2 employees suffer minor injuries after acid leak at Upper Leacock Township plastics company
Two people were hospitalized with minor injuries after an acid leak at an industrial facility in Upper Leacock Township.

Officials responded to the hazmat incident at Superior Plastics, 110 Peters Road, midday Friday.

"The industrial facility had a 275-gallon tote of hydroflouric acid that got punctured or compromised and created a spill from this tote," said Bareville Fire Company Chief Eddie Oberholtzer.

The incident was reported as a spill at 11:45 a.m. and upgraded to a hazmat incident at 12:30 p.m., according to dispatches from Lancaster County-Wide Communications.

Emergency personnel made sure the building was evacuated and remained outside the building until a hazmat crew arrived, Oberholtzer said.
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Houses EVACUATED after ’chemical leak’ – people urged ‘shut all windows’
EVACUATED: Hundreds of residents were forced out of their homes by the leak tonight
Emergency services were scrambled to the incident in Oldbury, West Midlands at around 7pm.

They discovered ammonia was leaking from a building in an industrial estate surrounded by hundreds of homes.

All residents within a 100m radius were then evacuated amid fears as much as half-a-tonne of ammonia was leaking.

West Midlands Fire Service said six workers had been in the site at the time of the leak and managed to get out in time. They have not been seriously injured.
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Mountaire Selbyville chemical spill closes road, injures six
A midday chemical spill closed Hosier Street in Selbyville on Thursday, June 12, at Mountaire’s Selbyville poultry processing plant.

According to authorities, a forklift operator inadvertently pierced a hole in a 500-gallon container of peracetic acid around 11:40 a.m. The hazmat incident occurred at the main building at 55 Hosier Street, right where live-haul trucks are backed into the plant, which sometimes briefly stops traffic.

Mountaire uses peracetic acid as a disinfectant. It’s related to peroxide, a compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but can be corrosive.

“Mountaire received it in diluted form, [which] basically turns into a very strong vinegar, and that’s what the smell was — of a strong vinegar — on the scene,” said Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Matt Sliwa. “We’re lucky that they get a diluted version,” he said, because at full strength, peracetic acid is lethal at an exposure of between 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce per 150-pound person, according to the EPA.
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Pennsylvania Army depot explosion leaves 1 dead, 2 remain hospitalized
One person has died following an explosion at a Pennsylvania army depot housing missiles and ammunition, officials said Friday.

Two Letterkenny Army Depot employees remain hospitalized in critical but stable condition, the facility said in a statement. At least five employees were affected by the explosion overall.
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Five people taken to hospital following ammonia leak in Kwinana
FIVE people were taken to hospital “as a precaution” following an ammonia leak near a fertiliser plant at the Kwinana Beach Jetty terminal this morning.

The leak occurred around 10.30am Saturday during the routine unloading of the liquid form of ammonia from a supply ship to an onshore CSBP storage tank.

During the unloading process, a small amount of ammonia gas was inadvertently released into the atmosphere.

A CSBP employee, two ship crew members and two third-party contractors were taken to hospital for examination.

St John Ambulance confirmed it had conveyed people to hospital after they inhaled ammonia, although it tweeted their exposure to the chemical was not life-threatening.
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Ammonia Leak In North Portland Forces Evacuations
Portland, Oregon – Hazmat crews from Portland Fire and Rescue are responding to a chemical leak at the Widmer Brothers Brewery in North Portland. They got the 911 call just after 4am this morning. It’s an ammonia leak, and it’s contained to inside the building’s basement. Newspartner KGW reports that crews say there are no concerns for the nearby area. It’s not toxic enough to cause any problems to the neighborhood. Crews are stopping the leak and venting the building. Workers there reported smelling something overnight and called first responders. It’s unclear if any workers had to go to the hospital.
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Oxygen Explosion At Kaiser Building: Details, Photos
SANTA ROSA, CA — More information was released Thursday about a hazardous materials explosion Wednesday at a Kaiser Permanente building in Santa Rosa that prompted authorities to close surrounding roadways, including U.S. Highway 101, and evacuate the medical complex. Assistant Santa Rosa fire Marshal Paul Lowenthal said crews were dispatched at 2:35 p.m. Wednesday to multiple reports of an explosion at Kaiser Medical Office Building 5, 3925 Old Redwood Highway.

The first units arrived on scene in under six minutes and determined that the explosion happened as a big rig hauling a trailer full of liquefied oxygen was there to deliver the oxygen to an onsite tank at the back of Building 5, Lowenthal said.

The explosion resulted in major damage to the back of the trailer as well as equipment affixed to the exterior of the building.
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Five Injured in Explosion and Fire at Pennsylvania Army Depot
An apparent explosion and resulting fire injured five people at an Army depot in southern Pennsylvania on Thursday, a military spokeswoman said. The cause of the blast was being investigated.

The explosion took place in the morning at the Letterkenny Army Depot, an 18,000-acre site in the borough of Chambersburg, Lisa Hunter, a spokeswoman for the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command, said in a statement.

It set off a fire in the “paint shop” of a building at the site, where paint and thinner are stored and mixed to eventually be sprayed on parts and other products, she said.
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Steam Pipe Explosion Spewed Asbestos Into Flatiron District: Gothamist
An steam pipe explosion at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street in Manhattan sent clouds of vapor into the air this morning around 6:30 a.m., and caused over two dozen nearby buildings to be evacuated. Five minor injuries have been reported.
While the source of the explosion is still under investigation, city officials say the pipe was lined with asbestos. Those in the area at the time of the blast are encouraged by Con Edison to bag their clothes and shower; the FDNY has already decontaminated 100 first responders a few blocks from the scene.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown. At a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Bill de Blasio said it will be a few days before residents of the affected area can return. According to the mayor, there had not been any recent work done around the site.
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Southwestern Montana town evacuated in chemical lab incident
The small unincorporated community of Norris, near Bozeman, is reopened after authorities evacuated it on Tuesday while potential explosives were removed from a laboratory.

The Environmental Protection Agency says Norris Lab is located along Hot Springs Creek and did chemical testing for the mining industry. The lab was shut down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently after investigators found "hundreds of improperly stored and abandoned containers of hazardous substances at the facility."

The EPA says many of the volatile compounds were exposed to the elements, and the soil around the facility is contaminated with byproducts from lab testing.

A storm drain in the lab empties into Hot Springs Creek, according to the EPA.

Photos of the lab also show messy jumbles of chemical containers and a bathroom where hazardous materials were flushed down the toilet, according to the EPA.

A Missoula County bomb squad, along with several other agencies, responded to help remove dangerous explosives and other chemicals from the site this week.
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Akron chemical plant that exploded has history of EPA, safety violations
AKRON, Ohio - Emerald Performance Materials, the company that owns the West Emerling Avenue chemical plant that exploded Wednesday in Akron, was previously forced to pay more than $200,000 in fines as a result of health and safety violations, records show.

An unannounced 2011 inspection by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found the plant in violation of four requirements the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, including a failure to identify chemical leaks.

The EPA filed a federal suit related to those violations saying Emerald was a "major source" for hazardous air pollutants, or HAPs. "Emerald uses styrene, butadiene and acrylonitrile, which are all HAPs." Those chemicals have been known to contribute to the cause of cancer.

"Emerald failed to identify connectors with an instrument meter reading greater than 500 parts per million as a detected leak," according to the EPA notice issued to the company on Dec. 20, 2011.

