Lab Worker Files Suit After Plutonium Shipping Led to Firing
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A former worker at a national laboratory who was fired for shipping weapons-grade plutonium by air instead of ground alleges in a lawsuit that he was made a scapegoat for problems at the New Mexico facility.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the legal action by Juan Montoya cited "root cause systemic failures in processes, procedures, supervision, resources (and) training" at Los Alamos National Security LLC.

Lab spokesman Matt Nerzig denies Montoya was singled out over the incident.

"Los Alamos National Security held accountable those involved from the individual contributor level up the management chain through actions that included terminations, suspensions and compensation consequences," Nerzig said in an email.

The incident followed a series of safety problems at the lab, including a fire in the plutonium facility that was linked to an unlabeled container and the shipment of mislabeled hazardous waste to a facility near Denver.

Montoya worked at the lab for 15 years before he was fired last summer from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Federal regulations require the shipping of plutonium by ground.

Montoya is asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, among other things. Efforts by the newspaper to reach him for comment Wednesday were unsuccessful.
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Story Collider: Five scientists describe how they dealt with tough challenges
Chanté Summers was expecting an uneventful day when she walked into her chemistry laboratory three years ago at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Instead, she found herself putting bandages on a bleeding labmate who caused an explosion after mishandling chemicals.

At the Story Collider’s “Uncharted Territory” show at the Ready Room this month, Summers and others shared stories about how they navigated challenges in their lives. Whether it was trying to protect a package of fruit flies on a flight to Hawaii or dealing with depression after surviving cancer, every storyteller talked about how they found empowerment through their experiences.

Summers wasn’t sure at first what she learned from the incident, other than that the laboratory’s first-aid kit was useless in helping her injured labmate. But in the weeks and months that followed, she realized that handling the explosion helped her feel more confident in her abilities as a scientist.

When she was in school, male classmates and professors made disparaging, sexist remarks to her that could have discouraged her from continuing to pursue chemistry. Ultimately, she got past all of that and shortly after graduating, landed successfully at her current position as a chemist at Pfizer.
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Hazmat operation concludes at Guntersville poultry processing plant
GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A nearly 36 hour long saga is over as crews are now cleaning up and preparing to go home after a fire and gas leak at a Guntersville poultry processing plant.
Fire department officials say they believe this is the longest hazmat operation they’ve ever been a part of.
Crews continued to work to resolve ammonia gas concerns from the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Guntersville on Friday. It all started with a fire inside the plant Thursday around 5:25 am.
When the fire was extinguished, it was learned there was an ammonia gas leak. Efforts to stop the leak were extensive and exhausting.
Fire officials say they were finally able to get them stopped and began ventilating the facility on Friday. That was finally accomplished around 4 pm when fire crews turned the building back over to the company. Fire officials say it’s all clear for area residents now.
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Worker Hurt in Chemical Incident at Indiana Factory
A worker was injured in a chemical-related incident at the Alpha Systems LLC plant in Elkhart, IN early Thursday, several local news organizations said. 

Crews received a call from the facility at about 6:40 a.m. ABC News affiliate WBND reported that a flash fire occurred while a worker was mixing chemicals. Another local broadcaster, WSBT, described the incident as a chemical explosion. 

After first responders arrived at the plant, the person was transported to an area hospital with minor burns. 

Alpha Systems produces sealants, adhesives, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing and flooring membranes, and injection molded and blow molded products for the RV, marine, and manufacturing housing industries, according to the firm’s website. 
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Crews respond to potential hazmat situation at Abbotsford business Official says company attempted to mix materials to dispose of them safely, but caused reaction
Abbotsford fire crews were called out to a potential hazardous material situation at a business at Peardonville and Townline roads Wednesday night.

Crews were called to the scene at around 9 p.m. Wednesday to reports of acidic smoke in the building, according to Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service Assistant Chief Jeff Snider.

“They got there, they evacuated the building and we cordoned off an area so we could await for hazmat techs to come in and ascertain what was going on,” Snider said.

“A bucket full of chemicals that they were looking to dispose of within the company, so they attempt to neutralize the components and then dispose of them properly. There was some sort of reaction that happened with them tonight.”

Snider said the company attempted to mix chemicals to make them inert, but “it looks like a small exothermic (releasing heat) reaction” occurred, creating a cloud of smoke in the building.

“They’ve definitely got to have a lot of safe procedures and policies in place, and by the look of the lab in here, they do. Everything was clean and organized,” Snider said, adding shortly after the incident that crews were expected to be on scene for just another half-hour longer.
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Bill's Newscast: Chemical Spill in Prescott Valley
Yesterday morning Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority crews responded to Superior Industries, located on Superior Lane in Prescott Valley.  One worker was taken to Yavapai Regional Medical Center East for treatment after being exposed to the chemical spill.  The Prescott Area Hazardous Materials Response Team, which is comprised of members of the Authority and the Prescott Fire Department, were called in to deal with the spill and remove the hazard.  The incident commander worked with the onsite facility supervisors to devise a plan.  Entry and back-up teams were assembled so the spill could be taken care of by response team hazmat technicians.  Employees on site were moved to other areas of the building where they could safely continue working.  The spill was contained and the hazard properly disposed of.  
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Fire departments take action against PFAs
As several Michigan communities are dealing with water contaminated by PFAs, local firefighters are taking action when it comes to firefighting foam that contains the harmful chemicals.

According to state data, nearly 45 percent of fire departments use the foam that contains PFAs.

“More and more you’re seeing it in the media. You see a story on PFAs. Class B foam is always in the story,” State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer said.

Sehlmeyer is on a mission to provide awareness to fire departments and clarity to residents concerned about PFAs, a chemical used in fire retardants.

The class B foam containing those PFAs was used at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in the 1970s and 1980s. It left plumes of PFAs behind in lakes and groundwater.

Sehlmeyer said 32,000 gallons of firefighting foam can be found in fire stations across the state.

“They’re getting asked when they go to the grocery store, did you use that class B foam? Did you do this and do that? And so the fire service is reaching back out to the fire marshal and asking, ‘hey, how do we talk about this,’” Sehlmeyer said.

The Saginaw Fire Department has that class B foam. However, Fire Chief Chris Van Loo said residents should not be concerned.

“You’re going to see us using foam, but I want you to understand in our day to day operations, the foam we are using is class A foam and it is safe,” Van Loo said.

Sehlmeyer said class B foam is rarely used at all, except in cases of aviation, hydrocarbon and alcohol fires. Even then, Sehlmeyer said he is making sure fire departments know what to do to help safeguard the environment from PFAs.
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Parents voice frustration over carbon dioxide levels at Middlese
Parents in a Middlesex County town are frustrated and concerned with school officials after they say that their children were exposed to unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide.

Middlesex Borough school officials say that they are working to fix the problem at Von E. Mauger Middle School. A county hazmat team was at the school Tuesday.

But parents say that the school knew about the issue for a while and did not tell parents.

"This is not acceptable. You're subjecting our teachers and our children to unhealthy air,” says parent Lisa Giacone.

Dozens of parents attended a school board meeting Monday night and demanded answers from school administrators. They wanted to know why the levels of carbon dioxide were so high and they wanted to know what was being done to fix the problem.

Samuel Kleiber stayed home from school Tuesday. He says that he and other classmates are finding it hard to concentrate due to the exposure.
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One Injured After A Chemical Spill At A Prescott Valley Facility Tuesday
There was a hazmat incident at Superior Industries in Prescott Valley today. Central Arizona Fire and Medical crews responded to the facility on the 98-hundred block of Superior Lane after a chemical spill Tuesday morning. Members of the Prescott Area Hazardous Materials Response Team, along with area fire crews tended to the spill, cleanup and removal of the chemical. One worker was transported to Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s East Campus for treatment of non-life threatening injuries after being exposed to the spill. No one else was injured in the incident.
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1 man suffers minor injury from chlorine exposure in leak at Ephrata's water plant
One person was injured and a school sheltered in place after a chlorine leak at Ephrata's waste water treatment plant on Monday.

Chlorine leaked from a 150 pound cylinder inside the public works facility around 7:30 a.m. at the plant at 321 Church Ave., according to Ephrata police Chief Bill Harvey.

A borough employee was injured after being exposed to chlorine gas, Harvey said. The man was taken to an area hospital for treatment and was "doing well," he said.

