Oklahoma City VA hospital partially evacuated due to chemical spill
OKLAHOMA CITY – The local veterans affairs hospital has been partially evacuated due to a chemical spill.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department responded around 4:45 p.m. on Sunday at the hospital in the 900 block of N.E. 13th Street.

The fire department said a chemical used for cleaning and disinfecting was spilled on the sixth floor of the building, forcing the partial evacuation.

A hazardous materials team was also on scene.
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Birmingham fire respond to chemical spill
Birmingham Fire and Rescue responded to the scene of a chemical spill near Bermco Aluminum on Messer Airport Highway Sunday morning.

According to Capt. Harold Watson, employees were changing out a cylinder tank full of chlorine when it spilled over. Two employees suffered minor injuries from inhalation.

Hazmat and decontamination crews responded to the scene for clean-up. The Emergency Management Agency is headed to the scene.

Police have roads blocked and expect roads to be closed for about an hour.
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Search comes up empty so far for more sources of Greensboro water contaminant
GREENSBORO — Efforts by city officials to eliminate or sharply curtail the PFOS contaminant in local drinking water have not followed the traditional pathway taken by many such environmental mysteries.

Unlike many, the local dilemma does not trace back to a single industry with just one or a handful of well-defined release points for a bad-actor chemical that is being spewed carelessly into the environment.

Instead, city officials are seeking multiple sources for a chemical compound with origins that are difficult to pinpoint because PFOS has been so widely deployed for useful purposes that include snuffing out raging fires.

Local investigators remain alert for any industrial emitters of PFOS pollution in the manufacturing zone surrounding Piedmont Triad International Airport, the general area where much of the PFOS contamination seems to originate. But so far, they have come up empty, said Peter Schneider, Greensboro’s water quality supervisor, who has done much of the city’s PFOS sleuthing.
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Steady Fire Delays Search for Missing Chemical Plant Worker
CRESSON, Texas (AP) — The search for a man missing since a North Texas chemical plant exploded and caught fire on Thursday has been postponed because of dangerous site conditions.

Cresson Mayor and Assistant Fire Chief Bob Cornett said Saturday that fires are still burning at the 15,000-square-foot (1,400-square-meter) Tri-Chem Industries plant in Cresson.

Cornett says, "They've pulled everybody out. It's just too dangerous."

Cornett identified the missing worker who is presumed dead as 27-year-old Dylan Mitchell.

Two other workers were injured in the explosion. One remained in the hospital Friday in serious condition with severe burns from the waist up. His condition could not be immediately be confirmed on Saturday.

Hood County Fire Marshal Ray Wilson said Saturday that hazardous-material crews are preparing for expected rain, which could aggravate the plant's exposed chemicals.
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Bomba: HKL engineering team prevented oxygen tanks from blowing up
KUALA LUMPUR: The engineering team from Hospital Kuala Lumpur prevented a larger disaster from happening when they removed 163 oxygen tanks from storage close to the room where a fire had broken out.

The 12.20pm fire on Saturday, which was mainly contained to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine storage room where it started, could have been much worse if it had spread to 163 oxygen tanks stored in another room nearby.

City Fire and Rescue Department director Khirudin Drahman said the quick action of the hospital's engineering team to move the tanks and shut off the electricity and the oxygen pipelines avoided a larger disaster.

He added that a short circuit is believed to have sparked off the fire at the storeroom.

"It was fortunate that today is also Saturday so only two people were working in the building – a technician and a cleaner.
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Hazardous Gas Leak Disrupts Ortega Highway Laboratory
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA — An ammonia leak caused evacuations at an Orange County laboratory and spurred over 50 firefighters and the hazardous materials team to the scene Friday morning, Orange County Fire Authority said.

Though workers did not see or feel the detrimental effects of ammonia poisoning, an internal alarm alerted them of the danger, OCFA Capt. Steve Horner told Patch. The commercial laboratory business, located in the 33000 Block of Ortega Highway, evacuated approximately 150 workers, he said.

"Alarms activated at approximately 9:45 a.m. Friday, alerting employees to leave the building," OCFA Capt. Steve Horner told Patch. When ammonia is present, symptoms can include an onset of lightheaded-ness or burning sensation, as the chemical is very strong in gas form, he said.

The HazMat team, in full protective gear, made entry into the business.

'They located and stopped the ammonia leak, using instrumentation to find and stop the leak. Then, they made sure the building was clear of any other hazards before it was returned back to supervisors.
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Ottawa Y shut down to handle spill Thursday
Ottawa firefighters responded at 1:14 p.m. Thursday to the Ottawa YMCA for a report of a woman coughing from a reaction to a chemical.

The building was evacuated for a chemical spill in the filter room under the pool as firefighters arrived.

YMCA Executive Director Joe Capece said the facility was evacuated for an hour and a half as some spilled pool chemicals blended with water on the floor causing fumes to go through the building.

"Unfortunately it's an incident that occasionally can occur," Capece said. "We don't like to see that, but we got everyone out in a timely fashion."

The fire department was called and tested the acidic/alkaline levels in the building with pH paper.

Capece said firefighters created a wind tunnel in the facility to fan the fumes. The building was ventilated and pH levels returned to normal.
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Pressure release at Westlake Chemical part of ‘decomp’ process
A momentary flash of light filled the sky, and the sound of an explosion carried as far west as Texas on Wednesday, jolting residents awake and sending them scrambling for answers that evening.

The blast came from Westlake Chemical, where pressure had built up in one of the units containing ethylene, a highly flammable gas, company spokesman Joe Andrepont said Thursday.

He said the buildup triggered what’s known in the industry as a “decomp” or a controlled pressure release into the atmosphere around 10:15 p.m.

No employees were injured, he said, and no residents were endangered, although many were understandably frightened by the sound and the resulting “fireball” of burning gas.
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Wisconsin Firefighters Burn Apartment Building Due to Volatile Chemicals
BEAVER DAM, Wis. (AP) — Bomb technicians from the FBI conducting a final sweep of the apartment building where a fatal explosion occurred last week were able to retrieve some important items for tenants who were not allowed to collect personal belongings.
The technicians were sweeping the building for ammunitions and hazardous materials prior to Thursday's controlled burn of the building. Because of the volatility of the chemicals inside the building, residents had to leave behind family heirlooms, important papers, jewelry and other belongings.
The city said Thursday the bomb technicians were able to grab some important property on behalf of the tenants.
Authorities set a controlled fire Thursday to burn the chemicals that could not be removed because of their volatility. The explosion March 5 killed one tenant, 28-year-old Benjamin Morrow, who police believe was making bombs.
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Fire In Illegal Chemical Warehouse Leaves Many Homeless In Kolkata
KOLKATA:  A massive fire broke out in a chemical warehouse in Kolkata on Thursday, leaving more than 20 families homeless.

The fire, which started at a warehouse where chemicals were allegedly being stored illegally, spread out within minutes to the nearby area where several families were residing. No casualties have been reported in the incident which happened near Strand Road, near Howrah.

20 fire engines rushed to the spot immediately. According to a fire officer, initially it was extremely difficult to control the fire because of the obnoxious smell from the chemical compound was preventing them to enter the core area.
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UPDATE: Toxic Air, Explosion Risk Keeps Crews From Texas Plant Fire – Houston Public Media
Investigators believe a worker dragging his foot along a factory floor sparked a Thursday explosion at a Texas chemical plant that injured two workers and left a third unaccounted for, and fears of another blast amid the toxic chemicals prevented crews from battling the ensuing blaze, an official said.
Nine emergency-rescue and fire departments responded to the blaze at the Tri-Chem Industries plant in Cresson, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southwest of Dallas, but were evacuated from the vicinity because of risk of exposure and of another explosion, Cresson Mayor Bob Cornett told The Associated Press.

