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Cristina Escoda | LinkedIn
"Dr. Escoda is an academic physicist turned venture capitalist turned blockchain entrepreneur. She graduated from Cambridge University with a Ph.D in String Theory and attended NYU's Stern School of Business for an M.B.A. in Financial Instruments and Markets. After establishing herself as an alternative assets specialist, she founded a blockchain start up to transform the way science gets funded, and a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage deep science ventures. Alongside Knowledgr, Dr. Escoda co-runs Quantum Labs, an advisory firm for early-stage quantum technologies, and Tachyon Valley Biolabs, a life sciences VC angels fund."
career  inspiration  motivation  women  tech 
may 2019 by dandv
Palmer Luckey - Wikipedia
Rags to riches story: car salesman homeschooled kid born in 1992, "earned at least US$36,000 by fixing and reselling damaged iPhones and working part-time as a groundskeeper, youth sailing coach, and computer repair technician" to build complex gaming rig and with 50+ HUDs. Later founded Oculus VR and is a billionaire.

University drop-out libertarian
inspiration  story  rich  success  entrepreneur 
january 2019 by dandv
UPLABS design inspiration
Most designs by random people, rather than any sort of UX experts.

Could look for form designs, login screens etc.
design  inspiration 
november 2018 by dandv
What you may not understand about crypto’s millionaires | VentureBeat
The Satoshi Roundtable

These weren’t opportunistic, get-rich-quick newcomers fresh off of big ICOs; they were long-time believers in blockchain technology’s ability to solve important human problems.

This was a conference of people committed to economic freedom, privacy, individual empowerment — people who would pursue their projects if the price of Bitcoin was $1 or $1,000,000.

Three years ago, the movement had energy and passion. Now it has energy, passion, and money. A whole lot of money. And that means these passionate believers can drive their goals faster and further then ever before.

“Now you can poach talent from anyone in the world. Anyone.” The goal? Accelerate the revolution towards something new from within the existing infrastructure and leverage the world’s best talent to do it.

If the existing financial institutions are the Roman Empire, the crypto-entrepreneurs are the tribes on the periphery. For a while, they did not have their act together, but they are beginning to organize. Soon, they will have world-class marketing, Apple-level user experiences, and security that makes Equifax-level abuses impossible. And with the aid of all of this money, they have penetrated the outer defenses of the existing financial world order.

To mix metaphors, the dominoes have started to fall.

We are witnessing the migration of power and influence from systems based on trust in people to systems based on trust in math. The Satoshi Roundtable motto reads, “No leaders. No rulers. In code we trust.”
crypto  inspiration  Bitcoin  millionaires  power  future  together  change  world 
february 2018 by dandv
Andy Rubin Unleashed Android on the World. Now Watch Him Do the Same With AI | WIRED
what Rubin’s brain would look like if it were somehow transformed into real estate—a hive of ideas, all scrambling to get out into the world and make the largest possible impact

“Within three to five years, it’s impossible that Playground won’t release something that’ll just blow our minds.”
Andy  Rubin  visionary  inspiration  AI 
december 2016 by dandv
George Hotz Is Taking on Tesla by Himself
See Elon's rebuttal: it's very hard to make an AI behave correctly in the last 1% of real-life cases.
genius  inspiration  role  model  AI  autonomous  vehicle 
january 2016 by dandv
The "Do Something" Principle
"The more time goes on, the more I realize that success in anything is tied less to knowledge or talent, and tied more to action supplemented by knowledge and talent. You can become successful at something without knowing what you’re doing. You can become successful at something without having much particular talent at it. But you can never become successful at anything without taking action. Ever."

"story about a novelist who had written over 70 novels. Someone asked him how he was able to write so consistently and remain inspired and motivated every day, as writers are notorious for procrastination and for fighting through bouts of “writer’s block”. The novelist said, “200 crappy words per day, that’s it.” The idea is that if he forced himself to write 200 crappy words, more often than not, the act of writing would inspire him and before he knew it he’d have thousands down on the page."
motivation  inspiration  do 
october 2015 by dandv
Jonathan Teo's answer to How does Pinterest differ from Tumblr or FFFFOUND!? - Quora
In 2011 about Pinterest: "historically sites that are able to provide simple plumbing towards a wide range of uses have done exceedingly well"

