On the performance and design of BioSequences compared to the Seq language | BioJulia
Interesting article that compares Seq to Julia, and in doing so results in speed improvements in a bioinformatics library for Julia.
julia  dna  programming  bioinformatics 
12 days ago
UoE Cafés nutritional information
Portal that provides access to the nutritional information of all meals at the UoE cafes.
food  health 
26 days ago
Simple online drawing tool that generates diagrams that appear to be hand-drawn.
tools  drawing 
27 days ago
Browse good first issues to start contributing to open source - The GitHub Blog
Github are doing more to make it easier to find good issues to get you into contributing to projects. I like this idea and should make a point of looking at the possible contributions of projects I make use of a lot.
programming  free-software  open-source 
5 weeks ago
A Makefile for Emacs Packages « null program
Good blog post that talks about effective use of Makefiles when building and managing Emacs Lisp code.
emacs  lisp  elisp  programming 
5 weeks ago
GNU Guile v3.0.0
Guile v3.0.0 has been released.
gnu  scheme  lisp 
5 weeks ago
Different methods of arranging circles
Fascinating tweet (and thread) that shows all the different ways you can arrange a collection of circles without them overlapping.
8 weeks ago
Things to know about mental health.
Twitter thread that invited people who have mental ill health, or disorders, to explain things that neurotypical types might not know, understand, or appreciate.
mental-health  twitter 
9 weeks ago
Bot Sentinel Dashboard ‹ Bot Sentinel
Tool for helping work out if a twitter account is a bot or not.
twitter  bot 
9 weeks ago
Surviving Domestic Abuse
Some excellent advice on moving from being a victim, to being a survivor, of domestic abuse.
abuse  mental-health 
10 weeks ago
Short thread on pros/cons of IndyRef2
This thread does a good job of giving a concise outline of the pros and cons of another IndyRef.
politics  scotland  IndyRef 
10 weeks ago
Happy Hues - Curated colors in context.
Handy website that gives some great examples of colour palettes for web design (and other kinds of design too, I guess).
design  web  css 
10 weeks ago
licensing - What can I assume if a publicly published project has no license? - Open Source Stack Exchange
Useful thread about what you should take away from a repository that's available on a forge (especially GitHub) and which has no obvious licence.
legal  software  programming 
10 weeks ago
Going further with Scottish Gaelic
Some good advice on progressing with learning Scottish gaelic.
scotland  gaelic 
11 weeks ago
How did the 5 bases get their names
Neat little twitter thread that outlines how the five bases (4 DNA and U for RNA) got their names.
biology  bioinformatics  genetics 
12 weeks ago
Handy web page that explains the issue of floating point numbers, as it relates to different programming languages.
12 weeks ago
Contract for the Web
Website for the contract for the web
web  politics  law 
november 2019
EmacsConf 2019 - Videos
Videos from the 2019 online EmacsConf
november 2019
How to remove condescending language from documentation
Interesting post talking about how we can improve language in documentation so that it's more inclusive. The tool that it links to is new to me. I've tried it and there's a lot of false positives, but as long as you don't take a "this should be totally lint-free" approach to using it it could help with tweaking things.
documentation  inclusiveness 
november 2019
python - PyLint "Unable to import" error - how to set PYTHONPATH? - Stack Overflow
Very handy solution to the problem of making a project you're working on available to its own tests. While this tends not to be an issue for linting from the command line (I use a Makefile and sort the PYTHONPATH when doing the linting), but from within Emacs with flycheck it can be more awkward.
programming  python  pylint 
november 2019
awesome-for-beginners: A list of awesome beginners-friendly projects.
A great repo that contains a list of projects that encourage beginners (in programming, in some language, or perhaps even in a problem domain) to work on issues. All have some sort of "low-hanging fruit" tag for issues that would be a good place to build confidence in contributing.
november 2019
jgraph/drawio: Source to www.draw.io
Client-side diagram drawing app. Open Source.
drawing  free-software 
november 2019
Talk to Transformer
Hilarious machine-learning-based tool that takes some text that you give it, and completes it.
machine-learning  funny  generator 
november 2019
Journeys: A fun coding challenge.
