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User experience design on new.shropshire.gov.uk – Project WIP
"Our aim is to provide the user with best experience we can possibly give them allowing them to do what they want quickly and easily."
ux  usability  shropshire  localgovweb  design 
march 2012 by davebriggs
Trimming the long tail – the danger of stripping back our websites
Interesting addition to the debate around the top task focus on local government websites.
toptasks  socitm  betterconnected  localgovweb 
september 2011 by davebriggs
What Localism might mean for local gov web managers by Michele Ide-Smith
Great stuff as always from Michele. A must read for folk interested in web and local gov.
localgovweb  localism  bigsociety  localgov 
december 2010 by davebriggs
Learning about content strategy by Michele Ide-Smith
Great stuff on organising your website contributors and getting processes and systems right from Michele.
web  content  strategy  localgovweb 
november 2010 by davebriggs
Publishing itemised local authority expenditure - advice for comment | data.gov.uk
"The Prime Minister has made a specific commitment that new items of local government spending over £500 be published on a council-by-council basis from January 2011" - and here's how to do it.
councils  data  localgovweb  opendata  egov  government  localgov  localgovernment  opengovernment  government2.0  gov2.0 
june 2010 by davebriggs
Should the Public Sector pay for Content Management Systems? « Carl's Notepad
[with open source] "You will still need to consider the integration aspects but open source products are far more likely to integrate (openness is key) then the big supplier products (no motivation to integrate)."
cms  localgovernment  localgovweb  opensource  drupal  wordpress  joomla 
may 2010 by davebriggs
  Reflecting on my MSc research by Michele Ide-Smith
"By researching the attitudes and perceptions of authorities and citizens I hope to gain a better understanding of perceived barriers, threats and opportunities of using social media for community engagement"
research  msc  micheleidesmith  cambridgeshire  localgov  localgovernment  localgovweb  socialmedia  digitalgovuk  icele  opensocitm 
april 2010 by davebriggs
Bristol City Council - blogging our web presence development work
"Us folks here at Bristol City Council have decided that as we continue to develop our web presence, in support of our wider business objectives, it’d make sense if we listened to the collective wisdom of our local digital community."
localgov  localgovweb  localgovernment  wordpress  cms  web  development 
march 2010 by davebriggs
Blogging and Facebook for councillors
"An increasing number of councillors now have blogs or use Facebook, so there is plenty of experience around and many good examples to emulate. In this article, seasoned 'blogger' Councillor Mary Reid offers you the benefit of her experience." via @pigsonthewing
egov  facebook  localgovweb  twitter  web2.0  web  socialmedia  localgovernment  localgov 
february 2010 by davebriggs
Google Reader (1000+)
The event is about bringing local innovators together for a day to develop prototypes of online tools that tackle challenges about accessing local public sector services online – basically looking to make local residents’ lives easier through better online tools. And the things the event creates should be easily reused in other local areas throughout the UK.
kent  medway  innovation  localgovernment  localgovweb 
january 2010 by davebriggs
The Governance Ladder « Carl's Notepad
"The key thing for me in thinking this way is that i don’t believe that Governance should be seen as something which is rigid and fixed in an organisation. I believe that we need to start adapting our Governance to the circumstances and providing a greater level of education, awareness and information so that people (not the processes) can make better decisions in the first place."
governance  government  gov2.0  government2.0  enterprise2.0  govent  process  culture  structure  organisations  localgov  localgovweb  localgovernment 
january 2010 by davebriggs
Gov 2.0: Gov 2.0 Hero: Dominic Campbell
Much like in the US, the majority of digital engagement in the UK has been about a race to develop shiny new websites and get government agencies on Twitter and the whole spectrum of social tools. The focus has predominantly been on better PR and communications which has indeed led to some improvements, but even then nowhere near as rapidly as you might hope.
futuregov  dominiccampbell  government2.0  gov2.0  digitalengagement  government  localgov  localgovernment  localgovweb 
january 2010 by davebriggs
Boredometer now on Facebook @ Plings Blogs
"The Plings social network site application, Boredometer is now available for local authorities to offer to young people in Facebook, after a successful beta test on Bebo."