Students and staff at nearby Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church and School were asked to shelter in place as well as a few area residents, Harvey said.
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Students safe amid chlorine leak near Clinton High, Middle Schools
CLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) - A gas leak near Clinton High School’s football stadium put students under a temporary lock down Monday morning. 

At around 11 a.m. public works crews discovered a chlorine gas leak at a water well site near Clinton High School and Sampson Middle School.

“There was a cloud that was released of gas, of chlorine gas and that it was headed in the direction of the wind,” said Wesley Johnson, superintendent at Clinton City Schools.

Johnson says the leak happened while crews were doing routine maintenance on the well. Law enforcement and city leaders responded.

“We put the schools on a semi lock down so we could verify that there was no leak coming from the drinking well,” said Johnson.
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Sodium cyanide discovered in Foster Mods following precautionary evacuation
A call to Public Safety warning of a potential chemical hazard resulted in the evacuation of 177 residents from the Foster Mods on Friday, according to University Communications Specialist Julian Cardillo in a series of statements to the Justice and other news organizations on Friday afternoon.  According to an email to the Justice from Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan, Public Safety was notified of the incident at 1:20 p.m. and the Waltham Fire Department was dispatched at 1:30 p.m.; they in turn dispatched the state’s regional HazMat team. The HazMat team arrived at 3:35 p.m. and most students returned to the Mods at 4:45 p.m., per the same email. According to a 3:22 p.m. email from Vice President for Campus Operations James Gray to the University community, a hazardous chemical substance was found in the Foster Mods. A later email on Friday at 5:14 p.m. from Gray confirmed the chemical was sodium cyanide. Gray clarified that the sodium cyanide was purchased commercially and was in the form of a non-volatile powder in an email yesterday to the Brandeis community. Additionally, he said there was no evidence that the purchaser intended  to harm anyone with  the sodium cyanide and “the material was identified, isolated, and removed appropriately and expeditiously.” “Out of an abundance of caution, the Mods were evacuated. We do not believe there is a health risk to the community at this time,” Gray wrote.
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Fire Breaks Out In Kolkata's Chemical Godown
New Delhi: The officials said that a fire broke out in a chemical godown in the eastern part of Kolkata on Monday evening, but no casualty was reported.

"The fire broke out at about 5.23 p.m. Ten fire tenders were pressed into service to douse the fire," a fire brigade official said.

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As per the source, although the exact reason of fire is yet to be established, it seems that the huge amount of inflammable materials stacked inside the godown might have led to the fire.

No casualities have been reported.
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Preparing Equipment and Instrumentation for Cold Weather Operations
As outdoor air temperatures drop, it is important for chemical and other facilities to be prepared for the unique safety challenges posed by cold weather, such as the hazards of water freezing and expanding, which can damage equipment or cause instrumentation to fail. When the temperature drops, the freezing process begins, and materials expand. This can crack or break pipes and rupture or damage process equipment. This damaged equipment may not become evident until the temperature rises, the ice thaws, and a leak develops. More subtle hazards may also exist, such as the formation of a hydrate, where water chemically combines with a compound, forming a solid that can also block process piping. This can happen even above freezing temperatures.

This digest summarizes three Chemical Safety Board investigations where ineffective freeze protection practices and programs were found to be causal to the incident. The document also provides the key safety lessons from these incidents, as well as additional freeze protection guidance and resources.
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Bulging Hazardous Waste Drum Discovered in Waste Area
Waste drums have the potential to pressurize, particularly if they contain an unusual proportion of chemicals. Organizations using mixtures of Castrol Hysol AM and water in waste drums should take precautions against drum pressurization. During previous clean outs, buckets of water were used to clean out the wet separator. In the last clean out a hose was used to clean out the wet separator resulting in the use of more water than the past. It is speculated that the additional water used significantly changed the water to Hysol AM ratio enough that the diluted mixture produced gas.
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Tanker truck overturns in Carlisle
A tanker truck carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline overturned in a single-vehicle accident Sunday evening on U.S. 51 South in Carlisle County.

At 5:05 p.m., Carlisle County Emergency Management Services was dispatched to the 3500 block of the roadway, where the tanker was turned on its side in a field.

The truck's driver, who was trapped in the vehicle, was then extricated from the crash before being taken to Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield for non-life-threatening injuries.

At the time, responders determined that the vehicle was leaking some of its payload of E10 unleaded gasoline. Hazmat One, of Paducah, and Hazmat Response, of Murray, each went to the scene to aid in the control of the leak.
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Remembering Trenton Explosion
QUINTE WEST — It was time to remember one of the biggest catastrophes in Trenton’s history on Saturday.
One might think with Canada’s largest transport air base located here the catastrophe might involve airplanes, but that is not the case as the 100th anniversary of the Trenton Explosion was remembered on the weekend.
In the midst of the First World War, the British Chemical Company built purported to be the largest munitions plant in the Commonwealth in Trenton. On Thanksgiving weekend 1918, disaster struck when a chemical reaction resulted in a series of explosions that continued throughout the night. Historical accounts of the event report residents fled their homes or hunkered down if they were unable to leave, taking cover for the duration. The plant was in ruins and the damage to the town was extensive including broken windows, chimneys and debris everywhere.
On Saturday the library host the cast of Live History who guided audience members to solve a mystery through pictures, stories, and objects. There was also be an “I survived the Trenton Explosion” photo booth and interactive displays.
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Torrey council meeting evacuated after resident spills chemical during meeting, county officials say
TORREY, Wayne County — A man was arrested after county officials say he created a hazmat situation when he brought a toxic substance to a town hall meeting Thursday night.

The man, who wasn’t immediately identified, entered a town council meeting at Torrey Town Hall, 100 N. 75 East, with the substance, which was believed to be a pesticide, according to a statement from Steve Lutz, Wayne County Fire District spokesman.

Lutz said the substance was spilled at some point during the meeting and a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy at the meeting evacuated the building at that point. Wayne County Fire, Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Wayne County Emergency Management officials all responded to the building.

All persons attending the meeting went through a decontamination process because they were exposed to the substance.

Three people were taken to Sevier Valley Hospital in Richfield for observation because they came into direct contact with the substance, Lutz added.
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2 hospitalized after manufacturing plant accident in Salina
SALINE COUNTY —Two people were injured during an incident at a manufacturing plant Friday morning in Salina.

Just after 7a.m., fire crews responded to report of a fire in the mixing building at McShares,1835 E. North Street, according to Fire Marshal Troy Long.

When firefighters arrived, they found no fire, but the sprinkler system had been activated, Long said.

Two employees in the building were transported to Salina Regional Medical Center. One had minor injuries and the other had second-degree chemical burns on his neck and hands, according to Long.

Fire crews put water on the chemical to change the pH level so it would cause no further injuries.

The accident was blamed on equipment failure, Long said. McShares had not released a statement Friday afternoon.

The plant makes food additives and mixes vitamins and minerals that are added to wheat, rice and corn flours and cereals, according to their web site.
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Campus dorm evacuated after hazardous chemical substance discovered
WALTHAM, Mass. —
Over 175 students living in a Brandeis University campus dorm were evacuated after a hazardous chemical substance was found on campus.

The school said sodium cyanide was found on campus in the Foster Student Living Center, known to people on campus as "The Mods."

Waltham police and fire departments and a hazardous materials team responded to the scene and removed the chemical.

The school said there was no danger to the community and no one was hurt.

"Out of an abundance of caution, the 177 students who live in the Mods were evacuated; we anticipate students will be able to return very soon," the university said in a statement. "Waltham Police do not anticipate making any arrests related to this incident."
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Chlorine gas mixed up in error at Stonebridge hotel: Saskatoon Fire Department
The Saskatoon Fire Department believed chlorine gas was mixed up in error at a hotel in the Stonebridge neighbourhood Thursday.

Firefighters and a hazmat unit were sent to the Home Inn & Suites at 253 Willis Cres. after a 911 call about a chemical exposure at roughly 12:40 p.m. CT.

Crews immediately restricted access to the area and isolated the risk to one room.

The hazmat crew later determined muriatic acid had been mixed with chlorine, resulting in chlorine gas.