The plant also failed to maintain periodic reports, keep records of repairs for two years, or clearly identify leaking equipment with a tag.

As a result of the lawsuit, Emerald Performance Materials was fined $90,070.
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2 people injured in battery tank fire in southern New Mexico
Authorities say two people have been injured after a battery tank fire at an oil refinery in southern New Mexico.

The fire broke out Wednesday afternoon at a refinery a few miles east of Loving and triggered a hazmat situation.

KRQE-TV reports that six tanks caught fire and the area around the refinery was evacuated.

Refinery officials say a perimeter at least a mile in all directions has been secured.
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Crews respond to Hazmat incident in West Greenwich
Crews in West Greenwich were on the scene of a hazmat incident Wednesday night.
They responded to Cranston Trucking on Hopkins Hill Road.
The fire chief told NBC 10 that a forklift punctured a 55 gallon drum filled with some type of corrosive chemical.
One person suffered minor injuries but did not need to be transported.
The road was closed for a time but reopened.
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Deadly blast in China highlights uneven enforcement of safety regulations
huge blast followed by a blaze on July 12 at a chemical plant in southwest China killed 19 people and injured 12 more. The accident suggests that in spite of stricter enforcement of safety regulations since 2015, when an explosion at a chemical warehouse in Tianjin killed 173 people, some Chinese firms continue to operate under lax, or even nonexistent, government supervision.
The accident, China’s worst involving chemicals since Tianjin, occurred at Hengda Technology, located in the Sichuan province city of Yibin. Little is known about the company, which doesn’t seem to have a website. Statements released by local and national authorities indicate that the company produced or handled unspecified hazardous chemicals.
Preliminary findings by China’s Ministry of Emergency Management show that Hengda was in breach of the most basic regulations. The ministry says the firm, although in an industrial park, did not have the proper licenses to operate. What the company did, how it did it, and who was employed there were unknown to authorities, the ministry found. Local authorities had failed to supervise the plant, the ministry added.
Following the 2015 blast in Tianjin, where investigators had discovered numerous safety violations and evidence of high-level corruption, China’s central government launched a three-year plan to tighten safety at industrial sites. Since then, thousands of chemical plants have been ordered to relocate to industrial parks away from residential areas.
Companies ordering or handling chemicals also have had to cope with new restrictions on shipping and warehousing, but Hengda appears to have escaped notice.
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Hazmat Team Called to Danforth Building For Report Of Arsenic – Framingham Source
FRAMINGHAM – A hazmat team was called to the Danforth building on Union Avenue this afternoon, July 17.

A man reported he had a poison in his vehicle parked at the Danforth building, said Framingham Assistant Fire Chief Michael Dutcher.

Firefighters were called at 1:50 p.m. to the scene, after the man walked into the Framingham Police Station and said his arsenic.

“We just cleared the scene at 4:10 p.m.,” said the Dutcher, after discovering it was not “arsenic.”
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Gas plant explosions prompt evacuation near Bellville
Several explosions and fires were reported at a gas plant in Austin County Tuesday morning, forcing the evacuation of nearby residents.
No injuries have been reported at the Western International Gas plant on Highway 159. The plant, which is the corporate headquarters of the company, is northeast of Bellville, about 63 miles northwest of Houston. According to KPRC TV, the incident was reported about 6 a.m.
Company representatives could not be reached for comment. A Louisiana operator for the company said, "Communication is down (at the corporate headquarters)."
According to the company's website, Western International Gas supplies acetylene, cylinders, valves and fuel gases. Acetylene is a high-temperature gas used for welding and cutting, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
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Chemical leak: EPA says no contamination beyond containment area
The clean up of a Hydrochloric acid leak that led to a nearly four-hour evacuation of homes and businesses on Monday in Weathersfield moved into its second day.

As the clean-up of nearly 2400 gallons of the flammable and potentially explosive chemical continued, 21 News has learned that there is an on-going investigation by the EPA into what happened and who, if anyone, should be held responsible.

The leak was discovered just before 7:30 Monday morning.

Firefighters thought they were responding to a fire and quickly learned it was not smoke, but vapors from the chemical that were leaking from a tanker in back of Predator Trucking.

Captain Raymond Knepper says, "They had a couple of little hot spots that they had to dig up that still remained, but it's being treated and neutralized by the chemicals they need to neutralize it with, and it's going to be covered up with Limestone gravel."
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Chemical spill cleaned up at Whitney Point High School
WHITNEY POINT (WBNG) -- Several emergency response teams rushed to Whitney Point Senior High School Tuesday after a chemical spill.

"A box of chemicals fell off a cart. We immediately evacuated the building and called the response teams," said Whitney Point Central School District Patricia Follette.

A specialist was visiting the school to organize chemicals in the chemistry lab.

A custodian accidentally spilled nitric acid, a highly-corrosive substance.

The specialist let the school know right away and seven response teams came to the scene.

"A hazardous materials incident is quite involved, so it takes multiple resources so we like to do  Office of Emergency Services which is assisted by both HAZMAT teams, New York State Police and obviously the local fire departments, Whitney Point, Lisle, Chenango and Broome County Emergency Squad was here for EMS coverage," said Broome County Fire Coordinator Jeffrey Buckler.

By the time the teams made it into the building, officials said the chemicals had stopped reacting.

"They were no longer off-gassing, basically mitigated the hazard side of the situation in a very short time frame," said Buckler.
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Chemical company's Edmonton sites the scene of multiple fires since December
Edmonton firefighters have responded to a rash of fires — the most recent of which was last week —​ at locations used by American chemical company Hexion Inc.

Three separate fires since Dec. 28, 2017, have caused nearly $1 million in damage to structures and products owned by the company, said Edmonton Fire Rescue Services spokesperson Maya Filipovic.

In last week's incident, fire crews responded to alarms at a complex near 154th Street and 128th Avenue. They discovered a burning vessel used to house chemicals in one of the buildings, Filipovic said.

Three hazardous materials units helped firefighters evacuate the building. The fire was brought under control and put out within three hours of the initial alarm.

One person, an associate of the company, "was taken as a precaution to the hospital for treatment," said Hexion Inc. spokesperson John Kompa.

Kompa emphasized the fire was small and said Hexion is conducting an internal investigation "to identify the causes and any necessary measures to prevent such an occurrence in the future."
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Company's illegal practices behind fatal chemical plant blast
CHENGDU, July 17 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Emergency Management on Tuesday said that a company responsible for a fatal blast in southwest China's Sichuan Province had been involved in illegal production.
The blast killed 19 and injured 12 on July 12 at the Hengda chemical plant in an industrial park in Yibin City. Hengda, registered in June 2015, mainly produces chemical products.
Officials with the ministry said the blast was a production safety accident caused by serious violation of laws and regulations.
A preliminary investigation showed that the company lacked the conditions or ability to ensure safety in production, and production facilities were not installed with adequate safety equipment.
The investigation also showed that the local government lacked safety awareness and relevant departments failed to conduct adequate supervision.
The provincial government organized an investigation after the blast, and a number of suspects have been detained.
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4 days ago
Firefighters rush to contain chemical leak at Ben Gurion Airport
Over one hundred gallons of acid spilled Monday inside a building at Ben Gurion International Airport located near Terminal 1, an auxilliary passenger terminal.

The 400-liter leak (about 105 gallons) was being monitored by experts in order to determine whether the chemicals were hazardous to the health of individuals in the area.