young+people  youth  plings  positiveactivities  localgovernment  facebook  socialnetworking  bebo  application  localgovweb 
december 2009 by davebriggs
chief executive SHDC
A blogging local authority chief exec - Terry Huggins at South Holland District Council. He is also on Twitter @terryhuggins
blogging  blog  chiefexecutive  bloggingboss  southholland  spalding  localgov  localgovweb  localgovernment  digitalengagement 
december 2009 by davebriggs
SlideShare » Group » Local Government Web Network
"This network aims to bring people together from Local Government who work on the web to share knowledge, collaborate, and discuss ideas. "
slideshare  presentations  powerpoint  localgovernment  localgov  localgovweb  government  australia 
december 2009 by davebriggs
Local Government Data
The Government will encourage local government to release local public data and make it free for reuse, and establish an open-platform local data exchange.
data  opengov  transparency  localgov  localgovweb  localgovcamp  opendata  digital  digitalbritain  government  digitalengagement  egov 
december 2009 by davebriggs
Communications, social marketing and behavioural change
"Over the past few years, social marketing has grown in prominence as a branch of marketing that’s focussed on delivering public good from marketing rather than the commercial benefits that sit behind much conventional marketing theory."
communications  marketing  socialmarketing  coi  government  localgov  localgovweb 
december 2009 by davebriggs
eGov AU: Getting serious about web analytics in Australian government - join the new group
"To continue the conversation, and begin to recommend some firm ideas for how to proceed in the web analytics space at all levels of Australian government, a Web Analytics For Australian Government group was established at Google at the end of last week, and is already beginning to see some discussion of the topic."
analytics  google  australia  metrics  evaluation  government  localgovweb  localgovernment 
december 2009 by davebriggs
Real-Time Search — BackType
"See what reputable people are saying about topics that interest you — in real-time"
socialnetworking  search  blog  socialmedia  web2.0  tools  tracking  comments  listening  localgovweb  monitoring 
november 2009 by davebriggs
  Barriers to Agile web design and development in local government by Michele Ide-Smith
Great post from Michele about the challenges of designing and developing within large organisations - and the opportunities presented by agile methods.
design  webdev  localgovcamp  localgov  localgovweb  webdesign  scrum  projectmanagement  agile 
november 2009 by davebriggs
Loop11 - Usability & User Experience Testing Tool
"Loop11 is an online usability and user experience testing tool, allowing individuals and companies to conduct online, unmoderated user testing on any kind of digital interface. Loop11 is not a survey or web analytics tool, but a user experience tool… helping you to understand user behaviour and improve your website's usability."
usability  testing  tools  analytics  tool  design  research  online  localgovweb 
november 2009 by davebriggs
OpenSpaceDevon - redefining public services in Devon
Carl Haggerty has set up a Ning site to plan an open space event in Devon to bring the public, third and private sectors together to get stuff done.
openspacedevon  devon  ning  localgovcamp  localgovernment  localgovweb 
november 2009 by davebriggs
Digital engagement governance – a dichotomy between hyperlocal or partnership managed by Michele Ide-Smith
"My perception is that developing and maintaining a successful hyperlocal online resource will require commitment, coordination (of volunteers), skills (e.g. researching, investigating, writing, communicating, technology), time and local knowledge. Tenacity and a willingness to work with a diverse cross-section of community members will also be invaluable."
socialmedia  hyperlocal  communities  localgov  localgovweb  localgovernment  digitalengagement 
november 2009 by davebriggs
GovHack: govt data + hackers + caffeine == good times | Government 2.0 Taskforce
"John Allsopp from Web Directions was an organiser of GovHack, an event sponsored by the Taskforce. It was held on the 30th and 31st of October 2009 to encourage greater use and availability of government data in support of the MashupAustralia contest."
gov2.0  australia  mashup  data  crowdsourcing  e-government  government2.0  opendata  localgovweb  ukgc10 
november 2009 by davebriggs
You Should Follow Me on Twitter
"Strange though it may seem to some, the number one activity on the Web is reading."
usability  web  readability  callstoaction  localgovweb  gerrymcgovern 
november 2009 by davebriggs
Online services provided by your council: rewiring LocalDirectGov « countculture
"One of the things I’ve had on my ToDo list for OpenlyLocal for a while was providing a a list of links to online services provided by each Local Authority."