The fire department believed the cause of the chemical mixture was “accidental in nature.”
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8 days ago
MDFR responds to chemical spill from 55 gallon drum in Doral – WSVN 7News
DORAL, FLA. (WSVN) - DORAL (WSVN) — Miami-Dade Fire Rescue has responded to the scene of a chemical spill in Doral.

According to MDFR, a 55 gallon drum of a chemical substance spilled onto the street near Northwest 36 Street and 82nd Avenue. Crews have since laid down a product called Speedy Dry, which is meant to absorb most of the chemical.

It remains unknown what the chemical was.

Doral Police have closed traffic heading eastbound on Northwest 36 Street in the area while the scene is being cleared.
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Explosion Injures 2 At Cartown Kia In Nicholasville
NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) – Firefighters in Nicholasville responded to an explosion at Car Town Kia Wednesday.

The explosion happened in the garage portion of the dealership.

An employee says that a mechanic was trying to open a 55-gallon drum containing some methanol. The chemical interacted with an open flame and exploded. The fire marshall said that the flame was not from a cigarette.

Two people were sent to the hospital with severe burns. One of them had second to third-degree burns.

“To prevent what happened here today, you cannot have an open flame near flammable gases. And that’s just a very common safety concern that people should have when they’re around the shop,” said Nicholasville Fire Marshal David Johns.

A fire that started immediately after the explosion has been extinguished.

We are told the methanol was used for windshield wiper fluid.
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Congress considers US-wide furniture flammability standard
The US Senate has begun considering bipartisan legislation to adopt California's flammability standard for upholstered furniture nationwide.

Passage of the Safer Occupancy Furniture Flammability Act (S3551 or Soffa) would see California's 2013 Regulation, TB 117-2013, become the federal standard.

The US does not currently have a flammability standard for the products. In its absence, California's approach has served as the de facto national standard.

California updated its regulations five years ago to remove an 'open flame' test that manufacturers almost always met through the use of added flame retardants, which have been the subject of consumer concern in recent years for their potential to pose negative health effects. Following the state's action, many furniture companies moved away from using the substances.

For more than a decade, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has been in a rulemaking process to consider a national mandatory flammability standard for upholstered furniture.
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Pike County Service Center evacuated as precaution after chemical spill
CHILLICOTHE - A couple of hundred people are estimated to have been evacuated from the Pike County Service Center Wednesday morning.

According to Tim Dickerson, Pike County Emergency Management Agency director, a pump for a cooling tower failed, causing it to spill a lubricating oil on the floor inside a maintenance room.

Sarah Junk, public information officer for the emergency management agency, explained the chemical was classified as an inhalation hazard. A material safety data sheet provided to the Gazette also explained the chemical is toxic if ingested, combustible, and corrosive to the eyes and skin.

Pike County Commissioner Fred Foster, who was at the scene Wednesday morning, said he and Dickerson agreed to evacuate the building as a precaution. While the chemical was contained to the maintenance room, because the doors were open to the rest of the building, it put off a bit of a smell. As soon as officials discovered the smell, Foster said they sent everyone home for the day.
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5 Indian workers injured in Bara iron plant explosion
Five Indian workers have been injured after an explosion at an iron plant of Jagdamba Steels in Simara Sub-Metropolitan City-2 of Jitpur, Bara on Wednesday. Four of the injured are said to be in critical condition.

All the injured have been working at the iron plant as daily wage labourers.

Following the incident, a police team under the command of Inspector SubashHamal of Area Police Office, Simara, reached site and rescued the workers.

According to the police, the incident occurred while they were melting the iron in the run-down furnace.

The injured have been identified as Kamalesh Raya, 22, NareshSahani, 23, Sandeep Kumar, 23, Pankaj Kumar,20, of Sitamadi, Bihar and Binayak Singh, 35, of Motihari, Bihar.All the critically injured are undergoing treatment at the Birgunj-based Health Care Hospital.

Binayak Singh, who sustained minor injuries in the incident, is receiving treatment at Tara Hospital in Simara, police said.

Police have suspected that the incident might have occurred due to excessive heat.

Most of the equipment being used at the plant were old and in sorry state. Such incidents had been occurring frequently at the plant of late due to lack of regular maintenance of the equipment.
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SAFETY: Okla. company scrimped before deadly well fire -- Wednesday, October 10, 2018 -- www.eenews.net
The operator of the Oklahoma well that burned in January, killing five men, was trying to save money and impress investors with a risky drilling method, say attorneys for the dead men's families.

Red Mountain Energy LLC of Oklahoma City and its representatives, they say, ignored warnings that using cheaper, lighter "drilling mud" risked losing control of the well.

"It's error after error after error," said David Rumley, a Corpus Christi, Texas, attorney representing the families of two of the men who died in the fire. "This entire thing could have been prevented if these companies had done what they were supposed to do."

Lighter drilling mud, in addition to being cheaper, created a bigger flare at the site, which was used to persuade investors that the well was more productive, Rumley said.

And a control room door was broken and blocked, he said. It could have let them escape to safety, but instead, the bodies of the workers were found stacked up against it.

The accusations, based on more than a dozen depositions taken by the plaintiff attorneys, are included in amended lawsuits filed this week in Pittsburg County, Okla., against Red Mountain, rig owner Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. and other companies.
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EPA cites Canfield car wash owner over illegal discharge
The Ohio EPA has cited the owner of a carwash for discharging mud and soil from a nonpermitted drilling operation on his Cardinal Drive property into Sawmill Creek.

Anthony Chenault, a spokesman with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, said Tuesday the agency issued a notice of violation to Canfield Touch-Free Car Wash, 44 Cardinal Drive. The sign outside the facility identifies it as Superior Car Wash.

Cardinal Joint Fire District, Mahoning County HazMat and Environmental Protection Agency responders worked Monday night to locate the source of the substance found in the creek behind Canfield High School earlier in the day. Residents living along South Briarcliff Drive reported at 3 p.m. Monday the stream had turned cloudy, HazMat Deputy Chief Adam Noble said.
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10 days ago
Holbeck sewer explosion
A busy road in Holbeck has been closed after a chemical leak caused an explosion.

Ingram Road has been closed in both directions since a fire broke out at an industrial unit, shortly after midday on Monday, October 8.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service crew, West Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency were all called to the scene of the incident.

The fire service says it managed to contain and extinguish a fire at a business which cleans chemical containers, but some 'contaminants' leaked into the water system and caused a pressure build up which ripped man hole covers out the ground.

Witnesses said they heard an 'almighty bang' and saw what appeared to be an 'awful' smelling gas pouring out of a hole in the road.
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10 days ago
Explosion and fire at Canada's largest oil refinery
Montreal (AFP) - An explosion and fire ripped through Canada's largest refinery Monday, injuring several workers in what its owner called a "major incident."

The blast was believed to be the result of a malfunction in the diesel refining section of the Irving Oil refinery in St John's, New Brunswick, said company executive Kevin Scott.

Officials said all the plant's workers were accounted for after the fire, and four people received hospital treatment for minor injuries.

Images posted on social media networks showed intermittent flames and a column of black smoke rising from the refinery, the country's largest with a production capacity of 300,00 barrels of refined products a day.

Rob Beebe, who lives near the refinery, told Radio Canada he felt his house shake, followed by a blast.

Refinery owner Irving Oil confirmed on Twitter that a "major incident" occurred there.

"We now understand that all employees and contractors working on site have been safely accounted for," it added.

"Several contractors are being treated for non-life threatening injuries in relation to this incident."
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11 days ago
5 assessed after hazmat incident at Kaiser Permanente in Falls Church
FALLS CHURCH, Va. (ABC7) — Five people were assessed, including two who were transported, after a hazmat incident Monday morning at Kaiser Permanente in Falls Church.
The Arlington County Fire Department responded to the incident in the 200 block of North Washington Street in the city of Falls Church around 10:30 a.m. Officials said odor due to adhesive being used on the roof entered the ventilation system for the building.
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11 days ago
Man dumps hazardous liquids out of car in Trenton; witness gets plate number, calls police
Trenton police are applauding a man they describe as a “quick-thinking citizen” who spotted suspicious activity in an abandoned area on West Jefferson that turned into a HazMat situation.

According to Steven Voss, director of police and fire operations, the resident was in the area and saw a man inside a car at about 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27, dumping a bucket of chemicals.

The resident was between Van Horn and Vreeland roads on the east side of the roadway when he noticed two signs by the discarded chemicals.

