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How We Made Our App 5x Faster
Last week we deployed an update to our React-Rails app that improved load time by 500%, plus behind-the-scenes tweaks that allow our dev team to build features faster and deploy more often.
react-js  rails  react  webpack  performance 
november 2016 by danhodos
Flipping popper which never goes on right side Custom flip behavior Try dragging the reference element on the left side, its popper will move on its bottom edge. Then, try to move the reference
tooltips  javascript  react-js  popper 
april 2016 by danhodos
gpbl/react-day-picker: Flexible date picker for React
react-day-picker is a flexible date picker component for React. Look at some examples showing all its features!
day-picker  calendar  react-js 
april 2016 by danhodos

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