$ chunkwm - tiling wm
tiling window manager for macOS
august 2018
Search and jump to things on macOS (e.g., Emacs buffers, browser tabs, or application windows).
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july 2018
This mural in downtown San Jose is called 'Sophie Holding the World Together' and when I think…
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march 2018
Brompton....loved by everyone :-)
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february 2018
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/956795109231620096
Best feeling making a thing for kids in and then seeing how it plays out ✨(pun intended)

I intended…
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january 2018
On-Road Bicycle Wheel Repairs
Problem: "The rim is bent to the side at one spot."
Solution: Bend the rim back by slamming it on the ground. Incredible. I've had a rim bent at one spot twice so far. Knowing this would've been useful.
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december 2017
Uncharted:TLL, “WindBallz™”, brilliant solution for subtle wind effects by Naughty Dog Tech Artist
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october 2017
The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed (Alan Kay)

> Let me try to help this community regarding this article by providing some context. First, you need to realize that in the more than 50 years of my career I have always waited to be asked: Every paper, talk, and interview has been invited, never solicited. But there is a body of results from these that do put forward my opinions.
> This article was a surprise, because the interview was a few years ago for a book the interviewer was writing. It's worth noting that nowhere in the actual interview did I advocate going back and doing a Dynabook. My comments are mostly about media and why it's important to understand and design well any medium that will be spread and used en-mass.
> If you looked closely, then you would have noticed the big difference between the interview and the front matter. For example, I'm not still waiting for my dream to come true. You need to be sophisticated enough to see that this is a headline written to attract. It has nothing to do with what I said.
> And, if you looked closely, you might note a non seq right in the beginning, from "you want to see old media?" to no followup. This is because that section was taken from the chapter of the book but then edited by others.
> The first version of the article said I was fired from Apple, but it was Steve who was fired, and some editor misunderstood.
> In the interview itself there are transcription mistakes that were not found and corrected. And of course they didn't send me article ahead of time (I could have fixed all this).
> I think I would only have made a few parts of the interview a little more understandable. It's raw, but -- once you understand the criticisms -- I think most will find them quite valid. In the interview -- to say it again -- I'm not calling for the field to implement my vision -- but I am calling for the field to have a larger vision of civilization and how mass media and our tools contribute or detract from it. Thoreau had a good line. He said "We become the tools of our tools" -- meaning, be very careful when you design tools and put them out for use. (Our consumer based technology field is not being at all careful.)
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september 2017
A demo of the foot-step illusion (Anstis)
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august 2017
Pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming - Tony Albrecht (2009)
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Research and Development Division.

A great visual of the cache memory layout for typical object oriented code.
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august 2017
On the Typography of Flight-Deck Documentation
> The crew was searching for the appropriate emergency procedure in their
> flight documentation. The accident report stated that,
> "About 3 minutes were spent by the crew looking for the aft cargo smoke warning procedure. Evidence indicated this difficulty was due to a split of the Emergency and Abnormal procedures into Emergencies, Abnormal, and Additional [sections]. The crew apparently believed that the procedure was in the Abnormal section when it was actually in the Emergency section .... (Flight Safety Focus, 1985)"
> This, and several other factors ted to a horrific accident in which 287 passen- gers and 14 crew members died of fire and toxic smoke inhalation.

Found from this list: https://github.com/hellerve/ptolemy
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august 2017
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february 2017
Technology Education (1995) | Video | C-SPAN.org
Seymour Papert, 8:10


Testimony on the ideas of mathland and the future of education with computers.

"When we look into the not-very-distant future—10 or 20 years—the present system will be totally antiquated in everybody's eyes. And I think we got to foster the growth of something new in order to make an orderly transition possible."

We're still in an antiquated world.
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january 2017
A fascinating fixed-point. For three-digit numbers, the 'pole' is 495 (954-459=495). From "The Moscow Puzzles" by B…
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december 2016
Talking With Attenborough - YouTube
Sir David Attenborough and I sat down and talked life, technology, humans, and Here's the video!
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november 2016
almost exactly eight years from concept to production
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october 2016
Teaching Concurrency - Leslie Lamport (2009)
> It is more useful to think about states than sequences of steps because what a computing device does next depends on its current state, not on what steps it took in the past. Computer engineers should learn to think about a computation in terms of states rather than verbs.
september 2016
When you awkward af but still make good friends
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august 2016
Pro Tip: Android BuildConfig
BuildConfig.DEBUG is an automatically set boolean that distinguishes between debug and release builds.
august 2016
Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks
TLA+-based, SAM (State Action Model) pattern
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august 2016
Master animation & color in your app, from the masters themselves, & !
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august 2016
U and I
Master animation & color in your app, from the masters themselves, & !
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august 2016
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