The Predictive Brain as a Stubborn Scientist: Trends in Cognitive Sciences
Bayesian theories of perception have traditionally cast the brain as an idealised scientist, refining predictions about the outside world based on evidence sampled by the senses. However, recent predictive coding models include predictions that are resistant to change, and these stubborn predictions can be usefully incorporated into cognitive models.
prediction  predictiveprocessing  predictivecoding  freeenergy  perception  action  cognition  friston 
19 hours ago
Jurassic Park for Perfume: Ginkgo Bioworks Reconstructs Scents From Extinct Plants - IEEE Spectrum
"Researchers at Ginkgo Bioworks, one of the largest synthetic-biology companies in world, succeeded in resurrecting the smell by expressing the genes needed for making the defunct flower’s pungent aroma molecules in microbes. Ginkgo unveiled—and demoed—the new perfume at the company’s inaugural annual meeting in Boston last week."
ieeespectrum  bioworks  perfume  extinct  plants 
19 days ago
Gamasutra: Josh Ge's Blog - How to Make a Roguelike
"The “How to Make a Roguelike” talk is available in video form below, but this article serves as a text version of that same talk for those who’d prefer a readable format, or to just take a closer look at the many images ;)"
design  games  howto  programming  roguelike  joshge 
20 days ago
Growth of Subreddits | FlowingData
“here’s a chart of the top 10 commented subreddits over the years for a look at “what the internet is talking about.””
reddit  visualization  data  onlinecommunity  culture 
20 days ago
AR Costumes: Automatically Augmenting Watertight Costumes from a single RGB Image - Disney Research
"We describe a method to automatically augment a watertight digital costume onto a person’s body from a monocular RGB image. When overlaying a digital costume onto a body using pose matching, several parts of the person’s cloth or skin remain visible due to differences in shape and proportions. In this paper, we present a practical solution to these artifacts which requires minimal costume parameterization work, and a straightforward inpainting approach. To our knowledge, our approach is the first to deliver plausible watertight costumes from RGB imagery only, and is compatible with mobile devices. We believe this can serve as a useful baseline for future improvements and comparisons."
disney  augmentedreality  digital  costume  rgb  monocular  2d 
20 days ago
Publications Archive - Disney Research
There is no RSS for this, which makes me sad
disney  research  publications 
20 days ago
Designing Groundless Body Channel Communication Systems: Performance and Implications - Disney Research
"Illustration of novel interactions and connectivity options using Body Channel Communication. (A) Streaming music from a smartwatch through the body to the headphones; (B) Forming on-body sensor network between smartphones and heart rate monitor chest bands; (C) Authenticating and unlocking smart doors with elbows or hips; (D) Parental control to enable children opening doors only in the presence of adults."
hci  design  interaction  connectivity  bodychannelcommunication  sensors  network  authentication  disney  research 
20 days ago
Designing Groundless Body Channel Communication Systems: Performance and Implications - YouTube
" wearable (groundless) BCC has been proven in the past to be extremely challenging to implement. Additionally, the exact behavior of the human body as an EM-field medium is still not fully understood today. Consequently, the application domain of BCC technology could not be fully explored. This paper addresses this problem. Based on a recently published general purpose wearable BCC system, we first present a thorough evaluation of the impact of various technical parameter choices and an exhaustive channel characterization of the human body as a host for BCC." - there's a brilliant example in here of electronic locks on front doors only opening for kids while they're holding hands with/touching an authorized adult; you should just subscribe to this channel
disney  bodychannelcommunication  emfield  human  interaction  wearables  research  video 
20 days ago
Fortnite has been installed on ‘nearly half’ of Nintendo Switch systems - The Verge
Today in incomparable numbers: Fortnite's on ~50% of Nintendo Switch systems (4 months, since June 2018), iOS 12 had a ~50% install base about 3 weeks after release.
