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GoT return pirated nearly 55m times |
Data from digital piracy data analysis specialist MUSO reveals that Winterfell – the first episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones, which aired on April 14th – was pirated 54,261,910 times globally within the first 24 hours of its premiere on HBO. With HBO totalling the ‘official’ viewing figures to 17.4 million, MUSO’s data demonstrates how piracy can dramatically eclipse legal viewings.
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Forecast: 270m US SVoD subs in 2024 |
The number of SVoD subscriptions in North America will climb by 110 million from 160 million in 2018 to 270 million in 2024. These figures are gross – many homes take more than one SVoD platform.
Digital TV Research forecasts that 77.8 per cent of TV households (94 million) will subscribe to at least one SVoD platform by 2024 (for movies, linear channels and TV episodes – excluding other platforms such as sports services).
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Gig Economy Moves Toward Critical Mass | PYMNTS.com
The read across here is that using “what you know” to boost the top line has been increasingly on the upswing, and indeed knowledge is (earnings) power. Consider the fact that the percentage of gig workers earning $100,000 now stands at 40 percent, up a jump from the 30 percent seen in the third quarter as gig work becomes a full-time pursuit. Again, that pursuit is aided by high-tech digital marketplaces, which were used by more than 38 percent of non-seasonal workers, up from 35 percent. At the same time, we saw a boost in education levels amid these higher earners who sourced ad hoc work from digital means. Those with college degrees increased to 41.6 percent from 39.1 percent previously, and those with graduate degrees rose from 25.1 percent to 37.6 percent.
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Amazon Taking More Search Ad Dollars From Google | PYMNTS.com
Amazon is starting to get more of the digital advertising dollars as marketers shift their focus away from Google.
The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported WPP, the biggest ad buyer in the world, increased its ad spend at Amazon in 2018, spending $300 million for clients on Amazon search ads. Of that budget, The Wall Street Journal reported 75 percent came from money that was allocated for Google search ads. The ad spend on Amazon by WPP is up between $100 million and $150 million from how much it spent on Amazon in 2017. In 2018 WPP did spend around $3 billion on Google search ads, noted the report.

Omnicom Group, another ad agency, spends 20 percent to 30 percent of client budgets on Amazon search ads, with the majority of the money being moved away from Google search ads. All told for 2018, Omnicom spent $1.2 billion on search ads in the U.S. The report noted that the ad spend going Amazon’s way is still tiny compared to Google. Google accounted for 78 percent of the U.S. search ad market last year, raking in $44.2 billion. The Wall Street Journal cited eMarketer, the research firm, for that data.
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More than half of consumers shop online and offline equally | Retail Dive
At least 60% or more of consumers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany said they shop equally offline and online, according to a March Periscope by McKinsey report.
While the respondents said they still prefer to shop offline for items like clothes, home furnishings, groceries and beverages, the report found that more consumers are spending online on travel or other entertainment purchases such as movies, books, music and games. However, the consumers who shop mostly or exclusively online did so because they reside in urban areas where cross-channel shopping opportunities are already abundant, the report also found.
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Amazon's Ad-Revenue Growth Comes at the Expense of Google
Several big ad agencies more than doubled their spending on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) last year as the company ramped up its advertising business. The banners atop search results and sponsored listings within search results grew increasingly common. Amazon doesn't break out its ad revenue, but its "other" revenue line item, which consists mostly of advertising, more than doubled in 2018, to $10.1 billion.

Most of Amazon's revenue growth is coming at the expense of another digital advertising giant: Google, the Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) company. The majority of the increase in Amazon ad budgets came from Google search ad budgets at some of the biggest ad agencies, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.
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Infographic: How the Tech Giants Make Their Billions
For starters, all five of the Big Tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet) have emerged as some of the most valuable publicly-traded companies in the world, with founders such as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates sitting atop the global billionaire list.

These tech giants also have a consumer-facing aspect to their business that is front and center. With billions of people using their platforms globally, these companies leverage user data to tighten their grip even more on market share. At the same time, this data is a double-edged sword, as these same companies often find themselves in the crosshairs for mishandling personal information.

Finally, all of these companies have a similar origin story: they were founded or incubated on the fertile digital grounds of the West Coast. The company that has the weakest claim to such origins would be Facebook, but even it has been based in Silicon Valley since June 2004.
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Apple Music now has more paid subscribers than Spotify in the US | Mobile Marketing Magazine
Apple Music has reportedly surpassed Spotify in terms of paid subscribers in the US, holding around 2m more paying users. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, Apple Music had 28m paid subscribers at the end of February compared to Spotify’s 26m.

Spotify is said to be adding subscribers at a monthly growth rate of between 1.5 and two per cent in the US, while Apple Music is growing at between 2.6 and three per cent.
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The People Behind ByteDance’s App Factory — The Information
To grow fast in China, apparently, you’ve also got to get big.
ByteDance, the Chinese company behind TikTok, the viral short video app that has taken the world’s teenagers by storm, has gone on a massive hiring spree in the past year. Its headcount has roughly doubled to 40,000—more than Facebook, which had 35,600 at Dec. 31—as it has diversified beyond its early success, newsfeed app Toutiao. ByteDance now operates more than 20 apps, including Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, fast-growing social network Helo in India as well as a business messaging app, and apps for online learning, jokes, literature and selfies.
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Captain Marvel becomes the latest Marvel film to bring in $1 billion for Disney | TechCrunch
Captain Marvel has crossed the $1 billion mark in worldwide ticket sales, according to a report in Variety.
It’s the seventh movie based on Marvel Comics’ intellectual property to hit that milestone, indicating that Disney may be the house that Mickey Mouse built, but Marvel’s comic empire is adding a few more stories.

