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Watch Out For A Potential Glut Of “Dark Cloud” IaaS | Forrester Blogs
No major tech vendor or telecom carrier feels it can stand aside from the cloud computing boom, because there is real growth there. But if everyone follows through with their plans, there is likely to be more capacity than demand. So I think the prospect for the emergence of dark cloud is a real one.
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july 2011 by danyoung
Openreach reveals draft proposals for duct and pole sharing
Here we go then! RT @catmiddleton: UK's Openreach reveals draft proposals for duct and pole sharing #FTTH #broadband
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january 2011 by danyoung
WikiLeaks: Moving Target - Renesys Blog
Having a fresh coffee and a fresh @renesys post to digest is always a good start to the day. WikiLeaks: Moving Target
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december 2010 by danyoung
Backhaul capacity or QoS? | Dadamotive
@hermanwagter: commented on Bw vs QoS Not sure the maths reflects operational reality. Cc @fiberguy @internetthought
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november 2010 by danyoung
Amazon, Google in investment mode; Building clouds isn't cheap | ZDNet
@Werner Spend spend spend! Just moved into a new house, so I know the feeling. It will be worth it ;)
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july 2010 by danyoung
Kingfisher Charts
Positions and Route information of Submarine Cables in the Seas Around the UK
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may 2008 by danyoung

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