fortnite  numbers  nintendo  switch 
20 days ago
896 Xeon Cores in One PC: Microsoft’s New x86 DataCenter Class Machines Running Windows
That 21,216-thread system Microsoft showed a screenshot of was probably a Xeon Platinum 8180 (28c/56t) in a 32-socket system, best guess is it's probably going straight into Azure.
microsoft  windows  datacenter  hpc  xeon  32socket 
20 days ago
Intel® Core™ i5-8210Y Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz) Product Specifications
Apple gets custom CPUs from Intel - here's the one that's being used in the Macbook Air (Late 2018). The TDP is 50% lower than the previous used in the Macbook Air (7W, down from 15W), so I guess performance evens out when combined with battery life. The differentiator here is that the Macbook Air is still not a "performance" laptop compared to the Macbook Pro 13in Without A Touchbar. Also, time was Apple would make a big deal of a "custom CPU from Intel that no-one else has for all-day battery life" and as others have pointed out, Intel got no love on Tuesday, and Apple's in-house A-series chips did.
apple  cpu  intel  macbookair 
20 days ago
Blockchain: reimagine family and marriage | Waag
"Artists Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic propose an interpersonal contract platform based on blockchain technology for a more flexible and resilient social fabric than family and marriage. 
Is marriage as family-orientated institution sustainable? Can we imagine more suitable infrastructures for our lives? And could a technology like blockchain play a role in this? In an economy with increasing amount independent entrepreneurs and an aging society we are facing scarcity of care and connection. Based on ideas for alternatives for the concept of family and marriage, Artist Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic developed the project reUnion." - those wacky artists, always re-imagining marriage
via:migurski  blockchain  art  yinaiwen  jelenaviskovic  thoughexperiment  society 
20 days ago
The Criterion Collection - The Current - The Princess Bride: Let Me Sum Up
Yes but did they re-record the soundtrack with an orchestra this time
21 days ago
Andy Lack to Blame for Megyn Kelly Failure at NBC | Hollywood Reporter
"It is appropriate that the impossibility of this cross-fertilization should be dramatized by Kelly’s confession of her own ignorance about the history of blackface. Simply put, while at Fox News she had never been in the business of delivering journalism for a multiracial audience."
21 days ago
‘Oumuamua, Thin Films and Lightsails
"The Bialy & Loeb paper is “Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain ‘Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration?” (preprint). The Micheli et al. paper on ‘Oumuamua’s acceleration is “Non-gravitational acceleration in the trajectory of 1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua),” Nature 559 (27 June 2018), 223-226 (abstract)."
21 days ago
Apple finally announces an overhauled Mac mini | Ars Technica
Can't figure out if this is more or less expensive than one of the Hades Canyon NUCs
apple  macmini  nuc  intel 
21 days ago
Are Narcissists More Likely to Experience Impostor Syndrome? - Scientific American Blog Network
“In fact, those who report high levels of impostor syndrome aren't actually all that bothered when others hold extremely positive impressions of them, which is what you would expect if people actually feel like an "impostor".” 🤔
narcisissm  depression  impostersyndrome  shame  psychology  selfhandicapping  scientificamerican  suicidalideation  selfesteem 
25 days ago
Machine Learning President, or how to role-play the 2020 election - Polygon
Inside a unique political simulation that wants to level the playing field and inform voters
26 days ago
The Butterfly Methodology: a gateway-free approach for migrating legacy information systems - IEEE Conference Publication
"The problems posed by mission-critical legacy systems-e.g., brittleness, inflexibility, isolation, non-extensibility, lack of openness-are well known, but practical solutions have been slow to emerge. Generally, organisations attempt to keep their legacy systems operational, while developing mechanisms which allow the legacy systems to interoperate with new, modern systems which provide additional functionality. The most mature approach employs gateways to provide this interoperability. However, gateways introduce considerable complexity in their attempt to maintain consistency between the legacy and target systems. This paper presents an innovative gateway-free approach to migrating legacy information systems in a mission-critical environment: the Butterfly Methodology. The fundamental premise of this methodology is to question the need for the parallel operation of the legacy and target systems during migration."
legacy  migration  butterfly  strangulation  gateway  methodology 
27 days ago
Calling All Entrepreneurs: California Needs You | TechCrunch
"I called on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to rescue the California government—to help rebuild its legacy systems. I also went out on a limb and “bet” that an unemployment check-processing system that California State had budgeted $50 million to upgrade could be rebuilt from scratch for a tenth of the cost, in a fraction of the time."