The worker who dragged his foot while chemicals were being mixed caught fire from the waist up and was airlifted with critical burn injures to a Dallas hospital. Another worker with less severe injuries also was treated at a hospital. Cornett identified the missing worker as 27-year-old Dillon Mitchell.
Rescuers “haven’t even attempted to try to find him. It’s too hot,” Cornett said late Thursday, as the fire continued to burn.
Aerial photos showed that the plant’s metal beams had caved in, and Cornett said the earliest rescuers could begin searching for Mitchell was Friday morning, after the fire had extinguished itself and heavy excavation equipment could be brought to the site.
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Bomb squad searches Morgan Hill home where explosions reported
Authorities are searching a home on McLaughlin Court, just north of downtown Morgan Hill, for explosive material and bomb-making supplies.
As of 11:30am March 13, the street that spans less than a block and ends in a cul-de-sac was closed with crime scene tape while police served a search warrant. Morgan Hill Police called in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad to conduct the search. CalFire’s hazardous materials team was also at the scene.
The search was prompted by two explosions that occurred less than four hours apart in the area of the McLaughlin Court home March 12, according to Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Troy Hoefling.
About 2:45pm March 12, a nearby resident called police to report “a firework or explosion,” Hoefling said. Officers responded but did not find a source of the disturbance at that time.
Then about 6pm March 12, another resident called to report a “louder explosion” than the previous one, Hoefling said. That caller offered more details, including the sighting of a puff of smoke from a specific residence following the explosion.
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Arkema Chemical Plant Faces Another Lawsuit Over Harvey Chemical Spill
Liberty County has filed a lawsuit against Arkema Inc. When Hurricane Harvey hit the region, the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby flooded. As a result, fires broke out and wastewater tanks overflowed.
In its lawsuit, Liberty County claims this contaminated areas inside the county.
“The county wants Arkema to clean up any type of residual contamination from the fire and explosions,” said Muhammad Aziz, who represents the plaintiffs.
He said residents as far as five miles from the plant suffered symptoms, such as coughing and vomiting.
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Official: Criminal probe underway at Virginia chemical plant
HOPEWELL, Va. (AP) — State and federal authorities have responded to an industrial chemical manufacturing facility as part of what a Virginia official says is a criminal environmental investigation.

AdvanSix said in a statement that authorities were at the company's plant in Hopewell Tuesday to execute a search warrant. Spokeswoman Debra Lewis says the company is "still learning" about the investigation and she can't provide further details.

Ann Regn is a spokeswoman for Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality. She says the agency is taking part in a criminal environmental investigation led by the Environmental Protection Agency.

An EPA spokeswoman confirmed it had employees at the site but declined further comment.

According to AdvanSix's website, the plant southeast of Richmond is one of the world's largest single-site producers of a chemical used to make packaging, plastics and fibers.
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Four held in Tarapur factory explosion
MUMBAI: One of the owners and three employees of Tarapur MIDC based Novaphene Specialities company has been arrested in connection with the explosion and fire in the factory and four adjoining units on March 8.
The explosion had spread to four other chemical units killing three workers of Aarti Drugs and injuring 14 labourers. On late Monday, a watchman Nackched Singh (62) of Prachi Pharmaceuticals died of severe head injuries in a Surat based hospital.
The four arrest were made under IPC section 304 (a) ( causing death by negligence) which is available offence.
The arrests were made by the Boisar police based on the inquiry report submitted by the Director of Industrial Safety and Health ( DISH) that found lapses in the factory.
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Rossville, Ga., oil spill contains chemical linked to health risks, cancer
Two days before Walker County, Ga., development officials planned to review offers to buy an old mill, a hazardous material linked to cancer spilled from the building.

Police officers and emergency workers in hazmat suits responded to the former Coats American plant in Rossville around 7 p.m. Sunday, when a resident reported seeing an oily sheen on the water in a ditch across the street. The oil came from a transformer that had tipped over inside the abandoned mill. Emergency responders said it contained polychlorinated biphenyls, a chemical linked to several health risks.

No longer made in the United States, manufacturers once used PCBs as a coolant in transformers. Multiple studies in the 1980s and 1990s concluded long-term exposure to the chemical can cause cancer. Eating PCB-contaminated fish can stop men from reproducing and increase the risk of neurological development problems in children.

Walker County spokesman Joe Legge said emergency workers contained the spill in about four hours. They believe only about as much oil spilled as would run off from a large parking lot during a rain shower.
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UPDATE: Marion Fire HAZMAT respond to organic peroxide spill
UPDATE: The Cedar Rapids Fire Department says the spill was of organic peroxide.

Firefighters say there were three 45-pound containers of liquid involved, and only one had leaked.

All employees were evacuated before firefighters arrived. There is no damage to the building.
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Pembroke man charged after explosion of home drug lab
A 31-year-old man is facing three charges after the explosion of a butane marijuana extraction laboratory inside a home on D’Arcy Street in Pembroke.

On Thursday, March 8, Upper Ottawa Valley OPP arrived to the scene and found a man and a three month old inside the residence. The occupants of the home were sent to hospital for precautionary measures. No injuries were reported.

Police said the explosion was the result of a “clandestine drug laboratory,” and search warrants were executed.

Kurt Dehaan of Petawawa, 27, is charged with trafficking substances, arson by negligence and possession of counterfeit money.
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Lab battery blast hits students
Three students were sent to hospital when a battery exploded during an experiment in the laboratory of a Tseung Kwan O secondary school yesterday.

The lithium battery caught fire in the laboratory at HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School yesterday morning, prompting the teacher and students to flee.

The school called the police and firemen, who extinguished the fire. However, three boys felt ill after inhaling the smoke and were sent to hospital.

Firemen said the cause of the fire was not suspicious.

Last month, lithium batteries stored in a container in a Yuen Long car park caught fire after short-circuiting, resulting in five cars being damaged. More than 20 people were moved out and no one was injured.

The University of Hong Kong's chair of power electronics, Ron Hui Shu-yuen, said a battery is likely to explode after short-circuiting. He said a short-circuit occurs when metals are placed near the positive and negative conductors of a battery, which induces a high current that delivers a large amount of heat and subsequently causes an explosion.
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Hazmat crews clean up chemicals after pool-cleaning truck crashes in Long Beach – Press Telegram
Hazmat crews cleaned up a small chemical spill in Long Beach’s Bluff Heights neighborhood Monday afternoon when a crash knocked over a pickup truck hauling pool-cleaning supplies, authorities said.

Nobody was hurt in the crash that happened around noon near the intersection of Fourth Street and Orizaba Avenue, according to fire officials.

The two car-crash knocked over a light pole and ended with the pickup truck on its side in the roadway, spilling three or four gallons of chlorine and other chemicals onto the asphalt, authorities said.

Police blocked off the intersection and asked neighbors and shoppers at a nearby grocery store to stay inside while hazmat crews cleaned up.
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Authorities: Water now safe from Allen Creek after nearby chemical fire
Authorities said the water in Allen Creek is now safe for drinking, swimming, fishing and other recreational activities following a chemical fire at a nearby Monroe Drive business in Gainesville last week. They had advised residents on Tuesday, March 6, not to use the water “for any purpose” following the Sunday, March 4, fire.

“Water quality monitoring has occurred daily, and the pH of the water in Allen Creek has returned to an acceptable range,” Hall County Fire Services Capt. Zachary Brackett wrote in an email about 5 p.m. Monday, March 12. “No other abnormal readings are present.”

Monroe Drive is still closed to through traffic “due to removal of parts of the building and the amount of heavy machinery working in and close to the roadway,” Brackett said.

He said demolition will continue Tuesday, March 13, on the building housing a cleaning, sanitizing, water management, food manufacturing and food safety consulting company named AFCO.
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Authorities say 'suspicious chemicals' found in Live Oak home...
LIVE OAK, Texas - Authorities are clearing the scene of an hourslong investigation into "suspicious chemicals" found in a home in Live Oak Monday afternoon.

The San Antonio and Live Oak police departments went to a home in the 11800 block of Rugged Oak around 4:30 p.m. after receiving an anonymous tip that a person might have "precursors to chemical explosives" in the home.

"When (the SAPD bomb squad) walked in, it looked really suspicious. It was obviously out of the ordinary. Not something you see in an everyday household," Malone said. 

