Nicolas Gallagher: Twitter Lite, React Native, and Progressive Web Apps
Enjoyed this talk because Nicolas argues that browser DOM APIs make it far too difficult to build high quality UIs.
dom  pwa  javascript  components  abstraction  html  danoc.me 
june 2018
Sebastian Markbage: Minimal API Surface Area
Talk from 2014 on the benefits of a small API and the dangers of abstracting code too early.
api  react  javascript  jsx  components  danoc.me 
june 2018
Design System Frictions
List of trade-offs and friction that design systems maintainers run into.
design-systems  design  danoc.me  library  ui  components 
december 2017
Falling Into The Pit of Success
Designing systems that make it easy to do the right things and annoying (but not impossible) to do the wrong things.
programming  best-practice  engineering  productivity  design  danoc.me 
july 2017
Guillermo Rauch: Pure UI
How to use code to improve communication between designer and engineer.
code  design  prototype  ui  uie  process  productivity  efficiency  danoc.me 
april 2017
Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued
Long blog post about salary negotiations geared towards engineers.
salary  finance  engineers  work  coding  money  life  advice 
june 2016
abstraction advice agree api application argument best-practice code coding components cross-country danoc.me decision design design-systems dom economics efficiency engineering engineers exercise finance html influencing inspiration javascript jsx lecture library life money motivation pain people performance presentation process productivity programming prototype pwa react responsiveness running salary single-page society speed talk track ui uie ux video web work

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