GraphQL cheat sheet
Types, modifiers, input types, enums, unions, interfaces
13 hours ago
Authorization in GraphQL – Apollo GraphQL
Great post on how to structure authorization in GraphQL resolvers vs. delegating to data model functions, or passing through to REST APIs
GraphQL  authorization  tutorial  design  architecture 
18 hours ago
Securing Your GraphQL API from Malicious Queries – Apollo GraphQL
* use custom input types limited to reasonable amounts, e.g. numberOfRecords to max 100, instead of Int! (graphql-input-number)
* graphql-depth-limit if you have nested fields that could be combined recursively
* use Query Cost Analysis modules
GraphQL  DOS  protection  security 
18 hours ago
GraphQL Schema Design: Building Evolvable Schemas – Apollo GraphQL
* prefer object types over simpler structures
* use specific names, e.g. PostComment instead of Comment
* use enums instead of strings where applicable
GraphQL  schema  design  guidelines  architecture 
18 hours ago
Close to Marriott Hotel Casino, desirable location - Condominiums for Rent in Panama City
"Keep in mind these terms, this is a luxurious family residence. Therefore please govern accordingly, Your appearance should be clean, orderly and modest at all times and in all commune areas , including on the elevators. No clothing that is wet, stained, dirty, transparent, torn, revealing or that compromises in any way with a clean appearance is allowed. No type of sportswear is allowed (sweat, yoga pants, swimming shorts, broken shoes, flip flops, etc.) Style counts, NOT the designer. For example, jeans that are broken are not allowed. All guests are personally responsible for their attire and the attire of their friends and family, etc. Tattoos over 6 inches should be covered, piercings, medals or heavy metal chains on the neck are not allowed, avoid dressing like a rap artist, business casual appearance is welcomed, please do not try any extravagant hair colors that are non natural , no smoke indoor , please do not make noise that bothers neighbors below or above, or from the sides, remember that this is not a single house but an apartment and all the walls transmit sound as well as the slab of the floor and ceiling, respect sleep hours, avoid calls or complaints from neighbors or photos by the administration of the building of the cameras in the elevators or common areas that are reported to us for violating these rules, the breach of any information contained in this policy will result in the definitive restriction of access to everyone's building and will not cause reimbursement. Warn others of this to avoid inconveniences."

"There is a mayor and brand new synagogue very modern just 1 min away (waking distance) Shevet Ahim "Sefaradi" , besides there is also a mayor and new synagogue Beth El "Skenazy & Chabad Lubavitch" at waking distance ... There are plenty Kosher restaurants at walking distance also."

+ a ton of weirdly broken English

WTF  retard  tool  Airbnb  rules  religion  Jews  fun 
How to make friends, build a community, and create the life you want — Quartz
The thing that makes us happiest in life is other people. And yet other people are often the first thing to fall off our list of priorities.

When the BBC conducted a recent loneliness survey, asking 55,000 people about their relationships, they found adults between the ages of 16 and 24 were the loneliest, with 40% responding that they felt lonely “often” or “very often.” Meanwhile, 27% of those over age 75 had the same response.

9% of adults in Japan, 22% in America, and 23% in Britain always or often felt lonely, lacked companionship, or felt left out or isolated. People crave a sense of belonging. And yet we focus on how to look better, exercise efficiently, and work effectively, often neglecting to take the necessary steps to build and sustain social ties.

research fromJulia M. Rohrer, a PdD candidate at the Max Plank Institute who studied a large group of Germans who said they were committed to trying to become happier. The twist was that some pursued self-improvement goals such as getting a new job or making more money, while others tried spending more time with friends and family. A year later, she found those who focused on connecting more with others were happier than those who pursued self-improvement. “Our results demonstrate that not all pursuits of happiness are equally successful and corroborate the great importance of social relationships for human well-being,”

I used to think that community was as simple as having friends who bring a lasagna when things fall apart and champagne when things go well. Who pick up your kids from school when you can’t. But I think community is also an insurance policy against life’s cruelty; a kind of immunity against loss and disappointment and rage. My community will be here for my family if I cannot be. And if I die, my kids will be surrounded people who know and love them, quirks and warts and oddities and all.
community  happiness  life  advice  psychology  friendship 
Upgrading Ethereum: ETH 2.0 and the Quest for Scaleability
15000 tps, then quantum-resistance + amount and addresses obfuscation, infinite scalability via super-quadratic sharding
Ethereum  roadmap  cool 
3 days ago
How Blockchain Voting Works & Why We Need It - CoinCentral
Good non-technical introduction, with advantages, challenges and implications
blockchain  voting  intro 
3 days ago
"Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt… "
Don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they're crazy enough.