Captain Marvel’s success also underscores the notion that superheroines can perform just as well at the box office as their male counterparts.
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31% US homes own smart speaker with voice assistant |
Parks Associates research shows 31 per cent of US broadband households own a smart speaker with voice assistant and more than one-fourth of these owners use the devices to control a smart home device through voice commands.

“Competing protocols and confusing controls continue to inhibit smart home adoption, as end users fear and ultimately avoid complexity,” said Brad Russell, Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates. “A growing number of consumers have a high number of connected devices, so innovations such as voice control, which promise to simplify the user experience, receive considerable interest.”
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Apple News Plus reaches 200K subscribers in first 2 days | Mobile Marketer
Apple's recently launched digital newsstand gained more than 200,000 subscribers to a free one-month trial in its first 48 hours, The New York Times reported. The tech giant last week introduced Apple News Plus while also announcing new services for video streaming, games and payments.
The number of sign-ups exceeds the subscription base for Texture, the "Netflix for magazines" service that Apple acquired last year as the basis for Apple News Plus, the Times reported. Apple plans to shut down Texture on May 28, leaving subscribers who use Google's Android and Amazon's Fire HD without service.
Apple charges $9.99 a month ($12.99 in Canada) for Apple News Plus, which showcases 300 magazines and newspapers from media companies including Condé Nast, Hearst and Meredith. Apple pockets half of the subscription revenue, and distributes the remainder to publishers based on how much time people spending reading their articles.
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Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation | McKinsey
With more than half a billion internet subscribers, India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, but adoption is uneven among businesses. As digital capabilities improve and connectivity becomes omnipresent, technology is poised to quickly and radically change nearly every sector of India’s economy. That is likely to both create significant economic value and change the nature of work for tens of millions of Indians.
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PlayStation VR: The Next Wave of Games Coming in Spring and Summer 2019 – PlayStation.Blog
Today’s State of Play broadcast revealed release dates for a bunch of soon-to-be-released PlayStation VR games. We didn’t have time to air all of the PS VR updates, though, so read on to see what’s next for PS VR! We’re also very excited to reveal that we have officially sold-through more than 4.2 million PS VR systems worldwide as of March 3, 2019. We’d like to thank our fans for the amazing support for helping us achieve the milestone. Now without further ado, on to all the great games coming to PS VR.
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Stampede of the unicorns: will a new breed of tech giants burst the bubble? | Technology | The Guardian
Renaissance reckons there are some 235 IPOs in the wings this year – many of them unicorns – that could raise $100bn between them, eclipsing the $97bn raised by IPOs in 2000.
Back then, when the internet was new, investors also lined up for a piece of the action and then an economic downturn, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and broken business models triggered a huge sell-off. By the time the silicon had settled in October 2002 the Nasdaq-100, home to many of the largest tech companies, had fallen 78% from its peak in March 2000.
Many of today’s biggest tech companies, including Google, eBay and Amazon, can trace their roots back to the dotcom boom. But beside those market-dominating behemoths lie the bones of much-hyped disasters such as Pets.com and Webvan.
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Kidscreen » Archive » Young kids use smart speakers daily
New data from Common Sense and SurveyMonkey found that most kids talk to smart speakers daily.
According to the survey, more than 40% of parents with kids ages two to eight say their families use a smart speaker, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, and nearly 60% say their young children interact with a voice-activated assistant like Siri or Alexa. Of the kids using smart speakers, 50% interact with them at least once a day. Nearly half of those kids use smart speakers to play music, while others use speakers to get information (12%), to talk or fool around (12%) or to hear jokes (10%).
For parents of kids ages six to eight, 43% reported their children use voice-activated assistants to help with homework. And 29% of all parents surveyed said smart speakers are “extremely” or “very” helpful in accomplishing parenting tasks like making grocery lists, answering children’s questions or setting reminders.
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Amazon Music Will Be the Fastest-Growing Audio Streaming Service This Year - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Amazon’s audio platform is subscription-only and not supported by ads at any membership level; neither is Apple Music, the second fastest-growing digital audio platform. This means that the fastest-growing segment of audio streaming listeners cannot be reached by advertisers.

The more prominent streaming services that have ad-supported options still have more US monthly active users (MAUs), but those figures are either growing slower or not at all. The number of Spotify MAUs will grow by 13.9%, and Pandora will lose 0.5% of its US MAUs this year. This includes ad-supported and subscription, ad-free MAUs for both companies.
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The Amazon effect - Nine in ten Brits shop on Amazon | Mintel.com
The popularity of the subscription-based service Prime is confirmed by the fact that four in ten (39%) consumers have access to Amazon Prime, with just over a quarter (26%) personally being members and a further 13% sharing access through someone else’s account. Scaled to a national level,*** this places Amazon Prime membership in the UK at around the 15 million mark.

