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It’s The Future | The Circle Blog
Faux mockery of trends in web apps, esp Docker (or rkt), a new way of doing containerization.
code  development  webdev  webapp 
july 2015 by dblume
Python Descriptors Demystified
Includes a clever example of how to add callbacks to a descriptor.
python  code 
july 2013 by dblume
Binify · GitHub
A python tool for visualizing datasets in hexagons.
python  visualization  tools  software  programming  data  code  statistics 
april 2013 by dblume
Code Golf in Python: Sudoku - Pythonic Perambulations
A really good article to read to pick up some arcane tips for Python programming.
python  games  software  programming  tips  code 
april 2013 by dblume
distellamap | ben fry
You can buy prints of visualizations of Atari 2600 games like Adventure!
cool  games  visualization  software  programming  art  retro  code  atari  design 
february 2013 by dblume
Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop is Here
From the Visual Studio Blog at MSDN Blogs. I wonder if the Windows version of Python will be compiled in it.
microsoft  tools  code  software  programming 
september 2012 by dblume
How to create very reliable web services - amix.dk
Tools that Amir uses at todoist and wedoist.
web  tips  code 
august 2012 by dblume
Nice visual timeline that can take data in JSON.
Code  javascript  tools  Timeline 
march 2012 by dblume
100,000 tasklets: Stackless and Go
Comparing Google Go vs. Stackless Python
python  programming  code  google 
july 2011 by dblume
Sending emails using Amazon SES and Python - amix.dk
Script that handles encodings properly using Amazon SES and boto.
python  code  webapp  web  script 
may 2011 by dblume
Exploring the modern JavaScript backend stack - amix.dk
Amir describes components of the JavaScript stack and why he's so optimistic about it.
javascript  programming  code  web 
march 2011 by dblume
How To Safely Store A Password | Use bcrypt
Recommends using bcrypt instead of general purpose hash functions like MD5 SHA1, etc.
security  code  programming  web 
january 2011 by dblume
appengineblogsoftware - Project Hosting on Google Code
A good place to start when making a Google AppEngine Blog back end.
blog  opensource  webdev  api  python  code 
january 2011 by dblume
Visualize datasets over maps.  A neat example is pavement quality in San Francisco: http://polymaps.org/ex/streets.html
javascript  visualization  map  code  python  api 
january 2011 by dblume
Experimenting with Google App Engine - Bret Taylor's blog
A blog made with Google AppEngine, with sample code.
api  code  gblogs  python 
december 2010 by dblume
How to Write a Spelling Corrector
Quick Python spelling suggester with a reference to the Bayesian algorithm.
python  algorithm  code 
april 2010 by dblume
LOESS Smoothing in Excel | PTS Blog
Alternate data smoothing technique
code  excel  loess  data 
march 2009 by dblume
Paul Buchheit: Communicating with code
Advice from Paul Buchheit on always having live code that you can demonstrate.
programming  google  gmail  code 
january 2009 by dblume
foreword.com :: unSnared
Great links to a series of articles by James Devlin, who made a poker bot.
code  software  poker  privacy 
october 2008 by dblume

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