Too bad Kaepernick is a religious nut.
motivation  video  emotion 
5 days ago
Creative shoelacing...
Retweeted by 4 crypto sources
fun  video  shoelaces  tie  howto 
5 days ago
"Keanu Reeves gives the right answer to an impossible question.… "
Q: What do you think happens when we die?
A: The ones who love us will miss us
fun  death  question 
5 days ago
On Free Speech
freedom of speech is not just a law in some countries. It’s also a social principle. And the underlying goal of the social principle is the same as the underlying goal of the law: to foster an environment where the ideas that win are ideas that are good, rather than just ideas that happen to be favored by people in a position of power. And governmental power is not the only kind of power that we need to protect from; there is also a corporation’s power to fire someone, an internet forum moderator’s power to delete almost every post in a discussion thread, and many other kinds of power hard and soft.

I support safe spaces because I support freedom of association. Safe spaces, if designed in a principled way, are just an application of that freedom… But not everyone imagines “safe spaces” like that. Some use the concept of “safe spaces” as a sword, wielded to annex public spaces and demand that people within those spaces conform to their private norms. That’s not freedom of association

Every conference “censors” almost every viewpoint because there’s not enough space to give them all a chance to speak, and this is inherent to the format; so raising an objection to a conference’s judgement in making its selections is absolutely a legitimate act.

Many #DelistBSV participants like Kraken are definitely not “anything-goes” platforms; they already make many editorial decisions about which currencies they accept and refuse. Kraken only accepts about a dozen currencies, so they are passively “censoring” almost everyone. Shapeshift supports more currencies but it does not support SPANK, or even KNC. So in these two cases, delisting BSV is more like reallocation of a scarce resource (attention/legitimacy) than it is censorship. Binance is a bit different; it does accept a very large array of cryptocurrencies, adopting a philosophy much closer to anything-goes, and it does have a unique position as market leader with a lot of liquidity.

in “anarchic” environments with large disagreements on what the norms are, “an eye for an eye” in-kind retaliation is one of the better social norms to have because it ensures that people only face punishments that they in some sense have through their own actions demonstrated they believe are legitimate

So to conclude: censorship in public spaces bad, even if the public spaces are non-governmental; censorship in genuinely private spaces (especially spaces that are not “defaults” for a broader community) can be okay; ostracizing projects with the goal and effect of denying access to them, bad; ostracizing projects with the goal and effect of denying them scarce legitimacy can be okay.

freedom  speech  association  safe  public  space  censorship  Reddit  Bitcoin  Craig  Wright  conference  #DelistBSV 
6 days ago
Internationalizing Turkish: Dotted and Dotless Turkish Letter "I"
Instead of the original case mapping of lower dotted i to upper dotless I, Turkish maps the lower dotted i to the new upper dotted İ, and the lower dotless ı to the upper dotless I.

The change in the case rules for the letter i frequently breaks software logic. Applications that have been internationalized are conditioned to easily accept new characters, collations, case rules, encodings, and other character-based properties and relationships. However, their design often doesn't anticipate that properties or rules of English letters will change.
language  stupid  against 
6 days ago
Blueground | Furnished Apartments for Rent | Fully Furnished Rentals
Long term stays for business travelers. Around $4000/mo in NYC & SF, EUR 900 in Athens
rent  apartment  business  travel  Airbnb  alternative 
7 days ago
Chrome desktop notification example - Stack Overflow
"if it so off topic then why there are so many people liking it and marking it as starred in the first place?"
against  StackOverflow 
7 days ago
Website Availability Test - Uptrends
Better than isup.me - can check from a multitude of geographically distributed servers (though only 2 in South America)

Uptime monitoring services.
check  server  site  up 
9 days ago
MANET Easy Chair
Foam pit in a "chair"
cool  fun  odd  furniture  house 
9 days ago
Certbot obtain certificate quickly
add-apt-repository universe
apt-get update
apt-get install certbot
# stop your web server if one is running
ufw allow 80 # if you don't have a web server running
certbot certonly # option 2 (standalone web server that certbot spins up), type domain (no wildcard certs)
ufw status numbered # and delete the :80 rule if you've allowed it above
TLS  SSL  certificate  LetsEncrypt  HTTPS 
11 days ago
Install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu — MongoDB Manual
2019-May, Ubuntu 18:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv 9DA31620334BD75D9DCB49F368818C72E52529D4

echo "deb [ arch=amd64 ] https://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu bionic/mongodb-org/4.0 multiverse" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-4.0.list

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y mongodb-org-server mongodb-org-shell mongodb-org-tools
install  MongoDB  Linux  Ubuntu 
11 days ago
No evidence to support link between violent video games and behavior -- ScienceDaily
"Researchers at the University of York have found no evidence to support the theory that video games make players more violent.

