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» Warning! Dumb Pipe or Dumb Cloud, Same Danger
Agree. But Integration or Happy Pipe? both? ID Crisis. Left comment RT @cmendler: Dumb pipe or Dumb #Cloud, Same Danger
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february 2011 by danyoung
Brough's writings on the technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.
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august 2009 by danyoung
The Ben Verwaayen manifesto - Telegraph
Former BT boss Ben Verwaayen tells Andrew Cave why he rejected politics to take on the task of reviving Alcatel-Lucent
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september 2008 by danyoung
Poll The People
Tell us your Top 5 Albums, Films and Books and we’ll connect you to like-minded people who have very similar selections, whatever your taste.
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january 2008 by danyoung
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