Trump questions Christine Blasey Ford's credibility, lashes out at Democrats - The Washington Post
Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court: "Keep the faith. Don’t get rattled by all of this. We’re going to plow right through it and do our job.”, also known as: jfc.
33 minutes ago
Salzburg humiliation leaves May idling at the Brexit crossroads | Politics | The Guardian
French president Emmanuel Macron chose the moment to present himself as the champion of EU unity in the face of the populist scourge of Brexit; Donald Tusk said key aspects of her cherished Chequers plan were unworkable; and a clunky intervention on the Irish border, with May comparing the EU’s plan to “carving up” Britain, underlined the gap between the two sides.
brexit  guardian  salzburg 
40 minutes ago
Chelsea Cain Returns: ‘Yeah, I’m Dead to Marvel. Trust Me.’
"She stresses how many “lovely” colleagues at Marvel, including her editor Wil Moss, expressed shock and compassion after both Mockingbird and Vision’s cancellations. “I don’t think that it was part of some kind of like, sexist conspiracy,” she says. “I think it was some really smart, funny, friendly boys in a room making a decision and it never occurred to them that this was important, or that these kinds of comics needed a place.”"
marvel  comics  sexism  feminism  thevision  mockingbird  chelseacain 
49 minutes ago
John Deere Just Cost Farmers Their Right to Repair | WIRED
"Just after the California bill was introduced, the farm equipment manufacturers started circulating a flyer titled “Manufacturers and Dealers Support Commonsense Repair Solutions.” In that document, they promised to provide manuals, guides, and other information by model year 2021. But the flyer insisted upon a distinction between a right to repair a vehicle and a right to modify software, a distinction that gets murky when software controls all of a tractor’s operations."
via:boingboing  via:corydoctorow  righttorepair  software  softwareeatstheworld  tractors  farm  repair  california  legislation 
3 hours ago
Helen DeWitt's 'Some Trick' Is Anguished Comedy: Review - The Atlantic
Picked this up after it appeared on Vulture’s 21th Century literary canon and a) it was delightful, b) includes Edward Tufte references, c) and R!, d) On The Town blew me away as the kind of writing I wish I could be capable of, before reminding myself that I’d only ever do that kind of writing in my voice. Anyway. Fantastic. Loved it.
fiction  helendewitt  sometrick  shortstories 
3 hours ago
Some verbs for the Kavanaugh discussion, conjugated by gender - The Washington Post
I don’t know poetry, I don’t get poetry, but this is poetry. Alexandra Petri is a goddamn national treasure and this is art.
poetry  kavanaugh  sexualassault  alexandrapetri  art 
3 hours ago
New racial controversy batters DeSantis - POLITICO
"Would I use that word in public? No. This is Twitter.” - do you see what's happening here
twitter  public  sphere  space 
18 hours ago
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - The Huffington Post
"Then, as the gathering winds down, Jessica and the other parents divvy up the leftovers. She wraps up burgers or pasta salad or birthday cake, drives her children home and waits for the moment when they are finally in bed. Then, when she’s alone, she eats all the leftovers by herself, in the dark."
The Dirty Secret of the Global Plan to Avert Climate Disaster | WIRED
" some of most important technological developments toward mitigating climate change have not been eureka-like breakthroughs, but painstaking, incremental engineering success stories, like increasingly low-cost silicon solar panels, which have been around since the 1970s. To make this point, in the company’s early days, he even posted a sign in the office that read “No Science.”" - love this quote - NO SCIENCE feels like IT'S THE BASICS, and NO INNOVATION
geoengineering  climatechange  carboncapture  carbonfixation  beccs  directaircapture  noscience  engineering  process 
U.S. Is Said to Spare Some Apple Goods From New China Duties - Bloomberg
“The government is expected to release as early as Monday the final list of as much as $200 billion of Chinese products that will be hit with a new 10 percent tariff, according to five people familiar with the matter. A product code that covers Apple Inc.’s Watch and AirPods -- as well as similar smart watches, fitness trackers and other goods made by competitors including Fitbit Inc. -- is not on the list, the two people said.” Come on, spill the product code!
3 days ago
An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop | WIRED
Schiller: We’re like, “Steve! Newton customers are picketing! What do you want to do? They’re angry.” And Steve said, “They have every right to be angry. They love Newton. It’s a great product, and we have to kill it, and that’s not fun, so we have to get them coffee and doughnuts and send it down to them and tell them we love them and we’re sorry and we support them.”
4 days ago
Amazon.com: Owning the Future: Short Stories eBook: Neal Asher: Kindle Store
"I have a varied collection of short stories in my files and, of course, the temptation is there to dump them on Kindle, take the money and run. However, though I think some of them are great, some aren’t, and some are profoundly dated. I am aware that there are those out there, who will just buy these without a second thought, so I have to edit, be selective, and I damned well have to show some respect for my readers. Kindle in this respect can be a danger for a known writer, because you can publish any old twaddle and someone will buy it. Time and again, I’ve had fans, upon hearing that I have this and that unpublished in my files, demanding that I publish it at once because surely they’ll love it. No they won’t. A reputation like trust: difficult to build and easy to destroy."
nealasher  publishing  kindle  editing  trust  reputation  shortstories 
7 days ago
Lack of mid level MFers
“the mainframe continues to be the leading and primary system of record on which the world’s economy is run”
8 days ago
Rebrand 2018 | Case studies | Design at Uber
also it's not a rebrand if you're not getting a custom typeface
uber  design  rebrand 
8 days ago
How to log into LambdaMOO
I have an idea (again) for a thing (again)
9 days ago
Freaks review: a thrilling science fiction film worth knowing nothing about - The Verge
"One of the upsides of our wired world is that it’s easy to get information. Anyone with a smartphone who wants to know how to gap a spark plug, make 12 different kinds of quiche, avoid traffic on the way to a destination, or charge up a phone can readily find that information in seconds." omg a macgyver reboot where *a completely different person is macgyver each week because they have a smartphone*
macgyver  internet  information  smartphone  knowledge  freaks  movie  review  newsletter 
9 days ago
Civic Tech as a Tween – Cyd Harrell – Medium
You should read this if you work in civic or government technology and want to understand it and how it needs to evolve (and what to do!) for the long-term
government  civictech  technology  govtech  cydharrell  clapclapclap 
10 days ago
Make Office Work More Intelligently for You - Office Support
Office is getting smarter all the time, adding new cloud-enhanced features that can save you time and produce better results. These features help you improve your writing in Word and Outlook, analyze your data in Excel, and deliver dynamic presentations in PowerPoint.
microsoft  office  data  communications  content  intelligent  assistant  privacy  word  outlook  excel  powerpoint 
10 days ago
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