After four hours of investigating, Lt. Matt Malone of the Live Oak Police Department said the San Antonio Police Department's bomb squad tested the suspicious chemicals, but found nothing "apparently dangerous." Malone said that the threat is over and that the neighborhood was safe.
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Salisbury manufacturer faces $15,000 in OSHA fines for alleged employee chemical exposure
A Salisbury Township machine manufacturing company has been fined nearly $15,000 for exposing employees to dangerous chemical hazards, accord to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

After receiving a complaint, the U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Lamm’s Machine Inc., at 3216 Berger St., for exposing employees to vapors from a degreasing operation, which was in an enclosed space.

“Exposure to these types of hazardous chemical vapors can lead to serious illnesses and health issues,” said Jean Kulp, OSHA area office director for Allentown. “Employers must monitor their facilities to ensure workplace health and safety procedures are adequate and effective.”

The employer was cited for “failing to evaluate the workplace to determine if there was a need for respirators; develop a respiratory protection program; use effective ventilation systems and respirators; ensure proper use of compressed air for cleaning purposes; and provide proper hand protection.”

Lamm’s Machine did not return phone calls for comment.

The penalties totaled $14,782. The company has 15 business days from receipt of its citations and penalties to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA’s area director or contest the findings before an independent review commission.
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Tarapur chemical factory blast: Inquiry report points to series of violations by Novaphene
An inquiry report by the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH) on the chemical factory blast in Tarapur’s Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has pointed towards a series of violations by Novaphene Specialties Pvt Ltd that led to an uncontrolled fire which killed three and injured 15 factory workers. The report, submitted on Monday to the Boisar MIDC police and Palghar district collector, shows that Novaphene violated the Maharashtra Factories Rules, 1963, provision 4(1)(d) that does not allow an occupier to run a premises as a factory until an approval by the chief inspector of factories has been taken for changing a manufacturing process.
“The company did not have permission to conduct a certain manufacturing procedure from our department,” an official from DISH said. The factory was also found violating Rule 73(H)(1)(B) — labourers appointed were not trained in handling hazardous chemical material and enough safeguards were not kept for treatment of chemical and reactive material.
“The supervisor should be a chemical engineer. In this case, the supervisor was not qualified,” an investigating officer said. The factory did not have an automatic steam cut-off valve that could have prevented the blast, the inquiry report found. The blast that started in the Novaphene factory late on Friday night gutted five other factories apart from shattering windows and ripping apart electric wiring on street in the neighbourhood. Local people claimed the intensity of the blast was massive enough to confuse them to think it was an earthquake. The explosion and subsequent fire led to multiple blasts in tankers storing chemical solvents of the six factories.
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Beaver Dam blast building to be burned
A Beaver Dam apartment building is set to be deliberately burned later this week. A man was killed in a explosion, one week ago in Building 109 at the Village Glen apartment complex. The FBI did a controlled explosion last Wednesday, and Mayor Rebecca Glewen on Sunday confirmed there was another explosion last Thursday.

“There’s too many unknowns,” Glewen said, including what specific chemicals led to the explosion, and if there’s a connection to a chemical filled apartment discovered on Madison’s west side three weeks ago.

“We have on information connecting those at this time,” she said. “That’s part of the investigation that is ongoing.”

Residents of building 109 will not be allowed back in prior to the burn on Wednesday. “It was deemed just not safe for anyone to go in,” Glewen said.

The burn is set for 10:00 a.m. Wednesday. Precautions will be taken to save other parts of the complex, including a barrier to be placed in between Building 109 and neighboring Building #113.
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Three employees hospitalized after hazardous materials incident at Colonie post office
COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Three employees were hospitalized after they came into contact with a hazardous material in the package room at the Karner Road Post Office in Colonie early Sunday morning.

Officials at the scene say each of the employees contracted a rash and other symptoms after separately entering the package room. The first employee took themselves to urgent care. EMS was called after the second person became ill, shortly after midnight.

Upon arrival, EMS determined the situation was serious and called for a response from local fire departments and several hazmat and decontamination crews. Employees at the facility were put in quarantine while crews investigated the incident.

Officials say the three affected employees have been released from the hospital with no complications and are expected to be ok. The remainder of the employees have been released from quarantine.

The Karner Road Post Office will remain closed for the day Sunday while crews clean the building.Officials say they have still not identified the hazardous material involved in the incident or whether it came directly from a package, but say they have been able to trace it back to the package room.
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Boisar blaze: Case filed against fire officer
Mumbai: A case has been registered against the fire officer of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Tarapur, for failing to send a fire engine to Boisar MIDC where a fire broke out Thursday night. A case has been filed under sections 56 and 57 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. According to Boisar MIDC police, the fire officer, S.S. Borkar, should have sent fire engines to the spot to help douse the flames.

At about 11.38pm on Thursday, an explosion caused a fire to break out at Novaphone chemical factory in the Boisar MIDC area, killing three workers and injuring 15 others. The deceased have been identified as Pintu Kumar Gautam, Alok Nath and Janu Adaria. The fire spread to five other factories i.e. Unimax, Prachi, Arti, Bharat Rasayan and Darbari. So much so that it took nine fire engines to bring the inferno under control after which, cooling operations were carried out.

Prakash Birajdar, senior inspector, MIDC police station, Boisar, said, “The district collector Prashant Narnaware has submitted a complaint against Mr Borkar of Tarapore fire station. Mr Borkar has been booked under sections 56 and 57 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. Disaster management officers and the police control room repeatedly asked him to send fire engines but he denied, saying he could not send them without asking his seniors.”

The guardian minister of Palghar, Vishnu Sawara, has ordered an inquiry into the mishap and assured that the people responsible for the fire will be taken to task.
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Fire official: Box of lithium batteries explodes in Uptown post office
CHICAGO (WLS) -- A box of lithium batteries exploded in an Uptown post office Friday afternoon, Chicago fire officials said.

No one was injured in the explosion in the 4800-block of North Broadway Street, officials said. Traffic was blocked around the building for a time, though Broadway has since reopened. The post office remains locked and closed. No one is being allowed in or out.

The box was initially reported as a suspicious package, drawing a hazmat response from Chicago police and firefighters.

It was not clear if the batteries had been sent through the mail or dropped off at the post office.

The USPS Inspection Service is leading the investigation.
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First Responders Sue after Chemical Plant Meltdown during Hurricane Harvey
A lawsuit filed in Texas alleges first responders and the public suffered serious lung injuries as a result of explosions that took place at a chemical plant. The suit claims Arkema Inc. knew the chemicals inside would become unstable.

Crosby, TXIf they'd been told just how dangerous the Arkema Inc. chemical plant could become the plaintiffs would have taken more precautions, but according to the statement of claim filed in a Texas court, Arkema's failure to warn authorities and the public resulted in serious injuries to a team of first responders and nearby residents.

By August 29, 2017, Hurricane Harvey had dumped so much rain in and around Harris County that workers were forced to abandon the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas. Harris County Sheriff's officers were asked to monitor the 1.5 mile perimeter Arkema Inc. had arbitrarily set up around the facility.

Local residents living near the plant were ordered out under mandatory evacuation.
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9 days ago
Wyoming, Utah Gas Plants Penalized For EPA Violations
Kinder Morgan Altamont and Colorado Interstate Gas have agreed to pay a penalty and improve the maintenance of equipment to reduce the risk of an accidental release of hazardous chemicals at natural gas processing facilities in Altamont, Utah, and the Rawlins Station Gas Plant near Sinclair, Wyo., according to a news release from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The U.S. Department of Justice filed the consent degree and the civil complaint enjoining further violations in federal court in Utah on Friday.
The settlement resulted from EPA inspections dating to 2013 at the Kinder Morgan Altamont facility and dating to 2015 at the CIG Sinclair facility that revealed violations of the Clean Air Act’s Risk Management Program regulations.
The violations included deficiencies associated with safety information, hazard analysis, mechanical integrity, and incident investigations.

Under the consent decree, the companies will have an industry expert conduct mechanical integrity audits at four facilities, submit corrective action plans to EPA, and correct any violations detected in a timely manner.

They also will pay a $179,099 penalty and spend $387,500 to install a system flare at the Rabbit Gulch gas compressor station in Duchesne County, Utah.
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9 days ago
Chemical Explodes During Batch Mixing at Ohio Plant
Workers at an Ohio production plant were briefly evacuated last Monday after static electricity sparked an explosion in a mixing vessel, several local news organizations reported. Firefighters were called to the Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Products facility in Carlisle, OH at about 10:30 a.m., finding no structural damage save for a detached exterior wall panel.