Firefighters and hazmat teams rushed to the scene of the spill to prevent the chemical leak from spreading and in case a mass evacuation of passengers from the terminal was necessary.
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5 days ago
U of A Building Evacuated Because of Alarming Odor
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) -- A University of Arkansas building was evacuated because of a smell that made people cough.

Captain Gary Crain with the University of Arkansas Police Department said Monday evening that the Nanoscale Technology Building on Dickson Street was being evacuated because of a smell making people cough.

Fayetteville fire and hazmat crews are on the scene accessing the situation. Nothing alarming was detected with hazmat instruments, Crain said.

Emergency responders were notified about the odor at 5:06 pm.

Police originally thought it was a natural gas leak.

Dickson Street from Arkansas to Duncan avenues was briefly shut down.
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Hazmat incident reported at Brush Creek Park
NORTH SEWICKLEY TWP. — A hazmat team was called Monday afternoon to Brush Creek Park for an undisclosed incident.

Officials at the Beaver County 911 Center confirmed that the hazmat team, as well as the North Sewickley Township fire and police departments, were called to the park, but dispatchers would not release more details.

Crews were called to the park at about 3:45 p.m., officials said.

The incident is the second situation requiring a hazmat team on Monday. A two-vehicle crash at about 9 a.m. at the intersection of Route 65 and Eighth Street in Ambridge required the team. Two cans of radiation matter flew from one vehicle out into the street, but the cans did not open.
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DRDO: A liability for India
It is no secret that India aspires to be a regional power. However, ambition must be backed by responsibility.A spate of accidents in the sensitive Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), have left Indians wondering whether its scientists can be trusted with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

According to Indian media, on June 19 2018, a blast took place while workers were handling explosive material at DRDO laboratory in Pune’s Hinjawadi area. Resultantly, one worker was killed and another injured. The incident occurred at the High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL), a premier unit of the DRDO. The workers were cutting and dividing explosive material into samples when it exploded.

HEMRL is dedicated to research and development on high energy materials like propellants and high-power explosives as well as pyrotechnics. The laboratory has played a key role in development of Indian missile systems, including Prithvi, Agni, Akash and Nag. The lab is also used to test missile prototypes to check their propellants. The laboratory is spread over 800 acres of the land in Pashan and Sutarwadi area.
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5 days ago
Appeals court upholds damages awarded in Iberia Parish chemical plant explosion
LAKE CHARLES – Louisiana's 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal recently upheld a ruling by the 16th Judicial District Court in Iberia Parish concerning damages related to a chemical fire in Iberia Parish on June 14, 2011. 

In the appeals court decision earlier this month, Judge Marc T. Amy declared that “... We find support for the trial court’s awards for general damages to each of the bellwether plaintiffs as well as for its award of special damages to a number of plaintiffs.”

This lawsuit was filed by Robert J. Broussard and other residents who claimed they suffered serious health effects from the explosion at the Multi-Chem plant in New Iberia. According to local authorities, residents within a five-mile radius of the plant were ordered to evacuate, but later the order was issued to only those living in a one-mile radius.

Although the appeals court upheld most of the awards Iberia Parish court, it reversed a few of the awards concerning mental anguish. “We further maintain the trial court’s award for mental anguish resulting from fear of developing cancer made to seven of the bellwether plaintiffs, but reverse the five awards for which there was no evidentiary basis,” Amy said.
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Chemical Described as Skin and Eye Irritant Spills, Closes North Glassell Street in Orange
A chemical described as a skin and eye irritant was spilled Monday and resulted in the closure of the north and south lanes of North Glassell Street in Orange, authorities said.

A call was received about 12:25 p.m. about a "hazardous release" or spill from a truck, which carried the chemical Isocyanate, that was stopped in a parking lot, said Ian MacDonald of the City of Orange Fire Department.

The spill was described as a "limited amount of liquid" and part of the truck's cargo, MacDonald stated.

Isocyanate is a skin and eye irritant that is reactive with water and flammable, MacDonald said.

North Glassell Street was closed between Meats and Grove Avenue, the City of Orange Police Department said in a Twitter message.
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Slime toys could have 'potentially unsafe levels' of boron, says Which?
Some children's slime toys contain potentially unsafe levels of a chemical which can cause vomiting and impair fertility, according to Which?.
An investigation by the consumer group into 11 popular slime products found eight contained higher than recommended levels of a chemical called boron.
One product had more than four times the EU safety limit, the tests found.
Which? is advising parents to "approach slime with caution" and said retailers and the government must do more.
It also urged parents to be careful when choosing to make "homemade slime", adding that some ingredients used to make slime - such as some contact lens solutions - contain borax, which is made up of boron.
Slime became one of 2017's biggest crazes, with millions of people sharing pictures on Instagram and watching DIY slime-making videos on YouTube.
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Hydrochloric acid: Household cleaner and evacuation-inducing chemical
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - There were big problems along N. State Street in Weathersfield on Monday after 2,500 gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled. People had to leave their homes and businesses had to close but now the real clean-up can begin.

The chemical did not travel off of Predator Trucking's property and no waterways were affected. Still, a mandatory evacuation was put in place.

The acid itself is corrosive and concentrated forms release acidic mists that are dangerous, especially in large quantities.
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5 days ago
Sparks from Plug Cause Explosion at Grand Wijaya  
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The police revealed gas leak allegedly caused the explosion at Grand Wijaya Center complex, South Jakarta, on Thursday, July 12. The blast damaged a car, broke window glasses of five buildings in the area, and injured a person.

South Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Indra Jafar suspected the gas leak came from a regulator of a 12-kilogram LPG canister. The gas kept leaking and filled the air up to the third floor of business and management consulting firm PT Provalindo Nusa’s building.

A spark from an electrical plug then triggered the explosion. “It allegedly triggered a big explosion,” said Indra at the scene on Thursday, July 12.
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Minor chemical spill at SHU campus
A minor chemical spill Thursday night at Siena Heights University required services by the county hazardous materials, but did not disrupt campus activity.

SHU officials reported Friday a container filled with chemicals was found leaking by a custodian in one of the biology classrooms in the science building.

The Adrian Fire Department was dispatched to the scene at 8:48 p.m., said Capt. Aric Massengill. Adrian Fire Department’s interim fire chief. The chemical was not identified, prompting fire and university officials to call the county hazmat team to assist in cleaning up the small spill.

“The hazmat team determined the spill was not hazardous to anyone outside the room and posed no immediate risk to the campus,” Massengill said.

There were no reported injuries and campus life continued as normal, university officials reported.
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6 days ago
Investigation into deadly chemical plant blast in SW China begins
Authorities have started investigating the cause of the deadly blast of a chemical plant in southwest China’s Sichuan Province as supervision loopholes emerge.

The Sichuan provincial work safety department heads the investigation team. Those responsible for the tragedy will be held to account based on solid and clear investigation results, said a statement released by the department.

The blast occurred at about 6:40 pm Thursday in an industrial park of Jiang’an County in the city of Yibin, which claimed the lives of 19 people and injured another 12.

Buildings of the chemical plant caught fire after the blast. /Photo from Jiang’an County TV Station
“We will actively cooperate with the investigation team to find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible and reflect on our oversight,” Zhu Li, head of the county, said during the news conference on Friday.