2010  vivekwadhwa  california  state  modernization  legacy 
27 days ago
How Facebook's Messenger Got Its New Look in a New Jersey Basement | WIRED
"Other M4 design elements show things like the backlog in your inbox and an improved way to organize group communications."
facebook  messenger  language  business  projectmanagement  infectious  work  communication 
27 days ago
DTA goes cold on blockchain - InnovationsAus.com
"“Our position today, and this is an early write-up, is that blockchain is an interesting technology that would be well worth being observed, but without standardisation and a lot more work, for every use of blockchain that you would consider today there is a better technology,” Mr Alexander told the hearing."
blockchain  australia  research  dta 
28 days ago
Martian Overrider Blues: Thin Air by Richard K. Morgan | Tor.com
"And now, eleven years after the release of his last science fiction novel, Richard K. Morgan returns to the genre in grand form with Thin Air, a (yes, dark and gritty) novel set in the same universe as Black Man/Thirteen. (More about this shared universe later!)"
richardkmorgan  thinair  sf 
28 days ago
An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption | WIRED
"But did the digital revolution have to end in an oligopoly? In our fog of resentment, three recent books argue that the current state of rising inequality was not a technological inevitability. Rather the narrative of disruption duped us into thinking this was a new kind of capitalism. The authors argue that tech companies conquered the world not with software, but via the usual route to power: ducking regulation, squeezing workers, strangling competitors, consolidating power, raising rents, and riding the wave of an economic shift already well underway."
nitashatiku  siliconvalley  disruption  business  extraction  software  innovation 
28 days ago
The Sims' Unseen Design Notebooks - Revealing Gaming's History - Game Informer
"In the video above, the museum's director Jon-Paul Dyson and archivist Julia Novakovic page through legendary game designer Will Wright's notes and sketches showing the earliest glimpses into the creation of the gaming juggernaut The Sims."
thesims  design  archives  notebooks  willwright  thestrong 
28 days ago
Home | The Strong
"The Strong® is a highly interactive, collections-based museum devoted to the history and exploration of play. It is one of the largest history museums in the United States and one of the leading museums serving families."
museumofplay  thestrong  newyork  rochester 
28 days ago
Governing Artificial Intelligence | Data & Society
"The report draws the connections between AI and human rights; reframes recent AI-related controversies through a human rights lens; and reviews current stakeholder efforts at the intersection of AI and human rights."
artificialintelligence  government  report  ngo  stakeholders  un  society  ethics  ai 
29 days ago
Establishing an AI code of ethics will be harder than people think - MIT Technology Review
"Philip Alston, an international legal scholar at NYU’s School of Law, proposes a solution to the ambiguous and unaccountable nature of ethics: reframing AI-driven consequences in terms of human rights. "[Human rights are] in the constitution," Alston said at the same conference. "They’re in the bill of rights; they’ve been interpreted by courts," he said. If an AI system takes away people’s basic rights, then it should not be acceptable, he said."
ai  ethics  philipalston  mit  techreview  dataandsociety 
29 days ago
Tactical Sat Headed for Orbit, Testing | EE Times
"the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency launched a research effort in 2012 nicknamed “SeeMe,” for Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements. The DARPA program has since been cancelled, but Raytheon continued internal development of a prototype satellite designed to quickly deliver high-resolution battlefield imagery comparable to commercial satellites."
29 days ago
AI and the Trolley Problem | Tor.com
"A provocative story about the relationship between the humans on a British airbase and the AI security system that guards that base. When a group of humans are killed, the question is who is responsible and why."
shortstories  sf  ai  trolleyproblem  ethics  tor  patcadigan 
29 days ago
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