“They were batch mixing a chemical called S500 for sealant,” Dustin Perry, a member of the Franklin Township Fire Department, told Cincinnati, OH-based NBC News affiliate WLWT. “During that process, they had an explosion that blew out part of the building, and then the container that holds the S500 started to catch fire.”

Perry called the incident a “dust explosion” in a report by the Dayton Daily News. Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Materials Director of Marketing and Sales Brad Wymore told the newspaper that static electricity built up in the mixing vessel and sparked, causing the blast. Sprinklers in the facility activated immediately after the incident, the company official said, and said that no flames appeared.

“The S500 was not really a concern. It’s a flammable liquid that you can use Class B foam on, which is what we did. We capped the container off, which contained it to the 800-gallon tank it was involved in,” Perry said in WLWT’s coverage.  

10 employees in the facility were evacuated safely and no injuries were reported. The same facility suffered an explosion in 2011 and a chemical fire in 2004, the television station reported.
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9 days ago
Industry agrees to filter drinking water for PFOA
POWNAL — A carbon filtering system to reduce PFOA levels — rather than a new groundwater source — was proposed recently as a permanent solution to chemical contamination of the Pownal Fire District 2 well.

Negotiations over a replacement well site have apparently stalled, consultants overseeing the search process told district board members at a Feb. 26 meeting. Representatives of Unicorn Management Consultants then presented details of the permanent filtering option, which was promptly criticized by the board.

The consultants were hired in 2016 by American Premier Underwriters of Cincinnati, the company that has assumed environmental liability for the former Warren Wire/General Cable factory site and is overseeing the insurance firm's response to the PFOA contamination.

State environmental officials believe that perfluorooctanoic acid emanated from the former plant — located about 1,000 feet from the district's well head off Route 346. Testing found PFOA at levels above 20 parts per trillion, the state's advisory mark for drinking water.

The insurer provided an enclosed carbon filtering system near the existing district well head, and APU is funding the search for a replacement well.
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9 days ago
Hazardous chemical spills from big rig onto I-10
A big rig driver is in trouble after the hazardous chemical he was hauling spilled on shoulder of I-10.

The truck carrying hydrochloric acid lost part of its load near the I-10 and I-45 interchange near downtown.

Houston Police tell KHOU 11 News the truck driver shouldn’t have had the hazardous chemical inside of the 610 Loop. That driver told HPD’s commercial vehicle enforcement officers a car cut him off and caused him to slam on brakes.

Police say they found several violations, including the improperly secured load, an issue with the truck’s tires and problem with the driver’s paperwork.
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9 days ago
Fire Reported at Knight Chemical Laboratory – The Buchtelite
While many students were leaving campus for the day on Wednesday, a convoy of fire trucks was heading the opposite direction towards the Knight Chemical Laboratory where a small fire was reported in a chemical waste room located on the first floor adjacent to the building’s loading dock.
There were no injuries and the fire was quickly extinguished.
Bart Hamilton, building coordinator for the complex, was working in the loading dock when he noticed the smell of smoke immediately followed by the sounding of the building’s fire alarm. Knowing the potential severity of the situation given the types of chemicals stored in that area, he urged nearby students to evacuate right away.

The locked waste room is located near a much larger storage area where large containers of highly toxic and flammable chemicals are held. Had the fire not been controlled and spread to that area, the situation could have been much worse, Hamilton pointed out.
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9 days ago
Tennessee fines chemical plant $25,000 in hydrogen explosion
CHARLESTON, Tenn. — Tennessee regulators have fined a chemical plant $25,000 for an explosion that shut down an interstate and put several schools on lockdown.

WRCB-TV reported Friday that the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Wacker Chemie for seven violations stemming from the explosion at its Bradley County plant in September. The report says a broken cylinder fractured, releasing hydrogen that caught fire.

The cited violations range from improper training to failing to follow good engineering practices. A week before the explosion, five employees had been hospitalized for chemical exposure, resulting in a separate $20,000 fine.

A company statement says they're still working to reopen the plant, but are confident that it'll reopen safely.
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9 days ago
Fire breaks out in chemical factory in Sangareddy
Sangareddy: A massive fire broke out in Mahasai Chemical Company at Gummadidala in Sangareddy district on Friday evening.

The fire spread to all corners of the company following a minor blast in drums filled with chemicals. Panicked employees ran to safety. Fire tenders rushed to spot were fighting to bring the fire under control. The company was almost reduced to ashes. Though the loss is not yet estimated, it is put in crores. A case was registered.
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9 days ago
3 killed, 14 hurt in blasts in Boisar chemical factories
Fire started in chemical unit and soon spread to 5 neighbouring plants. In all, 35 to 40 blasts reported.

Three people were killed and 14 reported injured in multiple blasts that gutted six chemicals factories in Tarapur MIDC, Boisar, on Thursday night.

The 14 injured were admitted to a nearby hospital, of which at least two are said to be critical, and may have to be shifted to Mumbai. In all, six factories were completely gutted in the fire, which witnessed around 35 to 40 blasts in all. A couple of blasts were so severe, locals said, that the tremors were even felt in Palghar and Mahim.

Preliminary reports suggest that the blasts occurred in 25 drums of 200-litre capacity belonging to Novaphene Speciality Limited, in their factory at Plot E-107, Boisar MIDC. These drums were said to have housed flammable chemical solvents, although final reports were awaited.

One of the locals of a residential complex in the vicinity said the doors and glass panes of nearby houses were shattered by the impact of the exlosions. The Boisar cops have registered an offence in this regard and will file a final case once officials from the Director of Industrial Safety and Health, Vasai, file their final findings after conducting a detailed panchnama.

District Collector Dr Prashant Narnaware was at the spot, along with fire brigade officials from Vasai, Bhiwandi, Palghar, the Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS), Reliance Thermal, Dahanu, Thane and Palghar, said Manjunath Singe, superintendent of police.

At least four foam tenders and four water tenders were seen fighting the blaze between the blasts throughout Thursday night and early into Friday morning.
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9 days ago
UPDATE: Chlorine fumes at King’s send 8 to hospital
WILKES-BARRE — Eight King’s College employees were taken to a hospital after feeling ill due to chlorine fumes inside the Scandlon Physical Education Center on Thursday morning.

City Fire Chief Jay Delaney said firefighters responded to the building on North Main Street just before 9:30 a.m. and were able to shut off primary and secondary valves inside a control room that regulates chemicals to the pool.

Delaney said two employees were initially taken to a hospital in an ambulance. About one hour later, four employees were transported by an ambulance to a hospital while two employees were taken in a private vehicle.
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10 days ago
Gardnerville man indicted for butane hash explosion
RENO – A Gardnerville man was arrested and made his initial appearance in federal court on Thursday for causing an explosion at his apartment while trying to illegally make butane hash oil, announced U.S. Attorney Dayle Elieson of the District of Nevada.

Adam Fitzgerald-Wermes, 22, was arrested on suspicion of one count of endangering human life while manufacturing a controlled substance. United States District Magistrate Judge Valerie P. Cooke scheduled a jury trial to begin on May 8.

According to the indictment, on January 14, Fitzgerald-Wermes allegedly caused an explosion in his kitchen by trying to make butane hash oil containing a high potency of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The chemical extraction process is dangerous because it involves the use of butane, a highly flammable and odorless gas, to burn parts of marijuana to draw concentrated THC from the plant into a wax-like substance. THC is a psychoactive chemical in marijuana that produces the "high" feeling users seek.
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10 days ago
Redondo Beach to support MHF refinery ban
The Redondo Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to support a ban on the use of a controversial catalyst in the Torrance Refining Company’s gasoline production process.

The City of Torrance has also called for a ban of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF), a chemical used as an alkalizing agent in oil refining.

“Even with all the knowledge I have about how oil refiners work, it’s not as helpful as you would think it is, talking about safety,” said Mayor Bill Brand, a trained chemical engineer with a background in refineries. “As an elected official, you look at situations knowing that any oil refinery is a bomb waiting to blow up.”