Though it’s not known when a conclusion can be made, local officials acknowledged that loopholes have existed in the supervision of the Hengda Technology Company that ran the plant.
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6 days ago
How Europe’s chemical industry learned to love REACH
The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), Europe’s leading chemical industry association, has made a U-turn in its view of REACH, Europe’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals legislation. After years of kicking and screaming to resist REACH—the biggest and most expensive body of chemicals regulation ever introduced—Cefic has emerged as its biggest advocate.
Cefic Director General Marco Mensink and his colleagues now argue that if chemical firms around the world buy into a REACH-style system, which requires safety data on individual substances, then European chemical firms will be able to show that their products are among the safest and should face fewer barriers to trade.
This attitude marks an about-face in Cefic’s approach to REACH, industry critics say. REACH was conceived in the 1990s as a way to regulate chemicals in the European Union and encourage substitution of dangerous substances. It entered into force on June 1, 2007, and is administered by the European Chemicals Agency, or ECHA.
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6 days ago
Hundreds of gallons of gas spill behind Miami business – WSVN 7News
MIAMI (WSVN) - Crews are working to clean up a major gasoline spill in Miami.

According to City of Miami Fire Rescue, hundreds of gallons of gas spilled from a tanker truck that was parked behind Jet Ski of Miami, located along Northwest 39th Street and 29th Avenue.

Hazmat crews were called to the scene just after 10:30 p.m., Thursday.
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7 days ago
Chlorine Drum Rupture Shuts Down Nomahegan Swim Club in Westfield
WESTFIELD, NJ — A ruptured chlorine drum has forced closure of Nomahegan Swim Club on Springfield Avenue Friday afternoon.

According to a Westfield police officer on the scene, a 1,000-gallon drum of chlorine ruptured.

In addition to the swim club being closed, some area streets around the swim club near the border of Mountainside and Springfield were cordoned off. According to one Westfield officer, one side of Nomahegan Drive, which backs up to the edge of the swim club's property, underwent a voluntary evacuation by its residents. Residents were informed by police around 3 p.m. that it was safe to return.*
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7 days ago
SF sewage treatment plant partially evacuated for HazMat situation
A building at a sewage treatment plant near Lake Merced Park was evacuated Friday morning as San Francisco fire officials responded to a hazardous materials situation, authorities said.
Tyler Gamble, a spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, said the incident was reported because of a potential overheating of an odor-control tank. Non-essential employees were evacuated from one of five buildings on the campus, he said.
Just before noon, officials sent a text notification to avoid the area around the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant at 3500 Great Highway. The warning was lifted at 2:45 p.m.
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7 days ago
Scientist to investigate apparent chemical drip from bridge
ROYALTON, Vt. (AP) A Vermont state scientist will be investigating an apparent chemical drip from a Royalton bridge into the White River.

During a recent heat wave, multiple people who were tubing on the river say they suffered chemical burns on their skin after the black wood preservative creosote dripped off the bridge and into the water. The Valley News reports sand, concrete and vegetation beneath the bridge are streaked with the oily substance.

The bridge drippings have been an intermittent feature of the bridge for an estimated 30 years. The state Department of Environmental Conservation sent a scientist to inspect the bridge Thursday.

The Royalton Select Board expressed concern for the public's safety during a Tuesday night meeting, but members said they were not sure how to proceed.
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7 days ago
Software-Based Chemical Screen Could Minimize Animal Testing
Worldwide, millions of animals are used for toxicity testing of compounds intended for human and environmental use. Now, toxicologists have developed software that can accurately predict the outcomes of these assays. 

The researchers compiled information from public databases including PubChem and the US National Toxicology Program on 10 million chemical structures and existing chemical safety data to develop an algorithm that was at least as reliable than animal testing itself. The tool was 87 percent accurate in predicting animal testing results, while repeating the animal tests was only, on average, on-target 81 percent of the time. The results were published this week (July 11) in Toxicological Sciences.

“There is no doubt that this is an innovative approach,” Fiona Sewell, a program manager in toxicology and regulatory sciences at the National Centre for Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animal in Research in the U.K. who was not involved in the work, writes in an email to The Scientist. “Time will tell whether, in practice it delivers a reliable alternative to methods based on experimental animals.”

“I am extremely optimistic about this and other similar tools to limit animal testing,” says Andrew Rowan, chief scientific officer for The Humane Society of the United States who was also not involved in the work. “Using animals to predict human safety is significantly flawed and very expensive. It takes three years to do comprehensive testing while a tool like this takes minutes.”
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7 days ago
China detains suspects after blast at chemical plant
BEIJING, China – Authorities have detained "several" suspects in wake of an explosion at a chemical plant in southwest China that left 19 dead and injured 12 others, state media said.

The blast occurred at 6:30 pm (1030 GMT) Thursday, July 12 at an industrial park in Sichuan province's Yibin city, according to a statement on the website of the local work safety administration.

Photos on a local news website showed what appeared to be the burned out shell of a building surrounded by rubble.

The building was owned by chemical manufacturer Hengda, which was "conducting illegal construction at the plant which had not passed safety and fire control checks", the official Xinhua news agency said late Friday, July 13, citing local authorities.
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7 days ago
Emergency Crews Respond to Hazmat Incident in Martinez
Contra Costa County emergency crews were at the scene of a hazmat incident inside the Union Pacific Railroad Ozol Yard in Martinez Thursday afternoon.
Hazardous Materials personnel responded to the scene after being notified of a chemical smell coming from tank cars within the yard on Berrellesa and Embarcadero Streets.
One Contra Costa Fire Department engine assisted hazmat and railroad crews as they took on proper procedures and no injuries have been reported.
The incident remains under investigation.
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9 days ago
Chemical mishap forces evacuation of North Shore Golf Club
HARRISON - The pro shop at North Shore Golf Club was evacuated Thursday after two chemicals — chlorine and muriatic acid — inadvertently were mixed together.

One man was taken to a hospital after he inhaled fumes of muriatic acid. The condition of the man was not immediately known.

Authorities responded to the golf club, N8421 N. Shore Road, shortly after 9 a.m. for a medical call.

Chief Deputy Brett Bowe of the Calumet County Sheriff's Office said the pro shop has a 55-gallon barrel of chlorine and a 30-gallon barrel of muriatic acid that are used to treat the water in the golf club's outdoor swimming pool.
us_WI  public  release  injury  chlorine  hydrochloric_acid 
9 days ago
Hazmat teams respond to DeKalb chemical production plant after employee burned by acid
DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — DeKalb County hazmat teams are responding after a worker apparently spilled a corrosive material on himself.

According to officials with the DeKalb County Fire Department, an employee at Lonza, Inc. in Conley, Georgia was handling chromic acid when some of it spilled on him. The spill caused burns on 10 percent of his body. Emergency crews transported the person to Grady Hospital, where he is reportedly in stable condition.
us_GA  industrial  release  injury  chromic_acid 
9 days ago
I-85 reopens after tanker carrying explosive chemicals overturne
ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) -
A section of I-85 in Anderson County that closed after a fiery tanker crash Thursday reopened early Friday morning.

Troopers said two crashes actually occurred on both sides of the interstate near mile marker 22. Smoke was visible over the interstate.

Witnesses shared photos of a tanker on fire after the crash.

Firefighters said the tanker was carrying 9,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical fertilizer that is highly explosive. Residents in a one-mile radius of the tanker were evacuated. The evacuations were lifted around 8:20 p.m. 
us_SC  transportation  fire  response  ammonium_nitrate 
9 days ago
Chemical tank explosion near Cairo Airport injures 12: Army
CAIRO: A strong explosion at a chemical tank near Cairo airport in the east of the Egyptian capital has left at least a dozen people injured, the army said on Thursday night.

Witnesses reported the blast after hearing a loud noise, and images of flames and smoke were shared on social media.