A fun little coding challenge; ideal for getting to know a new language, or testing someone's knowledge of a language.
november 2019
Seq language
A high-performance, Pythonic language for bioinformatics
biology  bioinformatics  programming 
november 2019
Seq: A high-performance language for bioinformatics
Paper about a language, that is pretty much a twist on Python that's aimed at getting higher performance for bioinformatics applications.
biology  bioinformatics  programming  paper 
november 2019
Package for using Emacs in a more shell-like way, but while doing it in a very Emacs-like way. Contains interactive tools for pipeline manipulation, as well as a scripting language, of sorts
emacs  lisp  elisp 
november 2019
Enable Sidecar on Unsupported iPads and Macs running iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina
Information on how to get Sidecar working with unsupported Macs and iPads.
october 2019
node.js - How do I uninstall nodejs installed from pkg (Mac OS X)? - Stack Overflow
Method of uninstalling nodejs from macOS if it has been installed from a package. (the idea being that you may want to manage it via Homebrew instead)
nodejs  javascript  macos  homebrew 
october 2019
Confused by DNS Records? A, CNAME, ALIAS...
Little Twitter thread that briefly documents the key components of DNS, aimed at web developer types.
networking  dns  cheatsheet  documentation  twitter 
october 2019
osx - How to Restore File System Access in macOS Catalina - Emacs Stack Exchange
Solution to the problem of Emacs being denied access to the likes of ~/Documents on macOS Catalina.
emacs  macos 
october 2019
A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev
List of online tools and services that are useful for software development, and which have a free tier that allow for testing things out.
web  programming 
october 2019
Relocated Items in macOS Catalina Explained - MacRumors
Handy explanation of the relocated items directory thing post upgrade to Catalina.
october 2019
coded4: Time-based statistics for Git/Hg repos
Handy little tool that can be used to get a flavour of how long you've spent working on a particular project. While it's not going to be 100% accurate, it will give a vague sense of duration.
programming  tools  git 
october 2019
Set the hostname/computer name for macOS
I've had an issue with a Macbook Pro on one particular network where, even though I've set the computer name via system preferences, in the terminal (and via hostname) it's showing as the network-generated name.

This seems to help tidy things up.
macos  networking 
october 2019
Save data from Twitter to a SQLite database
Tool to save data exported from Twitter into a SQLLite database. Could be very handy.
twitter  sql 
october 2019
23andMe Tests Reveal Undetected Genetic Anomalies - The Atlantic
How the likes of 23AndMe are making it more clear that even the obvious things about genetics aren't actually that obvious.
genetics  dna 
october 2019
Men. Abuse. Trauma. | Philosophy Tube
Very compelling video detailing one person's experience of abuse within a relationship, and connecting it to wider issues of mental health.
video  mental-health 
october 2019
Placeholder support for contentEditable elements, without JavaScript
Handy method of adding placeholder-a-like text to contenteditable elements in a document.
css  html  web  programming 
august 2019
YAML: Probably no so great after all
Article that details some of the problems with YAML
yaml  programming 
august 2019
fselect: Find files with SQL-like queries
Handy-looking alternative to `find`, which a SQL-like language for querying what's found. Handles .gitignore files so there's no going into places you don't want it to.
august 2019
Turn off macOS screenshot floating thumbnail
The floating thumbnail thing that's how macOS screenshots work now is really quite annoying. This tweet contains handy information on how to turn it off.
august 2019
MySQL and storing emoji: proper utf8mb4 with Django | exana.io
The MySQL unicode issue as seen from a Django point of view.
mysql  web  programming  sql  django  python 
july 2019
How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases · Mathias Bynens
Bloody MySQL doesn't support full unicode by default. O_o 💩
sql  database  mysql  programming 
july 2019
Projectile ignoring .projectile files : emacs
Helpful comment on configuring projectile so that it finds a project under strict control. I want to be fully in control of what appears to be a project, and this is what I needed.
programming  elisp  lisp  emacs 
july 2019
EmacsConf - Main Page
The Emacs conference. The 2019 conference is online.
emacs  elisp  programming  conference 
july 2019
Emacs users are like Igor
An amusing description of your average Emacs user.
