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Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial with Absinthe - Ryan Swapp
This post is a tutorial on using Phoenix and GraphQL to build a clean and powerful API with Elixir. We will start with a fresh Phoenix application and walk through turning it into a GraphQL server
graphql  absinthe  elixir  tutorial 
november 2016 by danhodos
The Falcor data model is a graph, and the GraphQL data model is a tree.
Half a year ago Netflix and Facebook convinced me that REST is no longer the ideal architecture for building maintainable apps. We can
graphql  facebook  netflix  falcor 
july 2016 by danhodos
GraphQL at The Financial Times- Viktor Charypar London React August 2015 - YouTube
Recently released by Facebook, GraphQL isn't only useful for client-server communication. Viktor will show how Red Badger used the reference implementation -...
experience  financial-times  report  graphql  video 
march 2016 by danhodos
From REST to GraphQL — Jacob’s Blog — Medium
Enter GraphQL. Using GraphQL to power our backend, we were able to provide the mobile client exactly what it needed for each request, with no additional bloat, and were able to optimize the database
rest  dataloader  graphql  experience 
march 2016 by danhodos

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