Security sources said the 12 injured people were taken to hospital for treatment.

Army spokesman Tamer el-Refai said on Twitter an “increase in heat” caused the explosion, which took place at a company specialising in “chemical industries” in an area controlled by the army.
Egypt  industrial  explosion  injury  unknown_chemical 
9 days ago
BREAKING: Mountaire Selbyville chemical spill closes road, injures six
A midday chemical spill closed Hosier Street on Thursday, June 12, at Mountaire’s Selbyville poultry processing plant.

According to authorities, a forklift operator inadvertently pierced a hole in a 500-gallon container of peracetic acid around 11:40 a.m.

The hazmat incident occurred at the main building at 55 Hosier Street, right where live-haul trucks back into the plant, which sometimes briefly stops traffic.

Mountaire uses peracetic acid as a disinfectant. It’s related to peroxide, a compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

“Mountaire received it in diluted form, [which] basically turns into a very strong vinegar, and that’s what the smell was, of a strong vinegar on the scene,” said Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Matt Sliwa. “We’re lucky that they get a diluted version” because at full strength, peracetic acid is lethal between one teaspoon to one ounce per 150-pound person (according to the EPA).
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9 days ago
Chemical use was in focus 4 yrs ago too
Panaji: The use of the cancer-causing chemical, formalin, to preserve fish in exports from Goa had surfaced in Kerala four years ago, after an advocate filed a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking compliance of food safety rules. A report submitted before the Kerala high court in January 2014 in connection with the PIL filed by join food safety commissioner K Anil Kumar, had stated that some samples of fish analysed to verify if formalin had been used as a preservative, had tested positive. Advocate A G Basil had filed the PIL alleging malpractices in the food industry and had prayed for a direction to ensure that the food sold adhered to provisions of the Food Safety Act and Rules.
Formalin had been found in the fish brought into Kerala from Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and the governments of the coastal states had been informed, the court was told. But, the Goa food and drugs administration (FDA) had responded to the issue by stating that analysis of some samples had proven negative. “We had taken some samples, but found nothing in the fish samples,” an FDA official had said.
Subsequently, a couple of years ago, the FDA had done more analyses but did not find formalin in the samples, sources said. tnn
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9 days ago
China: 19 Dead, 12 Injured in a Chemical Plant Blast
(BEIJING) — A blast in an industrial park in a southwestern province has killed 19 people and injured 12 others, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said Friday.

The blast occurred at the Yibin Hengda Technology Co., a chemical plant in an industrial park in the city of Yibin in Sichuan province at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Xinhua said.

Xinhua cited the Jiang’an county government as saying the fire was put out on Friday morning and the injured were in stable condition.

Efforts have been made to improve work safety standards but deadly industrial accidents remain common in China, where enforcement of safety regulations can sometimes be lax.
China  industrial  explosion  death  unknown_chemical 
9 days ago
One Injured in Explosion, Fire at Ocean Beach Apartment
One person was injured in an explosion Wednesday at a second story apartment in Ocean Beach.

The incident happened around 2:20 p.m. in the 2000 block of Bacon Street, about five blocks away from Ocean Beach Park.

“First thing when company got here, we saw a light smoke. Immediately put out the fire,” San Diego Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Ed Kinnamon said. “It was confined to the top one-bed-room studio on the second floor.”

One person was burned in and transported to UC San Diego Medical Center.

“I did see some flames in the living room (of the burned apartment) when I came out of my apartment,” neighbor Antoinette Davis said

Because of the nature of the injuries, San Diego County Mobile Adolescent Services Team, SDFD, SDFD Hazmat, San Diego Hazmat, as well as the San Diego Police Department, were called in to investigate.
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9 days ago
Sediment remains a big problem for Baltimore waterways
BALTIMORE (WBFF) - It was a sight that made everyone in Baltimore do a double-take and ask, "What is that?"
Turns out it was sediment leaking into the harbor last month. It was being illegally pumped into the city's storm drains by a construction crew.
"We see things like this all the time, just on a smaller scale," said Alice Volpitta, the lead water-quality scientist with Blue Water Baltimore.
The sight prompted a hazmat scare, second looks and plenty of questions at the end of June.
"People saw this white plume coming out in the harbor and obviously they freaked out," Volpitta said.
The discolored water was caused by a construction crew over a mile away discarding sediment into a storm drain.
"This was illegal and it shouldn't have happened," Volpitta said.
She adds it's a daily battle fighting this type of stormwater pollution.
"We're really trying to get the word out to people all over the city that our storm drains are our streams. So, our streets are our streams. What that means is, anytime you put anything down your local storm drain it's going right into the nearest waterway," she said.
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9 days ago
Student burned by fire in UMass Amherst lab
AMHERST - A female student was burned by a fire at a UMass Amherst research laboratory Tuesday afternoon, said Mary Dettloff, Deputy Director of the school's Office of News and Media Relations. 

Dettloff said a "flash fire" occurred in the Conte Polymer Research Center around 4:10 p.m., causing the woman to suffer minor injuries to her hands and arms.

A male student also suffered minor injuries when he activated one of the fire alarms in the lab. 

The Amherst Fire Department responded to the lab and proceeded to evacuate the building until the fire had been put out. 

The female student was taken for treatment at a local hospital.

Officials did not comment on what caused the fire. 
us_MA  laboratory  fire  injury  plastics 
9 days ago
Man sentenced in meth lab fire at Jackson's Cascades Motel
BLACKMAN TWP., MI - A Jackson man has been sentenced to 40 months to 20 years in prison for his connection to a May 2017 fire at the Cascades Motel.

Corey Hill, 39, pleaded guilty to one count of operating a methamphetamine laboratory, said Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. 

An investigation by the Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety determined the May 1, 2017 fire was the result of a meth lab.

The fire broke out in one of the rooms at the Cascades Motel, 6745 Ann Arbor Road, around 1 a.m. Guests were forced to evacuate the motel. 
us_MI  public  follow-up  response  clandestine_lab 
9 days ago
Scientists: Salmon contains toxic chemicals
In 2004, the United States and Europe banned toxic chemical PDBEs, as it may enter the environment, in food and disrupt hormones in humans. Scientists conducted a study which showed that in feed for salmon and salmon contains a high level of PDBEs.

Experts said that the fish that are grown for supermarkets, the US and the UK may be prohibited toxic chemicals associated with developmental problems in children.

The United States and most of Europe is trying to eliminate this toxic substance since 2004 of all waters and get rid of him wild fish.

A group of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh found PDBE food fed to farmed salmon, even among supposedly free from toxin.

Leading expert Carl NG warns that the chemicals found in high concentrations, may be on our plates.
public  discovery  environmental  toxics 
9 days ago
Johnson Controls unit Tyco expands plan to treat tainted water
A Johnson Controls-owned manufacturer is providing additional water treatment systems to homes and businesses in Marinette, in northeastern Wisconsin, where chemicals used by the company have been found in groundwater and are part of a group of compounds attracting attention nationally for their potential health impacts.

The announcement by Tyco Fire Products to install additional systems comes after the release of a draft federal report in June that showed people exposed to the chemicals face greater health risks to illnesses ranging from liver damage to cancer than previously known. 

Tyco said in a statement that it is offering to pay for, install and maintain the systems in 37 additional homes and businesses where the presence of compounds, known as perfluorinated chemicals, have been detected. The initial details were posted on its website devoted to the groundwater problems on July 5.

