An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop | WIRED
Apple’s old HQ holds stories of pizza ovens, iPhone secrets, baseball bats, and what happened to Steve Jobs’ office.
apple  history 
5 days ago
Automatically compress images on Pull Requests
One of the lowest hanging fruit in achieving highly performant imagery is automating the compression process. It’s easy to accidentally add an uncompressed file or run out of time to set up elaborate configurations to manage compression for us.
image  github  performance 
5 days ago
Leaders Wanted, by Chris Shiflett
In the best companies, everyone is a leader. Decisions are made by those best suited to make them, everyone feels trusted and respected, and a shared purpose provides unity and motivation.
leadership  self  morale  health 
12 days ago
“Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Typography” by Jason Pamental—An Event Apart video
Variable fonts include EVERY width, weight, slant, and other permutation of a typeface, all in a single file not much bigger than a regular font file. In this hour-long presentation captured live at An Event Apart Orlando 2018, Jason Pamental delves into the ins and outs of variable fonts, showing you not just how far the new capabilities can take us, but how to make use of them right away.
css  fonts  webdesign  typography 
21 days ago
Jeremy Keith - Building The Web - View Source 2019
@adactio shares his insights on the current state of the web and web development and its complexity. Expectations of the web have changed : people expect the web to be terrible (especially on mobile). You can do more with less today, but we don't always choose to do so. Fondamental stuff is not (aways) a technology. The goal of any good framework or library should be to make itself redundant. Our priority should always be what is going to make life easier for the user. The worse thing we can do is to assume things are inevitable (FB, Google), but that is just the way things have turned out. They can change. Let's have the imagination of how things could be different. “I am afraid for the web. When I'm done with all this, and when I look around and all the people making websites look like me, then I think we will have failed.”
web  webdev  insights  video 
22 days ago
FlashQ Q20II – LightPix Labs
A clever little flash system. A full featured GN20 (Guide Number 20 at ISO 100) flash with radio control, led lighting, flash head tilting and built-in gel holder.
photography  flash  wishlist  hardware 
22 days ago
Using outline instead of border - Andy Bell
You can use outline instead of border to achieve the same visual effect, but it’ll bleed over the edges nicely.
23 days ago
2019 Guide: Apple iPad Pro for Photographers: Digital Photography Review
With the release of every new tablet, photographers peer past their laptops and wonder: could this be the one that lightens my gear load without sacrificing performance? The appeal of a fast and light tablet is seductive, even if you’re not looking to completely replace a desktop or laptop, but tradeoffs have so far made it a difficult choice.
ipad  photography  guidelines 
23 days ago
2.0 — makes your site’s pages instant — in 1 minute of effort — by preloading pages right before a user clicks on them: when they hover over a link for 65 ms; there’s one chance out of two that they will click then. On mobile, it preloads when they start touching their display, before releasing it.
javascript  performance  ux 
27 days ago
Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript | Tobias Ahlin
With browser support of ES6 having reached more than 96%, it might be a good idea to move away from jQuery to accomplish basic tasks like fetching data, selecting elements, styling and animating them, as Tobias Ahlin argues.
cheatsheet  javascript  jquery  js 
28 days ago
Using rel="preconnect" to establish network connections early and increase performance | CSS-Tricks
Adding rel=preconnect to a <link> informs the browser that your page intends to establish a connection to another domain, and that you'd like the process to start as soon as possible. Resources will load more quickly because the setup process has already been completed by the time the browser requests them.
css  performance  html 
29 days ago
This Ain’t Disney: A practical guide to CSS transitions and animations
Can anyone admit they’re not delighted when a component slides into view and appears to slow down before coming to a complete stop? There’s something nice about that. So what is that special touch, and why is it so hard to reproduce?
transition  animation  css  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
Dynamic Typography with Variable Fonts
Modern developments in CSS make it easier than ever to create robust, scalable, elegant typographic systems on the web. Add variable fonts and the design, technical, and performance benefits are really exciting.
typography  font  variable-font 
10 weeks ago
DRY Switching with CSS Variables
Brilliant write up by Ana Tudor on CSS_Tricks of the use of CSS custom properties with demos and examples, some of which a little math heavy -- I love <3
css  custom-properties  ø 
december 2018
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1
Discover the new WCAG set of guidelines (or 17 success criteria) presented in a comprehensive manner by Alan Dalton.
accessibility  html5  css  wcag  ø 
december 2018
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