And it seems that the nation’s younger consumers are the biggest fans of Prime, as a staggering 63% of 16-24s and 52% of 25-34s have access to this premium service. Mintel research goes on to reveal that Prime membership has a major impact on purchasing, with members significantly more likely to purchase across all product ranges.
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Here's why retailers should be scared of Amazon dominating e-commerce
Amazon remains a looming threat for some of the biggest retailers in the country — like Walmart, Target and Macy's.
When consumers are ready to buy a specific product, nearly three-quarters of them, or 74 percent, are going straight to Amazon to do it, according to a new study by Feedvisor.
By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for 52.4 percent of the e-commerce market in the U.S., up from 48 percent in 2018.
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TikTok grosses $75M from virtual currency sales | Mobile Marketer
Social video app TikTok boosted sales of its virtual currency by about 243% to $5.5 million last month from a year earlier, according to app researcher Sensor Tower. People use the in-app coins to reward their favorite video creators, who can exchange the coins for digital gifts.​
TikTok has grossed $75 million from the sale of virtual currency, Sensor Tower estimated. The figure includes global spending through Apple's App Store and Google Play, but not revenue from China's third-party Android stores.
China's iOS users represent about 23% of the total, or approximately $17.3 million, making the country the second-biggest market for in-app spending. U.S. TikTok users have spent about $41.3 million in the app, or 55% of the global total. TikTok sells the digital coins in bundles, such as 100 coins for $0.99 or 500 coins for $4.99.
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Update on New Zealand | Facebook Newsroom
The video was viewed fewer than 200 times during the live broadcast. No users reported the video during the live broadcast. Including the views during the live broadcast, the video was viewed about 4000 times in total before being removed from Facebook.
The first user report on the original video came in 29 minutes after the video started, and 12 minutes after the live broadcast ended.
Before we were alerted to the video, a user on 8chan posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site.
We designated both shootings as terror attacks, meaning that any praise, support and representation of the events violates our Community Standards and is not permitted on Facebook.
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Does Alexa Have Any Hit Apps? Most People Use the Echo for Music - Bloomberg
Developers had less trouble creating hits for previous generations of technology. Think Angry Birds or Pokémon Go on the iPhone, or, decades ago, spreadsheets on the first Windows computers. Amazon counts some 80,000 “skills”—its name for apps—in its marketplace. It seems impressive, but at this point in their development, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store each boasted more than 550,000 applications and minted fortunes for many successful developers. 

“This platform is almost four years old, and you can’t point me to one single killer app,” says Mark Einhorn, who created a well-reviewed Alexa game that lets users operate a simulated lemonade stand and is one of 10 developers interviewed for this story.
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Q&A: Instagram’s New Head of Product, Vishal Shah – Cheddar – Medium
And many of them really have found a home on Instagram. We have 25 million businesses on the platform, half of whom don’t list a website. So Instagram is their digital platform. And so they’re already engaging with their customers in Feed and in Stories and through Direct (messaging). And so being able to turn that discovery and consideration mechanism into an actual purchase is something that I think is great for businesses, great for people, and truly could be good for our business.
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Epic CEO on 250 million Fortnite players, digital humans, and $100 million dev fund | VentureBeat
Epic Games dumped a bunch of news about the state of the Unreal Engine at its keynote talk at the Game Developers Conference today. We got a preview of the news and were able to interview Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, and Kim Libreri, chief technology officer.

Sweeney said Fortnite has reached 250 million players, and that the popular battle royale game hasn’t seen a drop off because of rival EA’s popular Apex Legends. He said the largesse from Fortnite will enable Epic Games to set up a new $100 million fund for Unreal Mega Grants for game developers.
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Automation could replace 1.5 million jobs, says ONS - BBC News
Some 1.5 million people in England are at high risk of losing their jobs to automation, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
It says those most likely to lose to automation are women, with a 70% chance of this happening. Part-timers and the young are the next most at risk.
The ONS analysed the jobs of 20 million people in 2017 and found 7.4% of these were at high risk of being replaced.
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PwC Global Consumer Trends 2019
How many shop on mobile, how many stream video etc
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PwC: 38% of global consumers stream content daily |
Consumers are increasingly using digital technology for more than just shopping. There is a revolution occurring in how consumers access entertainment and media, for example. Thirty-eight per cent of global consumers stream entertainment at least daily, and among Gen Z consumers, cord-cutting for entertainment is at more than 50 per cent.

The findings are published in PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey, which assesses the behaviour, habits and expectations of over 21,000 online consumers in 27 territories. PwC’s research reveals rapidly changing consumer behaviour in a host of areas other than entertainment and media.
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Analysis: Netflix wants content self-sufficiency |
Netflix’s rapid transition towards a premium TV model comes at a time when it faces a threat from major production companies pulling content as they prepare to launch DTC services
30 per cent of Netflix’s US catalogue is content from major US studios, but that has already decreased as some production companies – including Fox and Disney – remove the majority of their titles
Netflix has simultaneously been pushing internationalisation of its content, fuelled in part by its focus on Originals to which it owns worldwide rights, but also by a growing volume of pan-regional or global ‘Exclusives’ (titles like Star Trek: Discovery – not produced by Netflix, but acquired exclusively in almost all of their markets)
In December 2017, over 3,000 titles available on Netflix UK were available in more than 15 Netflix markets worldwide. In December 2018 this had increased by a further 1,600 titles
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Global piracy nears 190bn visits in 2018 |
Similarly to 2017, the US topped the list of countries with the most visits to piracy sites (17bn) in 2018, followed by:
United States Of America: 17,380,038,844 (17bn visits)
Russian Federation: 14,468,624,277
Brazil: 10,283,315,744
India: 9,589,665,210
France: 7,339,837,375
Turkey: 7,335,249,001
Ukraine: 6,126,077,097
Indonesia: 6,075,238,380
United Kingdom: 5,750,562,133
Germany: 5,356,667,376
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Digital media trends summary | Deloitte Insights
AMERICAN CONSUMERS are “piecing together” their own media and entertainment experience from a growing variety of options, according to this year’s Digital media trends survey. While last year’s survey showed consumers had started to take control over their own entertainment experience, now they are moving further in this direction, selecting which services among pay TV, streaming video, music, and gaming options they find most valuable. But they often need to cobble together multiple services—from paid to free, ad-supported options—to watch all of their favorite programs. Still, few would trade their newfound freedom for the limited options of the past.
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A survey of digital media trends | Deloitte Insights
From streaming services to pay TV to gaming platforms to video games, Americans are “piecing together” their media and entertainment options to suit their needs. But consumers say they have to work hard to find their desired content—and pay for multiple subscriptions—to have it their way. Will the costs start to outweigh the benefits?
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Survey: 42% of US say “no ads” top reason for SVoD |
Faced with an unprecedented array of digital media sources, US consumers are taking their entertainment matters into their own hands and piecing together their experiences across multiple services (pay-TV, streaming video, gaming and music) to access their favourite content, according to Deloitte’s 13th edition of the Digital Media Trends survey. The average US consumer now subscribes to three streaming video services, with 43 per cent of consumers subscribing to both streaming and traditional pay-TV services.