That’s a change from efforts last December when the company provided bottled water to properties where a pair of the chemical compounds were found in drinking water but were below a health advisory level from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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9 days ago
Creek Turnpike reopened after chemical spill near 71st Street
TULSA -- Northbound lanes of the Creek Turnpike near 71st Street have closed after a chemical spill.

Officials said a truck carrying 550 gallons of bleach heading toward Arkansas spilled a couple ounces around 1:30 p.m.

Officials said bleach has the potential for toxic fumes so hazmat is cleaning up.

Officials said they caught the truck early and pulled it over. They said it could have all leaked if they didn’t catch him so soon.

Lanes are back open and a small portion of one northbound lane is closed but no traffic or congestion here.
us_OK  transportation  release  response  bleach 
9 days ago
Fuel truck fire closes 611
TANNERSVILLE — Firefighters’ quick actions prevented a catastrophe Wednesday afternoon on Route 611, just north of Warner Road, in Pocono Township.

A tanker truck carrying diesel fuel for Penn Tank Lines was heading north on Route 611 shortly before 3:40 p.m. when its cab caught fire.

“I heard a loud boom,” a neighbor living in the area said, declining to be identified. “I looked out my window and saw the truck out front with the front part on fire.”

By the time the neighbor saw the fire, the unidentified driver had pulled over, in front of Bartonsville Printing, and fled uninjured from the burning cab.

“A customer came in and told us a truck out front was on fire,” Bartonsville Printing owner Mike Pugliesi said. “We looked out and saw it.”

Pugliesi dashed outside and moved his vehicle, which was parked near where the burning truck had pulled over, to a safe distance.
us_PA  transportation  fire  response  diesel 
9 days ago
Chemical Spill Contained On Broken Arrow Highway
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Chemical Spill Contained On Broken Arrow Highway
Posted: Jul 11, 2018 5:04 PM EDT Updated: Jul 11, 2018 5:04 PM EDT

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Emergency crews responded to a chemical spill Wednesday afternoon on the Creek Turnpike near Kenosha. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper spotted fluid leaking from a flatbed trailer and pulled the driver over.
Two containers on the trailer contained a chemical similar to household bleach but several times stronger, according to Captain Stan May, Tulsa Fire Department.

Broken Arrow and Tulsa Firefighters cleaned up the spilled material and brought in another 250-pound tote to transfer the chemical into, May said.

Although the chemical is corrosive, May said it wasn't posing a hazard to the public or environment. 

The entrance ramp to the highway was closed for a short time.
us_OK  transportation  release  response 
9 days ago
Man suffers serious burns after explosion at chemical factory
A man suffered serious burns after an explosion at a Manchester factory today.

Fire crews were called to Multiblend Chemicals Ltd on Oldham Road, Newton Heath at 10.30am.

The injured man received burns to his upper body and was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire Service said although there was an explosion involving chemicals there was no fire.

A spokeswoman for North West Ambulance Service confirmed they were called to the works at 10.20am.

As well as paramedics Hazardous Area Response Teams, equipped with specialist protective clothing, were also dispatched.
United_Kingdom  industrial  explosion  injury  unknown_chemical 
9 days ago
Husky Ends Air Monitoring In Superior Neighborhoods Following Refinery Fires
Air quality monitoring in Superior neighborhoods that began after a series of fires and explosions in April at the oil refinery in the city has come to an end. However, Husky Energy said monitoring will continue at its facility.

The refinery ended community air monitoring in mid-June, said Husky spokeswoman Kim Guttormson.

"This followed the safe removal of a tower that had been damaged and was being secured," wrote Guttormson in an email. "All community monitoring to that point indicated concentrations below health-based thresholds. If monitoring on-site indicates there is a concern that could extend beyond the refinery fence line, community monitoring would be re-initiated."

Husky had been monitoring the air for volatile organic chemicals, and things like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.
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9 days ago
Woman overcome by carbon monoxide
JACKSON – A resident was rescued when police officers conducted a check at her home on Wild Dunes Way.

Police said that at 7:30 p.m. June 28, officers Tristan Bennett and Joe Pante responded to a residence on Wild Dunes Way to check on the welfare of an individual.

Upon their arrival, the officers made contact with the person who had called police. The individual told the officers he was unable to contact his 78-year-old mother at the residence and did not have a key to get inside.

While checking the residence, the officers were unable to make contact with the resident and they heard an alarm coming from inside. The alarm was later determined to be a carbon monoxide detector, according to police.

The officers forced entry to the home and immediately detected a heavy chemical odor. They found the woman in her bedroom and observed she was barely conscious and her breathing was very shallow.

Police said the officers removed the woman from the home and brought her outside, where she was treated by first aid personnel and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Fire personnel from Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 responded to the scene. Representatives of Southard (Howell) Hazmat, Berkeley Hazmat and New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) also responded to the home.

The hazardous materials personnel entered the home and removed numerous containers of household cleaning products from a kitchen counter. Police said many of the cleaning products were open or not sealed properly. Fans were brought in to vent the residence.

NJNG personnel determined there was a high level of carbon monoxide present due to a faulty water heater.

Once the scene was cleared, the police officers were able to continue their investigation and ruled out the possibility of the incident being suspicious. It was determined the chemical odors were caused by the open cleaning products and that the resident had been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide due to the gas leak on the water heater.
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11 days ago
Hazmat called to chemical spill in Petrolia
PETROLIA — Butler County Hazardous Materials Team 100 was called to the scene of a chemical spill alongside Route 268 in Petrolia Tuesday afternoon.
Around 3:20 p.m. emergencies crews responded to a reported chemical spill along Argyle Street, commonly known as Route 268, in the area of the borough.
When emergency crew arrived they found an estimated 40 to 60 gallons of an unknown chemical about six feet off the road in a turnaround. Authorities believe it leaked from an unknown vehicle that was not present at the scene when first responders arrived.
Chuck Barnes, Petrolia Fire Department Chief, said that the unknown chemical is not a product created by any of the three chemical plants in the area.
Crews are unsure what the chemical is. They say it is not flammable, but it is slightly acidic. Emergency responders said they are unsure of what to do with it at this time.
Cleanup up the chemical spill by the hazmat team started at 5 p.m.
us_PA  public  release  response  unknown_chemical 
11 days ago
Husky refinery fire investigation details could be released next month
Details from the Husky Energy refinery fire investigation could soon be released.

A "factual update" from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board and Hazard Investigation Board is expected in early August, board spokesperson Hillary Cohen said in an email Tuesday. The short document will provide the public with an update on the investigation and some additional facts regarding the April 26 explosion and asphalt fire, which left 21 people injured at the Superior refinery and led to the evacuation of nearly the entire city.

A completion date on the investigation is uncertain, but officials had previously said it could take up to 18 months.
us_MN  industrial  follow-up  environmental  asphalt 
11 days ago
6 sickened at pool: 'Thought my kids were going to die'
CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Zeeland mother of four children says she was "completely terrified" when a trip to a Kent County hotel pool sent her entire family to the hospital.

“I thought my kids were going to die right in front of my face,” Chelsea Raak recounted.

Raak said her family first noticed issues Sunday at the Holiday Inn Express off 28th Street near I-96 in Cascade Township.

“We went in the pool and our kids were noticing that their eyes were burning and they were coughing quite a bit,” she said.

Raak said she notified hotel staff, who later told her Sunday night the chlorine levels were OK.

But when the family of six returned to enjoy the hot tub around 10 a.m. Monday, something went wrong.