Voss said one sign said, “dial 911.” and the other said, “stay away.”

The signs were handwritten.

After seeing the signs Voss said the resident was able to get a partial license plate number before the man drove away.
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11 days ago
HazMat crews identify substance found in Canfield creek
CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) - Monday a suspicious substance was found in a creek near Canfield High School.

Hazmat arrived on scene to find a white substance in the creek.

Hazmat tested the water and said it is diluted acid and is no environmental threat or safety hazard at this time.

The deputy chief said this particular pipe that the substance is coming from is not on the map, so they are having a hard time finding where the substance is coming from. 

"That's our next move, EAP is going to assist us with that. To start checking businesses to see where it's coming from," said Canfield Deputy Chief Matt Rarick.
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11 days ago
Fire in Holbeck closes Ingram Road
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service dealt with a fire in an industrial building in Holbeck this afternoon (8 October 2018) after receiving a call into our Control Room just before midday.

The fire was at a business premises which cleans chemical containers on Ingram Road. Eight fire engines attended the scene initially however this was later reduced.

As a result of the incident there has been some overflow of contaminants into the waste water system, however this does not pose any risk to the public.

A number of manhole covers were also lifted, due to a pressure build up, on Ingram Road which remains closed until the Highways Agency are able to repair the damage. Police were in attendance dealing with a cordon on the road.
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11 days ago
Bantam campground cleared by a chemical ‘cloud’
LITCHFIELD – One child at Cozy Hill Campground in Bantam was taken to the hospital Sunday after what is believed to be a pepper spray can was tossed into a fire, creating a noxious cloud that sickened many people in a crowded pavilion area, fire officials said. Bantam Fire Capt. John Cattey said initial reports
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12 days ago
Quinte West Library marks Munitions Plant explosion anniversary
A photo of the Trenton Munitions Plant as it stood before a fiery explosion sent it into ruins on Thanksgiving Weekend, 1918. (Photo: Quinte West Public Library)

The Quinte West Public Library, along with other organizations in Trenton, is offering locals of all ages a chance to understand a little bit of local history this coming weekend.

From October 12 to 14, various events will be held to mark the 100th anniversary of the Trenton Munitions Plant Explosion, which occurred on Thanksgiving Weekend, 1918.

A chemical reaction resulted in a series of fiery explosions that continued through the night.

The explosion really affected downtown Trenton, with broken windows, chimneys and debris scattered around and extensive damage being done.

Fortunately, there were no reported deaths from the incident.

During World War I, Trenton was home to the largest munitions plant in the Commonwealth, which was owned and built by the British Chemical Company. It was established in 1915 to manufacture artillery, rifle and small arms ammunition and was built by Lock 1, near the Trent River.
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12 days ago
Workers fall sick at medical office building; dozens evacuated
A Great Neck medical office building was evacuated Friday after workers there began feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Workers called 911 around 11:40 a.m. Nassau police, firefighters, a hazmat team and the fire marshal’s office responded to the office at 310 East Shore Road.

First responders evaluated dozens of workers who complained of dizziness and nausea.

“I've been in this building for 24 years and this was the most scariest moment of my life,” said Jeanine Marco. “A very bad headache, a little lightheadedness and nausea, carbon monoxide symptoms.”

Police say four people asked to go to the hospital for further evaluation.

“Fifty-five people were evaluated. No clinical signs of any significant readings were found in any these individuals,” said Nassau Police Detective Michael Bitsko.

The fire marshal’s office said it conducted a thorough search of the building but no hazardous gases were found.

“Hazardous materials is a science but it's not necessarily always an exact science,” said Nassau County Assistant Fire Marshal John Priest. “We checked for everything we can check for.”

The fire marshal gave the all-clear for workers to go back inside the building shortly after 2 p.m
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2 Girls Burned During Chemistry Experiment At Morris High School
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -Two teen girls suffered third degree burns when an experiment they were working on in chemistry class caught fire in the Bronx Friday.

It happened at around 1:40 p.m. at Morris High School on Boston Road in the Morrisania section.

According to officials with the FDNY, the students were making a carbon sugar snake. The experiment involves using alcohol, and while the experiment was underway some vapor escaped and made contact with the flame that was being used to create the snake, officials said. Flames shot across the table, causing burns to the face, hands and hair of two girls, 15 and 17.

“From what I saw her arm was on fire, her sleeve,” one student said. “When I saw her running down the hall that’s what I saw.”

Investigators say a teacher was in the room at the time, but it’s not immediately clear how a chemical was able to get close enough to a flame for this to happen.

After the ordeal students were allowed to gather their belongings and go home for the day. Even though their classmates are expected to recover, it has many feeling shaken.
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Two Hurt, Abandoned Rhode Island Industrial Building Burns
Police in Rhode Island responding to reports of a man who had lit himself on fire later found a nearby abandoned industrial building on fire.
Pawtucket police found the man and a female acquaintance just before midnight Thursday.
Officers discovered that a fire was spreading in the old Roberts Chemical building a short time later.
Part of the building collapsed and Michael Sweeney, chief of the state fire marshal's investigation unit, tells WPRI-TV the structural integrity of the rest of the building is compromised and it will likely need to be torn down.
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'Malicious' chemical spill shuts down Athens Dollar General
Athens-Clarke County police on Friday continued to investigate an intentional chemical spill inside Dollar General on Cedar Shoals Drive that closed the store for more than two days.

The Athens-Clarke Country Fire and Emergency Services Department responded to the store at about 6:25 p.m. Tuesday on a report that someone had “maliciously spilled several different cleaners on the floor, said Kyle Hendrix, the county’s fire marshal and assistant chief of Support Services.

“Crews suspected potential ammonia and bleach and evacuated the store,” Hendrix said on Friday.

Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in air causes burning of the nose, throat and respiratory tract, according to published literature.

An employee and a customer complained of coughing from the fumes, but the fire report did not note if they required medical attention, according to Hendrix.

Dollar General employees were directed to assist police in attempting to identify who might have been responsible, according to Hendrix.

Hazmat team members donned protective suits to enter the store and take air samples and evaluate the size of the spill.

“There were ammonia readings detected and the product was estimated at 4 gallons total,” Hendrix said.

Hazmat team members used containment material to isolate the spill, he said.

The store remained closed until Wednesday when a private cleanup arrived.

However, Hendrix said the company that responded “were not fully prepared or yet equipped to perform cleanup,” Hendrix said.
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Fresno Fire cleaning up chemical spill in Southeast Fresno
Roads are shut down near Anna and Church as Fresno Fire works to clean-up a chemical spill.

Fire crews say a worker accidentally unloaded a product into a container that already had another substance inside which produced a strong odor.

No one was injured during this incident, according to firefighters.
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Emergency crews on scene of leaking oil tank on Walmore Road
Emergency crews are on the scene of a leaking propane tank at a gas station at 5446 Walmore Road in Lewiston.

Walmore Road has been closed to traffic and there are reports that students and staff at nearby Tuscarora Elementary School have been evacuated.

A hazmat crew has been called to the scene to deal with the leaking 18,000-gallon tank.
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15 days ago
Risk-based chemicals management approach promoted in new Nafta
After more than a year of intense negotiations, the US, Canada and Mexico have reached an agreement on an updated North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) that promotes a risk-based approach to chemical regulations for the region.

The revised trade pact, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), includes a sectoral annex for chemical substances that emphasises the importance of developing and implementing chemical regulations in a manner that achieves protection of human health and the environment without creating unnecessary economic barriers or impediments to technological innovation.

The agreement calls on each country to endeavour to use a risk-based approach to regulating chemical substances and mixtures, and to encourage such a model in international forums. It further directs the countries to align their respective risk assessment methodologies and risk management measures to the extent possible within their respective legal frameworks.

