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Shawn Stevenson: "Sleep Smarter" | Talks at Google - YouTube
Sleep deprivation leads to increased hunger, decreased fat loss, reduced academic performance (comparable to that of binge drinkers), reduced will power, increased cyberloafing (online procrastination), increased risk of Alzheimer's due to reduced waste removal (which happens during sleep 10x more actively).

@15:41 When we're sleep deprived, the amygdala hijacks out brains. Late night arguments are the worst, and stuff doesn't get resolved. In a relationship, when one partner is sleep deprived, the incidence of arguments increases, because the higher order part of the brain isn't on.

@21:33 When you drink alcohol, occurs, which prevents memory consolidation and reduced sleep quality drastically. That's why you can't remember what happened last night and have a hangover.

@25:56 caffeine stays in your system for ~72 hours. To avoid building up resistance to it, cycle caffeine 4 days on, 3 days off, so it feel like you've had it for the first time again.

@28:27: WHO declared working overnight a cancer-causing agent, because of melatonin suppression. Melatonin is the most powerful endogenous anti-cancer hormone. Every hour of device (with blue light) use at night causes 3 hours of melatonin suppression. Red light has no effect.

@36:38: stop spending time only 30 minutes before sleep. Replace that with talking to other people (in person), journaling, goal setting etc.

@38:30 Potassium deficiency makes you more likely to have interrupted sleep. Eat avocados; bananas are not that great of a source of potassium.

@39:46 80%+ of the population is chronically deficient in magnesium ( says at most 15%...). Instead of oral supplements, use topical application -

@43:39 Time your exercise to the morning. Appalachian State University showed that 7AM was better than 1pm or 7pm for sleep and blood pressure. Tabata is good.

@46:15 Get 10 minutes of sunlight from 6am to 10am and your cortisol will drop in the evening.

@47:24: 20 minutes of morning meditation for 8 weeks cured insomnia in a group of sleep deprived individuals: decreased sleep onset, less interrupted sleep, decreased depression symptoms.

@49:08 Practice Tai Chi and Qigong

@50:45 To avoid hangovers, don't drink late in the night, and drink lots of water to eliminate the alcohol (no mention of how you'll have to wake up to pee extra)

@52:00 Kids are professional curveball throwers :) To reset your cortisol rhythm, perform morning exercise for 10 minutes.

@53:30 Use blackout curtains. A sleep mask is insufficient, because the skin also has photoreceptors (greatly illustrated by a study where they put a fiberoptic light behind a sleeper's knee in a blacked out room).
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