twpayne/chezmoi: Manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines.
Manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines. - twpayne/chezmoi
bash  security  credentials 
4 hours ago
Factors in authentication - apenwarr
Multi-factor authentication remains hard-to-use, hard-to-secure,
and error-prone. I've been studying authentication lately to see if it
mfa  security 
B612 – The font family
B612 is an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.
free  oss  typeface 
Hardware Hacker | No Starch Press
The Hardware Hacker is an illuminating career retrospective from Andrew “bunnie” Huang, one of the world’s most esteemed hackers.
hardware  ebook 
2 days ago
CSS { In Real Life } | Animating CSS Grid
CSS In Real Life is a blog covering CSS topics and useful snippets on the web’s most beautiful language. Published by Michelle Barker, front end developer at Ordoo and CSS superfan.
css  design  grid  animation 
5 days ago
Vitamin D Supplements and Prevention of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease | NEJM
Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Vitamin D Supplements and Prevention of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease
vitamin  health 
8 days ago
Would you still pick Elixir in 2019? · Issue #102 · dwyl/learn-elixir
A friend of dwyl asked the following question in our "chat" system: We feel it's worth capturing the reply in public because it's relevant to anyone considering Elixir. "Hi guys, sorry for bothering, but I need your help/input with somet...
8 days ago
🏂 Ruby Bindings and Extensions – Stuart Engineering – Medium
Ruby is a wonderful language for so many reasons. It’s expressive, easy to read, ideal for modelling complex domains and there’s a broad and active community maintaining the language and libraries…
ruby  c  programming 
9 days ago
Homepage - Australian Government Design System
The Australian Government Design System provides a framework and a set of tools to help designers and developers build government products and services more easily.
ui  design  styleguide 
9 days ago
How to Get Better at Pair Programming
Pairing is an essential tool for designers and developers. This is a checklist of what we think you should consider every time you pair.
collaboration  programming  pairprogramming 
11 days ago
Milwaukee Bus Passes | Flickr
Milwaukee weekly bus passes between the years of 1930-1979.

Collection: Kindra Murphy

Follow my findings: from there
vintage  design  typography 
15 days ago
22 SSH Examples, Practical Tips & Tunnels | HackerTarget.com
Bounce through the network with SSH tunnels and proxies. Take your remote system administration skills to the next level with our practical SSH examples.
ssh  networking  linux 
16 days ago
tongueroo/jets: Ruby Serverless Framework
Ruby Serverless Framework. Contribute to tongueroo/jets development by creating an account on GitHub.
ruby  lambda  serverless  framework 
19 days ago
WriteMapper — Outlining software tool for your writing, using mind maps.
Structure the outline of your writing work, be it academic research, a book, or an essay with WriteMapper. App available on macOS, Windows PCs and iPad.
markdown  software 
20 days ago
Gravitee.io API Platform
Gravitee.io an open-source API Platform
api  management 
24 days ago
Major performance (I/O?) issue in /mnt/* and in ~ (home) · Issue #873 · Microsoft/WSL
A brief description As a Symfony developer, it's always been hard to get a stable/fast development environment. My current setup is a Ubuntu running under VirtualBox (using vagrant). While page generation is fast, my IDE accesses my PHP ...
filesystem  performance 
24 days ago
Google Tech Dev Guide
Whether you’re a student, an educator, or otherwise interested in software engineering, newer to computer science or a more experienced coder, we hope there’s something for you here in Google’s Guide to Technical Development.
google  programming  education 
5 weeks ago
Master List of Data Broker Opt-Out Links -
StopDataMining.me is the central source for consumers to learn what kinds of information data brokers have about them and how to exercise opt-out choices.
privacy  data 
5 weeks ago
Chris Niedenthal
Collector editions of Chris Niedenthal's photographs documenting communist period in Poland, Russia, East Germany, Romania, Czecho-slovakia.
photography  history 
5 weeks ago
Git Webhooks with AWS Services - Quick Start
Learn about the Quick Start architecture and details for deploying endpoints and Lambda code to implement a Git-to-Amazon S3 connection in the AWS Cloud.
aws  git 
5 weeks ago
The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy - The New York Times
Rural America's economy is in decline, and trying to fix it by turning small towns into tech hubs isn't working.
economics  politics 
5 weeks ago
The false claims that Trump keeps repeating - Washington Post
The Fact Checker has evaluated false statements President Trump has made repeatedly and analyzed how often he reiterates them.
5 weeks ago
Introduction to User Experience and User Interface Design: A One-Hour…
A one-hour crash course on UX design and User Interface Design. I talk about methods for understanding users (contextual inquiry, diary studies, bodystorming),…
design  ux  tutorial  education 
5 weeks ago
Write good git commit message | juffalow.com
Programmer, IT enthusiast, Web Developer, Blogger, Traveler and Food Lover
git  documentation 
5 weeks ago
AWS Security training
aws  security 
5 weeks ago
The silent CVE in the heart of Kubernetes apiserver
An overview into CVE-2018-1002105's root cause and a program to test if your clusters are affected
kubernetes  security 
5 weeks ago
Highland 2 | Quote-Unquote Apps
Makers of apps for iOS and OS X including Highland, Bronson Watermarker PDF and Weekend Read.
mac  writing  software 
6 weeks ago
Sandboxed Rake Tasks for Your Rails app! – Manoj M J – Medium
This could be for updating the attributes for a bunch of rows in table, or even for destroying records. Here’s the sandbox mode in action. It makes sure that any database action you do is rolled back…
rails  rake  development 
6 weeks ago
Netflix Information Security: Preventing Credential Compromise in AWS
Previously we wrote about a method for detecting credential compromise in your AWS environment. The methodology focused on a continuous learning model and first use principle. This solution still is…
aws  security 
6 weeks ago
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