In a series of experiments, with more than 3,000 participants, the team demonstrated that video game concepts do not 'prime' players to behave in certain ways and that increasing the realism of violent video games does not necessarily increase aggression in game players."
video  game  violence  study 
12 days ago
Video Games Do Affect Social Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Effects of Violent and Prosocial Video Game Play - Tobias Greitemeyer, Dirk O. Mügge, 2014
"Data from 98 independent studies with 36,965 participants revealed that for both violent video games and prosocial video games, there was a significant association with social outcomes. Whereas violent video games increase aggression and aggression-related variables and decrease prosocial outcomes, prosocial video games have the opposite effects. These effects were reliable across experimental, correlational, and longitudinal studies, indicating that video game exposure causally affects social outcomes and that there are both short- and long-term effects."
video  games  violence  study 
12 days ago
Cool fake headline page generator impersonating the LA Times
fake  news  headline  generator 
12 days ago
EF EPI 2018 - EF English Proficiency Index
See my excerpts at https://imgur.com/gallery/NFZXGBd. Much use of "correlation", but causation is pretty darn clear.

"In developing economies, the transition from agriculture or manufacturing to a knowledge-based economic model requires not only technological infrastructure but also skilled adults who are able to sell their services internationally."

"Learning to speak English can open the door to a better job, offer new opportunities for personal exploration and professional growth, and provide access to the world’s shared knowledge."

"A brilliant idea is just as brilliant whether it is explained in Arabic, Swahili, English, or any other language. But, unfortunately, far fewer people will be exposed to it if it is not expressed in English. Today, the most influential platforms for sharing ideas—from academic journals to TED Talks—are English-language forums. Scientists and engineers cannot afford to ignore global innovation because of linguistic barriers, but that need is not limited to academia or the tech sector: professionals in all fields benefit from access to international best practices"

"Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce giant, began the transition to using English as their worldwide corporate language in 2010. Today, 80% of the new engineers in their Tokyo offices are non-Japanese, and the company has gone from 200 million users to 1.1 billion by expanding outside its home market. Honda, Nissan, Renault, Siemens, Nestle, Sodexo, and many other multinationals headquartered in non-English-speaking countries have also adopted English as their corporate language in order to remain competitive. Integrating an international workforce demands a common language."

"As a consequence of its popularity, English is more detached than ever from any particular culture. Less than a quarter of the world’s English speakers are “natives,” and that proportion will continue to decline as more people learn English as an additional language. Already, experts estimate that the majority of the world’s population speaks two or more languages."

Also at https://www.ef.edu/epi/ but with pop-up to go to some regional site. In the local language at https://www.ef.com/epi/

Full report for 2018 at https://www.ef.com/__/~/media/centralefcom/epi/downloads/full-reports/v8/ef-epi-2018-english.pdf
English  international  world  global  language  Dascalescu  advocacy 
12 days ago
Correct technique for Concentration Curls
* Don't rest your elbow on the thigh

* Bend down and have the back of your arm against the thigh, to avoid mechanical leverage or a seesaw effect

* Rest closer to the groin for less verticality at the top range of the motion
bodybuilding  bicep  curl  technique  form  exercise  workout  video 
12 days ago
"The Best Science-Based Bicep Workout | ARMS (Part 1/2)" on YouTube
Concentration curls have the best bicep activation because the elbow is pressed against the leg and can't move, isolating the bicep.

Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps in the order presented.
bodybuilding  bicep  muscle  workout  video  exercise 
12 days ago
Cristina Escoda | LinkedIn
"Dr. Escoda is an academic physicist turned venture capitalist turned blockchain entrepreneur. She graduated from Cambridge University with a Ph.D in String Theory and attended NYU's Stern School of Business for an M.B.A. in Financial Instruments and Markets. After establishing herself as an alternative assets specialist, she founded a blockchain start up to transform the way science gets funded, and a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage deep science ventures. Alongside Knowledgr, Dr. Escoda co-runs Quantum Labs, an advisory firm for early-stage quantum technologies, and Tachyon Valley Biolabs, a life sciences VC angels fund."
career  inspiration  motivation  women  tech 
13 days ago
"How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep | Jim Donovan | TEDxYoungstown" on YouTube
For 3 minutes total:
* tap with both hands on thighs at the rhythm of a ticking clock while breathing slowly (2m in the video @ 8:25, not 30 seconds as he claimed)
* Slow down the tapping

Hasn't worked yet on inducing sleep onset, but average deep sleep increased in a 4-night trial.
fall  asleep  howto 
13 days ago
faast.js · Serverless batch computing made simple
Invoke serverless functions like regular functions

Faast.js transforms ordinary JavaScript modules into serverless cloud functions that can run on AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions.

Faast.js makes regular functions callable as serverless functions on AWS Lambda and Google Cloud. It handles the details of uploading your code, creating cloud infrastructure, and cleaning up. Scale up your functions to a thousand cores in seconds rocket
cloud  serverless  functions  JavaScript 
14 days ago
Client state management with Apollo Client 2.5 – Apollo GraphQL
The 2.5 release moves apollo-link-state into core, without increasing the bundle size. Features:

* Schema composition, server + client
* Local resolvers
* Fetch local and remote data in one query
* Code splitting - add resolvers dynamically
* "In addition to query and mutation resolvers, you can also enable realtime local data with subscription resolvers."

"Apollo Client 3.0 is focused on delivering a new way to manage the storage of local state by improving the current Apollo Cache implementation. Cache invalidation and garbage collection are by far the most requested Apollo Client features, and we’re excited to be focusing on them next."
Apollo  GraphQL  state  management  webdev  against  Redux  Mobx 
17 days ago
Serveo: expose local servers to the internet using SSH
No installation, no signup
ssh -R 80:localhost:3000 serveo.net
proxy  remote  tunnel 
17 days ago
Badge to indicate the status of a repository: Active, Inactive, Abandoned etc.
open-source  repository  status 
17 days ago
How a good night's sleep can 'clean' your brain | World Economic Forum
"a combination of the drugs ketamine and xylazine (K/X) most closely replicated the slow and steady electrical activity in the brain and slow heart rate associated with deep non-REM sleep. Furthermore, the electrical activity in the brains of mice administered K/X appeared to be optimal for function of the glymphatic system."
deep  sleep  brain  health  ketamine 
18 days ago
Estonia's e-revolution rolls on: Now it's first in Europe with cross-border e-prescriptions | ZDNet
"So far there are 23 countries involved. But because fulfilling all the European requirements, like audit, legislation change, successful testing with the partners, is challenging, it's very difficult to say what is the exact date when all the EU countries will be involved."
medical  data  sharing  Europe 
19 days ago
You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable - YouTube
The weirdest (and most intellectual) motivational video.

Starts weird. Stay with it.
motivation  video  fun 
19 days ago
How to run VirtualBox on Ubuntu: sign drivers
The repeat steps after updating kernel modules:

sudo /root/module-signing/sign-vbox-modules
sudo modprobe vboxdrv
VirtualBox  Ubuntu 
20 days ago
(28) Why do immigrants not want American citizenship? - Quora
Due to FATCA regulations it may be impossible for US citizens to open bank accounts in many foreign countries at all, even if they live there.

Similarly US citizens may not be able to open a brokerage account anywhere other than the US.

Any time your aggregate foreign bank accounts exceed $10,000 USD in a calendar year you must also file FBAR with FinCEN to avoid having them seize your funds.

Reasons for becoming a citizen:
* live and work wherever in the US
* no risk of being deported
* can travel for more than 6 mo / year without your Green Card application being considered abandoned
against  USA  citizenship  advantages 
21 days ago
Glutamine: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
In the end, there is no evidence that these supplements provide benefits for muscle gain or strength. There is some limited support for other effects, but more research is needed.
against  glutamine  supplement 
22 days ago
When Should You Take BCAAs?
"BCAA supplements conveniently provide muscle-supportive nutrients. However, scientists question whether these supplements offer an advantage over food sources"

"It may not make much difference whether BCAA supplements are taken before or after exercise, and you may not need to time them precisely to support muscle building."