This year’s survey noted strong growth in streaming video subscription services (69 per cent) and streaming music services (41 per cent). Pay-TV remained relatively flat with 65 per cent of US households subscribing to the same, and 29 per cent paying for live TV streaming services. High-quality, original content continues to be a dominant factor in streaming video growth, with 57 per cent of current US streaming consumers (and 71 per cent of millennials, ages 22-35) subscribing to streaming video services to access original content.
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Tmall Global Puts the World in China's Shopping Cart | Alizila.com
As their spending power climbs, Chinese consumers are increasingly looking for high-quality products from reputable international brands. In 2018, China’s total imports reached $2.14 trillion, up 15.8% year-on-year from the previous year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. A report by Deloitte showed the size of cross-border e-commerce retail consumer on Tmall Global in 2017 was 10 times bigger than 2014.
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Fun pubs to visit in the UK
“Among the UK pub and restaurant segment for example, brands in the top fun quartile enjoy repeat monthly visits from nearly 30% of their guests, the same figure for the bottom quartile of brands is only 17%,” said the report.

OC&C associate partner David Foster said: “The findings of this study have wide-reaching implications for hospitality and leisure brands, as the benefits of being a more fun leisure brand for the first time are proven to be real and significant.
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75% of smart home device owners find their devices very valuable
Parks Associates finds consumers’ value assessment of smart home solutions jumps considerably once they own these products, highlighting the difficulty in communicating value propositions for these solutions. 360 View: Crossing the Chasm: Smart Home Products and Services finds 75% of smart home device owners find their devices very valuable, compared to only 38% of people who don’t own these devices but nevertheless consider them very valuable.
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Counterfeit goods total $509B, 3.3% of global trade and growing | Supply Chain Dive
Counterfeit and pirated goods made up 3.3% of global trade volumes in 2016, totaling an estimated $509 billion, up from 2.5% in 2013, according to a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 
Footwear, clothing and leather goods topped the list of industries hit most by counterfeit products. In 2016, 22% of all customs seizures were for counterfeit footwear. Most of the fake goods originated in China or Hong Kong, OECD said. 
"Small parcels sent by post or express courier are a prime and growing conduit for counterfeit goods," the organization said. From 2014 to 2016, small parcels accounted for 69% of customs seizures, up from 63% from 2011 to 2013. 
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Report: India accounts for a quarter of TikTok's billion downloads
TikTok – the app that lets you create 15-second dubbed videos – is on a rapid growth curve. The app crossed 1 billion downloads last month, according to a report by analytics firm SensorTower. Intriguingly, a quarter of those downloads are said to come from India, making it the biggest contributor to the app‘s growth.

The app, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, is wildly popular because of its easy-to-use system for recording videos overlaid with audio from mainstream music and movies. Given Bollywood’s massive influence on pop culture in India, it’s no surprise that TikTok – with its collection of audio clips from the country’s film industry – is a hit with people across the country. The fact that you don’t have to sign in to watch videos also contributes to its massive download count. Video analytics firm Vidooly noted last year that there are several content creators in India with more than a million followers on the platform.
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Facebook and YouTube defend response to Christchurch videos | World news | The Guardian
YouTube and Facebook have defended themselves against accusations that they failed to act quickly enough in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack, arguing that their moderation is as good as possible given the number of videos uploaded.

Facebook said on Tuesday that the original stream of the attack was viewed live fewer than 200 times and non-live by 4,000 people before it was removed from the site.

Copies of it spread rapidly and by Saturday evening the company had removed 1.5m uploads. By Tuesday morning more than 800 distinct edits of the footage had been posted to the site.
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After the porn ban, Tumblr users have ditched the platform as promised - The Verge
Since Tumblr announced its porn ban in December, many users reacted by explaining that they mainly used the site for browsing not-safe-for-work content, and they threatened to leave the platform if the ban were enforced. It now appears that many users have made good on that threat: Tumblr’s traffic has dropped nearly 30 percent since December.

