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Not a technical founder? This is how you build a tech company
If your aim is to build a company that leverages technology to disrupt and dismantle some archaic experience but you don’t have those skills, then there are 3 things to keep in mind
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august 2018 by davebriggs
10 quick questions to find out if you have what it takes to be a startup founder?
Today’s blog takes the form of a quiz to help you determine if you have the right qualities to be a startup founder or small business owner.  Not everyone does and this is a topic I’ve written about often in the past.  You all know the drill – it’s like one of those magazine quizzes [...]
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september 2012 by davebriggs
Wait, what does your startup do?
Nicely cynical generator of ludicrous tech startup pitches. Useful for writing tender documents or funding bids.
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june 2011 by davebriggs
Work Smarter: Red Gate
Nice little article about Red Gate in Cambridge, a tech company incubating startups.
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march 2010 by davebriggs
"TechHub is a new and exciting project to create a physical space for tech startups in London reaching out to entrepreneurs across the UK, Europe and the USA."
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december 2009 by davebriggs
VentureNavigator - Online business support
"VentureNavigator is a free and impartial online business support service for start ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs." Via @futuregov
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december 2009 by davebriggs
Assistly - make your customers smile ;)
Interesting online customer service application:"Turn your customers into evangelists by providing outstanding support"
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december 2009 by davebriggs

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