LEG GODT - It's not bloody "Legos", OK?
It's official, people. We won! The Lego Back to the Future—one of the Holy Grails of Lego—is going to be an official set! The fans have spoken and Lego has approved it. They are going to produce it for everyone to buy it! Yes, i'm so excited. Just like it happened to the Lego Minecraft set, the BTTF Cuusoo project received enough votes to be reviewed. Read…
may 2013
nanDECK - a Software for Card Games Designers
Directives TEXT and IMAGE (with texture and alpha-channel)
boardgame  design  games  cards 
may 2013
All'inizio della Valganna, in provincia di Varese, dall'Ottocento si produce birra. A Induno Olona Carlsberg possiede il marchio storico Poretti, un nome derivato da chi diede origine all'attività produttiva. L'impianto si stabiliva in origine nel territorio di Varese, in cui l'industria cominciava ad affermarsi.
april 2013
corso estivo in germania. suono
march 2012
YouTube - The Wilhelm Scream
All the wilhelm scream in movie
sound  movie  wilhelm  fun  list  video  cliche 
june 2011
“What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces - Smashing Magazine
Really. Look hard enough and you will find a dazzling-looking menu set entirely in a hard-to-read display font. Or of two different Geometric Sans faces living happily together on a page (in fact, just this week I wound up trying this on a project and was surprised to find that it hit the spot). There are only conventions, no ironclad rules about how to use type, just as there are no rules about how we should dress in the morning. It’s worth trying everything just to see what happens — even wearing your Halloween flares to your court date.
may 2011
Best Practices of Combining Typefaces - Smashing Magazine
Putting these two together creates an unwanted conflict in the design. Trade Gothic wants to get to the facts, but Bell Gothic wants to have some fun. This kind of tension is likely not part of the design goal, and should be avoided.
design  font  typeface  best_practices 
may 2011
The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King :: Tips :: The 99 Percent
That’s why the resume is on the out, and the bio is on the rise. People work with people they can relate to and identify with. Trust comes from personal disclosure. And that kind of sharing is hard to convey in a resume. Your bio needs to tell the bigger story. Especially, when you’re in business for yourself, or in the business of relationships. It’s your bio that’s read first.
jobs  resume  bio  how_to 
may 2011
Weapons - modern fire arms
Encyclopedia of modern firearms
reference  sound  gun  weapon  firearms 
may 2011
Google Labs - Books Ngram Viewer
search engine for phrases in books!
books  tools  search 
december 2010
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