Teo went on to raise $125 for Binary Capital in 2014.
vision  Pinterest  inspiration  Jonathan  Teo 
september 2015 by dandv
Curtain reveal effect using CSS | The CSS Ninja - Web tech, front-end performance & silly ideas
Reveal an element from the background after you scroll down to the bottom of the foreground one. Second demo is fun.
reveal  scroll  effect  webdesign  inspiration 
july 2015 by dandv
Design Patterns on CodePen
Accordions, menu icons, grids, charts, graphs, tabs, star ratings, breadcrumbs, dialogs, menus, login forms, loaders, progress, pagination, calendars, tables, toggles, emails, maps, sliders
webdesign  patterns  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
iconmelon - SVG icons
Unmaintained library at https://github.com/legomushroom/iconmelon

Can be embedded in the HTML for extra speed, but beware the CPU utilization. Allegedly cross-browser enough.

Article at http://tympanus.net/codrops/2013/11/27/svg-icons-ftw/
SVG  icons  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Sidebar Transitions
3D rotate are cool, but all move the content to the right.
Also, no actual top-left button to trigger the sidebar display.

Scale Down pusher seems the most portable (no flicker in Chrome on Android), least disruptive (doesn't push content to the right) and 3D.

Note that codrop/tympanus doesn't care about maintaining the stuff they release. The GitHub repo is in a sorry state.

Much simpler but actually developed as a library:
https://github.com/scotch-io/scotch-panels (personal + commercial)
off  canvas  menu  side  drawer  sidebar  transition  animation  3D  effect  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Off-Canvas Menu Effects
Wave is nice (footer reveal). Top expand is similar, for the header.

Elastic and Bubble are kinda gooey and faster than some other SVG demos they have.

Very similar:
off  canvas  menu  side  drawer  sidebar  transition  animation  effect  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Morphing Buttons Concept | Demo 1
Inspiration for revealing content by morphing the action element
login  signup  modal  morph  button  animation  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Morphing Search Input
Search input that goes full-screen. Not necessarily something you want to do.
search  input  full  screen  interaction  UX  pattern  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas | Sidebar
Display drop targets after starting to drag an element: page bottom, page side, whole page (sliding in various ways), modal, icons
drag  drop  interaction  pattern  animation  effect  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Minimal Form Interface
One-input-at-a-time form. There's no going back, but might reduce the cognitive load on the user, and requires little screen real estate.
form  input  single  line  sequence  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
SVG Loader with GSAP | Jump Loader
Check GSAP's license. If you charge users to join, it's commercial.
SVG  animation  animated  spinner  loader  loading  indicator  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Natural Language Form
Replace words in a sentence as form input select box
form  natural  language  replace  words  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Progress Button Styles
When a button leads to a progress indicator, morph the button into the progress indicator.

If you can't estimate the progress, use a spinner: https://github.com/hakimel/Ladda
progress  button  cool  webdesign  CSS  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Creative Button Styles
Way more 3D than Material Design.

Better than http://tympanus.net/Development/ButtonStylesInspiration/, though Antiman and Shikoba there are nice.
button  webdesign  CSS  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
New Prototyping and Mockup Features | InVision
A nice way to present blog entries in the "new feature" category
blog  features  design  inspiration 
june 2015 by dandv
Sarah Federman | Creative Web Developer
Nice starry field in motion, sidebar, fading portfolios with screenshots embedded in stock images
webdesign  inspiration  theme  template  style  website  creative 
may 2015 by dandv
John Collison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Founded Stripe at age 20. He's also a pilot and a pianist.
role  model  inspiration  tech  startup 
may 2015 by dandv
Elizabeth Holmes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At 30yo, net worth $4.5Bn. Owns 50%+ of Theranos, microfluidics diagnostics. Dropped out. Hundreds of patents.
woman  role  model  inspiration  career  business  genius 
december 2014 by dandv
A parable of salary workers vs. entrepreneurs - Quora
If you're a worker in a village who supplies said village with water, you are valuable to its people. There are two types of workers:

Type 1 worker: Grabs an empty bucket or two, goes to the sweet water lake, fills them up, comes back and makes twenty people happy. He gets to drink some of that water along the way, and once he gets back, takes some of the water home.