Additional areas of potential cooperation between the pact members include:

implementation of the United Nations Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling of Chemical (GHS);
coordination of safety data sheets and how confidential business information (CBI) is relayed on them; and
compatibility of chemical inventories;
coordination on chemical risk assessment and risk management methodologies, tools, and models, and on the development of specific chemical assessments; and
scientific criteria and data sharing.
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ACS Axial: Your Bond With Chemistry Research
Everyone knows lab safety is essential. Yet accidents continue to happen. Why are lab accidents still a problem in 2018? In part, the problem may lie with chemists being reluctant to share safe Standard Operating Procedures, according to a new editorial in Organometallics. Alexander J. M. Miller and Ian A. Tonks argue that while organizations like ACS have worked to set standards and spread information, creating a culture of lab safety requires a grassroots commitment from chemists to share their experiences in the lab to keep each other safe. The pair discusses their efforts to encourage SOP sharing through their new website, The Safety Net. The site also shares other safety resources, such as laboratory signage, links to synthetic procedures that address prior safety concerns, and links to collections of physical properties of potentially hazardous chemicals, with the overall goal of creating a public forum for dialogue on best safety practices.

Learn why your lab should consider sharing its Standard Operating Procedures
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16 days ago
The Latest: 19 sickened by chemicals at California pool
Authorities now say 19 people, many of them children, were sickened by exposure to a chemical at a Southern California swimming pool. But their problems are non-life-threatening.

The Ventura County Fire Department says the people were overcome by fumes Wednesday evening at Daland Swim School in Thousand Oaks, north of Los Angeles. Some reported having trouble breathing.

A dozen people were taken to hospitals, including several who at first were described as being in a critical state.

However, sheriff's officials say all are expected to recover.

The Los Angeles Times says authorities believe an equipment malfunction began pumping extra chlorine into the pool.
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Chemical spill shuts down Capital Blvd through Wake Forest
WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Capital Boulevard was shut down Wednesday night for hours from Purnell Road to Stadium Drive because of a possible hazardous chemical leak from a tractor trailer.

The big rig was driving eastbound on Purnell Road when it began leaking what was later described as a "type of cleaning product."

The truck left a trail of the fluid from Purnell Road onto Capital Boulevard where it headed southbound. The driver pulled the truck over at Capital Boulevard and Club Villas, where Wake Forest Police and Fire along with a Wake County HazMat team responded.
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Update: Chemical spill in UPS truck was ethanol
The toxic-substance spill at the center of a hazardous-materials incident involving a UPS delivery truck on Bohannon Drive in Menlo Park on Tuesday (Oct. 2) was ethanol, not benzonitril, a cyanide-related chemical originally thought to have leaked from a package in the truck.

A battalion chief from the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, after determining that the spill was contained inside the truck, allowed UPS officials on the scene to call in a clean-up crew under contract to UPS, according to fire district Chief Harold Schapelhouman.

The private clean-up crew, in protective suits, made a video recording of the truck's interior that showed a leak coming from a gallon-sized container of ethanol, Schapelhouman said in a press statement.

The incident began with the UPS driver, a 41-year-old man, calling 911 at 10:24 a.m. to report difficulty breathing and requesting medical assistance, Schapelhouman said. The driver also called UPS management, and representatives of the company arrived simultaneously with paramedics from the fire district, Schapelhouman said.
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16 days ago
No Injuries in Small Wood Shop Fire at Nebraska Prison
TECUMSEH, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska prison officials say a chemical spill ignited a small fire in a closet at the state prison in Tecumseh.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that no one was injured in the fire that started Tuesday inside the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution's wood shop.

A news release from the State Department of Correctional Services say the chemical — which was not identified — spilled on the floor, and rags meant to clean up the spill spontaneously combusted. Department spokeswoman Laura Strimple says the wood shop was evacuated, and ceiling sprinklers extinguished the fire.
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17 days ago
DEQ using drone to help find source of PFAS in Lake Margrethe
CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is starting to use drones to help find the source of potentially dangerous chemicals in Lake Margrethe.
The drone flights are part of a broader effort to find PFAS chemicals in different locations around the state. The drone that experts are using is rigged with an infrared camera, so in addition to having a bird's eye view of the lake, it can pick up heat signatures.
“We’re looking for either springs or groundwater seeps where the water actually enters the bottom of the lake," said Randy Rothe from the DEQ.
Images captured by the drone show much cooler ground water flowing into the lake. Those sources of ground water are where experts want to test and possibly trace back to a source of PFAS.
A possible source nearby is the Camp Grayling Airfield. One of the main uses of the man-made chemical was in foam used to put out fires.
“It could be from more than one source," Rothe said. "We don’t know that it’s coming from Camp Grayling. They have areas that they are going to be looking at on base itself for that information. We’ve had reports of houses that burned down many years ago where they have used foams. That could potentially be a source.”
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Chemical tank catches fire, prompts 7-company response near Newport
Fire departments across New Castle County responded to a Newport commercial structure fire, where responding crews were hospitalized a decade ago Tuesday evening.

Crews responded at 6:40 p.m. to the 300 block of Water Street for a reported fire. Chief Joseph Dierolf of Minquas Fire Company said a separating chemical tank blew its top off and caught fire.

Firefighters from several area companies work at the scene of a fire at Air Liquide in the Newport Industrial Park Tuesday. WILLIAM
Dierolf asked employees before sending in the crews if there were any chemicals he should be aware of, because of the buildings previous fire more than 10 years ago. A handful firefighters headed into the building, only to head to the hospital, feeling sick from chemical exposure last time they responded to Water Street. 

The employees told firefighters they can use water, without worry that it will react to the chemicals, Dierolf said. 

Emergency lights flashed on Newport’s industrial park and commands flowed over the scanner as more than 50 firefighters from seven companies attacked the fire. 

Firefighters donned in full gear entered the manufacturing building. A call went out over the scanner to make sure the crews inside were wearing oxygen-supply masks as a precaution, Dierolf said. 
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OSHA: Deferred maintenance, skipped procedures led to refinery explosion
SUPERIOR, Wis.—The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said the Husky Energy refinery explosion and fire on April 26 that rocked the Duluth-Superior area could have been prevented if the company had maintained its equipment and established safety procedures.

OSHA delivered eight "serious" citations and $83,000 of fines on Tuesday, Oct. 2, to Superior Refining Company LLC, which owns and operates the Superior refinery but does business as Husky Energy.

In a news release, OSHA said the citations were issued "for failing to control the use and release of highly hazardous chemicals after an explosion and fire injured several employees" and that the explosion and fire could have been avoided.

"Ensuring the mechanical integrity of critical equipment used during the refinery shutdown operation could have prevented this incident," said OSHA Eau Claire Area Office Director Mark Hysell in the release, adding that the company was cooperating fully with investigators.

The company has 15 days to contest the citations and fines.

OSHA's citations detail the company's a lack of safety procedures for the fluid catalytic cracking unit, or FCC, where the explosion occurred.
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17 days ago
E-cigarette explosion and burn injuries have been underestimated by federal agencies
Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are devices commonly powered by a battery that aerosolize liquid and chemical flavorants. These products have become popular among people of all ages, especially youth. Some users may think of e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, according to the CDC, the aerosol that e-cigarette consumers breathe in and exhale includes addictive as well as harmful substances such as nicotine, ultrafine particles, chemical flavorants linked to serious lung disease, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and cancer causing agents. In addition, e-cigarettes powered by lithium-ion batteries have been documented to ignite and/or explode. These explosions have resulted in severe injuries, including third degree burns, lacerations, loss of body parts (including eye, tongue, and teeth), and death.
The number of e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries have been underestimated by Federal Agencies, according to a new George Mason University study. These injuries were thought to occur rarely, however there is no national surveillance system to monitor e-cigarette caused explosion and burn injuries.
A new report published in Tobacco Control found that there are far more e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries in the United States than estimated in past reports. This study led by Dr. Matthew Rossheim in Mason's Department of Global and Community Health used data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and found an estimated 2,035 emergency department visits from e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries from 2015 to 2017. This number, in all likelihood, is an underestimate of total injuries since not all injured people report to emergency departments.
The report calls for improved surveillance of e-cigarette injuries and better regulation of the products by the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products. In the meantime, users and bystanders risk serious bodily injury from unregulated e-cigarette batteries exploding.
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17 days ago
Protection of confidential data is essential, groups tell U.S. EPA
Controversy churns around a proposal that would restrict the scientific information the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency relies on for regulations. Industry generally endorses the plan, while health and environmental advocates are attacking it. Yet these opposing factions, along with scientific groups, state regulators, and the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine, agree on one point: They want EPA to continue using at least some types of confidential information without requiring public disclosure of raw data.
EPA’s proposal, released in April, would require the agency to use only data and scientific models that “are publicly available in a manner sufficient for independent validation.” This, the agency says, will increase transparency and boost public confidence in EPA’s decisions. If finalized, the plan will impact the agency’s health-based decisions on air, water, and soil pollution, as well as its safety evaluations of commercial chemicals and pesticides.
The agency received nearly 500,000 written comments on the proposal, an EPA spokesperson tells C&EN. Posted online, a quick glance through the comments shows they are mostly one or two sentences from individuals, often in identical wording, expressing simple support or opposition to the plan and are the results of advocacy group campaigns, as noted in the official docket of comments. The agency also received scores of responses offering detailed criticism or recommendations for changing the proposal.
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17 days ago
Environmental Health & Safety
DEHS responded to two unrelated chemical waste container explosions in laboratory settings. In both cases, incompatible materials were incorrectly added to waste containers. Over time, the waste containers developed pressure causing them to rupture with extreme force. One of the waste containers exploded underneath a fume hood and damaged containers of organic solvents that were stored nearby. The other container exploded in a fume hood. Chemicals and broken glass were blown throughout the laboratory in both cases and required specialized clean-up procedures at a cost of ~$2000.00 each. Although there was great potential for injury in both cases, no one was injured in either, therefore classifying these as near miss accidents.