MHF became a significant topic of discussion in the days and weeks following the Feb. 2015 explosion, caused in part by aging equipment, at what was then the ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery. The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board described the incident as causing a “near miss” event, in which debris from the explosion missed tanks holding MHF by a matter of feet.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) poisoning occurs when it is absorbed into the skin It can cause injuries ranging from soft tissue irritation and burns to internal organ and bone damage. Upon release, HF forms a dense gaseous cloud that stays close to the ground. MHF is a diluted form reduces the danger against a release forming those rolling clouds.
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10 days ago
Man indicted for producing ricin in home
ARKANSAS (KATV) — An Arkansas man has been indicted for possessing ricin after local and federal authorities searched a central Arkansas home back in February.
A federal grand jury returned the indictment against 21-year-old Alexander Joseph Jordan on Wednesday for knowingly possessing ricin without obtaining a registration, as required by the Public Health Service Act.
Cody Hiland, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, says Jordan is currently in federal custody. He is set to go before a United States magistrate judge at a later date.
A complaint affidavit details what occurred that day when authorities surrounded a home in the 2000 block of Horseshoe Loop after getting a 911 call of Jordan in distress.
Jordan was taken to UAMS and said he ingested ricin, which he admitted to learning how to make on the Internet. The affidavit says he "got the idea from watching the television show Breaking Bad."
Hiland says Jordan told authorities he combined the ingredients in a blender, and tests showed the blender and two mason jars containing a white substance confirmed positive for ricin.
According to authorities, agents also recovered an Amazon.com receipt for ingredients used to make ricin and paperwork that appeared to be a shopping list and instructions for ricin production.
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11 days ago
Creedmoor Road spill: Liquid asphalt causing rush hour delays
Creedmoor Road will be closed until noon Wednesday after a tanker carrying 26 tons of liquid asphalt flipped and spilled its contents onto sections of the road.

The road will be closed to traffic until noon Wednesday while hazmat crews clean the road, WNCN reported.

The truck flipped over Tuesday evening just before 11:30 p.m. on Creedmoor Road, north of Norwood Road, WTVD reported, causing its contents to spill onto the road and into a nearby pond.
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12 days ago
HYDROCHLORIC ACID: Road reopens, residents allowed back in homes after train crashes into truck hauling acid
Clouds of acidic gas stymied emergency responders arriving at the scene of a violent crash between a train and tanker truck on Tuesday in Washington County.

The train, carrying diesel fuel, smashed into the truck hauling one to two thousand gallons of hydrochloric acid just before 11 a.m. in Centerville. The impact carried the truck 100 yards down the rails before it stopped.

“Probably half or less spilled from the truck we are estimating, between one (thousand) and two thousand gallons,” said East Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mark Giovanelli. 

The truck driver, who officials said made a left turn off of Route 88 directly in front of the train, was taken by helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital with serious traumatic injuries. Two people on the train were taken to hospitals by ambulance. Their injuries are minor.

“The wind was blowing in the direction the responders were coming in,” said Jeff Yates, director of county public safety. “They had to back off until the wind shifted.”
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12 days ago
No injuries reported in Joplin chemical spill
The Joplin Fire Department responded to Joplin manufacturer Ajinomoto Windsor on Monday night after a fire alarm went off, it said in a news release Tuesday.

Firefighters said plant employees told them of a possible leak in the wastewater treatment building. After inspection, the fire department found that about 5 to 10 gallons of sulfuric acid were spilled onto the ground.

Officials said the spill did not pose a threat to workers or the public. The Joplin Police Department and METS Ambulance Service assisted with the response to the incident.

Once the building was ventilated, plant staff handled the cleanup, the fire department said.
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12 days ago
SABIC chemical plant apologises for unplanned flaring at its Wilton site
A chemical company has apologised for unexpected flaring which is causing large flames to appear over Teesside.

The process, whereby natural gas that cannot be recycled or recovered by the plants’ processes is burned off, is believed to have started at SABIC on Tuesday afternoon.

Those living near the Wilton International site, near Redcar , have received an apology over the issue.

Redcar and Cleveland Council tweeted: “SABIC apologise for the flaring currently taking place on Olefins 6.

“This is due to loss of steam which is beyond our control, we are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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12 days ago
Prosecutions possible for illegal toxic canisters dumper
UPDATE: The person responsible for illegally dumping toxic chemical canisters which exploded and caused the closure of the Chinchilla Waste and Recycling Centre could be prosecuted.
The Western Downs Regional Council believes it has identified the source of the collected waste in which was 20 canisters containing aluminium phosphide.

Each 300g canister holds 90 pellets which can explode when in contact with moisture or water, releasing very toxic gases that can be fatal.

Reports of chemical drums exploding at waste facility
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Dalby Command Acting Inspector Cameron Ashmore said the rubbish truck's compaction had crushed the canisters which mixed the pellets with moisture causing them to heat and later ignite, then explode.

He said the load was dumped in the industrial bin and when facility crews saw the fire they tried to extinguish it with water, exacerbating the situation with the phosphine gas which is "extremely flammable and toxic".
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13 days ago
Local man hospitalized after trying to make own fireworks
A Columbus man was hospitalized Sunday night after he apparently tried to make fireworks in his own living room.

First responders with Columbus Police Department and Columbus Fire and Rescue responded to a call about a chemical injury at a home on 12th Street North at about 7:30 p.m., city spokesperson Joe Dillon said. The 27-year-old victim was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle with non life-threatening chemical burns to his stomach, Dillon said.

The man apparently was working with fireworks' chemicals when some of the material caught fire, causing the burns. Two other people in the residence drove the victim to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle.

Columbus officials called in the Tupelo Police Department Bomb Squad for help searching the residence for hazardous materials. CPD Chief Fred Shelton said the Tupelo agents removed a "small amount of fireworks chemicals," according to a CPD press release.

Both Shelton and CFR Public Information Officer Anthony Colom confirmed there was never a fire in the residence, and Shelton added there was no danger to the public.

CPD is investigating the case. No charges have been filed at this time.
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13 days ago
Business fire burns for more than 14 hours in Gainesville
HALL COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators are working to determine what started a massive fire at a Hall County business.

Flames broke out inside the AFCO business on Monroe Drive at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was at the scene Monday, where she saw flames spark up through a window just before noon.

She learned the building is used to make cleaning products, so chemicals inside were only helping grow the fire.

The building had been burning for more than 15 hours when firefighters told her they did not want to put more water on the fire and risk any chemical runoff.
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13 days ago
Fire destroys chemical factory in DJ Halli
A massive fire broke out in a three-storey building in DJ Halli's Sugar Mandi, East Bengaluru, on Monday evening, police said.
Constructed on a 20x40 plot, the building stocked barrels and containers of paint thinner, polish, varnish and glues used in the furniture fabrication, a local resident said.
Twelve fire tenders are at work to douse the blaze that broke out around 6 pm and continued to rage even after 11.30 pm. The second floor and a shed on the terrace are still ablaze. Since the locality is thickly populated and the roads are narrow, firefighting from the adjacent structures proved quite a task.
Firefighters have evacuated local residents and are drilling holes in the adjacent structures to access the building on fire. At the time of going to press, firefighters didn't come across any casualty.
The cause of the fire remains unclear but firefighters suspect a short circuit.
A local resident said the building housed a furniture fabrication unit where several people worked. The factory closes by 6 pm and all the employees leave. Local BBMP officials and the police are looking into the factory's trade licence and registration certificates and whether the building owner complied with fire safety regulations.
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13 days ago
One person killed in explosion at Beaver Dam apartment complex
Beaver Dam police and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an explosion at an apartment complex Monday that killed one person and forced the evacuation of nearby residents.

The explosion occurred at 109 Knaup Drive on the north side of Beaver Dam about 1 p.m., according to a Sheriff's Office news release.

Police Chief John Kreuziger told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen that the blast "had an unknown chemical origin."

Law enforcement agencies determined there could still be materials present that posed a danger and ordered the evacuation of several nearby apartment buildings.

Residents were advised to report to the Watermark community center, 209 S. Center St., until arrangements for temporary lodging could be made.