Tumblr’s global traffic in December clocked in at 521 million, but it had dropped to 370 million by February, web analytics firm SimilarWeb tells The Verge. Statista reports a similar trend in the number of unique visitors. By January 2019, only over 437 million visited Tumblr, compared to a high of 642 million visitors in July 2018.
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Tumblr traffic dropped by nearly 100M views the month after it banned porn
Tumblr’s ban on adult content is costing it dearly.
In December, we reported on news of Tumblr invoking the nuclear option and banning pornography and other adult content from the popular blogging platform. A month later, it had lost more than 100 million views — a 17 percent decline in just 30 days.
According to data from web analytics firm SimilarWeb, Tumblr’s problems started, predictably, with its adult content ban. In December, it was flying high, with approximately 521 million pageviews that month. 30 days later, that had dropped to just 437 million.
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Facebook Newsroom on Twitter: "In the first 24 hours we removed 1.5 million videos of the attack globally, of which over 1.2 million were blocked at upload..."
In the first 24 hours we removed 1.5 million videos of the attack globally, of which over 1.2 million were blocked at upload...
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Is It Possible to Become a Mega-Influencer Anymore? - Fashionista
In addition, she believes it's still possible to become a mega-influencer. "There is a place for authentic voices with a strong point of view and a reason for being," Licht says. Ultra-successful influencers like Charnas and Medine have succeeded in part because "they've really defined their brand DNA from the beginning," she notes. "Leandra's concept of 'man repelling' was really unique, and she found something in the market that had not been done before. Arielle, to me, is the girl next door; I knew a hundred of her growing up, and she took that very accessible point of view. I think that's why she went to Nordstrom to build a brand at those price points — she wants everyone to have access to it. You have to have a really strong sense of self and of why you're doing it." She also points to the success and organic growth of Diet Prada, as well as Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style. "She has such a specific way of positioning her brand — when you have a great story to tell, and people can feel the sincerity, it's magnetic and people will follow.”
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London leads the way in craft beer revolution
Nearly a quarter (23%) of women are now trying more alternative styles of beer than they would have 10 years ago.
Craft beer has increased in popularity consistently across the nation according to Brewhouse & Kitchen, especially among Millennials, who have found the market to be more exciting than their previous generations. Millennials are also almost three times more likely to be adventurous with the beer they drink than those aged 55 and over.

The pub group also stated craft beer sales have grown the fastest of any beer category – increasing by 48% with in the past 12 months.
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Amazon Eyes Rural American eCommerce Expansion | PYMNTS.com
According to a new study by Amazon, improved access to digital tech could help rural businesses add 360,000 full-time jobs and contribute an additional $140 million to the U.S. economy. The study, carried out by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, founded that some 20 percent of U.S. SMBs bring in 80 percent of their revenue via digital sales.  The study found that 55.2 percent of 5,300 rural business owners agreed that eCommerce helps them grow their customer base, 54.6 percent said digital tools have caused their revenue to grow over the last few years and 40 percent noted digital technology lets them sell outside their own state.

The study also found that about one-third, 33 percent, sell products through their own site, while 12.7 percent rely entirely on online marketplaces.

Moreover, the study found that while there is a lot of upside to be gained by bringing more rural residents and entrepreneurs into the digital era, there are hurdles in the path. About two-thirds of the businesses studied by Amazon reported that slow internet or mobile connectivity were hindrances to growth. Increasing connectivity for rural SMBs was one of three recommendations offered up by the study, which further suggests expanding businesses’ access to digital training and tools to help them scale their business. The report offered no specific method for dong so, but it hinted at policies offering incentives to rural businesses to adopt such tools as a possible solution. The report also advises that rural businesses need more people trained in digital skills to pick from locally, though it offers no guidance on how to develop that.
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Study: Half of UK will watch final Game Of Thrones |
A study by GlobalWebIndex has revealed that nearly half of UK consumers (48 per cent) intend to watch the final season of Game of Thrones, which begins next month. The majority of fans plan to watch at home (88 per cent), with just over a tenth of the show’s fans (12 per cent) prepared to go to a family member’s home to watch the show.
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Housing costs: Five surprises explained - BBC News
Have you heard about all those young professionals who want to buy their first home but are priced out of the market?

While it is tough for many to save enough for a deposit and to pass strict mortgage availability tests, plenty are still climbing on to the housing ladder.

In fact, there were more homes bought with a mortgage by first-time buyers in 2018 than existing owners with mortgages moving to a new home. The same is expected in 2019.
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EMarketer: Social video ad spending will surge 44% by 2021 | Mobile Marketer
Spending on social video ads will grow 44% from this year to reach $14.9 billion by 2021 as brands aim to reach younger audiences who spend time on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social video will make up 30% of total video spending by 2021, according to a forecast from researcher eMarketer.
Facebook and YouTube are the dominant companies in video ad spending, although eMarketer doesn't include YouTube in its forecast for social video. Twitter's U.S. video ad revenue will exceed $1 billion in 2021, ahead of Snapchat's $727.4 million. The researcher forecast that overall video ad spending will surge 62.1% from 2019 to 2023.
YouTube is the most popular platform for digital video, with 90% of U.S. viewers over the age of 15 saying they watch videos on the Google-owned platform. That's ahead of Facebook (60%), Instagram (35%), Twitter (21%) and Snapchat (18%). It also exceeds traditional outlets such as CNN, Fox News, BBC, MSNBC and The New York Times (8%), per data from AudienceProject.
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How HBO's 'Sopranos' nickname Twitter stunt scored 400M impressions | Mobile Marketer
When HBO aired the iconic, divisive series finale of "The Sopranos" back in 2007, Twitter was still a messaging start-up, a year away from breakthrough user growth and years away from becoming a marketing concern. But when the network celebrated the show's 20th anniversary in January, it decided to rethink how to market the show for a new social media-savvy generation. 

