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An Application of the BGP Community Attribute in Multi-home Routing
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july 2009 by danyoung
Danny McPherson - IPv6-EYOD-2008.pdf (application/pdf Object)
So what is it like to be an Enterprise that can only get IPv6 space?
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august 2008 by danyoung
AS Number change could affect Internet routing from 1 January 2009
Manufacturers urged to upgrade routers and network management software to support the use of four-byte Autonomous System numbers by 1 January 2009.
internet  routing  RIPE-NCC  news  32bit  ASN 
july 2008 by danyoung
fru-m7i-m10i-cfeb.pdf (application/pdf Object)
M7i and M10i Internet Routers CFEB Installation Instructions
juniper  m7i  m10i  hardware  reference  documentation  routing 
november 2007 by danyoung
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