Type 2 worker: Disregards how much of a "fair share" of water he's getting. Instead of grabbing a bucket, grabs a shovel and a little cup, and disappears for a while. He's digging a stream from the lake towards the village. Often he disappoints people for having returned from weeks of work with an empty cup. But the elders in the village for some reason believe in him and want to keep him (and throw him a bone so that he doesn't starve for a little while). Some day, suddenly he shows up with a constantly flowing stream of water behind his back. He puts the Type 1 workers out of water delivery business. They'll have to go find a different activity and "team" to work with. Type 2 worker, depending on how much control they retained on that stream, get to own a good chunk of it. Because the village wants to acquire and integrate that stream, they compensate the ownership of Type 2 worker in that stream with on par ownership in the village itself, typically land or such.

News media observes the Type 2 worker and his unwillingness to part with his accumulated wealth in return for his added value for the village (often vesting on a schedule, also known as golden handcuffs); and spins it such that it looks as if another village tried to woo that worker but was met with unexpected resistance.

The resulting media impression, in the mind of Type 1 workers, feels like pay inequity (see the video at the bottom). This is because Type 1 workers expect equal rewards for equal time spent being loyal to the same village.

Let me now tell you a real story:

I was in Monterey Bay for new years this year. I stood there with my wife, watching a young guy start to dig a hole. My wife was enjoying the general vibe of the beach, where everyone was busy ignoring the guy. I pointed to him from the top of the observation spot and told my wife "Watch. In 30 minutes, all these people will be digging for this guy."

Thirty minutes later, he had managed to dig a tiny stream from his castle / moat to the ocean. The water had to come uphill from the ocean to fill his moat, so he was busy changing the slope of the stream to favor the moat. 5 minutes later, observing children started digging with him. 10 minutes later, a few grown-ups started digging. 15 minutes later, the timid foreigners with cameras in hand started digging. In 60 minutes, one Type 2 worker had managed to inspire 15 Type 1 workers to complete a flowing stream of water.
parable  story  inspiration  entrepreneurship  startup  salary  wage 
october 2014 by dandv
Meet the Man Who Founded Ello After Selling a $35K Pair of Pants | WIRED
[[When the site launched in early August, there were just 90 members—all friends of Budnitz—who had been operating their own private social network for about a year. On Monday, Ello was peaking at 50,000 new member requests per hour. “We kind of expected to scale,” he says, “but we kind of didn’t expect to scale this fast.”

People told him that his two earlier businesses were doomed too. When he decided he wanted to sell exquisitely designed titanium bicycles, a friend in the bike industry told him he was nuts. Before that, he created a toy company where all the toys were designed by his street-artist friends in limited edition and sold to adults, and inevitably, he remembers, the response was a sarcastic “Great business plan, Paul.”

But the toy company, Kidrobot, was a success. His limited edition bunny-like creatures have hooked Pharrell Williams, among others. And now, he’s attracting even more attention from the technorati.]]
Ello  story  inspiration  role  model  startup  social  network 
october 2014 by dandv
The Dentist Office Software Story – AVC
How software is a commodity and what matters is the user base and the network effects.

Read the first comment. The end is inspiring beyond the article:

<<....along comes Parry Lage and Bergey Srin. together with Melon Musk - they invent stuff which rewinds ageing, cures disease, stops death and obviates the need for teeth altogether. dentistry.com, it's clones and satellite apps are forgotten overnight and become the teeniest of teeny footnotes in the history books>>
startup  strategy  users  inspiration  disrupt 
august 2014 by dandv
Why You Shouldn't Hack Your Life: Rich Roll
Against shortcuts. Rich Roll Advocates that the journey is long, hard, and painful. Went from 50kbs overweight to one of 25 fittest men in the world in 2-3 years - http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1cxskf/iam_rich_roll_author_of_finding_ultra_when_i/
Rich  Roll  against  shortcuts  hacks  motivation  inspiration  video  vegan  running  marathon  Ironman 
august 2014 by dandv
Product Hunt
"A daily leaderboard of the best new products"

Apparently websites applications only.
web  app  apps  product  new  release  design  inspiration  webdev 
february 2014 by dandv
How to master your life - Leading a better life - Quora
"Being successful at The Sims is very easy. It’s just like real life, **except without a barrier between what you decide and what you do.**"

Say you want to get fit.

In the Sims, you immediately buy whatever lame fitness equipment you can afford. If you can’t afford anything, go run in the park. Each day you tell your Sim to spend a spare minute exercising, and although progress is slow, you see their bars slowly inch up. Success is guaranteed.