The explosion blew out the windows of Apt. 11 in the complex, the Daily Citizen reported.
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13 days ago
Chemicals cause explosion at Warren County business, no injuries reported
In 2011, when Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Products called Madison Township in Butler County home, the company caught fire and burned for hours.

"I started worrying about my kids, worrying about me, worrying about the neighborhood," Madison Township resident Jessica Hicks told WLWT at the time. "It was bad."

Seven years ago, a chemical called Xilene, which is found in gasoline, was most concerning, along with multiple explosions and thick black plumes of smoke.

On Monday morning, there was a fire at the company's new home in Carlisle in Warren County.

While the damage from Monday's fire may be tame by comparison with the 2011 fire, employees were still told to evacuate.

"When crews arrived, we had a large hole in the backside of the building," said Dustin Perry with the Franklin Township Fire Department. "And the company was advising that they had an explosion of some sort."

Nobody was hurt Monday, which may be due, in part, to the chemical that caught fire.

"They were batch mixing a chemical called S500 for sealant," Perry said. "During that process, they had an explosion that blew out part of the building, and then the container that holds the S500 started to catch fire. ... The S500 was not really a concern. It's a flammable liquid that you can use Class B foam on, which is what we did. We capped the container off, which contained it to the 800-gallon tank that it was involved in."

By Monday afternoon, Mar-Flex workers had returned to the plant and resumed operations.

In addition to Monday's fire and the massive fire in 2011, Mar-Flex also experienced a chemical fire in 2004.
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13 days ago
Residents Of Annapolis Light House Displaced By Chemical
ANNAPOLIS, MD — A chemical odor spreading through the vents of Light House displaced residents Saturday night, according to the Annapolis Fire Department. Hazmat crews from the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County fire departments were called to the homeless shelter about 11:30 p.m. to determine the cause of the odor and find its source.

Firefighters said the odor came from a utility room, and was likely from something poured down a drain. An Annapolis building inspector was called because of the unsafe conditions inside the structure, and it was ruled uninhabitable until an environmental company can clean the system.

Occupants were evacuated, and taken by city bus to another building for safety. At this time there are no reported injuries to civilians or emergency personnel.
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14 days ago
Hazardous incident at Chinchilla waste facility
UPDATE (4:27pm): QFES crews are still on the scene at the Chinchilla Waste and Recycling Centre after reports of smoking cannisters this morning.

A QFES spokeswoman said two crews, plus specialist vehicles, were at the tip on Slessar St, where crews were working to identify the number of containers affected.

"They were working to separate them from other material,” the spokeswoman said.

According to QFES media, crews had the incident under control around 1:45pm and were liaising with management on site.

Western Downs Regional Council have said the incident poses no threat to residents.

EARLIER: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are on stand-by as they wait for a scientific expert to arrive on site.

A hazmat vehicle from Toowoomba has been dispatched and on it's way to the waste facility.

Staff have been evacuated from a Chinchilla waste facility after a "hazardous incident” occurred earlier this morning.
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14 days ago
Fire damages Wah Chang building on Front Avenue
Multiple mid-valley agencies battled a fire Saturday evening in a building on the Wah Change Research Center property on Front Avenue in Albany.

As of late Saturday evening, personnel had yet to enter the structure to confirm that the fire was out or to determine its cause. They were waiting for the Linn County Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team to complete its evaluation, testing smoke from the fire and runoff from the water used to combat the blaze.

"We're currently not making entry due to some of the chemicals inside," Albany Fire Department Public Information Officer Sandy Roberts said. She added, however, that the situation was stable and there was no danger to the public.

Roberts said no one was in the building, and no injuries were reported.

The call on the blaze came in around 6:45 p.m. as a structure fire "called in" by an automated alarm. Roberts said crews arrived within five minutes. A total of five engines and one ladder truck responded, as well as two regional hazmat and two medic vehicles on standby.
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15 days ago
Small fire causes chemical spill at Northeast Portland warehouse
PORTLAND, Ore. — Firefighters and a hazmat team responded to a chemical spill and fire at a warehouse Saturday.
They were called to the 14100 block of Northeast Airport Way just before 5 a.m.
According to Portland Fire & Rescue, a small fire compromised 16 barrels of hydrogen peroxide.
Firefighters and members of the Portland and Gresham hazmat teams put out the fire and contained the chemical.
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15 days ago
Portion of Highway 29 in Jones Co. closed due to chemical spill
An 18-wheeler carrying a hazardous chemical crashed and overturned on highway 29 in Jones County Saturday.

According to the Chief of Calhoun Volunteer Department Lee Garick, emergency crews responded to a crash reported at 11:38 a.m. between Flem Phillips Road and Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church outside of Ellisville.

Emergency crews say the truck was hauling a chemical called "phenol, molten," a liquid chemical used in making plastics, cosmetics and hair dye.

150-200 gallons of the product leaked out of the truck, but crews kept it from flowing into a nearby creek. 

Officials also said two homes near the scene were evacuated.

No one was injured.
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15 days ago
Mumbai: Ghatkopar chemical godown gutted in major fire
A major fire gutted a chemical godown on Khairani Road in Ghatkopar’s Asalpha village on Friday night. The fire brigade managed to bring the blaze under control after nearly 12 hours. No casualty was reported.
Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangdale said an investigation had begun into whether any fire safety norms were flouted in the operation of the godown or in the storage of chemicals. While the fire was first reported around 11.30 pm on Friday, it was declared a ‘Level III’, or major, fire shortly before midnight. Eight fire engines and six jumbo tankers were rushed to the spot, along with an ambulance.
The fire brigade team was able to control the fire only by 11.25 am on Saturday, following which cooling operations began a little past noon. The fire broke out in the chemical godown, which was located on the ground floor of a building named Sheetal Apartments, and rapidly spread to adjoining godowns. “The fire burnt through aluminum, iron, wood, scrap material, paint, garments and chemicals. The godowns were shut when the fire broke out. An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway,” Rahangdale told The Indian Express. “If the owners of these godowns are found to have been flouting fire safety norms, the station officer will be directed to file a police complaint,” he added.
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15 days ago
Small chemical fire causes Cook Hall evacuation; no injuries reported
Cook Hall was evacuated Friday afternoon after a small chemical fire was reported, University spokesman Bob Rowley told The Daily. There were no injuries.
Some students who were working on the fourth floor were alerted about the incident after hearing a loud noise and called the authorities, Rowley said. Students were evacuated from the building around 3 p.m., and Evanston Fire Department and University Police were dispatched to the scene.
The fire was put out quickly and the building has been reopened except for the corridor near the laboratory where the fire occurred, he said.
The fire involved a chemical cylinder, Rowley said, but its exact cause is still being determined. Investigators from EFD and the University Office for Research Safety are inspecting the scene, he said.
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16 days ago
Chemical explosion victim dies
Jeedimetla: Kumaraswamy, a victim of the recent chemical explosion in Jeedimetla breathed his last on Friday following deteriorating health conditions.

 It may be recalled that the 30-year-old employee of Seutic Pharma Pvt.Ltd fell prey to a deadly fire accident on February 23rd when a reactor blasted in the company gravely injuring seven workers. Kumaraswamy was survived by his wife Veeramani and two sons. 

Expressing condolences to the family, the company management has taken up the responsibility of educating the children and has announced 20 lakh rupees to the family as a monetary aid.
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16 days ago
Man in hospital with chemical burns after toxic gas leak at plastics company in Bolton
A man was rushed to hospital with serious chemical burns on his face and limbs after a toxic gas leak.

Fire crews responded to reports of a leak of hydrogen fluoride at an industrial plant on Lever Street in Bolton.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said the man, aged in his 50s, suffered burns as he tried to connect a hydrogen fluoride gas cylinder to a pipeline.

A spokesman said: “Despite being burned, he managed to close the cylinder to stop further damage.”

The Health and Safety Executive said it would be launching an investigation into the incident at Bolton Plastic Components Ltd.
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16 days ago
Classes resume at Berry College after chemical spill, evacuation
The Berry College science building was temporarily evacuated Tuesday due to a chemical spill in a storage room.

