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FLEX: A simple visual cheatsheet for flexbox
Learn all about the properties available in flexbox through simple visual examples.
cheatsheet  css  reference  development  webdev  flexbox 
12 weeks ago by davidgasperoni
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Learn all about the properties available in CSS Grid Layout through simple visual examples.
cheatsheet  css  reference  development  webdev 
12 weeks ago by davidgasperoni
The only cheat sheet you need.
Unified access to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world.
cheatsheet  reference  programming  development 
july 2018 by davidgasperoni
Front-End Performance Checklist 2018 [PDF, Apple Pages]
Let’s make 2018... fast! A front-end performance checklist (PDF/Apple Pages), with everything you need to know to create fast experiences today.
html  css  javascript  frontend  performance  cheatsheet 
january 2018 by davidgasperoni
Check! before you launch

Here’s a checklist of small-ish tasks you’ll want to cross off before you formally announce your new thing (app, website, physical product, an art of some sort). Go through this during your final testing, or while you wait for whatever overseer must approve your humble offering. Not all of these points will apply to you; I mean, I don’t even know if you’re on twitter or not. But it’s a start.
cheatsheet  guides  testing 
february 2017 by davidgasperoni
Oh, shit, git!

Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english*.
git  reference  cheatsheet  howto  development 
february 2017 by davidgasperoni
Cheatsheet of test payment cards for various payment gateways
testing  development  webdev  cheatsheet 
october 2016 by davidgasperoni
curl cheat sheet
A single page document with the most important curl options explained
curl  cheatsheet  http  reference 
august 2016 by davidgasperoni
Accessibility Guidelines
As journalists, advertisers, producers, and creators, content is at our core at Vox Media. We want to ensure that everyone—regardless of ability, situation, or context—can access it.

Making work accessible creates a better experience across the board. Use this checklist to help build accessibility into your process no matter your role or stage in a project.
accessibility  design  development  cheatsheet 
august 2016 by davidgasperoni
Big O Reference for common algorithms and data structures with comparisons.
This site summarizes the complexities in terms of space and time (Big O) of the most important algorithms and operations in common data structures. It is 100% open-source so you can edit the content with a pull request, with no ads and has a friendly printable version. If you have any comment please create an issue on Github. To know more about the project and see the credits take a look at the readme file.
computer-science  cheatsheet  programming  development  reference 
july 2016 by davidgasperoni
Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet
This webpage covers the space and time Big-O complexities of common algorithms used in Computer Science. When preparing for technical interviews in the past, I found myself spending hours crawling the internet putting together the best, average, and worst case complexities for search and sorting algorithms so that I wouldn't be stumped when asked about them. Over the last few years, I've interviewed at several Silicon Valley startups, and also some bigger companies, like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and eBay, and each time that I prepared for an interview, I thought to myself "Why hasn't someone created a nice Big-O cheat sheet?". So, to save all of you fine folks a ton of time, I went ahead and created one. Enjoy! - Eric
computer-science  cheatsheet  algorithm  programming  development  reference 
july 2016 by davidgasperoni
Type Terms
Welcome to Type Terms! The animated typographic cheat sheet. If you are new to typography or here to refresh your memory, then Type Terms is the perfect tool for you.
typography  reference  fonts  design  cheatsheet  smashingmag 
june 2016 by davidgasperoni
CSS Reference | Codrops
An extensive CSS reference with all the important CSS properties and info to learn CSS from the basics
css  reference  cheatsheet  development  webdev 
may 2016 by davidgasperoni
Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet
An interactive cheat sheet for Bootstrap 4, serving as a quick reference. Includes code samples and live preview of elements.
bootstrap  cheatsheet  reference  css  html  javascript 
april 2016 by davidgasperoni
Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox)
Unfortunately, not everyone has a browser/device capable of viewing flexbox layouts. This is a cheatsheet-esque guide that offers backwards compatible alternatives to flexbox properties.
flexbox  css  webdev  cheatsheet  reference 
april 2016 by davidgasperoni
Git Cheatsheet
Interactive Git Cheatsheet, categorizing commands based on what they affect.
git  reference  cheatsheet  howto 
march 2016 by davidgasperoni
DrkSephy / es6-cheatsheet
ES2015 [ES6] cheatsheet containing tips, tricks, best practices and code snippets
javascript  cheatsheet  tips  best-practices  development  programming 
january 2016 by davidgasperoni
Javascript cheat sheet. Meant to be something for me to look up more quickly than Mozilla's Javascript docs.
javascript  cheatsheet  github  programming  reference 
january 2016 by davidgasperoni
Unix Toolbox
This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations, however the reader is supposed to know what s/he is doing.
unix  linux  terminal  reference  howto  sysadmin  cheatsheet  tips 
august 2015 by davidgasperoni
Typography Cheatsheet
Everything you need to know about setting proper typography – smart quotes, apostrophes, em dashes, en dashes, accented characters and more.
cheatsheet  typography  reference  design  smashingmag 
june 2015 by davidgasperoni
Git Cheat Sheet
Our Git cheat sheet saves you from learning all the commands by heart. Download it for free.
git  reference  cheatsheet 
april 2015 by davidgasperoni
Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet
I set out to create a quick visual to summarize Flexbox when I run into these moments of pause in the future. I like to think of it as a little diagram (flow chart? decision tree-ish thing?) that is a cheatsheet...based on cheatsheets.
css  cheatsheet  webdev  smashingmag 
november 2014 by davidgasperoni
The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet
Before you dive right into the cheat sheet, brush up on the fundamentals.
css  html  webdev  webdesign  cheatsheet  reference  development  smashingmag 
september 2014 by davidgasperoni
The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions
With PaintCode, you can make your apps truly resolution-independent.
ios  design  reference  cheatsheet 
september 2014 by davidgasperoni
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Great Public Speaker
If you’re responsible for appearing in front of a large audience to deliver speeches or talks, then work your way through this cheat sheet. It’s a collaborative effort between London Speaker Bureau and datadial, and will certainly help you overcome your fear of public speaking.
public-speaking  cheatsheet  tips 
september 2014 by davidgasperoni
git command line cheat sheets
Cheat sheets are basically wiki pages accessible from the command line. You can browse, add, or edit cheat sheets.
github  cheatsheet  reference  howto 
august 2014 by davidgasperoni
Git Cheat Sheet
Our free Git cheat sheet saves you from learning all the commands by heart.
git  cheatsheet  reference 
april 2014 by davidgasperoni
iOS Language Cheat Sheet
When localizing an application it is often tricky to know which name in the Languages list corresponds to the desired language. So I made a cheat sheet to help me lookup the right value.
ios  cheatsheet  development 
february 2014 by davidgasperoni
Cheaters 2.0: more and faster
Cheaters 2.0 is up, and it's a huge step forward. I've been inspired by Dash to make it faster, easier and more keyboard-centric.
cheatsheet  apps  macos 
january 2014 by davidgasperoni
Emmet Cheat Sheet
Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow
css  html  coding  reference  cheatsheet 
december 2013 by davidgasperoni
The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet
So, without further ado, here it is – the ultimate, complete, final social media sizing cheat sheet. As before, you can find a simple text list of the pixel dimensions at the bottom. Save this sucker on your hard drive and never Google ‘Facebook cover photo size’ again.
cheatsheet  social-media  howto  images 
august 2013 by davidgasperoni

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