“All of the sudden the chlorine levels, we could feel it in our lungs. Our kids started screaming, grabbing their eyes. I tried to take a breath (and) couldn’t get air into my lungs,” Raak said.
us_MI  public  release  injury  chlorine  pool_chemicals 
12 days ago
Worker hospitalized after chlorine leak at Jacksonville park
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A worker was hospitalized as a precaution after a chlorine leak late Monday morning inside the pool pump room at Thomas Jefferson park in Jacksonville's Marietta area, authorities said.

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said a hazmat team responded just before noon to the chemical leak at the city park on Jackson Avenue, north of West Beaver Street.

Fire Rescue said the worker was "overcome" by fumes as he was cleaning the pool pump room. The worker was transported as a precaution, but is expected to be OK.

The worker was the only person inside the room at the time who inhaled fumes, and no other injuries were reported.
us_FL  public  release  injury  chlorine  pool_chemicals 
12 days ago
Firefighters Contain Sulfuric Acid Leak At Fermilab In Batavia
BATAVIA, IL — Multiple area fire departments responded to a hazmat leak at Fermilab in Batavia Monday afternoon. The slow leak, which came from a 400-gallon tank of sulfuric acid, was noticed by an employee around 2:30 p.m. Monday, according to a news release.

Just after 6 p.m., FermiLab officials said the "pinhole-sized leak" was contained and that there had been no harm to the environment. A hazmat crew then came to the scene to clean up any spilled acid and to remove the remainder of the sulfuric acid from the tank.

The sulfuric acid tank, which is used for water treatment, is housed in Fermilab's Central Utility Building. Fermilab Fire Department said there were no injuries to report and there is no risk to those who live nearby.
us_IL  industrial  release  response  sulfuric_acid  water_treatment 
12 days ago
Firefighters on scene at collapsed building in South Buffalo
AMHERST, N.Y. -- Emergency crews have reopened the Natural Sciences Building on the UB North Campus after an evacuation.

Haz-mat crews evacuated the building at 6:15 p.m. after a 'small-scale chemical explosion' on Monday.

According to the university's website, haz-mat crews contained a small chemical explosion that happened in a 5 floor lab. There are no report of injuries.

Emergency crews say the building is safe to reenter and that the incident was contained and poses no danger to the community.
us_NY  laboratory  explosion  injury  unknown_chemical 
12 days ago
2 Workers Injured in Texas Chemical Plant Fire
Two workers were injured in a fire early Monday morning at the Fritz Industries chemical plant in Mesquite, TX, local news organizations reported.

Firefighters made their way to the facility at about 1 a.m., discovering the blaze in a warehouse at the chemical manufacturing facility. Employees were told to evacuate the plant over loudspeakers after the fire started. A hazardous materials (HAZMAT) team also responded to the site.

The presence of bomide and sodium bromine at the Fritz Industries site forced crews to approach the fire from a defensive stance, officials told the Dallas Morning News. First responders later blocked off access to the plant for a half-mile radius.

Two workers received injuries during the incident, and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. The fire’s cause remains undetermined.
us_TX  industrial  fire  injury  bromine  sodium 
12 days ago
Johns Hopkins hospital launches investigation into hazmat scare
BALTIMORE -- WBFF -- Johns Hopkins Hospital is launching an investigation and says it will retrain staff if necessary, following Thursday's hazmat scare that shut down part of the hospital for hours.
Thursday, a few drops of frozen tuberculosis escaped from a tube while it was being moved on a pedestrian walkway.
A hospital spokesman calls it an isolated incident and says those on campus were never at risk.
us_MD  public  release  injury  other_chemical 
13 days ago
Hazmat spill closes Interstate 29 north of Missouri Valley
At approximately 12:30 p.m., a semi hauling hazardous material was flagged down by a motorist that witnessed a liquid coming from the trailer at the 86 mile marker of Interstate 29, north of Modale.

According to an Iowa Department of Public Safety Press release issued at approximately 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Iowa State Patrol troopers arrived at the scene and assessed the situation. The liquid material was deemed hazardous and both northbound and southband lanes of the interstate were shut down.

Northbound traffic was being diverted at Interstate 29 Exit 75 at Missouri Valley, and southbound traffic diverted at Interstate 29 Exit 112 at Onawa to Nebraska.

Tri-County Hazmat and Council Bluffs Fire Hazmat teams were on location monitoring the spill and assessing the situation on Sunday afternoon and evening. It is expected this will be an extended closure at this time.
us_IA  transportation  release  response  unknown_chemical 
13 days ago
Explosion Rocks East Boston Apartment; Man Arrested
BOSTON, MA — An East Boston man is facing charges after allegedly causing an explosion early Sunday morning that police said was not related to terrorism. Tomas Mikula, 28, was arrested after an explosion at 88 Webster Street caused "major internal and structural damage. Mikula lives on the second floor of that building.

Mikula was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Before being hospitalized, police said he told them the explosion started in his apartment, where police allegedly later found firearms and ammunition.

A bomb squad sweep of his apartment found materials that are usually connected to explosive devices. A search warrant sweep ended in the seizure of PVC tubing and chemical compounds, materials commonly used for homemade explosives.

Police said they also found two handguns, a rifle, and over 100 rounds of ammunition.

Mikula is charged with unlawful possession of explosives, unlawful possession of an incendiary device, willful ignition/discharge of a destructive or incendiary device, two counts unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and unlawful possession of a high capacity firearm.

us_MA  public  explosion  injury  bomb  explosives  illegal 
13 days ago
Manila execs urged to stop sale of mercury-laced whitening products
The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental watch group, is urging the city government of Manila to “take action” against retailers of banned mercury-laced skin whitening products in the capital city.

“We call upon the local government, health, and police authorities of the City of Manila to go after unscrupulous retailers of banned cosmetics contaminated with mercury, a chemical that is highly hazardous to health and the environment,” said Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

The group said that it recently conducted test-buys and were able to purchase Jiaoli Miraculous Cream and S’Zitang 10 Days Eliminating Freckle Day & Night Set from stalls selling beauty products and herbal food supplements at a shopping mall in Recto Avenue, Quiapo in Manila.

“With the help of a handheld X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer, the group detected 2,077 parts per million (ppm) in the day cream of the Jiaoli product and 311 ppm in its night cream,” the group said.
Philippines  public  discovery  environmental  illegal  mercury 
13 days ago
Drug lab at fatal fire
Social media posts appear to back up a police claim that a drug lab was in the home where an explosion and fire claimed the life of a young West Kelowna man.

The blaze hospitalized two residents and claimed the life of a third.

Facebook chatter from friends of victim David Hunt talks about "shatter" production at the home.

Shatter – also known as wax, sap, budder, and a number of other nicknames – is a type of cannabis concentrate that resembles honey or taffy. When smoked, it can produce a stronger high than marijuana buds. 
Canada  public  explosion  death  clandestine_lab 
14 days ago
UPDATE: Pool reopened following hazmat incident
The popular Peanut Pool has re-opened following a hazmat situation Friday morning.

“Earlier this morning, while staff were conducting routine maintenance at Lakeview Pool, the wrong product was inadvertently added to a container in the mechanical room and chlorine gas was released,” the City of Vernon states in a release. “Staff immediately followed proper safety procedures and cleared the pool of visitors.

“The fire department was called to the pool to assess the situation and temporarily closed the park for safety precautions. Senior aquatic staff were called to the site to oversee the facility and with the assistance of the fire department were able to dilute the chlorine mixture.”

