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Pure CSS Font
"For private, SEO-hidden, CAPTCHA-friendly unselectable text.
Deter plagiarism and spambots!"

Yep. Good luck selecting that text.
CSS  hack  synthetic  font  cool 
october 2018 by dandv
Sleeping bag - Down vs. Synthetic Guide
Pros and cons of down vs. various synthetic sleeping bag fills. Primaloft proposed as the best. See also http://www.alpineer.com/html/info_down-v-synth.html
sleeping  bag  fill  down  synthetic  Primaloft  Hollofil  Polarguard  Thinsulate  Thermolite  otudoor  gear 
june 2008 by dandv
Animusic - Pipe Dream [Google Video]
From the first Animusic DVD, Pipe Dream has been voted one of the 50 greatest animation projects ever (by 3D World magazine). A group of percussion instruments perform music by way of metal balls that fly out from pipes.
cool  animusic  animation  music  visual  movie  3D  rendering  video  synthetic  graphics 
july 2006 by dandv

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