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Blurred Vision, Burning Eyes: This Is a Lasik Success? - The New York Times
"Nearly half of all people who had healthy eyes before Lasik developed visual aberrations for the first time after the procedure, the trial found. Nearly one-third developed dry eyes, a complication that can cause serious discomfort, for the first time.

One such study, written by the global medical director for a large laser eye-surgery provider, reported high satisfaction rates among patients five years after Lasik.

But the study also found that even after all those years, nearly half had dry eyes at least some of the time. Twenty percent had painful or sore eyes, 40 percent were sensitive to light, and one-third had difficulty driving at night or doing work that required seeing well up close.

Other recent studies suggest Lasik patients may also be at increased risk for long-term eye complications, including possibly requiring earlier cataract surgery and developing a serious vision-threatening condition called corneal ectasia.

Lasik can also interfere with the detection of glaucoma, or the buildup of pressure within the eye that, if left untreated, can lead to blindness.

between 20 percent and 55 percent of Lasik patients have persistent dry eyes, defined as lasting at least six months after surgery"
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