It is imperative that all chemical waste containers are accurately labeled and properly stored to eliminate mixing of incompatible wastes. All laboratory staff must be trained in chemical waste management and thoroughly understand the waste streams generated from their experiments.

Liquid chemical waste should be stored in sealed plastic "LDPE Nalgene Carboys" or plastic coated glass containers in secondary containment bins. DEHS no longer recommends reusing glass reagent chemical bottles. For more information and training opportunities, please visit our web site at http://www.udel.edu/ehs or contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer at 831-8475. In the event of a laboratory emergency or if incompatible materials are mistakenly added to a waste container, immediately contact DEHS at x8475 or University Police at 911 after hours.
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17 days ago
State Orders Saint Gobain to Install Air Pollution Controls at Merrimack Plant
The state has ordered the Saint Gobain plastics manufacturer to install air pollution controls on its Merrimack factory. 

The facility’s smokestacks are thought to be the source of high levels of PFAS chemicals that contaminated nearby drinking water wells two years ago. 

Tests of the stacks since then show Saint Gobain may still be emitting low levels of the chemicals. 

Now, the state will hold the factory to a newly passed law regulating soil and water pollution from air emissions. 

Officials told the company Monday to apply for an air pollution permit and submit an analysis of the systems they might use within six months. 
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18 days ago
Flame retardant ban signed into California law
California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a ban on the use of most flame retardants in residential upholstered furniture, children's products and mattress foam.

The US state – which recently overtook the UK to become the world's fifth-largest economy – will bar the sale of covered products containing, or with constituent parts containing, flame retardants at levels above 1,000 parts per million, beginning in 2020.

California lawmakers have cited concern with the widespread exposure to the substances, and such potential adverse health effects as endocrine disruption and cancer. According to the bill's analysis document, flame retardants "do not provide a meaningful fire safety benefit," and it is "senseless to allow these toxic chemical to continue being used".

The requirements extend to new upholstered furniture, the interior foam of mattresses and children's products such as bassinets, playmats, highchairs, infant carriers and strollers. Replacement parts used in the repair or restoration of reupholstered furniture are also covered.
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18 days ago
Tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of ethanol overturns, shuts down parts SB Highway 61
An accident involving a tanker truck has shut down lanes of southbound Highway 61 at Highway OO.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a tanker truck carrying 8500 gallons of ethanol and was leaking and overturned, spilling the fuel onto the highway. The MSHP said three compartments from the truck's tanker were ruptured and leaking.

Authorities have closed the highway off from Eolia to Bowling Green.

The Department of Natural Resources was requested. Authorities said the spill has been contained.

Hazmat crews have responded from local counties although authorities said the spill is not hazardous.
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19 days ago
Rajasthan: Fire breaks out at factory in Kotputli
A major fire broke out in a fertilizer factory at Paniala near Kotputli town early on Sunday morning which created panic among the locals at Behror. Though no loss of life was reported in the fire as no labourers were present, the fertilizers and inflammable material stored in tanks at the factory caught fire causing huge explosions. Dozens of fire tenders were pressed into service and the fire fighting continued for over twelve hours. A short circuit is suspected to be the reason behind the fire outbreak, however, authorities are not sure as the fire is still blazing and an investigation can be carried out only after the fire is doused completely.

The incident occurred at Dhanuka Laboratory factory located at Keshwana Industrial Area under Paniala police station area. “The fire broke out in the wee hours of Sunday and some guards and locals saw smoke billowing from one part of the factory. On inspection it was learnt that the outbreak had occurred in the warehouse located within the factory premises. Immediately the fire department and local police were informed and two fire tenders was pressed into service,” officials said.

However, by the time the tenders reached the spot, the fire had taken a gargantuan shape. “The fire had reached tanks which are used to store chemicals used in manufacturing insecticides produced at the factory. The chemicals soon caught fire and the tanks burst created huge explosions,” officials said. The explosions caused panic among the locals as one after the other the fertilizer tanks burst.
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19 days ago
'Non-toxic' release reported at PQ in Utica
Firefighters and a hazmat team were dispatched this morning to the PQ Corp. in Utica for what Utica’s fire chief termed a “non-toxic” chemical release.

Chief Ben Brown said his department was summoned to PQ about 9 a.m. to assist PQ staff in containing the release, which was thought to require several hours. There were no injuries,

Brown said.

The chemical released was not disclosed. However, the PQ Corp. manufacturers Epsom salt and its chemical formula, magnesium sulfate, did not appear on any list of hazardous materials during a preliminary online search by the NewsTribune.

Moreover, plant workers and EMS workers were gathered just inside PQ’s gate — public access beyond that point is restricted — and all were dressed in street clothes, not hazmat suits, and their body language suggested a less-than-urgent task at hand.
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19 days ago
Cree evacuates due to overnight hydrogen leak
DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A hydrogen leak forced Cree employees to evacuate Saturday morning.

It happened at the Cree building on Silicon Drive off of Chin Page Road.

Durham fire officials were dispatched around 2:30 a.m. and reported a storage tank of liquid hydrogen was leaking within the containment area of the site.

Workers were evacuated to a safe area onsite were provided protection in case the gas was ignited.
The leak was stopped at 5:20 a.m.

Durham police said no one was injured from the leak.

A Cree spokesperson gave the following statement:

An incident involving a hydrogen leak occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. today at our Durham facility. The safety of our employees and residents in the immediate area has been our first priority and every precaution has been taken since the discovery of the leak. Cree's campus and the surrounding area have been deemed safe by local authorities. There were no injuries as a result of the occurrence, and the leak was swiftly and safely contained. All protocols and systems worked as intended, including the temporary evacuation of our employees. We worked cooperatively with local authorities to notify residents in the immediate area. All production has resumed as we conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.
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20 days ago
Chemical leaks from foundry into Mill Creek stream
The milky white substance that leaked Friday into Bears Den Run stream in Mill Creek MetroParks was sodium hydroxide, according to city fire officials.

Youngstown Fire Department Battalion Chief Silverio Caggiano said Friday about 250 gallons of the slightly corrosive industrial chemical leaked into storm drains from a crack in the sanitary sewer lines of a nearby industrial complex along Hendricks Road in Austintown. Operators were unaware of the leak, he said.

Ohio EPA spokesman Anthony Chenault said Friday afternoon the complex’s sanitary line was improperly connected to the storm sewer off the property. The operators will be issued a violation notice, he said.

MetroParks Executive Director Aaron Young said the discoloration was reported to park officials early Friday. Youngstown wastewater officials and EPA investigators took samples of the cloudy water as city and Austintown fire officials tracked the contamination back to its source.

Mahoning County HazMat crews plugged the source drain – which cleared up much of the white cloudiness residents reported Friday – but responders couldn’t locate the source in time to keep the chemical from reaching Mill Creek, Caggiano said.
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21 days ago
Pocatello working to clean up massive sulfuric acid spill on multiple roads
POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Pocatello police, the Pocatello Fire Department and several other agencies are working to clean up a massive sulfuric acid spill across multiple roads.

