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Watch Out For A Potential Glut Of “Dark Cloud” IaaS | Forrester Blogs
No major tech vendor or telecom carrier feels it can stand aside from the cloud computing boom, because there is real growth there. But if everyone follows through with their plans, there is likely to be more capacity than demand. So I think the prospect for the emergence of dark cloud is a real one.
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july 2011 by danyoung
The Usability of Passwords (by @baekdal) #tips
Cool. Uncommon word password like "fluffy is puffy" will take 1,163,859 years to crack: via @davegray and @mantruc
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may 2011 by danyoung
Slightly Right of Centre: IPv6 - a problem that won't solve itself
IPv6 is not the problem, it's the solution > RT @JamesFirth: Blog/pics from #ipv6 "a problem that won't solve itself"
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march 2011 by danyoung
» Warning! Dumb Pipe or Dumb Cloud, Same Danger
Agree. But Integration or Happy Pipe? both? ID Crisis. Left comment RT @cmendler: Dumb pipe or Dumb #Cloud, Same Danger
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february 2011 by danyoung
Brough's writings on the technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.
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august 2009 by danyoung
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