"Muscle-protective benefits of BCAA supplements may be more likely if you take 91 mg per pound (200 mg per kg) of body weight daily, including on non-exercise days. It may also help to split your daily BCAA supplement intake into two or more doses."
against  BCAA  supplement 
22 days ago
Ask The Science Chick: Is The Anabolic Window Real?
Early studies often used subjects in a fasted state to look at the effects of nutrient timing on changes in body composition, strength, and muscle size. Because fasting itself will put your body in a catabolic state, eating immediately after a workout is crucial for promoting muscle protein synthesis and glycogen storage.

But unless you train at 5 a.m. on an empty stomach, there's less urgency when it comes to consuming your post-workout meal. Eating as few as 20 grams of protein as part of your pre-workout meal can significantly elevate the delivery of amino acids to your muscles for up to 2-3 hours post-workout.

If your goal is maximizing rates of muscle gain, current findings support the broad objective of meeting total dailyprotein and carbohydrate needs (assuming you're not training in a fasted state).
If you start your training session more than four hours after your last meal, you definitely want to consume 25-30 grams of protein immediately after your workout to help reverse the catabolic state in your body and maximize muscle growth. On the other hand, consuming a small pre-workout meal before you train can delay the timing of your next meal

Rather than focusing on this imaginary window of special growth, plan your meals so that you consume 25-30 grams of protein every few hours, and consume adequate amounts of carbs throughout the day to keep your energy levels high in the gym.
against  anabolic  window  myth  exercise  nutrition  protein 
22 days ago
Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?
The classical post-exercise objective to quickly reverse catabolic processes to promote recovery and growth may only be applicable in the absence of a properly constructed pre-exercise meal

it remains questionable as to what, if any, positive effects are realized with respect to muscle growth from spiking insulin after resistance training.

despite the common recommendation to consume protein as soon as possible post-exercise [60,61], evidence-based support for this practice is currently lacking.

Collectively, the available data lack any consistent indication of an ideal post-exercise timing scheme for maximizing MPS.the utility of acute studies is limited to providing clues and generating hypotheses regarding hypertrophic adaptations; any attempt to extrapolate findings from such data to changes in lean body mass is speculative, at best.

debunk  anabolic  window  exercise  nutrition  protein  myth 
22 days ago
7 Free Online Fax Services (Updated April 2019)
https://central.myfax.com/messageCenter worked. Use the US signup link https://www2.myfax.com/lp/free-trial for $10/mo vs. more euros.

Instant signup. No phone # or email verification. CC required by Privacy.com card OK and no upfront credit card charge.

Send via email or web interface (powered by ExtJS).
free  online  fax 
24 days ago
The First Machine-Generated Book by a Scholarly Publisher Is a Boring Read
the algorithm uses machine learning to first analyze thousands of publications to ensure that only those relevant are selected for the book. It then parses, condenses, and organizes those pre-approved, peer-reviewed publications from Springer Nature’s online database into coherent chapters and sections that each focus on a different aspect of battery research. Summaries are automatically generated for articles in each chapter, which can include quoted passages that are hyper-linked back to the original research papers
machine-learning  science  summarize  book 
29 days ago
Drop (music) - Wikipedia
the "...moment in a dance track when tension is released and the beat kicks in..., releasing the enormous energy accrued during a song's progression...after the momentum build, the pitch rising, the tension mounting, bigger, louder, until suddenly — the drop."[2] Billboardmagazine defines a drop as the "...moment of instrumental build[-up] when the bass and rhythm hit hardest. It's why arenas full of people suddenly start jumping up and down."[3]
emotion  music  concert 
4 weeks ago
How KYC procedures can leak your identity
"a user’s information and paperwork could be leaked from a fraudulent ICO airdrop that requires KYC documents. Given how easy it is to spin up a fake website promoting a cryptocurrency or an ICO – as illustrated by the “HoweyCoins” website created by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to educate the public about fake offerings"

identity  theft  against  KYC 
4 weeks ago
How to Cook White Rice | Minimalist Baker Recipes
Throw 2 cups/500mL water in pot over high heat
Add 1 teaspoon salt
Add 1 cup/200g rice
Bring to boil
Once boiling, lower heat to simmer and cover
Simmer for 15-25 minutes until water is absorbed
Stop heat, remove lid, fluff rice

Store cooled leftovers in fridge for 5-6 days
recipe  rice  howto  cook 
4 weeks ago
What do recording engineers know that most audiophiles don’t? - Quora
Why when you spend thousands on audio equipment, you do hear better
against  audiophile  sound  quality  debunk 
4 weeks ago
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