The Pocatello Police Department said the sulfuric acid came from a leak on a flatbed truck that was carrying an 83-gallon tank of the acid. It is 98% sulfuric acid, so it is very concentrated.

There are only about 20 gallons of acid left in the tank, so around 60 gallons of it was spilled on roadways from Soda Springs to Pocatello.

Lt. Whitney with the Pocatello Police Department said the truck left Soda Springs, stopped in Lava Hot Springs at the Sinclair there for fuel, went on U.S. 30, down to Old Highway 91, through Inkom, down Portneuf Road, up Fort Hall Mine Road, to North Main Street to the Gould Street overpass, then North on McKinley to the 700 block.

According to Pocatello police, crews are dealing with spills along all those roads in Bannock County, as well as a few spills in Inkom. There was no reported spill at the gas station.

All those roads, and some nearby roads, are closed off while HAZMAT teams work to clean up the spill and neutralize the acid. 
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22 days ago
UPDATE -- Gas odor detected
A bit of a rough start plagued Thursday morning for Aurora Elementary School students, staff and parents as officials detected a carbon monoxide leak inside the building.
Supt. Damon McDonald stated that fire department crews were called after an unidentified chemical odor was noticed. Fire crews then arrived with sensors to determine the source of the smell and whether or not the resulting odor was harmful. Crews used sensors to confirm the presence of carbon monoxide.
Classes were cancelled and parents were promptly contacted to retrieve students who had made it to the school. According to McDonald, this happened efficiently.
McDonald reported that all levels of carbon monoxide had been eliminated as of early Thursday afternoon and that the elementary building will be open Friday. Classes will begin at the regular starting time.
The unofficial source of the odor is said to have come from a cracked heating element exchange with one of the rooftop units, causing a chemical reaction. The carbon monoxide was believed to have come into the building through the cracked heat exchange overnight. There are presently no individual carbon monoxide sensors in the school building.
us_NE  education  release  response  carbon_monoxide 
22 days ago
Crews Respond To Chemical Incident in Windsor Locks
Crews were called to respond to a chemical spill at Liberty Power in Windsor Locks on Thursday.
Officials from Windsor Locks said some chemicals were accidentally mixed and it caused a vapor cloud over the building, which is south of Canal Bank on Elm Street. 
The building was evacuated and no one was injured.
us_CT  industrial  release  response  unknown_chemical 
22 days ago
Safety Engineer: EPA Should Be Required to Conduct Annual Inspections of Oil Refineries
A safety engineer in St. Paul says a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS investigation has put a spotlight on oil refineries that store a toxic chemical and the federal agency tasked with regulating them.

David Sullivan-Nightengale, who has spent the past 18 years inspecting safety equipment in industrial plants for private companies, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be reviewing safety plans every year at refineries that use large amounts of hydrogen fluoride.

Hydrogen fluoride is a highly toxic chemical used to improve the quality of gasoline.

“An annual inspection of the safety systems should be required,” Sullivan-Nightengale said.

Yet, a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS investigation found the EPA had never inspected the Husky Energy refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, prior to an explosion last April.
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22 days ago
New Texas petrochemical projects add millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution, report finds
Texas, the United States’ leading emitter of greenhouse gases, has approved 43 petrochemical projects along the Gulf Coast since 2012 that will add millions tons of greenhouse gas pollution to the atmosphere, according to an environmental study released this week.

Released by the Environmental Integrity Project, a Washington, D.C.-based, nonpartisan environmental watchdog group, the report examined state records that detailed which plants in Texas and Louisiana applied for permits allowing an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from 2012 through 2018.

Overall, 74 permits have been issued since 2012 in the two states to add 134 million tons of pollution to the atmosphere. That amount of pollution over a six-year span is equivalent to 29 new coal-fired power plants running around the clock, the report said.
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22 days ago
Environmental Conservation Dept. To Test More Vermont Schools For PFAS Chemicals
The Department of Environmental Conservation will extend its testing program for PFAS chemicals in the drinking water at Vermont schools.

Previous testing by the state has detected lead and PFAS chemicals at some Vermont schools, and just last week the Health Department recommended that all schools test their water for lead.

The state tested 10 schools this summer for PFAS chemicals, and both Grafton Elementary School and Warren Elementary School had levels of the chemicals above the state’s safe drinking water standard of 20 parts per trillion.

Chuck Schwer, the Department of Environmental Conservation's waste management director, said the state is now looking over a list of approximately 25 other schools to figure out which should be the next in line for the water testing.
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23 days ago
Lab explosion injures two UD graduate students
Two graduate students were injured at the University of Delaware's Brown Laboratory following a chemical explosion and spill Wednesday.

Andrea Boyle Tippett, a spokeswoman for the university, said the students, both men, were taken to the hospital "out of an abundance of caution" to be treated for cuts and chemical exposure. 

The students were working on an inorganic chemistry experiment under a fume hood and were exposed to chromium oxide as a result of a "small, contained explosion" Tippett said.

John Farrell IV, a spokesman for Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder,  said the incident occurred at 12:59 p.m. Brown Laboratory is connected to Drake Hall, an academic building. 

By Wednesday evening, both buildings had reopened.

Several area fire companies, the New Castle County hazmat team, the university's hazmat team all responded to the scene, along with multiple ambulances. 

Firefighters and police officers could be seen being sprayed down at a decontamination station outside the building. Two UD police officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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23 days ago
Minnesota lawmakers ask for meeting on refinery explosion
U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum has asked the federal Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board to hold a public forum in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior, Wis., in early fall, citing "serious questions about the safety of U.S. refineries using hydrogen fluoride" in the wake of an explosion and fires at the Husky oil refinery in Superior in April.

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, and Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin also signed the letter Wednesday.

The accident on April 26 caused an enormous smoke plume, and forced the evacuation of thousands of people in a zone extending 10 miles south of Superior and three miles to the south and east.

The Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board is currently investigating the incident. In a preliminary report released in August, investigators say a failed valve caused the initial explosion.

Debris flew about 200 feet, puncturing a large storage tank, spilling more than 15,000 barrels of hot asphalt, which ignited a major subsequent fire.

The debris did not damage a tank about 150 feet away, containing 15,000 pounds of hydrogen fluoride, a highly toxic chemical that's used to make higher-octane gasoline. It's an acid that can cause lung damage when people are exposed to it.
us_WI  industrial  follow-up  environmental  hydrofluoric_acid 
23 days ago
Judge considering statute of limitations, plaintiffs' standing in MTBE-contamination lawsuit
CONCORD — A federal judge Tuesday gave a group of current and former West Swanzey residents a month to produce more evidence in a case involving five petroleum-related companies and residents’ claims that a fuel spill may have caused cancer and other illnesses.

The residents say they got cancer and other ailments after gasoline containing a toxic compound known as methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE, spilled from a nearby gas station in 1990 and contaminated their drinking water, according to a July document summarizing their claims. They also allege the value of their properties declined because of the spill, the document states.

Cleanup included removing about 440 tons of contaminated soil around the gas station.

Residents and their lawyer, Peter G. McGrath of Concord, have cast a wide net in the lawsuit, which they filed in 2016 in U.S. District Court in Concord. They are suing Amerada Hess Corp., CITGO Petroleum Corp. and Exxon Mobil Oil Corp. as manufacturers, marketers or suppliers of gasoline containing MTBE. They are also suing Shri Ganesh Corp., Peterborough Oil Co. and its former president Joseph Hart as current and former owners of the gas station on Route 10 where the spill occurred, according to a May document summarizing the defendants’ arguments.
us_NH  public  follow-up  environmental  gasoline 
24 days ago
Hazmat team responds to major gas leak
WACO, Texas (KWTX) The Waco Fire Department's hazmat team responded to a major natural gas leak after city workers struck a line around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday.

The leak was reported in the 1700 block of Austin Avenue.

The area has been blocked off while crews work the scene, and the Library was evacuated as a precaution.

Crews are monitoring the air while they wait on Atmos to shut the gas off.

The Waco Fire Department asks that people avoid the area.
us_TX  public  release  response  natural_gas 
24 days ago
Powerful explosive accidentally detonates at LANL
An explosion in a densely staffed sector of Los Alamos National Laboratory on Sept. 14 left one employee with multiple cuts and prompted lab officials to request emergency approval from the New Mexico Environment Department to safely detonate two compromised vessels containing highly explosive hazardous waste.