The pool chemistry has now been rebalanced and the park has been re-opened and the pool re-opened at 3 p.m. this afternoon.

“The staff involved were wearing the required personal protective equipment and were taken to the hospital as a precaution and have since been discharged,” the city continues.
Canada  public  release  injury  chlorine 
15 days ago
Fire crews respond to fire at plastics facility for the second night in a row
ATLANTA — For the second night in a row, officials are responding to an incident at a plastics facility. This time, it happened in DeKalb County.

According to crews on scene, firefighters responded around 7:50 p.m. to 4360 Northeast Expressway, just north of Spaghetti Junction.

When crews got to the scene, they found heavy smoke coming from the warehouse, called Magnolia Plastics, Inc. Right now, officials said the flames are out, and it appears the fire was contained to only one 55-gallon drum. However, officials said there is still a large amount of smoke inside the building.

'It felt like the Earth shook,' resident says after retaining wall falls, crashes on cars
According to the website, the facility specializes in adhesives, anti-ballistic materials, coatings, conductive materials, filament winding, fire retardant materials and more.

At this time, fire officials said they were unsure of the exact substance inside the drum, but they have been told it is a by-product of a mixing process. They believe something went wrong with that particular mixture to cause the fire. They are still not sure what caused the drum to ignite.
us_GA  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
15 days ago
TDEC releases final report on explosion at Wacker Chemie
The final report on the explosion at Wacker Chemie claims equipment failed and the explosion was unavoidable. 

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) says evidence shows the equipment failure happened on September 7 of last year just before 4:00 p.m.

The report claims it was unlikely that public health or the environment were impacted.

Since the environment and public health were not affected, the state recommended no penalties against Wacker.
us_TN  industrial  follow-up  environmental  unknown_chemical 
15 days ago
Police investigate possible explosion in Atchison
An investigation is underway after a possible explosion in downtown Atchison, Kansas. 

It damaged at least seven businesses and had those in the small town shaken up.

Police and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives swept the area to make sure there were no other explosives.

They are now focusing on a criminal investigation.

Police said that around 2:30 a.m., an alarm went off and an explosion was heard near 8th Street and Kansas Avenue.

When officers got there, they saw broken windows on nearby buildings and glass covering the street.

After investigating, they eliminated natural gas or a chemical explosion as the cause. They believe someone purposely put an explosive device near the barbershop.

No one has been taken into custody, but police said they have made progress as far as finding out what happened. They are hopeful it will lead them to the person or people responsible.
us_KS  public  explosion  response  unknown_chemical 
15 days ago
AM Pyrotechnics explosion in Polk County a 'nightmare come true'
There is no evidence yet to indicate that the fire that caused an explosion at AM Pyrotechnics in Polk County on Tuesday night was anything other than an accident, investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said.

Reports of an explosion started rolling in around 7:30 p.m., with local fire departments arriving 20 minutes later, neighbors said. Those living adjacent to the pyrotechnics manufacturer described booming sounds and shaking walls, as well as renegade fireworks flying past their windows.

MORE: Fire breaks out at Polk County's AM Pyrotechnics

One woman was in the building at the time. She was flown by helicopter to Mercy Hospital Springfield and was in critical condition in the hospital's burn unit as of Wednesday afternoon, said Joel Sheppard, resident agent in charge with ATF Springfield.
us_MO  industrial  explosion  injury  fireworks 
16 days ago
FedEx driver reading a map rear-ends hazmat semi near Leonard, gets cited for distracted driving
LEONARD, N.D. – A FedEx driver was cited for distracted driving after he rear-ended a stopped semi Thursday morning, July 5, near Leonard on Cass County Highway 46, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Seth Sistad, 33, of Moorhead, was busy looking at a map while driving 65 mph in a FedEx van when he rear-ended the semi driven by Jeffrey Teal, 50, of Horace, N.D., the patrol said.

The westbound semi hauling hazardous materials had stopped at a railroad crossing, as required by law. Sistad did not notice the semi was stopped, the patrol said.

Both men were taken to Essentia Health in Fargo where they were treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. They were both wearing seat belts, the patrol said.
us_ND  transportation  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
16 days ago
A Dropped Tuberculosis Sample Caused an Evacuation at a Major Hospital
It was one heck of a Thursday for the John Hopkins Hospital researchers in Baltimore, Maryland, after a tuberculosis (TB) scare evacuated multiple buildings.

At around 12 pm, a vial of frozen Mycobacterium tuberculosis was dropped onto the floor in an internal bridge that connects the hospital's Cancer Research Building 1 to Cancer Research Building 2.

When the vial dropped, the lid came off. Not long after, someone pulled the fire alarm and employees were quickly evacuated.

As Sarah Meehan and Lauren Lumpkin from the Baltimore Sun explains:

"Nearly a dozen fire vehicles surrounded the hospital's cancer research centre Thursday afternoon.

"A hub of white tents, which usually hosts the hospital's weekly farmers' market, was converted into a waiting area for those evacuated from the building."

There were employees in the area where the spill occurred, but hospital officials believe that no one was exposed to the bacteria, and no one was treated.
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16 days ago
Fire at pharma unit in Mohali
Mohali: A fire broke out at a pharmaceutical company in Phase II, Industrial Area, here on Wednesday afternoon. According to Fire Department, two fire tenders were dispatched immediately to Ind-Swift Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, after getting information about the incident. The incident took place on the first floor of the building at 3 pm. “The fire was controlled immediately but the thick smoke, emanating from the spot was cause of concern. We have to use dry chemical powder to control the fire due to the presence of chemicals on the premises,” said fire officials.  According to sources, around 25 employees were present there at the time of incident and all were safe. TNS
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16 days ago
Ithaca Bakery fire: No injuries reported after transformer explosion
The Ithaca Fire Department put out a fire on the roof of the Ithaca Bakery at 400 North Meadow St., on Wednesday morning.

At around 8:30 a.m., firefighters responded after a transformer explosion led to the fire on the roof of the bakery. Crews evacuated the building, according to a news release, as the electric cable leading to the building was burning, leading to the roof fire. Firefighters were also concerned about the solar panels on the roof, which can be a hazard in a fire, according to the release.

Firefighters responded to the Ithaca Bakery on Meadow Street on Wednesday for a fire on the roof. (Photo: Provided photo)
Firefighters used a dry chemical powder to put out the fire. NYSEG secured the utilities to the building, according to the release. No injuries were reported.
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16 days ago
Fireworks store goes up in flames on eve of Fourth of July
A fireworks retailer in Missouri went up in flames on the eve of Fourth of July.

Firefighters responded to a major fire at AM Pyrotechnics in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, on Tuesday night, according to Springfield, Missouri, ABC affiliate KSPR. According to the affiliate, several explosions rocked the building, and were large enough to rattle neighbors' windows.

One person suffered "moderate" injuries, according to KSPR.
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17 days ago
Update: Hazmat team has refrigerant leak, ammonia smell under control; evacuation order rescinded
A hazmat team and a Tulsa Fire Department crew responding to an ammonia leak at a midtown business have the situation under control, and fire officials have rescinded an evacuation order, Fire Department Capt. Stan May said.

Firefighters were responding to an unrelated car wreck nearby when they detected a strong odor of ammonia. Some businesses near 44th Street and 70th East Avenue were evacuated.

A hazmat team located the leak at Windsor Foods, a cold-storage facility at 4477 S. 70th East Ave., and identified it as refrigerant.
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18 days ago
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