openlylocal  countculture  localdirectgov  localgov  localgovweb  localgovernment  government  services  online 
october 2009 by davebriggs
City of Lincoln Council Document Library - Google Docs
Great work by @abeeken to make Council data available via a shared folder in Google Docs. A great example of using tech that already exists and works!
google  googledocs  opendata  localgovweb  localgov  localgovernment  lincoln  lincolncitycouncil  data 
october 2009 by davebriggs
Things to ask before you redo your website
Some good questions for anyone to consider before a web project. Lessons here that could be learned by government, I'm sure!
web  design  webdesign  ideas  sethgodin  website  strategy  localgovweb 
september 2009 by davebriggs
Knowledge Hub – part 1
Steve Dale blogs about the local government knowledge hub.
uk  km  khub  learningpool  localgovernment  localgovweb  knowledgemanagement 
september 2009 by davebriggs
Case Study & Example Round-Up for Local Gov Using Social Media - Local Communities
Here's a simple round up of links to case studies and information about local governments using social media.
localgovweb  localgovernment  socialmedia  learningpool  khub  web2.0  communities 
september 2009 by davebriggs
Councils urged to hasten adoption of social media - 10 Sep 2009 - Computing
"Councils have been left to their own devices both in how they put information online and in how they use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as tools such as RSS, blogs and open data interfaces."
socialmedia  communication  government  localgovernment  localgovweb  publicsector  social+media  socialsoftware 
september 2009 by davebriggs
Linked data, swings and roundabouts « Policy and Performance
"We know that local government needs to have better access to data and needs to use it better. But perhaps key to making this happen is to look to ourselves first and begin to share data and make it accessible within the sector, with partners and most importantly to the public."
data  localgovweb  localgovernment  idea 
august 2009 by davebriggs
Help Give Them a Voice
Nice wordpress site from DoH and DCSF promoting social work careers.
socialwork  wordpress  government  localgovweb  websites  campaign  recruitment  talent 
august 2009 by davebriggs
Google Groups Integrates with Google's Web Apps
"Google Groups is one of the services that would benefit a lot from an integration with Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and other Google apps. It makes sense to create a document and to collaborate with other group members or to create a calendar and share it with your group."
google  googlelocalgov  localgovweb  groups  docs  online  collaboration  community 
august 2009 by davebriggs
FutureGov » Features Uncategorized » What social technologies mean for public services
"Increasingly, the state is being seen as a facilitator, cheerleader and champion, rather than commander-in-chief; government as a convenor of interests, just one (albeit important) player in a patchwork quilt of public service delivery."
dominiccampbell  futuregov  government  publicservices  wegov  enabledbydesign  roles  localgovweb 
july 2009 by davebriggs
LocalGovCamp changed my life « Carl’s Notepad
"Ok, so it didn’t change my life as such, but it has changed my perspective on knowledge sharing and encouraging others to participate – either way – if you get a chance to attend a similar event DO."
localgovcamp  carlhaggerty  localgov  localgovweb 
july 2009 by davebriggs
Towards an Interactive Charter
"Towards an Interactive Charter is a project to encourage and support public and voluntary sector organisations in unlocking their interactive potential through the use of social media."
government  participation  policy  2009  collaboration  engagement  localgovernment  media  localgovweb 
july 2009 by davebriggs
mySociety » Blog Archive » What the government doesn’t understand about the Internet, and what to do about it
"What is different is the way in which the Internet changes social and economic practices - the vector of attack. In the 20th century, advancement of human welfare went hand in hand with the rise of companies that used economies of scale to deliver better goods and services for customers. Technology effectively made it possible and much easier to be a big, highly productive company, to gather expertise and capital together and to target markets for maximum yields."
government  mysociety  egovernment  future  internet  policy  2009  strategy  digitalbritain  localgovweb 
may 2009 by davebriggs
Thought Store: Thoughts on my thesis
Sarah Lay is looking for ideas to research in the area of local gov and online media.
localgovuk  research  localgovweb  localgovcamp  digitalengagement 
april 2009 by davebriggs

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