In real life you think about getting fit. You’re not sure what to buy. Can you really afford the ‘right’ equipment? You read reviews. Do you have enough time? You ask questions on Quora. Maybe you buy something. You don’t know how to use it. Maybe you use it a couple times. You don’t see any results. You talk and think and share and do anything but exercise.

The first lesson from The Sims is good decisions require little thought. To get fit: exercise. To be smarter: read. To eat healthier: cook. Such mechanics are elementary to a child playing the game, but when leading your own life, your mischievous mind paralyses you with too much thinking. Stop holding out for perfect decisions. Pick. Act.

You can solve half the hassles of humanity this way. “I like this girl, how do I get her to like me?” Just click on her, and pick something.

“But what do I say?” Anything moves you closer to your goal. Pick something. “But she might not like me!” Right now, she doesn’t even know you. Fix that. Pick something.

The second lesson from The Sims is to nurture your state.

If your Sim is tired, desperate for company or wetting themselves, they won’t get much done. A decent player keeps an eye on these bars and never lets them slide too far; the exceptional player builds a life that takes care of them automatically.

And so it is in real life. If you’ve found yourself having a crappy pointless argument, chances are you were a bad mix of tired, stressed, or hungry at the time. If you want to be your wittiest, smartest, and most resilient, you’d better take consistently good care of yourself. The best way to be consistently awesome is to be in a consistently good state.

The third lesson from The Sims is to build selected skills.

Almost every action your Sim can take makes them better at something. Some skills are easier to gain, depending on your natural strengths, but you can get impressively decent at just about anything with time.

You don't live forever though, so to get great at something means saying no to something else. You must pick, and focus. Fully developed strengths tend to make your weaknesses irrelevant. Woody Allen would not be better off if he had spent less time writing and more time at the gym.
insight  game  gaming  Sims  life  lesson  parallel  paradigm-shift  inspiration  motivation  profound 
november 2013 by dandv
Oliver Emberton's answer to Self-Confidence: Why do I need self confidence? - Quora
Think of confidence as a crude instinct for guessing when you're going to succeed or fail. It’s exceedingly stupid and makes decisions based entirely on whatever comes to mind first.

Humans evolved in dark and dangerous times. An argument with your tribal leader could get you killed. Being rejected by an influential guy / girl could make you unmateable. Unchecked, your actions could end you.

Playing life too safe wasn't much better. A man who wouldn’t hunt, or farm, or build, or bring any value to his peers was unlikely to survive. As we’re all blessed with uniquely uneven skills, it makes sense to act upon our strengths and shun our weaknesses.

We evolved confidence to focus our efforts on what we’re best at.

There’s just one minor problem: life has changed a lot since 100,000 BC

In the modern western world, the survival cost of failure is zero. You can jump out of a plane, argue with the biggest beefcake in the bar and ask Mila Kunis to take you to the ball. Not only are you almost certain to live through it, Mila might even say yes.

The rewards for those who are confident today are staggering. Confidence is attractive. It breeds opportunity. It makes us stand our ground and assert our worth. Confidence in yourself is infectious – it inspires others to believe in you – and can be self fulfilling.

Yet most of us have constant crises of confidence. We fret over something as banal as disagreeing with our superiors, or talking to a stranger. Many men would rather mud-wrestle a bear than ask their dream girl out; swimming with sharks is considered less scary than public speaking.


What evolved primarily to keep us safe in an age of sabre-toothed tigers is now holding you back.

* Be social. Nothing feels better or stings harder than feedback from others. This means your successes must be witnessed. Start in private, by all means, but know that the greatest leaps in self-worth will come from victories like public speaking, dancing in a crowd, or kissing the girl. You can’t do that staying at home or in your head.

* Effort trumps all. The wonderful thing about trying hard is it almost always succeeds, eventually. I’m not a natural runner, but if I try hard enough, I will accomplish something through sheer force of will, and that breeds self-worth.
=== In the absence of confidence, work your ass off. ===

* Resilience. The most important thing is how you handle knocks. They are inevitable. They will make you feel like crap. But the more longer you linger on them, the further your confidence will tumble. Counter swiftly: try again, try something else, but never dwell.

The greatest confidence in life is won, not given. Ultimately, having confidence is the difference between doing what you want, and doing what you’re told. Without confidence, we condemn ourselves to a life in servitude of those who have it.
confidence  inspiration  motivation  Oliver  Emberton  Quora 
november 2013 by dandv
How Nations Succeed: What's the Secret to Ending Poverty? - YouTube
Good video against government regulation, though it doesn't explain or exemplify in any way precisely why regulation has stifled progress. It just states it.
inspiration  economics  poverty  against  government  regulation  video 
may 2013 by dandv
Yishan Wong's answer to What are some important and generalizable life lessons? - Quora
Time is your most important and critical resource.