The result was a nickname campaign for "The Sopranos." With one tweet, HBO called out for accounts that wanted a mob-inspired nickname, receiving more than 24,000 responses in a few hours. Then, the brand, along with marketing firm Engine Group, responded to a few hundred celebrities and brands with nicknames in the style of a "Sopranos" title card.

Wendy's was "Square Patty" and Olive Garden was "La Famiglia," for example, and with one tweet and zero media budget, HBO notched more than 400 million organic impressions.
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What do consumers think craft beer means?
Global brewers such as AB InBev, Molson Coors and Heineken can’t make craft beer, 98% of consumers have said in a new report.
The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) British Craft Beer Report 2019​ pulled together existing consumer and industry research alongside newly commissioned surveying of consumers and independent brewers, and was launched at the association’s BeerX trade show in Liverpool.
SIBA chief executive Mike Benner said: “Craft beer is the biggest thing to happen to the beer market in a generation, with more interest in quality beer than ever before.

“This new research clearly shows consumers believe craft beer comes from small independent brewers and not the global beer companies.
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IDC: Retail to lead global AI spending in 2019 as total market reaches $35.8B | Marketing Dive
Global spending on artificial intelligence (AI) will reach $35.8 billion in 2019, a 44% increase over 2018, according to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC). By 2022, spending on AI systems is expected to more than double to $79.2 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 38% from 2018 to 2022. The U.S. will account for nearly two-thirds of all AI spending in 2019.
Retail is leading global spend on AI systems this year, with the category projected to invest $5.9 billion on solutions like automated customer service agents, shopping advisers and product recommendation platforms. Banking will invest $5.6 billion in AI, including automated threat intelligence and prevention systems, fraud analysis and investigation. Discrete manufacturing, health care providers and process manufacturing round out the top five AI sectors.
retail  ai  stats 
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Stitch Fix hits 3M active clients | Retail Dive
Stitch Fix on Monday reported net revenue in the second quarter rose 25% year over year to $370.3 million. Net income reached $12 million and adjusted EBITDA was $19.2 million, according to company press materials.

The apparel styling service also reported that its active client base rose 18% year over year to reach 3 million. The company held a conference call to discuss the earnings at 5 p.m. Eastern Time Monday.

"Since becoming a public company, we have posted six consecutive quarters of over 20% growth, which demonstrates our ability to drive consistent business performance," CEO and founder Katrina Lake said in a statement.
clothing  ecommerce  membership  new-companies  stats 
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More than 50% of US households will have Amazon Prime in 2019 | Retail Dive
In 2019, 51.3% of U.S. households will possess Amazon Prime memberships, translating to about 63.9 million households overall. That number is about 5.2 million more households than last year, according to a new eMarketer study.

The report states that growth in Prime memberships will be powered by lower-income households and other consumers drawn to Amazon's recent support for installment payments and new program offerings.

Amazon Household, a program that allows different members of a single household, including teens, to have their own log-in for shopping and viewing of Prime content, was specifically cited by eMarketer as a factor driving adoption.
amazon  ecommerce  stats 
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In brief: ByteDance works on Slack rival despite heavy loss
Despite heavy losses last year, Bytedance is quietly laying the groundwork to launch Lark – a work collaboration and productivity app – in the US and other overseas markets. The move poses a potential challenge to the likes of Slack, Microsoft, and Google.
Bytedance reportedly lost US$1.2 billion in 2018 after the costly launch of its video app TikTok outside of China. Results of the expansion were mixed as TikTok became widely used in India but not in the US.
Lark was originally created as an in-house tool for Bytedance employees, but it’s now used by many of its business partners in China. The app comes with instant messaging, document editing, and calendars. Third-party developers can also make apps for it.
tiktok  stats 
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Over a quarter of US adults now own a smart speaker, typically an Amazon Echo | TechCrunch
U.S. smart speaker owners grew 40 percent over 2018 to now reach 66.4 million — or 26.2 percent of the U.S. adult population — according to a new report from Voicebot.ai and Voicify released this week, which detailed adoption patterns and device market share. The report also reconfirmed Amazon Echo’s lead, noting the Alexa-powered smart speaker grew to a 61 percent market share by the end of last year — well above Google Home’s 24 percent share.

These findings fall roughly in line with other analysts’ reports on smart speaker market share in the U.S. However, because of varying methodology, they don’t all come back with the exact same numbers.
echo  voice  hardware  stats 
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Report: Netflix earns 50%+ of streaming revenues in Europe |
Over the past few years, online video services in Europe have experienced rapid growth, particularly those that follow the subscription revenue model. Global players such as Netflix, Amazon and HBO went direct-to-consumer, disrupting the previous long-term relationship between subscribers and multichannel operators.

Soon after Netflix began showing signs of success in North America and Western Europe, pan-European satellite operator Sky launched its own stand-alone online video service in the UK, combining on-demand content with live streaming TV networks in 2012. Others followed, such as Canal+ with Canalplay in France and Telecom Italia with TIMVision in Italy.
netflix  stats 
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Levi's, Room & Board try on Pinterest's new shopping features | Mobile Marketer
Levi Strauss and Room & Board are among the brands testing Pinterest's expanded social shopping features, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. The image-pinning platform added more ways for its users to make direct purchases with personalized style and home décor recommendations, browsable sections, shopping searches and in-stock products from brands, per a company blog post.
Levi's partnered with Pinterest to create personalized style boards that recommend its apparel based on a user's individual tastes determined by a questionnaire and style insights from their Pinterest activity. The Styled by Levi's program is the first custom style finder built with the Pinterest application programming interface (API) and supported by Promoted Pins, the pinned images that businesses pay to promote.
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Amazon is the top destination for buying beauty | Retail Dive
Seventy-one percent of 2,500 consumers in a new survey said Amazon is their top online destination for buying beauty products, according to the results outlined in the Stella Rising Glimmer Report - Searching for Beauty.