Both of the approximately 1.7-ounce containers were “unstable due to heat exposure and the presence of etching on the vessel exterior,” an incident report said.

“This condition posed an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment,” the report reads.

No radioactive material was involved in the incident, a lab spokesman said.

The detonation occurred during synthesis of a type of powerful non-nuclear explosive in development at LANL.

The injured worker, who sustained cuts to his or her hands caused by broken glassware, was treated at both Los Alamos Medical Center and University of New Mexico Hospital, the spokesman said. The employee has since been released and is back at work.
us_NM  laboratory  explosion  injury  waste 
24 days ago
Biofuel catches fire in Sarkeys lab during experiment, building temporarily evacuated
Fire trucks congregated outside Sarkeys Energy Center on Tuesday night after a biofuel caught fire inside an oven during a student lab experiment.

A student working alone in a lab placed a chemical called tetrahydrofuran in an oven to dry when it caught fire, said Justin Daniels, OU Fire Marshal. Officials responded just before 9 p.m. and the building was evacuated when fire alarms went off.

Daniels said the student had turned around to wash dishes when she heard a noise and saw flames in the oven. 

The student, who was not injured, handled the situation correctly by immediately leaving the area and alerting authorities of the situation, Daniels said, but should have left the oven closed to prevent oxygen from reaching the fire.

The chemical emits carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, so firefighters monitored carbon monoxide levels until they reached zero, Daniels said.

The oven in the lab sustained damage from the flames, which left the inside and surrounding walls blackened with soot and a glass window cracked from the high temperature, Daniels said.
us_OK  laboratory  fire  response  tetrahydrofuran 
24 days ago
Fertilizer fire in Wood County causes evacuations
A fire at a Winnsboro-area feed mill caused evacuations and road closures on Tuesday.

The fire was burning at Valley Feed Mill plant, which is near Brookshire's and Tractor Supply in the city.

Wood County officials confirm that ammonium nitrate is chemical involved in the fire. The fumes are considered toxic. Ammonium nitrate was the chemical involved in the explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas, in April 2013 that killed 15.

Wood County officials shut down Coke Road on both sides, and there were mandatory evacuations for homes and businesses within 1,000 feet of either direction due to toxic materials burning.
us_TX  industrial  fire  response  ammonium_nitrate 
24 days ago
Explosion at chemical plant in Arab
An explosion at an industrial plant in Arab left one man dead and part of the facility damaged.

Fire crews arrived at Umicore Specialty Chemicals shortly after the explosion happened around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Umicore is a worldwide company that works with cobalt and nickel specialty chemicals. USCA is a plant in Arab that focuses on producing and distributing various chemicals and has tanks on site.

The explosion happened in a new part of the plant where construction workers were on top of an empty chemical tank. The workers had been working on the tank for several months.

Arab Fire Department's Fire Chief, Ricky Phillips, said, "We arrived on the scene and assessed the situation to determine that a contract crew was working inside a new construction part of the building on a storage tank whenever the tank exploded."

There was not a chemical spill. The tank once was used to hold sulfuric acid, but had been previously washed out.

"Everything is contained to the plant, so there's no need for alarm," said Phillips.

One man is confirmed dead. There were no other injuries.

Authorities don't yet know what caused the explosion. OSHA is now taking over the investigation.
us_AL  industrial  explosion  death  unknown_chemical 
24 days ago
Fort Polk soldier convicted for illegally manufacturing chemical weapon
LAFAYETTE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - A Fort Polk soldier is spending the next 11 years of his life behind bars for manufacturing and using a chemical weapon in the Kisatchie National Forest. 

According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, 24-year-old Ryan Keith Taylor was sentenced to 135 months in prison Monday for producing, possessing, and using a chemical weapon in violation of federal law.

Taylor was also sentenced to five years of supervision upon release. 

We're told Taylor set off an explosive device containing chlorine gas on the morning of April 12, 2017 in the Kisatchie National Forest near Fort Polk.

Three U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting a training exercise nearby heard the explosions and found Taylor standing near his vehicle filming the explosion with his cell phone.

They then questioned Taylor and reported the incident to military police.

Upon arrival, Fort Polk military police investigators examined the scene and began collecting samples at the blast site.

One investigator filled a plastic bag with a rock coated in an unknown substance.

The bag immediately popped, and the investigator’s plastic gloves and boots began to melt. He also began to experience difficulty breathing and his skin started burning.
us_LA  industrial  explosion  injury  bomb  chlorine 
24 days ago
'No Deal' Brexit: Is the UK facing two years of chemicals 'chaos'?
The latest batch of technical notices outlining how the UK will cope in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit have sparked major concerns over the future of the UK's green energy, chemicals, and agriculture sectors.

Published by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) last night, the notices include what one commentator described as some of "the most honest" Brexit analysis so far, revealing the "chaos" that could engulf key sectors of the green economy if the UK crashes out of the EU with out a deal.

The latest tranche in the series of government updates deal with a wide range of green issues, including chemicals regulation, low-carbon power generation, food importing and exporting rules, food labelling rules, and the movement of plants across borders.
United_Kingdom  industrial  discovery  environmental 
24 days ago
Trinseo and AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) to Bring Workshops to Engineering Students in China
NEW YORK & BERWYN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 25, 2018--Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), a global materials company, today announced a new partnership with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) — a subsidiary of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) — to host process safety workshops for undergraduate chemical engineering students in China. The partnership was announced during the 6 th CCPS China Conference on Process Safety, held September 25–27 in Qingdao, China.

This is the first student workshop outside the U.S. of the AIChE/CCPS Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative, which combines process safety theory and real-world cases taught by process safety experts. Chemical engineering students from several universities in China will be invited to participate in a one-day “Student Workshop on Risk-Based Process Safety,” which will be held in 2019 at Trinseo’s manufacturing site at Zhangjiagang, China.

The curriculum of the workshops will be designed and delivered by CCPS, the authoritative global organization providing the technical community with expertise and proven curriculum materials on process safety. The student workshops in China will be delivered by Byron Sun, a safety expert and CCPS staff consultant. Sun has over 27 years of professional experience, including safety leadership roles at China Petrochemical Company (now SINOPEC) and DuPont China. Byron received a diploma from Shanghai Science and Technology University and a Master Degree from Tongji University.
China  industrial  discovery  environmental 
24 days ago
UPDATE: Aurelia residents back in their homes after ammonia leak
AURELIA, Iowa -- Aurelia residents who were forced to evacuate their homes Monday morning after a large anhydrous ammonia leak, were able to return that evening.

The Aurelia Police Department said the evacuation order was lifted at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Shortly after 10 a.m., a tank valve broke at the First Cooperative Association. For safety reasons, all residences and businesses east of Main Street and north of Highway 7 were evacuated. The evacuation area was later expanded to the west, as the wind changed direction.
us_IA  public  release  response  ammonia 
25 days ago
Tanks fall from truck, prompt hazmat response in North Andove
NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. (WHDH) - A busy section of Route 114 in North Andover was shut down during the height of Monday’s evening commute after acetylene and nitrogen tanks fell off a truck near Merrimack College, officials said.

The need for a hazmat response prompted officials to close the east and westbound sides of the road between the Route 125 Bypass and Wilson’s Corner for about two hours, according to the North Andover Police Department.

Four tanks in total fell from the truck, two of which were leaking, officials said.

Video from the scene showed crews loading the tanks into the back of a dump truck for transport.
us_MA  transportation  release  response  acetylene  nitrogen 
25 days ago
Contractor spills 1,300 gallons of jet fuel at Aspen airport
A contractor at the Aspen airport spilled more than 1,300 gallons of jet fuel Friday, though it was contained and did not reach water sources, an official said Monday.

The spill occurred after an Atlantic Aviation employee failed to follow protocols and did not check a fuel tank at the fixed base operation area before he began filling it, said Jonathan Jones, Atlantic Aviation general manager.

While it is difficult to estimate exactly how much fuel spilled, Jones said Monday his best guess was that it was about 1,325 gallons total.

Rick Balentine, Aspen fire chief, said he did not know about the spill until he was asked about it Monday.

"Something of this size, we should have been called immediately," Balentine said, noting that fire officials will investigate what happened.
us_CO  industrial  release  response  jet_fuel 
25 days ago
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