Crews have since cleaned up the spill and classes at the Rome school resumed at noon, Berry College spokeswoman Chris Kozelle said.

“All clear,” Kozelle told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Wednesday afternoon.

“Out of an abundance of caution,” one student was taken to Floyd Medical Center in the incident, Kozelle said.

A toxic liquid chemical known as Isobutyl Chloroformate spilled out of a chemical storage room in McAllister Hall. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the chemical is “very corrosive to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes” and “very toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.”
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17 days ago
Mysterious odor in Midtown sickens dozens of school girls
HOUSTON - A mysterious odor at the Young Women's College Preparatory Academy near Midtown made dozens of students sick Thursday.

"A little bit before 10:30 a.m., some of students and staff started smelling an unusual odor," said HISD Spokesperson Tracy Clemons. "Some of our students reported feeling ill, and we evacuated the building as a precaution."

Students started to panic after seeing their friends faint.

"I saw a girl pass out," said one student. "I was freaking out."

"Some of my friends went to the hospital and I'm super scared right now," another student confessed.

In all, 51 students were taken to area hospitals with symptoms including dizziness, headache and nausea. As for what caused the putrid rotten egg smell, officials are stumped!

"At this point, HD hazmat has cleared the school," said HFD Spokesperson Sheldra Brigham. "We went in with meters, did the testing and didn't find any hazards."
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17 days ago
Ramapo High School Evacuated Following Scare In Chemistry Lab
Ramapo High School students and staff received a scare on Thursday, after a chemical substance being removed from the chemistry lab forced an evacuation.

Officers from the Ramapo Police Department, local fire departments and a Rockland County Hazmat team were dispatched to the school on Thursday afternoon, when school officials called for an evacuation of the building due to the residue of an old chemical substance that was located when removing cabinets from the lab.

Officials said that the evacuation came about when a teacher discovered unlabeled chemicals, which had become crystallized. The bottles reportedly dated back decades.

The school was closed at approximately noon. No injuries were reported, though one staff member was hospitalized after breathing in the substance.

The incident is under investigation, police said. Motorists have been advised to avoid the area as crews continue investigating. This situation is ongoing, keep following Daily Voice for updates as they become available.
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17 days ago
'Highly toxic' chemical posed significant health risk following Blount County derailment, doctor says
A chemist and medical doctor to whom state and federal agencies have turned for his expertise in toxic substances said a train derailment and chemical fire in Blount County nearly three years ago posed a significant health risk to residents.

The testimony from George C. Rodgers came Thursday in Knoxville’s U.S. District Court on the fourth day of a civil trial over the July 2015 derailment. Six Blount County residents are suing Union Tank Car Co. (UTC), which owned and manufactured the derailed car. They seek over $5 million in property damage and nuisance claims.

Chemical ‘highly toxic’

Rodgers, who obtained a doctorate in chemistry from Yale University and later earned a medical degree from State University of New York (SUNY), said officials rightly established an evacuation zone after a tank car carrying nearly 25,000 gallons of acrylonitrile derailed and caught fire.

“I think clearly there needed to be an evacuation with this,” Rodgers said. “Acrylonitrile is highly toxic.”

When it burns — in this case all 24,710 gallons burned for what’s been indicated in reports as a little over 20 hours — it produces cyanide, carbon monoxide and an irritant called nitrogen dioxide, Rodgers said.

“Acrylonitrile itself, in very low concentrations, is an irritant,” Rodgers said. “If you inhale it, it does damage to your lungs, which can be permanent.”

Furthermore, when the liver metabolizes acrylonitrile, it turns to cyanide, which can be lethal, he said.
us_TN  transportation  follow-up  injury  acrylonitrile 
17 days ago
WACKER cited for incident that led to chemical release
Citations have been issued against an area industrial firm over an issue discovered last year.

On Monday, WACKER-Charleston received from the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) two citations pertaining to the inadvertent and unexpected release of chemicals during maintenance of removed process equipment on Aug. 30, 2017.

These citations are unrelated to the incident on Sept. 7, 2017, which resulted in the temporary shutdown of the facility while repairs can be made. WACKER officials expect to receive separate findings from TOSHA regarding the Sept. 7, 2017 incident in the near future.

The citations issued by TOSHA relate primarily to protective clothing, procedures, and hazard analysis pertaining to the maintenance activities on certain process equipment. WACKER has been working in recent months to continuously improve its safety program.

According to officials, many of the concerns have already been or are in the process of being addressed. WACKER will carefully and diligently study and respond to the concerns raised by TOSHA.

WACKER official noted they take seriously the responsibility for the safety of its team members and community. That responsibility will continue to guide WACKER as it prepares to move forward, they continued.
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17 days ago
Notre Dame clears building after small explosion in laboratory
Authorities evacuated an academic building at the University of Notre Dame following a small chemical explosion in a laboratory.

University spokesman Dennis Brown says the explosion occurred Monday morning on the third floor of the Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering.

He says “a staff member was working with some acidic solutions and there was a small explosion. The acid washed up onto her so she was treated immediately.”

Brown says the unidentified staff member was transported to a hospital as a precaution.

The building was expected to reopen later Monday.
us_IN  laboratory  explosion  injury  acid 
19 days ago
Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Some Santa Rosa Drinking Water
Some drinking water in Santa Rosa remains undrinkable months after the North Bay fires, and pressure is mounting on the city’s water department to locate and control the cause.

“The city is very interested to get people back and rebuilt into their homes, of course, as soon as possible,” says Bennett Horenstein, the City of Santa Rosa’s Water Director.

‘This contamination is certainly attributable to the fire.’
Bennett Horenstein, Santa Rosa Water Department
Fire savaged the neighborhood around Fountaingrove parkway last October. Where more than 350 families once lived, 13 homes remain standing. In November, people returning to the neighborhood complained of foul smelling and tasting water.

Engineers for Santa Rosa’s water department isolated water service for Fountaingrove, in an aim to prevent wider contamination. The department ordered residents not to drink or boil the water there. Then its tests found benzene, a chemical that can cause cancer.
us_CA  public  discovery  environmental  benzene 
19 days ago
Kansas man suing after E-cig battery caught fire in pocket
A Derby man is suing a Wichita vaping shop after he says a spare battery for his e-cigarette exploded in the front pocket of his pants.

Daniel Anderson suffered chemical and thermal burns to his left leg and hands caused by fire and heat that rolled out of the lithium ion battery, which he bought from Big E’s Vapor Shop, according to a lawsuit filed Feb. 6 in Sedgwick County District Court.

“It was like a flame thrower. It just ignited and was a big ball of fire,” said Wichita attorney Dustin DeVaughn, who is representing Anderson in the case.

Anderson was carrying the spare battery, his car keys and coins in his left front pocket of his pants the morning of Feb. 29, 2016, while he was at work. When the metal items touched, it caused a short to the outside of the battery.
us_KS  public  explosion  injury  batteries 
19 days ago
Building evacuated after chemical spills in lab
COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A laboratory in Cobb County was evacuated after a spill.

Investigators say Chemlink Laboratory on Royal Drive in Kennesaw reported spoke in the building Tuesday afternoon.

The lab manufactures high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and related products.

The Cobb County fire Department said sodium percarbonate, a product similar to that used to clean front loader washing machines, spilled. Something then caused the sprinklers to go off, which caused the diluted product to run.

The entire building was evacuated and Hazmat was called to the scene.
us_GA  laboratory  release  response  other_chemical 
19 days ago
Chemical fire bursts in CSULB engineering building, only 1 injured
A chemical fire erupted in the Engineering and Computer Sciences (ECS) Building of California State University, Long Beach on Tuesday, Feb. 27, resulting in one injury and an evacuation, according to Jake Heflin, the public information officer for the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD).

Heflin said the call was received at approximately 1:23pm.

Firefighters identified chemicals– lithium hydroxide and lithium in a solid state– inside of an unknown container. He said it is not clear as to why those chemicals were in the classroom, but he believes it was part of a school project or experiment.