Ulta.com and Sephora.com tied for second place at 54%, Walmart.com registered 47%, and Target.com came in at 36%. Amazon's search capability was key to its top ranking, as 65% said they used Amazon to search for specific brands of products, and 63% said they used it to search categories of beauty products, according to the report.
luxury  amazon  stats  ecommerce 
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TikTok Has Been Downloaded More Than 1 Billion Times Globally – Adweek
When Vine-like mobile video-creation application TikTok proceeds with the biddable advertising option it is currently developing, a report from data insights firm Sensor Tower may very well drive up the price of those bids.
tiktok  stats 
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Blockchain marketing tech landscape grows 13x in 18 months | VentureBeat
Like the Internet, social media, and mobile before, blockchain technologies represent a significant opportunity for enterprise marketers to reduce the cost of marketing operations, create more unique customer experiences, build improved customer relationships, and reduce corporate risk.
We’ve been tracking the landscape of companies emerging to disrupt marketing with blockchain technology, and, since our first overview in September 2017, the space has expanded rapidly. At that time, there were 22 companies in the landscape. By earlier 2018, there were 88. And now, as of Q1 2019, there are 290. That’s a growth of 13x in just 18 months.
blockchain  advertising  stats 
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Music streaming is making big bucks for the big labels
The music industry's three biggest labels made a combined $19 million a day and $6.93 billion overall in 2018. Streaming also makes up 75% of the industry's revenue now.
music  stats 
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WWE YouTube channel hits 40m subs |
WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has hit 40 million subscribers to its official YouTube channel, and exceeded 30 billion overall views, as they continue to expand and grow on the video streaming platform.
The WWE Youtube channel is ranked 7th (as of end of Jan 2019) on the channels with the most subscribers, above the likes of music artists Ed Sheeran and Eminem.
youtube  content  stats  video 
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Bohemian Rhapsody UK’s fastest-selling digital movie |
Bohemian Rhapsody is the champion on the Official Film Chart, climbing to Number 1 in the same week it picked up four Oscars at the 91st Academy Awards.
OfficialCharts.com has also revealed that Bohemian Rhapsody is the UK’s fastest-selling digital download movie of all time, selling nearly 265,000 digital copies in its first eight days. It narrowly beats Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War which racked up just under 253,000 digital downloads in its first eight days last summer.
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Alibaba Pictures-Backed 'Green Book' Wins 3 Oscars | Alizila.com
“Green Book,” a film presented by Participant Media, Dreamworks Pictures and Alibaba Pictures, landed three Oscars at the Academy Awards on Sunday.
The movie took home golden statues for best picture, best original screenplay and best actor in a supporting role. It had been nominated for five Oscars in total, including also best performance by an actor in a leading role and best achievement in film editing. “Green Book” has won 18 awards since it debuted last November, including three Golden Globe Awards. It is set for release in China on Friday.
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Yelp's diversification generating significant user growth | Restaurant Dive
Yelp announced a record-setting Valentine’s Day week that included 5.6 million diners placing reservations on its waitlist platform, according to a company press release. 
The platform also managed 22 million diners in December. Driving much of this growth is Yelp’s mobile app, which has tripled its growth in the fourth quarter compared to the previous year's quarter.
Last year, the company also added restaurants to Yelp Reservations and Yelp Waitlist, introduced Yelp Kiosks and integrated Grubhub's restaurant network onto its platform (this partnership alone increased food orders and takeout orders on yelp by 27% in Q4 2018 compared to the previous year). 
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Study: Mobile powers 76% of large fashion retailers' web visits | Mobile Marketer
About three-fourths (76%) of large fashion retailer traffic comes from mobile devices, compared to 61% for their smaller counterparts, according to a study by personalization technology firm Nosto shared with Mobile Marketer.
The company found that 64% of large fashion retailer orders are on mobile, while smaller retailers' mobile orders make up 53%. The largest fashion retailers generate 59% of total order value on mobile devices, Nosto found in its analysis of 1.19 billion website visits during the three busiest shopping months of the year.
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Yelp Seats 22M Diners | PYMNTS.com
Bloomberg reported on Tuesday (Feb. 26) that the firm, known for its reviews from users across any number of verticals, has been gaining traction in the restaurant space.
The newswire noted that Yelp’s internal data shows that 22 million diners booked through the app directly in December, driven by growth in diners booking directly through the app, a metric that in turn tripled year over year in the fourth quarter. And the reservation software offered up by the firm was used by 5.6 million diners during Valentine’s Day week earlier this month.
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Amazon Prime members more likely to sign up for subscriptions | Retail Dive
Subscription and other memberships hold a lot of appeal to American consumers across geographies, income levels and ages in many categories, with store signups the most popular (39% hold memberships), product subscriptions the least (less than 20%) and just over 20% subscribing to media services, according to a report from turnaround consulting firm AlixPartners that was emailed to Retail Dive.

A majority (59%) of the 1,000 respondents in the online survey have some level of interest in a subscription of some kind, and interest rises as income does. Among those making less than $50,000 annually, 27% are already members and 32% are interested; for those in the $50,000-$99,999 bracket 36% are members, 23% are interested and for those making $100,000 or more 41% are members and 18% are interested.