lisp  programming  emacs  elisp 
july 2019
How can I use Django permissions without defining a content type or model? - Stack Overflow
Nice answer to the question: how do I make a permission that I can assign to users and groups, in Django, without needing to create a model in the database.
programming  python  django 
july 2019
John Wick by MuriloDev
Fun fake NES take on a John Wick game. Really kinda tricky to play, but fun too.
july 2019
Fish shell support · Issue #32 · pyenv/pyenv
Issue regarding adding Fish support to pyenv. A very old issue now, but useful in that it details how to configure your shell and why you do it the way you do.
fish  python  pyenv  programming 
july 2019
Better performance by optimizing Gunicorn config - Building the system - Medium
Advice on how best to configure Gunicorn for Django applications.
python  django  gunicorn  web 
july 2019
Statistics with Julia
PDF detailing using Julia for data stats.
pdf  programming  julia  stats  data  book 
july 2019
BED File Format
Article that outlines the format of BED files.
bioinformatics  file-format 
july 2019
Kivy: Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development
Library that provides a cross-platform application framework for Python. Works with many operating systems.
programming  python  gui  library 
july 2019
“Perl 6 is Cursed! I hate it!” | Aearnus’ Realm
File under "does Poe's law apply to programming languages?"
programming  perl  perl6 
july 2019
Blood/brain barrier
Wikipedia page that explains the blood/brain barrier
july 2019
Agile is Literally Meaningless
Short blog post that nicely expresses how I feel any time anyone invokes Agile at me.
agile  programming 
july 2019
Matlab vs. Julia vs. Python | Toby Driscoll
Nice article comparing Matlab, Python and Julia. Not sure I 100% agree with it all, but it made for interesting reading.
python  programming  matlab  julia 
july 2019
User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment
Really rather funny exploration of some of the worst design elements you can find on the Web.
programming  design  web  funny 
july 2019
Can a biologist fix a radio?
"Or, what I learned while studying apoptosis"

Amusing paper talking about how biologists approach problems, or something.
biology  science  paper 
july 2019
The Pitfalls of Boolean Trap
Good little article about the pitfalls of using boolean values as parameters for a function. Not the first time I've seen this sort of thing (I'm sure I read a similar article years before, and a similar thing in a coding book even earlier).

Still good advice.

At least it's a little better in languages with keyword arguments.
programming  javascript  api  design 
july 2019
What happened to Evernote
Article that investigates where and how Evernote lost its way
june 2019
G Suite + ChromeOS: Account Blocked notification & Gmail App Not Syncing *SOLUTION*
This has been a problem for me recently, plus I've have a related issue with WearOS. I *think* this actually solves both issues.
gsuite  google  android  wearos  chromeos  chromebook 
june 2019
BTrDB: Berkeley Tree Database
Berkeley Tree DataBase provides very fast storage of scalar-valued timeseries data.
software  database  time 
june 2019
Switching back to Emacs causes the warning "recentf mode: Non-character input-event". · Issue #5554 · syl20bnr/spacemacs
While I don't use Spacemacs myself (this isn't actually a Spacemacs issue), I'm getting this a lot on my iMac and Macbook; especially when I've woken them from sleep.
emacs  macos 
june 2019
Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites
Interesting site/paper detailing instances of "dark patterns" in online retail. Instances of website design that seek to manipulate the customer into doing things they may not have wanted or intended.
web  design  retail 
june 2019
Building Standalone Python Applications with PyOxidizer
Blog post about a newly-released project that aims to make it easier to build and deploy standalone Python applications.
python  programming  compiler 
june 2019
A Byte of Vim
Book that provides an introduction to vim. Comes in free electronic version and commercial hard copy version.
vim  book  tutorial  documentation 
june 2019
Emacs officially named in November 1976
Little tweet thread of emails that record the naming of Emacs.
history  lisp  emacs 
june 2019
No Ageism In Tech
Website dedicated to fighting agism in the tech industry, and to promoting companies and positions that are open to older developers.
jobsearch  equality  ageism  programming 
june 2019
Rate Limiting
The API rate limits for Benchling.
api  documentation  benchling  bioinformatics 
june 2019
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