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Silicon Valley Can't Be Trusted With Our History
We create almost everything on the internet, but we control almost none of it.
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may 2018 by davebriggs
OLPC’s $100 laptop was going to change the world — then it all went wrong
By the time OLPC officially launched in 2007, the “green machine” — once a breakout star of the 21st-century educational technology scene — was a symbol of tech industry hubris, a one-size-fits-all American solution to complex global problems. But more than a decade later, the project’s legacy is more complicated than a simple cautionary tale. Its laptops are still rolling off production lines, and a new model is expected later this year.
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april 2018 by davebriggs
Nelson Mandela Digital Archives
"Our aim is to locate, document, digitise, and provide access to all archival materials related to Nelson Mandela. This is a work in progress. Here is a selection of materials arranged in exhibits for your enjoyment."
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march 2012 by davebriggs
WW2History.com - Launching 4th May, 2010
"A multimedia resource on the most devastating conflict in history, brought to you by award winning historian and filmmaker Laurence Rees."
history  ww2 
april 2010 by davebriggs
Snap Bird - search twitter's history
Search just your followers on Twitter - and other stuff besides.
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march 2010 by davebriggs
Microsoft’s Creative Destruction - NYTimes.com
"Microsoft’s huge profits — $6.7 billion for the past quarter — come almost entirely from Windows and Office programs first developed decades ago."
microsoft  innovation  technology  business  culture  history  nytimes  software  enterprise 
february 2010 by davebriggs
Tina Daunt: The Secret History of Kubrick, the Blog Theme That Changed the Internet
"Kubrick, the template that launched millions of beautiful blogs and helped transform the Internet, is expected to be retired mid-year as the default theme for the popular WordPress blogging platform."
wordpress  design  kubrick  blog  history  theme  inspiration  article  themes 
january 2010 by davebriggs
Why everyone's invited to the tenth birthday bash for Blogger | John Naughton | Technology | The Observer
"...this month also sees another significant anniversary which has received less attention. For Blogger, the web service that enabled anyone who could type to publish online, is 10 years old this month."
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september 2009 by davebriggs

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