It took me a long time to gradually realize all of what this meant; there are a few major aspects to this lesson:

Time is highly limited, uniquely limited, and equitably limited.

Highly limited:
Each person only has 24 hours a day and no more.  In total, we have about 70-80 years worth of time granted to us.  We use about a third of that for sleep, and necessarily almost another third for life-maintenance activities.  We spend the first couple decades in various stages of physical and emotional immaturity, and the last couple decades in similarly declining health.

Uniquely limited:
Unlike many other resources, time is neither bankable, transferable, nor recoverable once spent (i.e. in contrast to resources like money, fuel, or other commodities).  It is constantly being expended, whether consciously or not, making time management an activity you must (or can) constantly engage in.

Equitably limited:
The average American human life expectancy is about 77 years, with a standard deviation of about 16 years.  This is a fairly equitable distribution of this resource for most people, compared to natural resource distribution amongst countries or levels of wealth between families, where both can often differ by many orders of magnitude.


What this means is that along with other resources, time is also always expended in the performance of any activity, that strategies which save or compress the amount of time needed to perform an activity (e.g. speed) are especially valuable, that few people are born with significant advantages in this resource compared another, and that tradeoffs involving the exchange of most commodity resources (e.g. money) for time are almost always a good idea.

Guard your time jealously, and spend it carefully on the most important things. Likewise, it's crucial to figure out as early as possible what you consider the most important things to you in life, because if you greatly mis-prioritize, you may grieve later on for your lost time and life.  No pressure.
time  inspiration  cool  quote  life  advice 
may 2013 by dandv
AFI's 100 Most Inspirational Movies
Lame list. #30 "Lawrence of Arabia" my ass. #89 Harold & Maude is crap. Ben-Hur probably sucks too. Chariots of Fire is only #100?

Mirror at http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060616/COMMENTARY/60616003
movie  movies  film  films  motivation  motivational  inspiration  inspirational  list  top 
march 2013 by dandv
The most motivational quote of all time
"Decide in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow, and the day after that. Look at who you want to be, and start sculpting yourself into that person. You may not get exactly where you thought you'd be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in. Don't let life randomly kick you into the adult you don't want to become."

-- Col. Chris Hadfield, International Space Station astronaut

Wallpaper at http://i.imgur.com/KFgTZV1.jpg
inspiration  motivation  quote  best  ever 
february 2013 by dandv
Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact - Startup Genome
Excellent essay (if a bit rambling) by Max Marmer, modeling two axes of value: economic (negative - non-profits; minor - small businesses; high - large corporations) and societal (negative - games, fast-food chains; minor - small businesses, incremental improvements; large - Wikipedia, Amazon, Google, Facebook).

In the top right, lies transformational entrepreneurship.
Max_Marmer  inspiration  motivation  technology  startup  entrepreneurship  transformational 
october 2012 by dandv
Founders Fund Manifesto - What Happened to the Future?

The problem is that all start-ups are difficult – long hours, low pay, and fierce competition wear on even the most dedicated teams. The entrepreneurs who make it have a nearmessianic attitude and believe their company is essential to making the world a better place. It doesn’t matter whether everyone agrees with the entrepreneur about the world-historical nature of the project – if the entrepreneur seeks an impact beyond his own payday
and can convince employees of the same, the project is much more likely to get done. The engineers at SpaceX are passionate about commercializing and colonizing space; profit is a significant byproduct of their extraordinary effort to achieve that goal but not enough to get them to pull the thousandth all-nighter. The same is true of Jobs at Apple, or the programmers at Palantir, or the researchers at new drug companies. Wild-eyed passion
is not a bad thing by any means
technology  innovation  entrepreneurship  transformational  startup  inspiration  motivation 
october 2012 by dandv
Springwise | New business ideas, trends and innovation
"Springwise scans the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds. Blog & weekly newsletter."
entrepreneurship  inspiration  newsletter  blog  ideas  idea  business 
may 2012 by dandv
Life=Risk--Motivation - YouTube
"If you've never failed, you've never lived"
inspiration  risk  life  video  motivation 
march 2012 by dandv
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