“There was a reaction and a subsequent fire,” Heflin said. Firefighters extinguished the fire at 1:50pm. The fire did not spread from inside the classroom where it started, however. Heflin said the room suffered from smoke damage and the sprinkler system was activated.
us_CA  laboratory  fire  injury  other_chemical 
19 days ago
Chemical release sends 11 Offset Paperback workers to hospital after evacuation
DALLAS TWP. - Federal and state officials are investigating this morning’s chemical release at Offset Paperback Manufacturing that sent 11 employees to the hospital, a deputy fire chief who responded said Tuesday afternoon.

The facility along Memorial Highway was evacuated around 7:30 a.m. when employees fell ill from the release of a chemical commonly used in the printing industry, said Deputy Chief John Wilkes, of the Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS.

Officials used a school bus to transport 11 employees to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Wilkes said.

“Most were complaining of headaches and itchy skin,” Wilkes said.

Members of Dallas Township and Luzerne County’s emergency management agencies responded to the scene.

A hazardous materials response team from Datom Products in Dunmore was called in to decontaminate the site.
us_PA  industrial  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
19 days ago
Is this why Facebook is such a toxic dump? HP, HPE sued for 'leaking chems' into office site
Stanford University is suing the descendants of Hewlett-Packard and Agilent for allegedly contaminating a property in Palo Alto, California, with toxic chemicals.

The Silicon Valley uni has demanding the IT giants pick up its hazmat cleaning bill to scrub the site of industrial solvents and other pollutants.

The property, 1601 S. California Avenue, was leased by the school to HP from 1970 through 2005. Agilent, a HP spinoff, used the building beginning in 1999 until 2005. In 2015, HP split into HP Inc and HPE.

After HP left, the building was inhabited by Facebook for two years before Zuck and Co landed at their Menlo Park facility in 2011. Facebook is not named in the lawsuit, and there is no suggestion Facebook caused or added to the chemical mess, but funnily enough, it turned into a toxic hell hole anyway.

Upstarts in solvent
Some time over the course of those three and a half decades, Stanford claimed, the building, while in use by HP, leaked polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and trichloroethylene (TCE) into the soil. PCBs are used in things like coolant fluid, dielectrics, and carbonless-copy paper, while TCE is an industrial solvent.

When, in 2015, Stanford sought to build new faculty housing on the plot, they found the land contaminated with the two hazardous materials, and were forced to bring in a cleanup crew that cost it "millions of dollars."
us_CA  public  discovery  environmental  solvent  toxics 
20 days ago
5 hospitalized after drug exposure at Tri County Regional Jail
Five officials, including two correctional officers and three deputies, were hospitalized after an inmate brought a substance into the Tri County Regional Jail Monday night.

OTHER LOCAL NEWS: Firefighter arrested on OVI charge

According to Urbana Fire Chief Mark Keller, a HAZMAT team was dispatched to the jail around 11:30 p.m. for a potential chemical substance an inmate brought into the jail.

The five officials were transported to area hospitals after quickly showing flu-like symptoms including vomiting and nausea not long after the female inmate was booked into the jail. 
us_OH  industrial  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
20 days ago
chemical explosion // The Observer
A chemical explosion in Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering caused the building to be evacuated for several hours starting around 9:45 a.m. Monday, according to an email from University spokesman Dennis Brown. According to the email, the “small” explosion occurred on the third floor of the building and splashed a staff member with an acidic solution. The
us_IN  laboratory  explosion  response  unknown_chemical 
20 days ago
University of Utah student hospitalized after being exposed to chemical
SALT LAKE CITY – The Salt Lake City Fire Department said that a student was transferred to the hospital after her hands were exposed to a chemical.

According to a tweet by the fire department, the 28-year-old female was exposed to triethylaluminium, a liquid that is ignited when it is exposed to air.

After being exposed, the woman was transported to the University of Utah Hospital for treatment. The fire department said that she was in good condition.

The student was exposed to the chemical during normal experiments, the fire department said.
us_UT  laboratory  release  injury  other_chemical 
20 days ago
Experiment that evacuated MUN building sparks new safety measures in engineering labs
Memorial University is hiring two new safety supervisors and revamping laboratory procedures in the engineering faculty after an experiment went wrong last summer, forcing the evacuation of the engineering building.

A subsequent report by the university's chief risk officer determined that "the potential for this incident to create major negative consequences was high."

MUN's dean of engineering and applied science told CBC News that all preventive actions recommended in that report are being put in place.

"The situation was resolved without any injuries," Greg Naterer said.

"However, we do take this as an important learning experience and we really do take lab safety extremely seriously in engineering."

Pressurized hydrothermal reactor

The day it happened last July, the university attributed the evacuation to a "malfunctioning device."
Canada  laboratory  follow-up  environmental  unknown_chemical 
21 days ago
Osage Casino Reopened After Chemical Mix Up
Enlarge1 / 1
TULSA, Oklahoma - A bad mix of chemicals at the Osage Casino in Tulsa caused 13 people to seek medical attention. 
The Tulsa Fire Department and HAZMAT crews worked Sunday afternoon to figure out what went wrong. 

Firefighters said while an employee was cleaning, he accidentally mixed ammonia and bleach, a dangerous combination.

The Tulsa Fire Department said several people complaining of having a scratchy throat, burning eyes and headache caused an Osage Casino employee to call 911. 

By the time firefighters got there, they said four people had already taken themselves to either urgent care or the hospital. 
us_OK  public  release  injury  ammonia  bleach 
21 days ago
Maharashtra drafts workers’ safety, health policy
The state labour department has drafted the safety and health policy for workers employed in factories, shops and establishments, construction workers and workers from the unorganised sector. Officials said that the draft policy includes fixing the responsibility on safety auditors and owners of factories and establishments for accidents, appointing one safety officer for 250 workers instead of the current provision of one for 1,000 workers.
It also includes training workers through Industrial Training Institutes, providing safety kits to workers, rewarding factories and establishments complying with safety norms, among others, said officials.
The labour department had decided to come up with the safety and health policy for workers in the wake of  the death of 26 people in two fire incidents in Mumbai in December.
India  industrial  follow-up  environmental 
21 days ago
Primary school children targeted in ‘Under the Sink’ chemical safety campaign
The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has today launched a chemical safety resource on its websitewww.hsa.ie/education for primary schools entitled "Under the Sink" designed to raise awareness amongst younger children of the dangers of household chemicals.  

According to the National Poisons Information Centre more than 15,000 children were reported to have been poisoned in their homes in the last three years, due to ingestion, inhalation or absorption of chemicals with more than 7,000 of these accidents caused by everyday household chemical products such as detergents and bleach.
"Under the Sink" is a short on-line presentation, which is designed for use on the classroom whiteboard and comes with a set of teacher guidelines and activities.
Ireland  public  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
21 days ago
Kamo High school in Northland evacuated after chemical spill
A Northland school has been evacuated after a chemical spill during a science class.

Science students at Kamo High School noticed fumes leaking out of a resource cupboard during class on Friday morning, a spokesman for Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) said. 

Their teacher opened the cupboard to find 55 grams of sodium bromide had spilled out of its container and reacted with something to produce the fumes, the spokesman said. 

All students in the school were evacuated.

One Hazmat unit and three fire trucks were still at the scene at 1pm. 

Bromine gas can cause coughing, irritation, burns and serious lung problems from long-term exposure.
New_Zealand  laboratory  release  response  bromine 
24 days ago
Neighbors of Wheatfield landfill seek U.S. intervention
North Tonawanda residents who live near the old Niagara Sanitation Landfill in Wheatfield say they're sick of waiting for action. 

During a "Congress on Your Corner" session Thursday at North Tonawanda City Hall, representatives of U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins' office heard pleas from residents who want the U.S. government to look into contamination from the landfill.

They said the state Department of Environmental Conservation has presented findings about the severity of existing contamination that contradict the results of private testing the residents had performed in their homes. They've reported the presence of dioxins, PCBs and DDT. 

"Everyone is getting sick and we want to get out of there," resident Mary Jo Kerr said. "But no one, financially, can do that." 

Residents say their health has suffered due to prolonged exposure to contaminants from the landfill, which was used to store materials removed from Love Canal in the 1960s. Most of the residents say they want out of the neighborhood, but can't afford to move or can't find anyone willing to purchase their property.
us_NY  public  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
24 days ago
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