacked him. He told officers “his face was on fire, his mouth was on fire, his eyes were on fire,” a police document detailed.
us_NV  public  follow-up  injury  cleaners 
14 days ago
1 transported to hospital after exposure to chemicals at Longvie
One person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries when they were burned after exposure to chemicals at a Longview plant, officials say.

About 5 p.m., Longview fire crews responded to the Eastman plant in Longview. Fire Marshal Kevin May says someone was exposed to an unidentified chemical on their face and may have sustained some burns.

May says the person was transported to a hospital and appeared to be in good condition.

Further details were not immediately available.
us_TX  industrial  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
14 days ago
Former vice president sentenced in 2014 blast at chemical plant
A former vice president of Santa Clara Waste Water Co. was sentenced Monday to serve 120 days in Ventura County jail in connection with a 2014 explosion at the plant's facility. 

Dean Poe, 52, of Ventura, also was ordered to serve three years of formal probation and to pay restitution to the victims affected by the blast, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Dominic Kardum.  

"His sentence reflects his limited involvement in the crimes that took place back in 2014," Kardum said. "That's why we recommended six months in custody. The court saw it slightly differently and imposed less time than we were seeking." 

Poe, who was Santa Clara Waste Water's vice president of oil and gas sales, pleaded guilty in March to a felony conspiracy charge of disposing of hazardous waste. The charge stems from a Nov. 18, 2014, explosion at the company's facility at 815 Mission Rock Road near Santa Paula. The blast injured three Santa Paula firefighters and other employees.

A grand jury indicted Poe and eight other defendants, including Santa Clara Waste Water and its parent company, Green Compass.

"With respect to the co-defendants, he had a lesser role in the people's view compared to other co-defendants whose cases remain pending," Kardum said. 
us_CA  industrial  follow-up  injury  illegal  waste 
14 days ago
Fire, hazmat crews on scene of ammonia leak at New Haven bakery
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hazmat crews are on the scene of an ammonia leak at a local bakery in New Haven.

According to the New Haven Fire Department, crews responded to a bakery on Grand Avenue late Sunday afternoon.

The cause of the leak is not known at this time.

No injuries have been reported.
us_CT  public  release  response  ammonia 
15 days ago
China restricts imports of plastic trash
A Chinese government policy aimed at curbing imports of postconsumer plastic waste went into effect Jan. 1, leaving recyclers in the U.S. and elsewhere without a market for much of their plastic waste and causing material to pile up.
U.S. localities, particularly on the West Coast, have for many years shipped plastics collected in recycling programs to China. Low wages make China an ideal place for the labor-intensive sorting of plastic waste.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. International Trade Commission, China imported 776,000 metric tons of reclaimed plastic and 13 million metric tons of recycled paper from the U.S. in 2016. The total value was $2.3 billion.
China officially notified the World Trade Organization last summer that it would restrict the import of 24 types of waste. It explained that dirty and hazardous substances mixed with plastic and other waste pose a risk to health and the environment.
“This is going to be a huge shock,” says Douglas Woodring, the Hong Kong-based managing director of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a group that advocates for improved management of waste plastic. “Not many governments are currently equipped to deal with the huge backup this will create in their waste handling systems.”
China  public  discovery  environmental  plastics  waste 
15 days ago
Eight Displaced After Home Heating Oil Accident in Mattapan
Eight people were displaced after a home heating oil spill in Mattapan, according to the Boston Police Department.
The department responded at 4:25 p.m. to a two-family home at 16 Tennis Road in Mattapan for a hazmat situation in the basement. An oil delivery truck was filling a 275 gallon tank when it ruptured, spilling an estimated 170 gallons of oil. There were no injuries.
Seven adults and one child are currently displaced, staying with family and friends. The Boston Fire Department hazmat tech will supervise the operation to clean up.
us_MA  public  release  response  oils 
16 days ago
Alabama site off EPA Superfund list 52 years after chemical spill
A chemical spill site near the north Baldwin County community of Perdido has been officially removed from a list of the country's most polluted places more than 50 years after a train derailment contaminated the local groundwater with benzene. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced this week it has deleted the Perdido Groundwater Contamination Site from its Superfund National Priorities List, signaling that "no further cleanup is required to protect human health or the environment," according to the EPA announcement. 

According to EPA progress reports, all monitoring wells at the site have showed benzene levels at less than 5 micrograms per liter of water for five consecutive years, as required in the cleanup plan, paving the way for the site to be removed from the list.

Disaster in slow-motion

The site had been on the Superfund list since 1983, but the derailment that caused the pollution occurred in 1965.

It's an event that most anybody who was around at the time would remember, with 21 cars derailing in the midst of the unincorporated community and -- two days later -- sparking an explosion that destroyed three houses and a handful of sheds, sent flames soaring over the trees and ignited a fire that burned for 24 hours. 
us_AL  public  follow-up  environmental  benzene 
16 days ago
Crews Respond To HAZMAT Situation At UPenn Building
Crews Respond To HAZMAT Situation At UPenn Building

Only a video report is available at this time at the link above
us_PA  laboratory  release  response  unknown_chemical 
17 days ago
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