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YouTube - Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats - BBC Four
Just got round to iplaying BBC4's Joy of Stats. Hans Rosling totally rocks! (@umairh: you saw this right?)
2010  augmented  bbc  cool  animation  statistics  health  economics 
december 2010 by danyoung
Worldometers - real time world statistics
15,652 days left until "end of oil" > RT @jamesparton: I kid you not it just cost me £78 to fill up my car :-0
demographics  data  economics  education  environment  health  information  politics  realtime  statistics  world 
november 2010 by danyoung
Royal Pingdom » The incredible growth of the Internet since 2000
@internetweekeu 10yrs! Seems only yesterday we were burning VC and riding metal scooters around Shoreditch warehouses
2010  internet  socialnetworking  statistics  growth  trends  web 
october 2010 by danyoung

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