Price is the main motivation for signing up for any subscription in most of the country, except the Northeast where convenience is valued most, according to the report.  Families with children are more likely than those without to be interested in, or be a member of, a product-based membership, and they're twice as likely to hold a media or store subscription, according to AlixPartners.
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National Geographic Just Became the First Brand to Top 100 Million Instagram Followers – Adweek
National Geographic ventured into uncharted territory last week, this time on Instagram, where it became the first brand to top 100 million followers. But the publisher’s success is more than organic. Its revenue from social advertising was up 80 percent in 2018 compared with the previous year.
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US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Total digital ad spending in the US will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spending. And mobile will continue its dominance, accounting for more than two-thirds of digital ad spending, at $87.06 billion this year.
Also for the first time, the combined share of the duopoly (Google and Facebook) will drop, even as their revenues grow.
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Netflix may be losing $192M per month from piracy, cord cutting study claims | TechCrunch
As many as 1 in 5 people today are mooching off of someone else’s account when streaming video from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video, according to a new study from CordCutting.com. Of these, Netflix tends to be pirated for the longest period — 26 months, compared with 16 months for Amazon Prime Video or 11 months for Hulu. That could be because Netflix freeloaders often mooch off their family instead of a friend — 48 percent use their parents’ login, while another 14 percent use their sister or brother’s credentials, the firm found.
netflix  piracy  stats 
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Streamers overtake basic cable as biggest provider of scripted series in US (study) | News | Screen
The number of scripted TV series on offer in the US edged up to 495 in 2018, according to estimates from FX Networks, with a big increase at streaming services offsetting declines at basic cable and broadcast networks.
The company’s annual survey of scripted series – everything from long-running hits like Game Of Thrones to new additions like Homecoming and Killing Eve – shows the overall total rising from 487 to 495, a little short of the 500 that FX Networks CEO John Landgraf had predicted at the start of 2018.
Streaming services, however, boosted their scripted offerings from 117 in 2017 to 160 this year, continuing a trend that has seen the streaming total escalate 385% since 2014.
Broadcast networks offered 146 scripted series this year, down from 153 last year, and pay cable networks expanded from 42 to 45, continuing a 32% increase over the past four years. The volume on basic cable networks dropped from 175 to 144.
Streamers now offer 32% of all the scripted series available to US viewers, according to the FX estimates, up from 24% last year and only 8% in 2014. Pay cable networks remained at 9%, while basic cable networks dropped from 36% to 29%.
The predominance of streaming services in the scripted series arena is likely to increase further in 2019, as new services launch and existing streamers continue to ramp up investment.
tv  netflix  stats 
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NYC Is Savills’ Top Tech City – AVC
Savills World Research, a global property agent, has been ranking the world’s top tech cities based on a bunch of criteria for years. In this year’s rankings, NYC tops SF to become the number one tech city in the world.
cities  stats 
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Analyst: Single-sub SVoD homes declining |
The number of people with more than one online streaming service is continuing to grow according to the latest consumer research from Ampere Analysis. In a survey of 33,000 Internet users across 16 countries, more than half (50 per cent) of respondents in 13 of those countries had at least one SVoD service, while in 10 of the 16 markets, more than half of SVoD homes were SVoD Stackers – those taking more than one service.  As more major players – such as Disney – enter the SVoD marketplace in 2019 and beyond, the billion-dollar question is, just how many services will consumers pay for?
The facts
Netflix continues to be the dominant service, leading in almost all countries surveyed in terms of the number of subscribers
Amazon Prime only beats Netflix adoption levels in Japan and Germany – and even here, Netflix is the second choice
This is not just a marketplace where just two global SVoD giants battle for supremacy. Local players perform well in Sweden, Turkey and the Netherlands, and elsewhere, others are eyeing the market opportunity.
tv  netflix  stats 
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Analyst: Linear viewing’s continued demise |
MN then provides a comprehensive 38-page in-depth analysis of last year’s US broadcast and cable viewing data, and arrives at the conclusion that confirms the “continued demise of linear viewing by viewers ages 2 to 24 as older viewers (ages 55+) still watch TV as they did in 2013. Yet, below the surface, there are both some new frightening signs and a few rays of hope. For starters, live content viewing (which we define as live sports and live news) in 2018 actually increased by +1 percent for People ages 2+ and fell by only -3 percent for People 18-49 with viewing boosted by a reinvigorated NFL and the return of the Winter Olympics. In contrast, non-live content viewing in 2018 – essentially everything else – fell by -6 percent for People ages 2+ and -8 percent for People 18-49. In both demos and content type, the fall in cable net ratings was decidedly worse than broadcast.”
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Study: TV still the dominant screen for youngsters |
A study by Florida International University Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work researchers about screen time shows that children are spending more time watching television than ever before. Comparing pre-mobile device usage in 1997 to when mobile devices were widely available in 2014, the study found that television consumption still significantly outpaced mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
kids  tv  stats 
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Baskin-Robbins sees 12% lift in store visits from Spotify ads | Mobile Marketer
Baskin-Robbins saw a 12% lift in store visits — 4.3-times industry benchmarks — from an ad campaign on music streaming service Spotify, according to data verified by Placed. The offline attribution firm joined Spotify as a measurement partner in the United States, per an announcement.
Baskin-Robbins attributed 430,000 U.S. store visits to people who heard the "Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like" ad last summer. The campaign also drove 47,000 incremental store visits and a positive return on investment. Each ad urged listeners to "Find A Shop" and directed them to click and see the nearest Baskin-Robbins store, per a Spotify case study.
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