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I had planned to end this article with another picture: the IPv4 address space marked inside a map of the
IPv6 address space – I imagined maybe a pixelsized dot in a square just like those above. Then I did the
maths…To print (at 300 dpi) a single IPv4addressspace sized dot on an IPv6sized piece of paper means that the
piece of paper would have to be 24 million kilometres square. It would reach about halfway from here to
the planet Venus.
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september 2009 by danyoung
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Exploring Visible Internet Hosts through Census and Survey
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august 2008 by danyoung
IPv4 Address Consumption - Cisco Systems
In September 2005, The Internet Protocol Journal published an article about the IPv4 address space consumption [1]. At that time, projections done by Geoff Huston and Tony Hain varied widely, because the number of /8 address blocks in use had gone up shar
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april 2008 by danyoung
IPv4 Address Report
RIPE NCC IPv4 exhaustion still on track to coincide with the start of the Olympics. Bring on the fireworks!
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april 2008 by danyoung
RIPE-NCC  internet  FAQ  RIR  address-space 
october 2007 by danyoung

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